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Fay's stardust
Fay's stardust
first of all why did u say:they don't respect us u should say:they don't respect you! cause u are NOT an alien or EVEN a fan if u believe that they are lying go listen to your gay bieber or one direction cause u are not one of us
bc then they can say " OMG BILL Touched my boobs !
4. Did I say it's wrong to see them in a night club? Are you even serious? 5. 'They can't spend every waking moment in the studio making an album.' well they don't, so what's your problem? 6. They made that app to earn some money. If they would have actually care about fans, they would made a twitter of facebook account for FREE.
1.Saying that he's single while he's in a relationship is just not acceptable. We are the people that give them that 'high' kind of life, so they should respect us a bit. 2.I could say here about 20 names of GREAT artists that made GREAT albums in like 3 months. And they made them by THEMSELVES. Tokio Hotel doesn't write their music or lyrics by themselves, so why does it take so long? Looks like they don't care. 3. The album is not set to come out yet. I doubt it will come out this year.
At 5:23..the girl talking is my best friend's sister, and I'm standing next to her in the black. :D Love that I'm on THTV <3
by saying he's single when he was in a relationship?
How has Tom lied about his relationship?
i DO support them as an artists, you gotta say that they don't respect us, they lie about their relationship (tom), they tell fans they are working in the studio while they're being seen in a night club. they DON'T do anything to make fans stay with them, they lie, lie and once again - lie just to make money. they don't love any single of us, just watch meet and greet videos. they treat fans like eniemies, not friends. i do not have respect for that.
ohhhh a fan who have see them since the begin of the career say that??? am sorry but your are in tokio hotel tv! u more than anybody knows how much they love their fans, and sing, and play, how much they love TH...but if some fans dont support them is not possible por an artist continue...its so hard make albums and dont sell sure they feel dissapont when they realized that, but now they want a new begin, and i hope you be there for see it too.
it's not ignorance, sweetheart, it's just reality. open your eyes. i'm a th fan but i can stand their lies and i'm kinda sorry for people like you who belive in every word they've spoken to them. they love money, not fans, you should finally understand that.
am sorry???? if you dont know anything dont say anything please..... ignorance is so annoying!!
they're not working hard, dont talk shit.
i have just fall in love for them, am from Perú and they still have tons of fans here, i look everyday for they new post in BTK and they are working so hard for their new album, i think will be a new beginer, maybe the real star :)
I'm sorry, im just happy they have at least been somewhere near me :)
I've been to New York, i live 2 hours away.
to loyal fans they are still popular lol but no they havent came out with anything new in a while but their new album is suppose to be coming out in 2012 and doing a US and international tour in 2013 so keep an ear out :)
I love them :) But why there are a lot of people who don't, it's because they don't know them, they aren't popular anymore. Their last album was 2009, the hype isn't very big anymore so no one hears something about them, if you don't searh.
Oh, Georg, would you mind signing my chest? Oh, yeah right there Thx! wth?
is that s girl standing next to Bill at :23??? She must die. She will die.
cassandra baez
gustav has small feet <3
gricelda barajas
omg, gustav is so adorable :D <3
wowww I haven't seen anything related to TH in over 1.5 years! memories! after I posted this, I was OBSESSED with them for months. but it died down quickly lmfao. & reply to you: I'm neither, thanks. Is it such a sin to not understand? Settle down, lady, settle down.
Are you deaf or just incredibly stupid?
@ricericebabyx at 6:36-6:39, they're on what looks like giant posters, from left to right: Georg, Gustav, Tom, and Bill :)
@kotney777 Hell Ya! lol black ppl don't be talking like that on the street lol
@noonyboo3 haha. no, he said 35.5 (european sizes), which is extremely small, even for a chick. so his sister must have abnormally tiny feet. then he said that for himself he needed size 43, which i guess is pretty average for a guy.
I'm sorry Gustav but socks and flip flops?
@mjsm080496 oh no, hes not igored, if he was treated badly at all, he would've addressed the issue straight up. hes a G XD
Selena Azeneth
I bet that the ppl at foot locker probably had no idea they were selling to Gustav from Tokio Hotel lol and its funny how gustav just walks around in the new shoes to the other side of the store lol.. i nvr do that cuz I'm afraid I'm going to get yelled at or something by the ppl working there haha
Selena Azeneth
in minute 2:50 the UPS guy probably had no idea who was in the black escalade infront of him haha
6:00 Weeeeeeell that was pretty akward for Georg! :P :P :P
@ashk393 I think it was Bill! Cuz when they show Bill few seconds after that he has the same laugh and it matches as his mouth opens!
Shayna Choong
nawww, gustav is so adorable <3
Ztephany Vargas
Oh my God, did you see his face? LMAO! He looked SO annoyed when the girls were blocking his path to the car. He was like, scowling as he tried to push his way through them. I'm laughing so hard now...
@DizzyDior12 All Germans do XD Well my dad an his family at least.. :D
Dizzy Lizzie
HAHAHA, socks with sandals! Does anyone else understand how awesome that is?
@567treehugger lol so true!
memory ng
5:10 OH MA GOSH i didn't noe what it meant at first , then i went to translate it and it said " F me" and i was like " OH MY GOD "
Courtney Roberts
why do people get their boobs signed?!? I mean you do realize it's gonna wash out eventually right.
