Kaitlyn Maher - 5yo - Breakfast Television Vancouver - 12/09/09

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Kaitlyn Maher was interviewed on Canada's "Breakfast Television Vancouver" morning show on December 9, 2009 at 5 years old. After her interview segment, she then also sang "Away in a Manger," but that part of the clip was not posted online and is thus not included in this clip. For more information on Kaitlyn Maher, or her debut CD "You Were Meant to Be," please visit: *** www.KaitlynMaher.com *** Also, please feel free to also check out some of her other links, including: * Facebook: />* Twitter: www.twitter.com/KaitlynMaher * MySpace: www.myspace.com/KaitlynMaher

Faith Swalwell
for a 4 y old shes really talented
Rot Bake
if anyone can watch this precious angel and still think we come from pond scum and not the living God you will forever walk with the dead.
Lillian Blankenship
She is so adorable and I want her
I hope that when she is like an adult she will still sing
H Johnson
Is she an angel? She is precious!
Peter Wakely
I enjoy watching and listening your music and interview videos and you have. You put every effort on this. And I like it. So again you have done really well doing this. And I am very please about what you have done. Well done Kaitlyn you have made it. You must be so special young talented lady. I love that so does god as well. Hopefully I would get the cds and new dvd that has got you in it. I would like to recommend you because the voice you have got and and god has given that singing voice as the gift so much more gifted young talented young lady. Also you have got angelic voice and soon enough you will be joining all the the choir of angels. I have been moved by that with amazing voice so powerful. I feel the presence of all the angels and you in it of courses with your singing voice. Thank you god that you have been using Kaitlyn as a gift and and the voice you have been given her. I pray there is so much more gifted lady who can sing and being actress and founding out who can do those things. You god have sent Kaitlyn to make people realise that no one besides Kaitlyn who can now put what you done god. Once again thank you god Armen
Simone Spink
Sweet I wish I was you I do my little pony stuff
Lps Pawtastic Productions
SHE SUPER CUTE!!!!!!!!!!
Jay Wil
she so cute
Emma Morel
omg this little girl is an angel ...she is so mature for her age and has an adorable voice . I wish you the best of the best little princess ,you are an amazing tiny person who has an enormous heart ...I HOPE you never change because what you are now as a little girl its what really make you different to others and especial....GOD blessed you and your family ♥♥♥
Like if ur watching this in 2013 and grey job Kaitlyn
Jasari Sodmg
i love you kailtyn! im your number one fan I love you so much your awesome
Edwin Bezt
She's so bright and adorable!
Rocky Oreocream
She's 5. When I was 5 I talked like when she was 4. Wow! So mature!
morteza derakhshan
she looks great.
giuseppina sanna
E' la dolcezza personificata!
Alison Swift
she's so damn cute!<3 awww<3
priscilla gouveia
she is so sweet
amelia mear
she talks like a teenager god bless her
LOL No need to watch Santa Paws now!
Natalie Willowsong
I love how she always puts other people first, she is only 5 well...8 now I think...but still she's so young and she already is just an amazing person :)
Niena km
so cute :)
She's matured since her performances on AGT....
emma mundy
u have a great voice
o my she can carry on a conversation! lol..
Kaitlyn Maher I love you that every time I look you up on this website I just need to cry because you are so cute I Love U!!!
Katlyn you rock! :D
Hilal Tapdiqli
Allah seni qorusun
She can still cast her mind back to when she was young! I love how she takes over, she must be a joy to interview and no one else with her.
Kayla Lard
She is five and has an album! What???!!!!! She deserves it for trying her best. I cant even get a part in the musical for my grade! She sounds so grown up!
Scarlette Rosette
Awee :') She's soo cute. :3
SHE IS SOOOOOOOOO SWEET! not to mention waaaaaaaaay mature for her age!
She is the most sweetest little girl ever. She's like a little precious angel! So sweet, she has such a soft, yet very nice and comforting voice. God bless her! :)
linnell mccreary
Omg she is so cute
abbie gunning
This beautiful child is so well eduated!!
reminds me of my little sister paige
i love her. she's perfect.
emily halfacre
she is her selff :) but she reminds me of selena gomez
Paul De Wolf
Natthakanya Udsawasurakant
So goods
@awesome6262626262 what movie is she in??
