Miloš Karadaglić plays Heitor Villa Lobos Etude No.11

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Miloš Karadaglić on NHK 2012

Ewald Steyn
Brilliantly done!!! Those who don't like this guys ways off doing things (like using his guitar case for a footstool), watch something else. The rest of us will enjoy this great performance.
Gigi Ewing
To all those who complain that Miloš isn't "musical": you clearly do not know what music is. So why don't you work on your own musicality and come back once you've gained some. Maybe then you won't be so jealous. And just FYI... don't complain about a video recording when you haven't heard him live, which I have. His music is breathtakingly beautiful. 
Curatica C
This guy is a musical impostor; he can play Tárrega’s Lágrima but not much more. With a good looking appearance, electronic amplification and reverbs he cen fool the ignorant crowds. What is really outrageous though, is that a reputed label like Deutsche Grammophon promoted him and launched his "career".
Oh my god!!! very handsome and very goooood!!!!
na na
Da li sam ja jedina iz Srbije koja ovi gleda? Am I only one from Serbia who watching this?
Panos Ch.
I think you guys should listen to him playing koyunbaba as well. Any doubt that he is a professional will disappear..
Samo Novak
hey im a guitarist but i dont know what the extra wooden piece under his right am is for-is it to additionally lift the arm or something?
He probably wants to show off his Calton Case. They're made-to-measure and expensive.
What the fuck kind of professional performer uses their guitar case as a footstool? Just embarassing...
Sanel Busuladzic
Great playing Milos.
Maestro J
Very true. You know what, the only player who I have heard prroduce a good sound out of one is Xuefei Yang,
Florian Beyer
you know, i totally agree with you. but i think he's not the one to blame. we're all kind of looking for success. the problem is within the industry...they are selling all these miloses and garrets not even caring about them. he's quite a good player. of course there are many many better players who would deserve the fame, but this is really in the hand of the big labels. so, i'd say let him do this and let him enjoy it as long as possible. we'll remember the great artists anyway, don't we?
Idk why everyone bad mouths this guy,,,Yes hes very commercialized, nonetheless a solid player. The biggest problem with this is the smallman...very few players can pull a great sound out of these instruments.
Good evening Can you tell me about your guitar and strings that you use? Thanks [email protected]
Alan Meyer
I admit that I am not a musician, that I don't know this piece, and that my opinion shouldn't count for much. But for whatever little it's worth, I have to say that I loved listening to this performance. I presume that we were listening to a recording of a live performance here, not a "modified sound recording", and it still sounded beautiful to me. Sometimes we get wrapped around a perfection axle. Looking for the absolutely perfect, we condemn the almost perfect as terrible. It's not.
Reading some of the comments on this video is a strange experience. Some of these "Classical" guitarists remind me of bitchy little girls! I don't like this version either, but do you people realise that it's your snide remarks and snobby attitudes that give the classical guitar the stuffy, elitist reputation the instrument has these days? Why not be a bit more open minded and accepting? You are ultimately turning people away. The classical world only has itself to blame for it's demise!
Ondřej Frei
Hello, I must fully disagree with you. I have been to his live performance (without any microphones) and he played wonderfully. It is in his talent, not in the electronics, that should modify his sound. If you haven't heard him live, please keep these comments for yourself, it confuses people.
Rupert StJohn
You cannot just make a "tango" rhythm where none has been written. There are freedoms in classical music, great freedoms and room for strikingly personal interpretations that respect the music. But distortions like what he does in the prelude no. 1 are not included in that category. It sound like he cannot read music or has a technical problem.
Rupert StJohn
Yes a total fraud. I see that our comments at the propaganda documentary about him have been removed and further comments forbidden so as to cover up the voices of those who expose the fraud. That is, he and DG are using people known to the lay public but with no knowledge of the classical guitar to praise him, like Andrew Lloyd Webber who is so ignorant that he says he never even heard a guitar played as a solo instrument with counterpoint before. Then of what worth is his praise of this fraud?
stephen holmes
From a laypersons perspective I went to see him with the LSO play at Bradford st georges hall last night and apart from a couple of blips he was Very good, especially when I was sat on front row sat 5 feet away from him.
You're welcome. :)
haha, thanks a lot! dont think im better than him per say. I dont begrudge him his fame, hes worked hard for it and has great ability. Dont care for his tone or musical choices, but that doesnt mean he doesnt deserve it.
Dude, I've just watched some of your video's. You're also so much better than this gimmick... It's all rather unfair, isn't it!?
