Muse - The Handler [Official Lyric Video]

Watch the official lyric video for "The Handler" now! Directed by - Tom Kirk, Simon Bennett & Tom Jantol Produced by - Banoffee Sky Animation by Tom Jantol Edited by Simon Bennett Post production by Clare Julia Band Performance filmed by Liam Iandoli and Daniel Salter Get Muse's album DRONES here: /> /> /> />

Franco Cerullo
Showbiz: "Controlling my feelings for too long" The Handler: "I won't let you control my feelings anymore" Hysteria: "Give me your heart and your soul" Dead Inside: "Do you have no soul? It's like it died, long ago" United States Of Eurasia/Collateral Damage: "Must we do as we're told?" The Handler: "And I will never do as I am told" Unnatural Selection: "I want the truth" Reapers: "I don't think I can handle the truth"
the best part is that AaaAaaAAaaA
The tutorial starts at 2:20 if you were curious
neon blu
Director: Okay, so how much black you want in the video? Muse: Yes.
Chamber of Echoes
Such a good song about MK Ultra brainwashing, glad they speak up through their lyrics
Chris 01
This is like psycho from a different perspective
Fedor Voronov
Those drum lines are hot af, props to Dominic
Łukasz Śmigielski
After my finals I'm going to be like: "You were my professor... "
Absolutely the best song of the album!
Matthew Corcoran
Is it me or is muse one of the most consistently good bands of the past 15 years?!
kenzie loomis
tbh 10 million people jut had eargasms
Muse is the best contemporary rock band, period.
Christopher Duperre
[Verse 1: Matt Bellamy] You were my oppressor And I, I have been programmed to obey But now you are my handler And I, I will execute your demands [Chorus] Leave me alone I must disassociate from you [Verse 2] Behold my transformation And you are empowered to do as you please My mind was lost in translation And my heart has become a cold and impassive machine [Chorus] Leave me alone I must disassociate from you [Outro] I won't let you control my feelings anymore And I will no longer do as I am told And I am no longer afraid to walk alone Let me go Let me be I am escaping From your grip You will never own me again Yeah
Space Dementia
matt bellamy could be my handler
Juste Lilly
"The Handler" You (you, you) Were my oppressor And I (I, I) I have been programmed to obey And now (now, now) You are my handler And I (I, I) I will execute your demands Leave me alone I must disassociate from you Behold (hold, hold) My trance formation And you (you, you) Are empowered to do as you please My mind (mind, mind) Was lost in translation And my heart (heart, heart) Has become a cold and impassive machine Leave me alone I must disassociate from you I won't let you control my feelings anymore And I will no longer do as I am told And I am no longer afraid to walk alone Let me go Let me be I'm escaping from your grip You will never own me again
Matheus de Souza
MK Ultra
British Rock
my favourite 3 songs of Drones: 1.the handler 2. the globalist 3. psycho
"I won't let you control my feelings anymore And I will no longer do as I am told And I am no longer afraid to walk alone"
Austin McNeill
anyone else speechless about how insane that bass tone is?
Aaron Ramirez
I feel like the bassist work on this song is very underappreciated. There a lot of little parts that give me chills.
Alisa Beck
The beginning gives me chills
This is the best album they've done since Absolution in my personal opinion.
Kara Waltman
This song really does something to me. I love it.
Lucas Peter
Undeniably the best song of the album ...
If there was a Disneyland ride for this, I would love it.
Shaun Godsmark
MK Ultra, Monarch Programming #PizzaGate
Probably my favorite track from Drones, that guitar is just what your ears need to have an ear-gams! This guys really have changed the history of modern rock, I recently paid tribute to them by doing a 100% live looping performance of their best tracks, including this one, it's over at my channel in case anyone wants to check it out!
Diego Medina
muse never lose its touch ;)
Mike West
The best band in the last 30 years by a country mile !
Miguel Bruno
This song is about the MKULTRA, look! It's everything in this video... O.O I'm so surprised about this video... The people need to open their eyes... We are under control... O.O Just try to find things about monarch control before you start to jundge!! Thanks Muse
Justice Warrior
MK Ultra inspired. Brilliantly done, Muse. 🙌
Emerson Cooper
I hear Mozart's Lacrimosa big time in this song.
Brandon Cummings
Does anyone else also try to hit those high notes of Matty while listening to this?
Kieran Schafer
Anyone care to join me in some brain storming? So in the beginning the "Handler" (black puppet master) is taking control of Matt and brainwashing him to be a drone. Then at the instrumental solo, Matt is breaking free from the puppet master, you can tell because the puppets move faster and change stances (moon becomes uncaged, pig loses suit, etc), and then after it Matt becomes "free", but in the end we see a larger puppet master who is actually in control of the whole thing. Thoughts?
Selene 13
The bass line me shivers down my spine! WHAT A SONG!!! Loved this band since Showbiz! 4ever
There is no other music that compares or can come even close to the amazing quality of this band! I discovered them back in 2011 and my God they are truly one of a kind! A true inspiration. 🎤😫
Hamburger Dude
Sounds almost like all of Absolution merged into 1 song with the dark feel and heavy riffs, can't wait for the rest of the album now
3:59 *cums harder than ever before*
That guitar solo is impossible holy...
Nicole H
Each time and every time I hear this song it instantly brings me joy!! It's my favorite MUSE song! What a masterpiece: Matt's vocals and guitar skills are insane!!