Toniquah Chadwick
@CamdenChristadelphia now she is ... in here shes 5 :)
Ghierielle DamascoEnguero
she sound so smart : ) you are such a sweet heart : ) <3 I love kids .
It soooooooo cute !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D
Toniquah Chadwick
ahhhhhhh soooo cuutte
Paul Seo
she is so cute just5!
Jess Poncsak
She is sooooo polite<3 Awww. i want to meet her so bad. God Bless her. She will go so far in life. She so mature too
cute as and very pretty and polite
What the heck?!?!?! she sounds like shes 16!!
Soooooo adorable!!! And she is so mature and polite for her age! She is going to grow up to be an amazing girl.
bra Parrales
I like it!!
cara alvarez
she is adorible then and now!!!!!!!!!
Tzippy Schneiderman
she is the cutest girl i have ever seen in my liife!!!!!!!! i'm just inlove with her!!!!
Camden Christadelphians
is she 7?
she's so sweet. and a Christian too. that will take her far on it's own. I hope she grows up to be a beautiful woman and that all of her dreams come true.
You'd have to be made of stone not to think this little girl is completely adorable.
I recently got her album online...am I lucky or what?:)
She's the sweetest girl ever and extremely talented. God Bless Her <3
Claire Kelly
she is sooo polite
What a adorable sweet little girl !
Jaxon Michaud
who ever pressed the dislike button meant to say dis i like
omg she is so so nice and polite!!!
Allen Johnson
awww she so sweet nd nice nd cute.....awwwwwwww
Cassi Mae
i love her shes so cute :] <3
Megan Kimball
she knows how to answer these questions amazingly
She is so brilliant, funny and one of the sweetest things you will ever see. Her parents are raising her so well.
@AwesomeEmilyfansite I KNOW!
Ebenezer Modi
Wonderful.... Awesome answers to every question.. Had a cute heart.... so matured... God bless U Sweet heart... :-)
Juan Sebastian Duque Serrano
la voz de esa niña me gusta cuando habla me recuerda a natalia paris e incluso es demasiado consentido y suave su tono de voz.
Juan Sebastian Duque Serrano
la voz de esa niña cuando habla me recuerda a natalia paris e incluso es demasiado consentido y suave su tono de voz.
Rocio Flores
shes an angel
Brittany Parenteau
SO SWEEEEEEET (: shes a cutie (:
Tywreh Nelson
she is too polite
chatsirin kantaraj
I love you so much Kaitlyn,I wish I have a little daughter like you,god bless you.
awe! i love her! :-)
Jasmine xo
she sounds so mature and answers a question better than an adult. Aw, she's so cute!
jayda allison
MaryJo McCormic
she sounds so grown up!
She totally does not sound like a 5-year-old, more like a 10-year-old mature child. :O
Elyssa Mae
Moni Avila
She's sooo sweet! Aww I luvv her
She has great parents. She is a reflection of them.
shaqira khtri
so cute !
Cute at 1:25 how Kaitlyn sounds so amazed that she is just 5 years old.
I love you Kaitlyn, go get 'em
Clark J
I love her expression at 3:33 - it's like she's thinking "don't you know that's how songs are written..??..".....
Brilliant how she always takes control of interviews and sends us her love. No other star I've come across has such a caring personality and that makes her singing all the more perfect.
so mature lol
Kristen Mesa
that was on my b day she so cute
Thinkbefore Youpost
she's a sweety:) i love this baby girl..and her voice:)
aww how cute she is!! She wrote 2 songs !! cool!
Kristin Williams
shes so cutee!
Nonya Bizines
Kaitlyn Maher takes the meaning of cute to a whole new level, lol. She's good at interviews. most little kids wouldn't know what to say.
she's a pro and only 5.
OMG so cute, I LOVE HER im 13 and she's more mature then me hahaha :) XOXO Kaitlyn
Jamie Smith
Kaitlyn Maher for president!!!! I think she could teach a lot of people around the world some compassion and caring. Kaitlyn is the smartest, sweetest little girl I have ever heard.