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Mineez Kaboom!
Can you make another "what my kids eat in the week" video? Your last one was very fun to watch
Jennifer Stai
I have a question what was your major in college? Because after seeing a lot of your crafts and recipes you are very creative and you make things so perfect, but you also know a bit about chemistry.
I like bentos but I'm fat so there's not enough food for me lol
Rebekkah Johnson
I absolutely love the Japanese way of eating, especially when it comes to packed lunches. Bentos are great!
I personally don't eat meat but I would love to try this with vegan hot dogs and see if it will work out the same!😍😍
iconic tea
Yandere Simulator anyone?
I feel like Emmy should do ASMR because her voice is so soft
Jenn McAlister
Hi Emmy, today at the grocery store I saw Kewpie mayo. Can you include it in a future video? I'm curious about it.
dark saber
Thanks for making these videos.
they're adorable! omg!
Holland Kerr
My dad used to make Bentos waaay back in the day and I didn't know that it was a japanese thing cause I grew up in California. You're right it does remind me of how much he loves me, he was a super butch man but he loved to cook me cute things ^ - ^
Bo Stark
hotdogs & rice..now ive seen it all..cheers Emmy
Janette Zimmerman
When I was in kindergarten, like, 27 years ago, we made these as a little math activity - learning about the number 8. They were super fun and tasted great with ketchup!
Maliq Sims
I just finished samurai jack season 5 and I just realize how much you like Ashi
Dr. Ziegler
Emmy! Can we get a follow up on your bee traps? :)
What is that rice seasoning called, please? I've been crumbling toasted seaweed to sprinkle on my rice for years. I didn't know there was a prepared mixture available!
Gregory Kons
Can you do a diy Furikake Emmy?
Tre Almeida
Thank you for making such good videos
These are really cute, but I can't imagine making these everyday.
my grandma makes my son octopus hot dogs all the time, he loves them. notification squad :)
Mikey Sal
Love this. Bursting with cuteness and love!! Eat the ducky mus!
Nina Haigh Creative
Love these! You have to try the Montreal Steamie! They are the best <3
Kenneth Ho
Japanese takes every detail to the core, even simple garbage bags packaging includes small holes to slide out the bad a small slits at the end of it to tear, includes instructions of storing and ways to the the bag.
Hi Emmy! Love your video's so much! :) Love from Newfoundland! <3 <3 So excited you've tried food from here before! EEK! :)
Omg are they the octodogs ta dere Makes in the cooking club
Habibi Ting
Joshua Ozawa
Notif squad where u at❤
Miona Hong
That last bits of clip was hilarious 😂😂😂 catch the octopus!! 🐙
I've seen the 40 ways list and I can tell you right now that I have never ever seen the Amsterdam hotdog in Amsterdam...but do not let that discourage you from trying it out anyway :-) (weird though how they use countries all around the world, but call this one Amsterdam ..LOL) Thank you as always for this lovely video and I'm looking forward to your next installment of this series! Oh...and say hi from me to your bees!
Range Ryder
"...to show their love and affection." wow, didnt think id almost cry watching this video. Youll never have a mom that made you little octopi for lunch and took great detail for you to enjoy. kill me.
Beard Bomb Arcade
I absolutely love the bento concept, which makes me wonder why I don't do it. It'd be perfect for work.
Rebecca Racine
I always love the last 3 seconds of the videos the best! Thanks for a smile everytime!
Leah Laushway
Yaasssss! We were just checking out your chicken pesto MRE when the notification showed up.
Ruben Aguirre
soooooo....it's basically a homemade lunchable lol
Rachel Schwartz
I love this! I would love to see you do more intricate bento boxes 😃
Arrington Capehart
Would Bentos usually be heated before eating? Or eaten cold?
Geordie Bol
You truly bring me piece in my heart. Your awesome
Make Chicago style hot dogs next! They're the absolute best.
Santanna Berrios
I always boil my octopi and it makes the legs curl up all cute. 😋
Paris Dixon
Cool I just wanted to know thanks. keep making great videos!
Jacob Venevongsoth
When she said usagi I was like SAILOR MOON
Love that rice seasoning!❤️ "."
Kim SeokJin for life Yoo Kihyun for life
Kokona Haruka's signature dish😂
Mike Rowsdower
You should do a bento series. There's SO much creativity you can have with bento.
Emma Lee
Emmy we have the SAME silicone cups! GAH I'm so excited :)
Erin Stamm
Could you make the Montreal from the info-graphic???
could you please make a Chicago style dog for the weenies series
Pulpfunktion Gaming
I dunno if it's your style Emmy but have you ever considered doing like a bento lunch series? I'd be interested in that type of video (especially budget bentos)
Aren't Bentos normally prepared like in the morning, and eaten at Lunch? So wouldn't they be cold?