Naima Bens
The best band ever!💖
Yann Fernandes
I'm not a fan of the band, I got here because I was studying about MKULTRA.
The bass gives me fucking goosebumps. And then Matt‘s voice kicking in... absolute perfection
Kelly Valentine
Do people understand the meaning about this ? It's really deep actually about a handler..
Lyrics on video : (probably dialogue between the Handler and the hero) HERO You opressor, I obey, Now Handler I execute demands HANDLER Leave alone, Disassociate you HERO Behold transformation You please Mind translation, heart cold machine HANDLER Leave alone, Disassociate you HERO Won't control anymore, No longer told No longer alone Let me go Let me be Escaping grap Never again
ewan ross
Only awesome people appreciate how amazing this song is!
Kevin Arnold
The vocals in this song are the best on the album in my opinion. I can't stand psycho....
Christian Kimmel
handler is referenceing project monarch mind control aka mk ultra which the CIA uses to create mind control slaves an the handler are the one who control them look up Cathy o Brien testimony
Kristy S
Painfully obvious.
If Fury and Stockholm Syndrome had a love child, it would be The Handler.
H.A. Treesong
A great powerful song.
TFS Price Action Trading
How does he do the solo part using 1 hand? I thought you need the right hand to pluck but he's only using his left fingers?
Dawn Z
I won't let you control my feelings anymore I will no longer do as I am told I am no longer afraid to walk alone Let me go Let me be I'm escaping from your grip YOU WILL NEVER OWN ME AGAIN!! Best line ever!!!!
Michelle Barajas-Espinoza
SeCreT SoCieTy
Showbiz + City of Delusion = The Handler good job sir
bucky barnes official theme song tbh. (my fave from Drones, definitely.)
Lena Likes Cats
omg so many views already?? i remember when there were less than a million....completely deserving though
Matt's musical skills are incredible.
Nicolás Espíndola
That intro sounds very Royal Blood-ish
Monk Cat
I used to chat to Matt on Muse messenger back in 2004 lol Was a fan after hearing Unintended by chance on late night radio.
From 2:20 to the end is everything...
MK Ultra/Monarch Mind Control
I'd be curious to know how much Warner had to pay Disney and/or Square Enix for the characters used. This might be the most expensive music video by Muse.
Jue Theone
My god! the lyrics... They tell us exactly what' s happening and nobody (or not much) understand...
Loralyn F.
I saw them in concert 2 weeks ago they played this I lost my mind
The Sound of Muse is so awesome! Never Heard sth like this!
Emily Porter
The guitar solo gave me life
Broooo why has matts voice gotta be so damn sexy?! X//D
Kiera Rowley
God, I love Muse. They are my happinessss ughh <3
Jan Ailo Bårdseng Wik
Congrats to Muse for winning a Grammy for rock album of the year. Well deserved.
Djamel Bedjaoui
vraiment top le solo de guitare !!!
Mohammed Wadhoodh
Damn! That solo.... Amazing!!
THIS is what I wanted Drones to sound like.
Riswanda Kafa
*Listening to Muse's songs. *Humming the bass instead
Zsaskia Shabrina
Muse, I've been adoring you since your single called "Unintended" was released, until now. (how many years is it, i am old enought, OMG). Your music gave me chills. I hope you guys will still exist until the end of the world. I love you!!!
Jan Brennan
Wow awesome and so honest! MK ULTRA MIND CONTROL is real and this song really sums it up. Reminds me a little of Radiohead. Kicks Ass!
Just going to say it..that guitar solo was super pure 🙏🏻👌🏻🎸🎼
I love this song! 24 7 playing
Adriano Gamer 1243
When demons want to hear songs.. You:Ok.. Anyone in 2019 also
*listens to Phyco* "This is the best song in the album!" *listens to Dead Inside* "This is the best song in the album!" *listens to Mercy* "This is the best song in the album!" *listens to Reapers* "This is the best song in the album!" *listens to The Handler* "This is the best song in the album!" See the trend?
his voice is everything!
Dan Gray
Toook 435 paracetamol eerlier, thins go blurry nw. Last vid I'm evr gonna see I think. It was shi
Марія Кравець
але вони круті...)!!!
Alexander Featherstone
They have a lot of insight on this subject. It's really sad.
Butterflies... Monarch program reference?
We finally hit the 100k likes. What is wrong with humanity? Why did this take so long?
Zed Leppelin 16
2:09 When you stub your toe
Psyduck O Psicopato
eu ouvi alguém falar opressor
The chorus reminds me of Roxy Music's "Out of the Blue" intro!
This song is still so badass and amazing live! Holy crap!
Bound By strings Of pain And suffering I will be Unbound From these hands Of control I will sever these chains Trapping my soul.
Connor O'Brien
The entire song, vocals, guitar, bass and drums is just spazgazmic... Just beautiful!!!!
I love all of Muse’s work, I really do. But this one is still my absolute all time favourite! Goosebumps every listen!!
Callum Alder
Jonas Kh
Those two back to back Guitar Strokes starting from 1:10 feel just like a Spartan Kick to me X_X
Lonneke Voets
Finally, a new 'oldskool' MUSE album! ♥
Top vocalist : 1. Matt Bellamy 2. Hyde (Laruku) how about you?
Damien Darlington
That hard guitar riff is KILLER! The most versatile band I've ever heard or seen!!!!!