Elemental Forces (nba season highlights)

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Partly narrated by certified badass Samuel L. Jackson, Elemental Forces features the best game winners and poster dunks, along with some of baddest blocks, jams and imaginative moves of this NBA year. Song titles are in the Outro..

Clément Teixeira
tks guy. actually, i found the singer thanks to the lyrics on google.
Gérard Majax
@clemteixx Fight for you - Thea Van Seijen
Vince Keller
Very Very Very Amesome !!!!! You're the best man !
very good work !!!
Clément Teixeira
what is the first song? I can't read the name of the singer... the title is "fight for you" but i need the singer ass well.. tks
Mick B
Very good job man
Probably the most creative mix in the M2 Playoffs yet.