ARES Amoeba STRIKER S1 Sniper Rifle Overview | Great Sniper Rifle For Under $200? | AIRSOFTGI.COM

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Is it just me or does the background music sound like the music from stranger things
Airsoft GI
I'm about to buy one and put a 340fps spring in it. It'll make for some entertaining CQB videos!
Had the gun in my hands in Hong Kong. Externally it feels good. Bolt pull was scratchy tho, but this might go away after some use. Maybe, maybe not. What I don't like at all about this gun is the extremely short bolt pull. It limits the airvolume of the cylinder. I don't think it's possible to get it over 500 fps. The design is nice. Anyways if you compare it to the original Magpul hunter 700 stoc it's kinda ugly to be honest. Overall it think it's a nice beginner sniper. But for those who want the best of the best a VSR-10 or APS-2 compatible upgradebase is still the better choice.
The mag holds 45 Rounds ( BBs) Not 60, I Beleive.
That's a pretty good looking sniper rifle, I like actual detachable magazines for Airsoft bolt actions, fav has got to be the DSR-1.
Oliver Prowse
Stranger things music!?!?!?!?!? , savages
Rey Silva
Airsoft GI This gun is great love the drop loading gate for the bolt they should make more of these airsoft snipers
Mr Arca9
I bought this weapon over on amazon, but am sharing this here. Do NOT buy this weapon unless you are comfortable with teching it. Reason: This weapon suffers from pretty bad QC thanks to ares. There is an issue with the sear pins encasing not being long enough to prevent the sears from twisting. What this means? This gives you what's called a "Dead Man's Trigger". This is caused by the upper sear twisting in place because it's not tight enough. When the trigger is pulled the sear is depressed, but not enough to release the bolt and you get a "click" without the weapon firing. Even worse, this causes metal to flake off the back of the piston, because again the sear is twisted. Flaking small metal bits into the trigger box, barrel, hop ect. This is horrendous. I teched the weapon myself adding AEG shims to the sear pins to fix the problem, but this shouldn't have to be done. Cmon Ares..
Eduardo Migliorini
Bläser R93 ultra frade or Ares amoeba striker S1 ? Ty bro
Goks The giggly Goks
saw it in a store today, good price and after this review, I'm so gonna get it
Also I'm assuming the rifle stock is detachable from the internals and barrel assembly?
Noah Oldham
Was anyone else playing the intro scene for stranger things when the song started playing
this is definitely based on the magpul Hunter stock, and it looks pretty dope.
Released next year? Its released in the UK already lol
Fleury2016 1
do you ship to Germany?
I love the retro techno music. Keep using that.
Micah Carney
When will it be shipped
Dustin Turner
does anyone know when it will come to the US?
Dang this is the best sniper ever. Might have to buy one.
Iain van Gardingen
@Airsoft GI It categorically does NOT take AEG barrels and buckings, It uses a VSR inner barrel and bucking. I've had mine for 6 weeks, i've also completely disassembled it, whereas you guys clearly haven't.
AfterHours WhoUp
I hear this music alot on YouTube. Reminds of Far Cry: Blood Dragon
when will bb wars origins videos start coming out
So did the rifle not get picked up by Airsoft GI?
Fintan Long
everything about this just literally screams "I am the best sniper on the planet plz buy me now."
Red Army Airsoft - Страйкбол в России
This gun uses VSR barrel and bucking, not AEG. And mag holds only 30 bbs..
Finally something to put my extra miracle barrel into!
MK 2004
Short stroke?hell nah
Shane O'Quinn
Stranger things!!
Riko Airsoft
The song in this Yes, is a remix of the intro of "Stranger Things" :D Love it!
ill maybe get it And yea it does sound like its from stranger things
CAN-AM Airsoft
oh yeah......I'm in love
Kyle Swehla
I just ordered my rifle it’s on a preorder tho
when will this be up for pre-order on your site?
This is some aesthetically pleasing music
Vigil Serus
I dont need it... I dont need it... I NEEEEEEEED IIIIIIIIIIT
do u think I can pre-order after xmas?
I believe this you will have cracking trigger systems issue. I have many ares product and for my personal opinion ares metal work not strength as much it look externally sometime it will broken easily
diggin the music just as much as the gun.
One problem about the short bolt pull will be a lack of cylinder volume needed for high fps top end sniper builds. You will be restricted to shorter barrel lengths for the best performance or having to have a very heavy bolt pull.
Can we get a direct link to the buy page? Also maybe a video on what can be changed out on it.
