Heavy metal hard rock music instrumental compilation

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Heavy metal hard rock instrumental compilation. Heavy metal instrumental mix compilation. ● Follow Facebook />Google + /> ● Compilation 1. Hard-Rock compilation 205-150 BPM - />2. Hard-Rock compilation 150-130 BPM - />3. Hard-Rock compilation 130-108 BPM - />4. Hard-Rock compilation 108-80 BPM - /> Music, video and thumbnail are copyrighted. Image(s), used under license from Shutterstock.com

I was listening to this while doing an essay for my Environmental Science class, but I started headbanging while trying to type, and accidentally started moshing, then destroyed my computer.
The dishes is washed in the most epic way
jeco F
2:02 3:48 5:35 7:28 9:23 11:16 13:00 14:59 16:43 18:19 20:13 22:10 24:05 27:43
TheFlash Jr TFJ
Joe Lincoln
Here's the lyrics: .
Major Dominates
Why are you reading Comments? Go! focus on your Work/Study !!
Alfher Hidalgo
Set the speed to 1.5. Thank me later when you're banging your head
Gold Wolf
Dwarf as the Drummer Elf as the Bass Wizard as the Lead Guitarist Knight as the Vocal Singer ~Coming Soon~ "The Journey to Metal" World Tour
29:36-31:00 straight up beast mode! Was doing workout when this started playing. You will feel like Broly. I swear, try it
Fox Entertainment
I love hard rock
Faux Fox Samurai
Love listening to this on low volume while drawing! Thanks so much for this! Rock on bros!
Pete M
why is there a hipster poser lumberjack on my screen?
Jordan Asselin
I've tried all the "classical music for studying" and "zen spa music" and all the "relaxing" and "improved focus" none of it has worked. Within the first thirty seconds I fell in love with this. Thank you so much it has helped me focus as I usually get distracted easily with school work. Thanks for taking the time to create this video, it's helped me and I'm sure hundreds of other people.
Eduard Craciun
Listening to this while reading stuff about WWII is so badass . I don't know but I feel great . I broke up with my girlfriend and my life is a mess but when I listen to this and read about WWII just feels great .... Thank you a lot for this compilation !
Yasuko Yokurazi 横倉康子
45:27 honestly my favorite part and the beat is amazing, also helps me focus on doing beasty character drawings😎
TRUE LYRICS: Best music compilation
Knux the Collector
Smashbits at 41:43 lol
google user
Rocknnnnnnnn roll baby I was writing my home work and I was listening to this music and I didn't know that I finished my homework 😎😎😎😎
Months of listening to 'healing' spa music with no results. An hour into this and I feel reborn.
Mauricio Patino
This music makes me calm down?...
Gwytot L
2018 Anyone????
henry tsai
some awesome guitar solo are here ~~ 22:06 37:44 55:54 1:28:00
E Ex Exe Exel Exele Exelen Exelent Exelente Exelent Exelen Exele Exel Exe Ex E
Kdosda Hegen
18:18 my favourite
Vanshika Srivastava 'sweet pyrus'
wow..this is d one fr me
vicheth chea
15:02 sounds like Marilyn Manson'Manson's the beautiful people
i never tought that writing an essay about political philosophy could even come close to being anything more than boring, but i feel badass... ...somehow?
Wesley S. Conejo
It's good to study. Who agrees?
ericka a
Yessssssss!!!!!!!! 🤘♥️ Love this instrumental!!!
AwsomeGriefer 24
15 years in the future I'll be driving around in an orange 2016 Lamorghini Aventador blasting this and Orion (Metallica)...That would be legendary
King Nick
Hi, who are the original artists for these songs? Where can I find their info, Spotify / iTunes / FLAC format for these songs?
Thomas Charters
I used this for science fair
You really should put credits to this music. Hiding autors is rude to both authors and your watchers.
Mohammed Islam
0:00 & 17:00 Who are those ??? One of my Favorites
Peter Dimitrov
That's so nice!I was fed up with the music around me .That is an escape.
Chandra Boedi
the rock....yeah..yeah
Jules Rigaww
Lee Whitworth
15 years from now, I'll be rolling down the street in a 1970 Dodge Charger with this blaring from the radio. And its gonna be biblical.
นัฐวุฒิ ศรีวัฒนา
Good rock...
Mr Camtono
2.4K disslike from accoustic kid.
Toxic Slipknot
What is the first one?
