Glenn's SOTU Highlights: It Was Brilliance

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Eben Mountain AudioBible
President Trump is the best president during my lifetime!
Pat Kin
"We will never be a Socialist Nation" message to the Deep State.
Fly O
*My Dad was one of those men who **_did it for us._* Unlike the men the President mentioned, he was an "old man" of 21. He fought across Europe till, near the war's end, near a German town called Paderborn, he suffered a bad wound and nearly bled out. Somehow, he survived, and came home. He's gone now, and I miss him terribly but I OFTEN think of his astounding courage and selflessness, and the fact that he did it for me ... for us. *I'm overjoyed to hear that President Trump thinks about him too.*
diane sanzone
I was on my feet practically the whole time clapping and cheering for the POTUS who I am proud to have as my President! I served this great country in the greatest Navy on this planet under President Reagan and would have been equally proud to have President Trump as my Commander-in-Chief. God bless him and all that is good and right in this country. 👍🇺🇸🙏👏.
Norm Babbitt
My God, what a great speech! Only the deluded could not find this inspirational. Trump seemed like a saint in his wonderful address to the nation, considering the insanity he has been confronted with by the media, Hollywood, by some of his fellow Republicans, and last but not least the incredibly disingenuous Democratic Party. I'm sure all liberals are desperately and madly finding fault in any and all ways possible to deny this excellent and visionary speech, which brought tears of love and hope to my eyes, from my heart. I must be fully cured of my years ago "Trump derangement syndrome," and of my leftist delusions, now, happily, just a bad memory. I thought this was a clean, out of the stadium, grand slam speech!
penn hudson
God bless President Donald Trump.
kat Mats
This speech will go down in history as one of the best. God Bless and protect Donald J. Trump.
Really good speech. I felt inspired by his closing remarks.
marelle q
Your comments are so on point. I am an immigrant and a us citizen and proud of it.
Michael DuPriest
Schumer said at times SOTU speech was “incoherent.” Is Chucky that intellectually impoverished? Why does this imbecile refuse to do that which right and good for this country?
I'm so very happy I voted for this incredible man! God may You always protect him and his family from the demons at work to bring him down. 🙏🙏🙏
ray konga
Everything the Democrats do and say is about socialist propaganda.
Fla sun
Ray Von
Americans who are anti-Trump, are anti-American, because Trump is PRO-American. It’s that simple.
Cindy Barker
This President is brilliant, I pray to God that he can get these democrates to do what this country has given them the job to do protect America.
All Over
Democrats refusing to stand and applaud for freedom says it all. And it was all on display for the American people to see. The left wing is clearly boocoo dinky-dau.
AOC says he was totally unprepared??? What the hec. He was brilliant. He was courteous. He was inspiring, he was well prepared. One of the best speeches I have ever heard from a President. America is safe under this mans watch.....God help us all if we are to be governed by the other party. They are out to destroy the USA.
Gloria Chavarria
It was Brilliance! It was AWESOME! It was PATRIOTIC! It is how GOD ALMIGHTY wants it He has put PRESIDENT TRUMP as PRESIDENT!
Glenn You Did A Very Good Job Of Reading The Speech! Nice!
John Phillips
That part of his speech could be as memorable as Lincon at Gettysburg. Rember a lot of his seeming unpresidential actions are his tools to make the deal. Do not look at how he sounds or even who he is, but look at what he has done and is trying to do.
jedi26 jedi26
1000 years from now people won't remember anyone from the media or us! But people will remember the name Donal J Trump.
much better speech than many are giving him credit for.
So proud of Trump, from an Aussie.
Gloria Chavarria
Glory be to the only True GOD ALMIGHTY forever !!!
Robert Burleson
One of the most unifying speeches I've read in years. Very well written!!
They did it not only for America but for The World . I am not American but this is why i love America .
Shai Kharkongor
Christians of America, you have the sword of prayer in your hands, it is far mightier than guns and bullets it is mightier than voodoos and wictcrafts, it is mightier than any evil force that the devil is trying to do. I encourage you to pray, pray and not be weary, if God would open your ears, you will hear the screams of the underworld that they are crying in terror when christians stood up and wrestle and fight through prayers....