Lethan Poe
Does anyone else realize it says 338 win as Winchester and 338 Lapua
Raymond Luu
This seems like a nice rifle. I'll definitely recommend it to my friend once it's released.
Heard the music, thought of "Only God Forgives" See comments sections, what is Stranger Things?
sounds like the stranger things music
Hoppy_28 Jhop
Can you put a m170 spring (560 FPS) without having to change the sear set?
Adam Michael
i might have to pick up one of these bad boys and do a sniper kit!
Rex Hrabetin
Why dose Red wolf airsoft have it for cheaper
Jonahs G
When will pre-orders be up?????
Vapor Ferox
Doesn't this song sound a lot like the stranger things theme
Xavier Bartley
I still can afford it😭
Nate Cataldo
I swear to god this is a stranger things theme remix
how could I get a rifle to have the same range and accuracy of an upgraded sniper rifle?
What sniper Rifle do you recommend?
Dom H
As an airsoft sniper myself this has peeked my attention! Like the background music too! Stranger times ahead :)
when an aeg can outshoot you
Stark sg
BOI why they using stranger things music it lit tho
Candy monster 120
HOW ACCURATE IS THE FRIGGEN GUN?!? Why no shooting test????? WHY??? Do you know what the most important part of a sniper rifle review is? THE SHOOTING/ACCURACY TEST!!!
hahahaha he quotes "I am very big"
Patrick Raque
what come with the gun
is this gonna be available for a canadian crowd?
Kevin Ryan
Is the barrel metal or also abs or polymer like the stock? The trigger guard looks plastic
Infinium Brown
is it vsr10 compatible?
Speeding Zamboni
That Stranger Things soundtrack tho.
Im confused...does this guy work for GI and AirsoftMegastore!?
would you let us know when we'll be able to use co2 with the rifle
for the win airsoft
Release date yet????
Charlie M.
Does it shoot accurately though? According to some serious snipers you need to put some serious $$$ into a sniper to make it accurate enough to outperform AEGs at long range.
matthew Walsh
When is this out for preorder?
I read everywhere that this rifle take vsr 10 buking barrel and not a aeg one as the video said
Andrew Saylor
can you use .25 bbs for this gun?
B. Doe62
Is it compatible with the wolverine bolt?
gsg94490 Gsg9411
would buy it if it gets the Co2
Pat Fahey
What colors will it come in and how many mags come with the rifle
gavin Degust
Could the bolt in this be switched to the left side? I noticed on evike they have multiple types of bolt styles
Graham Rodgers
hold up are you sure it's just aeg barrels and bucking as far as I knew they are compatible with vsr backings and barrels ?
when is the gun comming out?
Magic Toaster
I'm going to buy once they make a wolverine BOLT that can fit inside it.
z miha
Is it vsr-10?
The Unit
Send me one wow its nice
Kenan Beltran
Soooooo a very slow firing m4 aeg?
matt Peirce
Will .4g or .46g bbs work well in this. Can someone please tell me
Scott Li
Can someone tell me what happened to good ol' Tim
what song was playing at the begining and end?
the website says it's available now...... but sites don't hav
Will George
I have heard it does NOT use aeg barrels. Is ares sending out different versions of the rifle to the U.S.?
Caleb Weever
Is it dual point sling or a single point?
Kyle Swehla
Is it ever gonna be back in stock
Owners of this? What are you currently using as mag pouches? Is it a case of just using pockets or were you able to find pouches that fit these mags?
Timothy Albano
Will the CO2 version shoot around the same FPS?
Jordan Schaffland
I just picked up the Olive Drab version yesterday. I have to be honest I have not been more excited about a sniper. Yes, VSR 10 systems are easily upgradable with countless systems but it's nice to see a company release something new and also give you gas options. they may not be out yet but they will engineer it well like Elite Force always does. I put a 140 aeg spring and had 10 consistent shots at 450 fps. That is more than enough for Canadian regulations. Short bolt pull is the least of my worries at that velocity. It feels good, it's well priced, it's solid and unique.
I need
Slick head hunters
I hope the per orders come out soon
So.... I was looking into pre-ordering this rifle and I dont see it on your website. Is it still coming out here in the US?
lil dubbz
i really like it but i dont like how its short pull
Jacob M
Stranger things
Ty Stell
But is it threaded under that orange tip 🤔🤔🤔🤔
Jeremy The Hunter
Can anyone tell me what would be a good sling for this rifle?
Can I plz have a sniper