Not really true... John Williams (also not a good musician, but a much better guitarist) was still widely considered to be "the ambassador of the guitar" in 2007 or so. And about this Milos guy: it's a fact DG could have signed a much better and still good-looking guitarist. Listen closely - he's really nothing compared to too many guitarists. It's a real fraud.
Hew Onte
I think it's a relief. Last twenty years classical guitar basically disappeared. Always had a star or two in the classical guitar world prior to that. I think he is pretty good. He struggles at times but that appears to be his inexperience. Could be great one day
Hew Onte
I think he's good. Certainly not awful
Mana Tee
So it's wrong simply because you don't agree with the way he "feels" the piece? That's fine and all, but does that honestly mean you're righter than anybody else?
10-String Guitar Channel
Nevermind, Gramophone mag is a farce. Consider that their long-time classical guitar "critic", the chemist J. Duarte, had no musical education whatsoever other than some months of jazz guitar lessons. If that is not farce enough (equivalent to an engineer posing as a heart surgeon) it was additionally unethical to employ someone who was in no position to be objective but who used his "reviews" to promote his student John Williams, friends and countrymen, while falsely, vilely criticizing others.
anne huda nurhuda
I think it's hilarious to hear a man (assuming rupert is still a name exclusively for male) criticizing another man. Was it a constructive criticism? More like jealousy to me. I thought only women would do that. LOL
Reading some of the comments here, make me remember why I felt like quitting classical guitar. This is music, it HIS version, HIS interpretation, and therefore he can do whatever he wants. Why is classical music scrutinised so much? You're sad people - just close your eyes and listen.
Brian Keenan
Exactly Clive. We're all waiting Rupert.
Clive Margerison
Rupert StJohn, let's have your version then, you're obviously a better guitarist, so I'd rather play your interpretation than his!
Brian Keenan
...and if any of you nay sayers can do any better then feel free to post links to your videos.
Brian Keenan
Wow. Reading these comments is so depressing. The jealousy hanging out of the people posting comments is ridiculous. He's a tremendous guitarist. End of story. These pieces are only old news to fellow guitarists, you're forgetting how fresh and magical these pieces are to people who don't know the guitar repertoire. You're 100% correct Stephen , he's putting the guitar out into the general public which benefits all of us. Is he the greatest guitarist ever? No. But he's still first class.
Brian Keenan
Steven Joseph Guitar
thats perhaps a tad harsh. I think he is a good performer, but i dont agree with a lot of musical decisions. you cant deny he clearly has great technique and facility. his sound is just the usual smallman sound, take it or leave it. I think its great to see a classical guitarist being so exposed to the general public. Even if he is rehashing the cliched classics it can only be a good thing for other guitarists.
Chris Andersen
What a strange version. It's chopped to pieces as if he was practicing it or something. The beauty and the power completely lost on me as I was distracted by the oddity of it all. A guitarist finally ends up on the cover of Gramophone magazine, and this is who it is? Of all the amazing things! Oy.
Rupert StJohn
He's also missing a fair number of the notes, either by not knowing the piece properly, rushing, or playing the accompaniment inaudibly. Maybe if he spent more time learning the music properly than styling his hair he might become a competent musician someday rather than just a classical music marketer's dream image.
Rupert StJohn
Mediocre. As with his 'interpretation' of the prelude he has a lot to learn about rhythmic personality or understanding of musical interpretation. Playing in a seductive way to pick up chicks and being an artist are not the same. Some of the problems here: chords in the opening that should not be broken, erratic rhythms and way too long pauses after the arpeggios in the 2nd section. He seems intent on breaking the flow of the music as much as possible. And the godawful scrapes of the left hand!
Yoann F
he isn't a good performer. his playing is beautiful on modified sound recordings only.. it's sad to see such commercial in classical guitar world...
Tony Rizzotto
Go figure the only part he didn't mess up was the P-I-M-A section. pfftt
Parsa Rangi
really awful. God !
Yes, it's indeed a Smallman.
Ben Walsh
Agreed, however isnt he using a Smallman, or am I mistaken?
I guess he's not aware portable footstools are now available to guitarists... This is a good video because it gives us a glimpse of what Milós would sound like during an actual recital in a concert hall instead of the multitude of TV interview pieces elsewhere on youtube.
his sound is not really good, even with a damman...
Alyn Mearns
Guitar case footstool, classy move.
pure emotion backed by the finest tone. peace, rich