Ryan Bouchard
My teacher would let us listen to music while we work......long story short, I started head banging, then I unplugged my earbuds, then turned it all the way up, then everyone joined me
Michael Holmgaard
My personal top-25 instrumental songs: 1. Transylvania – Iron Maiden 2. Voice of the Soul – Death 3. Orion – Metallica 4. Genghis Khan – Iron Maiden 5. Raise The Hammer – Hammerfall 6. Cremation – King Diamond 7. The Call Of Ktulu – Metallica 8. Into The Lungs Of Hell – Megadeth 9. To Live Is To Die – Metallica 10. Coast To Coast – Scorpions 11. Black Star – Rising Force 12. By The Dividing Stream – Ensiferum 13. Reign Of The Hammer – Hammerfall 14. Insanity – King Diamond 15. Autograph – Royal Hunt 16. The Ides Of March – Iron Maiden 17. Them – King Diamond 18. Conquer Or Die – Megadeth 19. Mozart and Madness – Savatage 20. Aphasia – Europe 21. In Memoriam – Hammerfall 22. Follow The Sign – Helloween 23. Mourn – Sentenced 24. Instrumentally Illdisposed – Illdisposed 25. Mr. Scary – Dokken
Se siente Cabron
omega raider
aqui, estudiando con esto ;)
Michael Mclaughlin
Suddenly I think metal is better without lyrics because instrumental is timeless.
scruffyfan scruffyfan
why did you put "bets music compliation" in a robot voice in the middle of this? it threw me off. please don't do this.
kusumita hazra
Listen to it at 1.5 speed(TO ALL THE HEAVY METAL LOVERS)
ivan valuch
Werry Good
Antony Njeru
I love listening to this, when am feeling sleepy
Dedemit FC
Watching this while im poop
ImSmartSo GetLost
I love listening to this when I'm pissed off
Emo Mc
I predominately listen to rap music but this goes hard AF
best music to read Mangas such as Gantz or Berserk
My first time listening to Metal and I'm like "Wow there!" Omg I can't XD
Bihong Kollogov
Hoooooooo! I have been looking for this for soooooo long.
Jonathan Keeling Network
I will donate $25 if you tell me what the titles are of the songs. $25.
Goody Alphonse
24:05- 25:51 IS KILLING.!!!! ROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOCK.!!!!!!!!!!
HooooooooLy SHIT!!! Absolutely beautiful!!!!
Tiefe dunkle Mitternacht
I have been listening to classical music and jazz to study German, but this is much better. It does help to improve concentration for some reason.
Ignas Jarutis
Very good for RAGGGEEE
Quem veio pelo Bolsonaro?
Jennifer Proefrock
This is perfect for keeping me awake at the library. Could do without the random ad two minutes in and the robotic "Best Music Compilation" every so often, but otherwise, it's great!
vojtas952 TV
This slowmotion physic at the beginning of the video is really satisfying. Good job, keep uploading!
manuel villarroel
The one around 51 min sounds like touhou.
Carl’s Jr. Star
Who remembers hearing this in 2008?
Shi N
2:49 water balloons and balls are so metal
better than 95% of "the best music" out there
Dan Harvey
I like to think there’s a terrorist in a dark room waiting to get interrogated and this is playing as loud as possible in there with strobe lights going
Awebo, ahora podré invocar al demonio :v 😈
i love this sound !
Almost 2 Years
ItanKiller 137
I have 2 years hearing this and i am still not bored
Jed Taneo
Time to sleep 😴😴😘
Don’t mind me No one
I never heard metal before but my crush loves it and now I’m a huge fan of it
Rohan Ghosh Dastidar
I love Chemistry
Pegasus Seiya
The Dark Mind
This allows me to focus on my LoL games. Thank you so much for this.
Lyrics mean nothing! Only our Almighty Father gives us this talent! Sooo beautiful! Thank you Lord for letting me listen to this! I'm on your side forever and always! Peace and love everyone! <3
ultra gamer20
Scorpion: Oh hey everybody Welcome! Sub-Zero: To Surgeon Simulator 2013!!!
How can i get copyright of this songs for a game?
Ariel Popoca Sanchez
finally something to listen to while studying my final
Ranjan M.
1:01:07 <3
This whole album is hot bruh fantastic wow!! 😈💀☠👺
Paola Maribel
Seraphim Shock
Кто нибудь, напишите отдельно звучавшие композиции
Stanislav G.
47:12 best moment
Reid Davis
Exploding milk is the most metal thing ive ever seen in my life
Lyrics: Best Music Compilation Best Music Compilation Best Music Compilation Best Music Compilation Best Music Compilation
Bea Torres
I just needed instrumentals tonite.
Jessica Woods
Was looking for something I could listen to while I work on college homework and notes. Being the metalhead that I am, I’m glad I found this. 😍
This video gave me a boner. A very hard one
Maginum 3000
0:00 Oh noes! A Super Hyper Hydra Alien Hitler Appears In You Way!
All songs credited to Victor Ohlsson
Savion Ramsundar
i just realized that these are the same songs over and over
Wild Card
13min reminds me of powerman5000 who here agrees
Abd Chechnya
Best solo metal mix ... keep going dude
θξSAΩ ROδφ
leo army marchessini
hola! alguien sabe de donde xtraer la musica de fondo del fragmento del mi 19:04 al 19:17