Chris Grignon
Making AMERICA great Again
Gloria Chavarria
Yes the Greatest Speech Ever!!!
Ronald Bequeath
Glenn WE THE PEOPLE understood him if the democrats don't, so be it, they will be the loosers. The day is coming.
Val Schaub
Mr. President, you made my Heart sing, and gave me reason to Dream again.
Some may not like some of the things that he tweets.. but you have to also keep in mind the constant attacks that he is under. They are relentless. He has to go BOLD or go home. Any other president would have caved to the pressure by now. Trump came along just in time and will lay the foundation for future presidents to combat the Globalist Communists.
It was one of his best speeches… That rivals the one at the United Nations
Jessie Hamby
Did anyone notice that the last time the Democraps dressed in white was the KKK?
Growing in Grace
It was an EXCELLENT speech. The best SOTU address in recent history.
Kim Colgrove
Pewdiepie Travelling Man
President Trump 2020! Most dems listened with deaf ears even if it benefits them. msm has their minds skewed!
Lynn Costello
Glenn, why must you always combine paying a compliment to our president with issuing a disclaimer such as: this is the speech we've all been waiting for with: you may not like him you may not like some of his tweets. Can you just compliment him and leave it at that?
James Henry
This speech ranks up there with the Gettysburg Address, the Winston Churchill speech at the start of his office as Prime Minister in WW2, and the "I have a Dream" speech of MLK.
Charley Vee
State of the Union way more interesting than the Super Bowl.
Paul Butler
A fantastic speech. President Trump gave the Democrats many opportunities to be pro-America. But the sat on their hands and refused.
V Steed
Isn't it amazing that our founding fathers gave their LIVES to give us freedom. And now women sacrifice their babies lives for what they think will free themselves from a bad situation.
keith felts
You're 100% right. It was an outstanding speech. One for the ages, history will show. Trump IS NOT a politician, and that's what makes him unique. His support among the professional politicians is almost nil. I hope he survives what's ahead of him
Dino DiMichele
Trump the john wayne of politics
Joaquin Marti
NOW, That's a President!!!
Charley Vee
Congress doesnt care about making a difference. They are too busy selling out to the highest bidder. Nearly all of them do it. Thats what matters to them; money and privilege.
Joseph A. Correia III
Wonderful speech and an even more wonderful vision for our country. But unfortunately, there were some people in that august body that do not share that vision. They call themselves Democrats for want of a better moniker but really are not. Some do not even believe in America at all, they only believe in their own climbs to power and prominence and would gleefully sell this nation to achieve those ends. Not all who claim to be Democrats are of that ilk, Unfortunately, It is difficult to separate the wheat from the chafe through all the bluster and rhetoric. But in that room, they have pretty much identified themselves through the directions of their actions by their leaders I am speaking now of the speaker of the house, a power-mad harridan who has no more regard for the country and its people then she has for an ant in the street, just an object to be crush because it happens to be in her way. Her vision is only for herself and how it will affect her climb to power. She is the epitome of self-serving, self-centered, and self-absorbed. She does not see herself as a servant of the people but as the creator of public opinion for her servants the people. She is indeed the perfect candidate for dictatorship.
We've been waiting a long time for someone like him to truly lead our great country!
Kevin Daskal
You wanna know the difference between the left and right? Had Obama offered to the right in the way Trump does to the left and spoke in the same way and manner about the greatest country on earth, which saw fit to elect him, the right would've given him a never ending standing ovation. The difference is there never was Obama derangement syndrome because the right hated what he did, not who he was! The left breeds a hatred that is insatiable and cannot be quenched. Hatred is their motto and what bonds their many intersectional factions, while bigotry towards those who differ from them is their only Creed. I don't see how anyone can bridge the gap they relentlessly keep widening in this country, from the Covington kids and judge Kavanaugh to the shooting of Scalise, it's only getting worse.
Drew MT
Michelle Brunson
I wish YOUR cadence and passion had come through in his speech. It was a great speech. I'm not sure I realized how great it was until I heard YOU reading it though!
