Alonso Wins In Spain After Epic Start | 2013 Spanish Grand Prix

A vintage drive from Fernando Alonso secures his second win at the Spanish Grand Prix, helped by a stunning opening lap... For more F1® videos, visit /> Like F1® on Facebook: /> Follow F1® on Twitter: /> Follow F1® on Instagram:

Jamaican Me Crazy
that ending... killed the whole video for me
hard to believe that this was his last victory to date.
Eric Schuster
Do you wanna hear a joke? The Honda engine.
that was probably the last decent car alonso had, 4 years wasted since then
Garon Moore
#MakeAlonsoGreatAgain I really hope he wins Indy.
Samraat Dash
F. Alonso in 2012 was one of the best ever. And I'm a Schumacher fan.
Best driver since the ending of Schumacher-Era!
Justin McKain
The video ended on such savagery 💀💀💀💀😂😂😂😂😂😂
I love how he can make some impossible moves possible
Feralo 14
I am very sad 😭 you deserve much better than 10th place!!!
One of the best drivers in this situation... very sad😢
Jack Byrne
I wish alonso had a better car :( he makes some of the worst career decisions in the world lmao
Josef Plays Games
Those were the days, when Alonso was still in a decent car.
Kanav Kapoor
And now he can't even finish races... :(
Pure magic. I feel sorry for the people that can't enjoy how he drives
Inside Line
he is number 1, end of the story
Djodifa Rizki Arnaldy
Alonso, the real driver
Toby Howard
I love how he did the weaving across the finish line both times he won
ahmed williams
Give this man a competitive car ffs, I don't think u lot understand his ability
McLaren to get a 1-2 this weekend
Syarif Hidayat
I hope Honda disappears from Formula 1. Pardon me, but I'm very upset right now.
In-Ho Park
He has 3 home wins with Valencia 2012
Ana Carolina Figueiredo
0:15 Max verstappen who?
wast of a talent
Splendid Truth
People tend to forget. This will remind them.
A. Díaz
Do it for Valencia 2012 plss
Gregorius Irianto
Alonso is a real talent. Too bad his current engine let him down
Agastya Bagaskara
Horrible Ending 101
Come on, what's with the ending.
Best driver since the ending of Schumacher-Era!
Vincent Prathama
Bring Alonso back to Ferrari for next season!!
Martin P
Can't wait until Alonso's Mclaren contract ends this year
Toby Howard
His last win in formula one....
Tiago Ribeiro
Grande Fernando grandíssimo
he had a great start in 2011 as well
We need Alonso in a good car next year! It would be so good for F1!
Ender Gamer
Since the hybrid era and Honda engine
End of video = #savage
ting meng keat
Poor Alonso , he is driving a "GP2 engine" this season :(
Ramon Trindade Silva
Alonso estava muito inspirado esse dia.
Den Way
And soo here we are..And Alonso won on his WEC debut!!! :D
I got really excited and misread the title, thinking it was his 2011 start lol
Alonso will win this weekend. oh ye.. Honda
Verstappen perfectly copied that overtake from Alonso!
André Padunovic
that was a crazy start
M&M 123
Qatar air ways to LONDON AND good luck EVERYONE
Best driver of the 2000s and 2010s t. Finn
Anthony Christoforou
Daniel Hamdi
Damn.. i forgot that. Alonso, as Räikkönen, the two oldest drivers on the grid, hasnt won a race since 2013... 4 years ago already.. Times flies..
Grzegorz K
He is the real deal...
Abdul Rahman
I just finished 1st in the drivers championship with alonso last night on f1 2013 game 🙊 beat Hamilton by 8 points
Yathu prem
If he stayed in Ferrari... !!!!!!!!
Ice Angel
After schumi era in my opinion kimi was the fastest one but nando is by far the most complete driver! A real beast of will to win!!!! Just give him half a chance and he will be ahead of you!!!!
Alonso was great!!
Samet Özkan
Why can't Alonso had more sucesses for McLaren from 2015 to 2018?
David JR
He hasn't won since because he chose 40m/year over winning
Genesis Maldonado
´holy shit that savage ending
That ending! Savage!
Dmitry L
How I wish Mercedes and McLaren magically swapped engines
Alonso is a beast, bht he hasn't got a good taste for teams
Usama Hanif
"He hasn't won again since..." Will never win any f1 race after that...sniff..sniff.. Poor Fernando.
Then Goes to McLaren....
Panos Kyrim
Because he went to McLaren Honda and can't accelerate even with DRS
Could it be his last F1 victory ever...?
Lex AH
I was so happy and thinking... *"That was So AWESO..."* 😃 and then they say that at the end of the video...😑
Karthik S
I personally feel that Alonso should have won the championship if it wasnt MSC that year when he gave that free pass to Vettel... That stubborn GOAT was salty about Alonso beating him into retirement....
This might have the be changed next season idk
Who's gonna be the 11th different Spain GP winner?
Yo Bro
edit that to sadly after that McLaren honda happened /
Damyan Popov
That ending though. Savage
Sorin Danu
I'm sure we'll see him again next year!
Jonny Khan
Weird to think he had more wins than Hamilton and Vettel at that point
Deyi The
I can't wait for Alonso-Renault-McLaren
أبو عصفور
damn... that music ending/fading at the end really makes you think. (such a cheerful tone of the video as a whole but the ending is like.... idk)
AlexPro HD
Where was Lewis on that first lap? Oh just getting passed by Fernando...
Oscar PR
That Alonso, the best Alonso :(
Yatin Alkatiri
2017 sounds like the last Honda passion for F1 2018 It will be gone...
alonso should return to ferrari
That ending is just unnecessary
Ade Surya
He's "last" 1st podium :(
Bleeding Potato
"He hasn't won again since" i wonder why ... *especially 2015 onwards*
Abhishek S
..... and he will never win, if he stays at McLaren.
Matty_ 98
The ending 😂😂😂
Engine, engine problem.
Jose Fuentes
"A vintage drive" A RACE OF 2013??? WOWWWW, We´re so ugly???
McLaren Honda 😂😂😂😂
kedar nadkarny
I remember watching this race. That was one of the finest overtaking move by Alonso.
Wow Alonso is so great that When you start a Motorsport Manager career,, The "Fake" Alonso parody (Vazquez) is the best driver in the game
MT Infinity
It's sad that this was his last race win in Formula 1 but at least I can say the only race I've gone to watch in person was this race and will always be a precious memory.
"he hasnt won again since".... ouch
BlaZe iT
A true legend. The end really makes you feel shame for this man's fate.
Hamdan Ali
Just imagine the scenes on the podium, if Alonso wins a race next year. I’ll never be more emotional listening to the Spanish national anthem
Hasan Demir Akdemir
Without start top 3 wins
Haoussa Zakaria AEK
Alonso must be, not only the unluckiest driver, but humman being of all time.
sarmedi hutautara
0:30 "BLUE FLAG!"
F4aXxZ 〈3
When you could drive behind someone in less than 1 sec away.... :>
Mágic Alonso the best pilot
Alfonso would have won 2017 and 2018 (already) for Ferrari.