Debbie Ebbiebobebbie
Weenie obsessed! Lol 🌭🌮🌭🍟🌭🥞🌭🧀🌭🌽🌭🥓🌭🥐🌭🍝🌭🍱...
Emmy! The dollar tree I work at sells Fast Bites Chili Dogs! You should review one of those (if you can find them) for your mini dollar store series. :) .
Aliana Contreras
you say "little" aaa lot. it's super adorable.
Kokona from Yandere Simulator.
Kimberley Yavner
new subscriber here, I've been binge watching you for days now, with my almost 2 year old. we adore you and your videos! 😆
caitlin bassett
Clicked on that notification so fast
Has Emmy done a Q&A video? I couldn't find one. If not, that's something I'd love to see 😁
my family made theas and they don't know that they are popular in Japan😅
Oderathequeen 567
thanks for making these videos emmy
richie bitch
im going through a lot right now and your videos make me happy so thank you so much!
Really cool, in Mexico we have "Salchi-pulpos" which are basically the same
chris crowe
this rminds me of octo-dogs frm yandere simulatr XD YASSSSSS
kevin sievens
Wow!, top 10 first people to comment, Emmy did you liked the P.R box I sent you?
Deena Petrick
The way I saw things, the turtle looked more like a scarred up whale.
like before watching because you just know it's gonna be good
Grecia Lugo
anyone recognize this from yandere simulator
Candice Sams
Hi! Emmy I was wondering if you can do a video on blue apron goods
Can you make a pineapple upside down cake ? thats my favvvvv
Melanie Castro
In Mexico we call these little guys Salchipulpos! And they're served with crispy fries drizzled with ketchup, tapatio, or sour cream 😋
I love rice seasoning. It’s now a staple in my pantry.
That bento is adorable !
Patricia Flora
Please please please!!! try and make a Venezuelan hot dog "con todo" with everything.
lol I don't know why but then end snippet was really funny this time
Seattle dogs, Chicago dogs, and Icelandic dogs!
Monica Balba
though I'm old and in college I still bring my lunchbox at school because food there is expensive 😂 when we run out of side dishes to cook I just buy food at school 😂
Rikki Riccardi
Who came here because kokona makes these xD
Notification Squad❤
Robert Mata
I just realized Emmy uses 3 intros as her one intro, I love it!! "Greetings lovelies" "Hi it's Emmy" and "Welcome back" so put it all together and you have Emmy's cute intro, "Greetings lovelies hi it's Emmy welcome back" ❤️
Jeremy Ceniza
hotdog and rice is not an odd combination for me as I often eat them for breakfast :D
Daniel Pacheco
Hey Emmy I was wondering were do you buy or get your chopsticks I really want one.!!
Muffin Mom
early squad hi bbA!!! ahhh i loaf you , so sweet and nice
Alex Q
As always, super cute!
Lanie Marie
Note to self...Don't watch your videos while i'm hungry :(
irasema lagunas
In Guadalajara , Mexico it's a very common snack to cut up the weenies like octopi and fry them. We usually eat them w French fries topped with ketchup ,mustard , sour cream and tapatio hot sauce !!😋🙌🏼
Minty Arisato
Octopus weenies were one of my favourite quick lunches to make when studying abroad in Japan. Tasty and cute!
Sarah Lines
Aww they are so cute! Love you Emmy, your cideos always put a smile on my face :)
Twentyoneneighbourhoodspanickingatthecrybaby Asf
Ahhhhh love these videos❤️
David D
I'd like to be, under the sea, in an octopus' garden in the shade
My first video that got me to become a fan of your hard work amazing videos has to be the costly Starbucks Unicorn drink and for that I thank you for doing this and taking your time to do these videos. Also it shows that we don't have to be lazy to make a great snacks and meals that won't break the bank and one doesn't have to go through a drive thru to get.
this is an awesome video for my study break! thank you emmy!
denny ramadhan
emmy please try nuclear spicy noodles!!
Muneera Rasheed
make everyday video 😍
David Cruickshank
That frog was creepy, but the little octopus was adorable.
Lilac Lycanvic
I think bentos are so cute!
i remember these from yandere simulator
Marian Alvarado
I always try to make this and they end up being deformed
Andrei Manila
I thought that was bread in the thumbnail 😂
I wish I could love this, not just like it. Because I Love You, Emmy!! Thank you for giving my daughter & me YEARS of entertainment!! 💞
Angelica Fandiño
Colombian hot dog is the best one!! with pineapple, crush chips. Just the best. Can't wait to see that video 😄
Jeremias Javier Suarez Pedroso
Weenieesssss Weeniessss oh yeah ❤️ yum yum