KY Mom
It was brilliance. He’s doing a fine job.🙏🏻🇺🇸❤️
After so many decades upon decades of bad presidents, do nothing but talk and lie, we finally have a decent President to get behind to support It is such a relief to me that President Trump won the election. Its been a long hard journey since day one in Jan 2017 but there is a bigger more diverse unity among the growing number of his supporters all over this wonderful country, not to mention the amount of great support all over the globe.
jedi26 jedi26
Better than the super bowl!
Did anyone notice that the only time the Congress women/men in the white coats cheered was when the President mentioned THEM. ? That was so arrogant and disrespectful. I actually think that almost every “Woman” Congress in the white coats are actually “MEN” posing as women. Secret trannies. (My opinion)
Spyinthesky 777
TRUMP is GODs chosen one and anointed one. TRUMP name will continue until GODs plan is completely. On GODs time not mans time. Man can make GOD do anything. But GOD can wipe the earth clean and start over if he wanted too. Go against GOD will be your END.
Teresa Donner
I want to thank all my ancestors! 😘 I wouldn't have the freedom that I do, without their blood sweat and tears!!
Fixeus 2017
Great time to be alive isn't it?
Darlene Royce
Glenn is right. It was a awesome speech. So proud. We know this is not going to be easy. Americans, true Americans, nourish on that. We are absolutely capable and will succeed. Donald J Trump....... NOW ...... and again in 2020. Thank you Mr. President.
Elaine Teut
I was so proud when he said we aren't a Socialist nation. I wish he would have added, "and we did build that". By the way, has anyone seen the Bushes, Clinton's & Obama's lately? No one has gone to any of them to see how they liked the speech. Lo
P Damascus
I am so proud to be an American. I happen to be a Christian, man, gay, a naturalized citizen, a legal immigrant, born in a foreign country. A very proud American. Thank you Mr President. I choose Greatness.
Maria Badillo
The Democrats didn’t wan any thing that smells prosperity. They want everyone to be part of their plantation.
Stone Cold Steve Autism
We must keep freedom alive in our souls. And we must always keep faith in America’s destiny. That one nation under God must be the hope and the promise and the light and the glory among all the nations of the world.
That is a historic speech and it will go into the books as what brought the parties together and unified America not unlike Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address.
Big Wig
Oh now finally Glenn is a Trump supporter
Kevin Quinn
President Trump is the greatest president since Washington
God bless America and God bless our president...
John Adams
Optimism hopefully prevails , believe in America
Ruben Perez
Narcissistic people project. That is the devilcrats . Everything they accuse us of is what they are doing, and who they are.
emily schwellenbach
he was brilliant, the left is dumb and they rather die than cooperate or have a conversation, they rather die
Nancy Ferguson
He is my President! The honored that were introduced represented all great people of our nation! I feel that we have a very special nation and Trumps speech brought me hope! Choose greatness! Great line!!!! I believe we are one nation under our Creator God! Let's make ourselves worthy of His gift of President that we would again PROSPER and be a United nation that stands for a free nation, not a nation based on liberal tyranny!
Madog Llewellyn
The only thing better he could have done was Mention the Fact Nazi Germany was a Socialist Nation!!!! Liberty Or Death!!!.... Don't Tread On Me!!! May God Bless America and Long Live Our Constitutional Representative Republic!!!! Those aren't just words they Are Our Battle Cry and Rally Words to Spur "We The People" to remind Us of Individual Liberty Prosperity and Self-Reliance from Government.
Shadow Master 3
When the leader of the Free world President Trump speaks or tweets, it is all about the message, some to the enemy, some to the Patriots and some to those in his command. They all have meaning, learn how to understand the codes and you too will be amazed by the brilliance.
Dino DiMichele
The men who hit normandy have my love and respect forever. They are the true heros we should be celebrating their lives and not celebrities atheletes or anyone else
Sam Spade
The REASON the dumb dems looked so glum is because they were WITNESSING President Trump WIN THE 2020 PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION !!!!
You're correct; they won't compromise. Their hatred of President Trump drives their every move.