Kazumie Nondaimie chan
nice jacket bill.
lol gustv tryna krump hahahahahehhehehe
Adam White
@YourSirLordChip thanks :)
Laura Elaine
@lhadieejandi its footlocker thats kinda the point. the sell basketball shoes and other stuff.
@xuzumakixrasenganx xD so funny! ^^ Can't believe I'm just getting to seeing this :P I miss these! & I love how the fans from 5:00-6:00 are so full of crap though xD I'd tape their mouths and take their money were I TH, LOL. It's obvious TH's music 'speaks to people' or at least that they are remotely attractive or you wouldn't see so many fangirls out there dressed up like Bill or speaking a language they don't even understand lol. No need trying to sound like you're semi-intellectual ppl. xD
Adam White
whats the song at 4:27??
LOL at their laughs! :)) Hmm I think some guys are jealous of th because they get to sign boobs. lol! :))
4:25 go gustav!!
They were talking about how they like the music TH makes.
Kiim Vdb
GUSTAV LOVE <33 lolz if i see th i realy come crazyyyyy
no Boyer
how does Bills hair stay up like that?
what the hell were those 2 black guys talking about at the end??
I dont ever EVER want them to change, no matter the place and time, or age difference, I hope they stay that way forever :) I love them just the way they are :) Tokio Hotel~~~~!!!
that and they actually learned grammar xD which really, you never need/learn lol
Hera Tsukiyama you bill kaulitz forever!!!!!!!!!!!please be safe always!
what was the song at 1:12?
Genevieve CS
The song in the title is "Scream". Then when they're talking to the band, the song is "Sacred".
wow those girls went crazy. tom sounds so cute when he tries to speak English but i like bill more. If i said i like tom my cousin would kill me.
Braxes Lentinis
5:30..ugly betty
Sarah Naylor
Poor guys...All the fans are like bombarding them when they're trying to get to the car. =/ And Gustav's English is so good! Haha It's so cute when he's like, "Thanks, man." Aw yeah.
Aww, it's nice that Gustav gets some solo camera time. Most people (including me) prefer the twins or Georg. He needs love too! <3
A lot of girls do that... It's just a shame that it's gonna wash off after a while... ;)
Dom Boyer
"oo lok at us, our parents let us do things"...i'm so jealous.
Darshika Kumar
that girl wanted them to sign her chest wtf?!?!?
i love this!
Tara Damore
lol getting my tongue done with my sis Friday!!! it's gonna hurt so bad but i'll live
Tara Damore
my mom said that i could get my eyebrow, lip, tongue, basically anything i wanted, but she doesn't approve of the nose peircing. lucky for me, daddy does ;P
Tara Damore
lol coolz i am gettin my nose and lip pierced i've wanted them pierced forever and i finally got permission and dad wants me to get a tattoo but i said that i would rather slice up my tounge with a razor blade i mean i like tattoos but i would never get one i just wouldn't i dont know why i just dont see it happening EVER
Tara Damore
lol i no rite?
Serse sulTUBO
Mamma mia ma sono fissati con la coca cola!!! :-P
Tara Damore
i no right their laughs are so cute and identical Tokio Hotel ist das Beste! Ich leibe Bill und Tom Kaulitz!
is it at 1.35 their make-up artist?? Is it me or is she pregnant?
What's the point of getting the inside of your lip tattoed anyways? I think it's stupid. I'm sure people do it because they think they are "bad ass" or something. Just saying!.
My same thoughts exactly, but they even notice they were being taped or something?? oh well.
Wow! that's just.. I don't know even know what to say lol.
You are not the only one...
Aoife Lawlor
1:25 Tom has a nice grope haha!!I noticed that watching my caught on camera dvd....he thinks no ones watching!haha
1.-copy and paste 2.-paste in 2 differnet videos 3.-hold breath for 10 secs 4.-look at your hand
georg signs girls chest... 6:02
AWESOME!!!!!!! ^^
ohh god!! i just love the tokio hotel!!! i think they're cute too!! <333
The girl at 5:13 is so pretty. I like her hair. haha
I loooove that last bit =)) 'I think that's Tokio Hotel..' xDxD
That's me at 4:56 - the blond holding the CD with the black tank top. LOL.
The Miss Katana
go to the club, SOME SEXY ASS ONES THERE.
Tomisha Childs
OMFG!!!! I love white boys so much! I'm gonna have to go find me one soon.
Gustav play the drums
The Miss Katana
hahaha aaaaah Gusti jammin to Chris Brown lmao
haha me too!!XD
Go the chick who got Georg to sign her chest! lol.
Chynna Danielle
I totally know!! I was like, REALLY? Stereotypes can be wrong,,,,,xD
The Miss Katana
bill's not tom's lol
Whoever edits these videos is really annoying. They have way too much fun with the sound effects. MTV Network... *Crash/Glass shatter* Tom and his guitar... *Thunder* o.0
Chynna Danielle
Tomisha Childs
Hey I'm black too, and I am a fan. But I've always loved white boys anyway.
Lauren S
hahah, omg! gustav dancing to kiss kiss = <333
Cleo Anderson
I'm a black chick from Los Angeles and openly admit to being totally fangirl over these guys!