TRIBUTE TO MY FAVOURITE FOOTBALLER LUIS CARLOS ALMEIDA DA CUNHA (LUIS NANI). SAD TO SEE HIM GO BUT WISH HIM LUCK AT FENERBAHCE AND I'M SURE HE'LL DO WELL. HE WILL STAY MY FAVOURITE PLAYER AND WILL HOPEFULLY RETURN SOME DAY. Nani has been considered a flop by many as he didn't do well in the small opportunity he got from Moyes and got written off, but people don't remember the time before that with rooney, Ronaldo and nani as the attack. This is mainly a tribute to some of his best moments at Man Utd and Portugal. some of the clips used from JSMHEProduction and JavierNathaniel

Catarino Bernardo João
That red card it was against real Madrid in the champions league... It so sad
Gneiss Biscuits
Nani. The most underrated player.
Sam Hansen
RIP Nani... oh wait
Alejandro Salcedo
He's got the fighting spirit and artistic skill of a true football star. Too bad that he never exploited all of his potential in a special way. Sh*t happens. But he's still rich and basically realized in a material way, I guess... And what with the fast and furious guy's death song...?!
Cesar Augusto Camac Mujica
Cristiano siempre imito el estilo de juego de maní maní