Michael Harold
Something happens when your politics aren’t rooted in fundamental values but are instead based on not liking other people’s values; you’re constantly stuck in an endless cycle of having to be antithetical in nature. You become a permanent malcontent. The left is just the opposite of whatever the right is. In 2015 the DNC totally dropped the labor unions and shifted towards identity politics as its core constituency. When that failed they handed over the keys to radical feminism and there’s no way they’re going to be able to shift again as the feminists won’t just hand back those keys. Even if elections are lost with the feminism platform leading the charge they will still yield their power. Nobody wants sexual assault allegations or allegations of harassment. At this point the DNC has been occupied by feminism and they’re not going to cross the aisle on many issues at all. The hatred for conservatives is very very deep.
I left the Democrat party I don't want nothing to do with idiots anymore....
Marlene Meier
It's like you wrote that speech Glenn. Is there something that you want to tell us? 😀
abducted human
Glenn Beck will be looked at most likely as a prophet in a thousand years from now he is a good man and a good American 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
Heidi and Bret Z
You delivered the speech better than President Trump! Love ya Glenn! Praying for you and your family <3
After President Trumps speech,.. I had hardcore Democrats come to me and tell me that they had no idea that President Trump had done so much for this Nation in such short time especially the Black's!! They also told mé that they will be voting for Trump in 2020!! I can tell you this,.. President Trump will win hands down a second term!! TRUMP 2020!!
James Fehr
Trump has done allot for libertarians but giving the abortion back for States to decide is proving that the Dems despite what they claim to stand for do not value life..(late term abortions is sickening.)the response by Dems that Trumps administration puts kids in cages was not only factually wrong but despicable from a despicable person and the likes who support her.
Marcela Brandstatter
Vive La Trump, God Bless America. Thank you <3
Donna Franklin
Hey it's never too late to ride the Trump express..
B Spin
Glenn is turning into Burl Ives. At least Glenn smartened up enough to get off the never trump trainwreck. President Trump is the best president we've had in our lifetime. We *might* be able to save the USA because of Donald Trump.
no name
I thought last year's SOTU speech was awesome, this one then was fully awesome. As President Trump was finishing the speech, it was mesmerizing and gave me real hope for our country. Patriots, stand with President Trump and defend him with everthing you've got. Or America could fall.
Michael O'Brien
Trump believes in American exceptionalism. Obama did not. This is a significant and important difference between the two. This is the essence of what he means when he says, "Make America Great Again."
Christopher Bennett
I've always asked myself when is one of our Presidents going to speak in favor of God and speak against the evil of socialism. On that night, I heard it.
No. Schumer is just morally bankrupt and intellectually dishonest
Absolutely Sober
Thank God for DJT. In Trumps America even a dry drunk looser like Glenn Beck can recapture his faltering self-importance.
Robert Keime
Glen .... it truly was a great speech .... I am surprised to hear you say it .... since you such an "anti-Trump guy. When did you change your mind about our president? I haven't listen to you since you encouraged people to vote for Hillary instead of Trump.
BRILLIANT SPEECH OF OUR PRESIDENT! Excellent presentation by Glenn!
Glenn, I don't like you but great job Today, if you Americans can't see that President Trump has America and Americans best interest at heart you've lost the battle!
Glenn::: So do you NOW like Trump and NOT find him to be a "dangerous man" as you'd told news sources 3 years ago??????
Nice job reading the speech Glenn. Many of us knew this was Donald Trump's core belief system way back in 2016 and we could not wait to vote for the man..many like you could not get past the bombast and his personality. I always thought you were a Never Trumper perhaps you are coming around to the truth now. Perhaps I will tune in to your show again. Long live President Trump. He is a godsend.
A. M. Fleming
45 is a uniter trying to bring this country together and the RINOS, Democraps do everything to DIVIDE US and I am disgusted with these traitors to every American!
Jean Burk
Wonderful reading of Trump's great speech. Teachers are supposed to inspire children this way. To all of you, teachers and parents and professors mentors and bosses and community leaders who do, thank you very much. So many crush out that flame. It must be reignited.