Brokeback Mountain - This love

Heath Ledger in memoriam. Rest in peace. Music: Sarah Brightman "This Love" My personal vision of Brokeback Mountain. IF YOU LIKE IT, FEEL FREE TO SHARE

Brokeback Mountain is the love story of the century and one of the most haunting cinematic masterpieces of all time.
anko tanko
Omg just watched this movie a hour ago, its so sad. But i think it will become on of my favourite movies, it's just beautiful, there lovestory is so beautiful.
Amazing movie, I love it and Heat Ledger was a wonderful actor! I cry every time I see the movie. If this isn't true love the people don't understand nothing..  Long live the true love WHATEVER IT IS!!
Ennis and Jack... forever in my heart <3
One of the most honest, intense Love Stories to ever come out of Hollywood Intimate & deep Love does exist between 2 men and this movie depicted a Male to Male love the way it should be shown and not the way Hollywood usually shows gay men.... Beautiful, emotional acting by both Heath & Jake..... Every character in the movie was played to perfection and the Direction by Ang Lee was Superb.... RIP our sweet Angel Heath.....You'll never be forgotten !
Unlock Experiences
a heartbreaking move :') loved it so much!  amazing performance. A love so true. 
jack david
I wacth this movie,,,again and again.. never boring.... and the song touch my heart so deep....
Meddie Grk
This movie is fantastic!! Its wonderful and very sad too :( so the best movie I ever saw
Nina Jansson
Swimming in a pool of tears now.... Absolutely beautiful. The song was perfect. Heaven and hell at the same time. One of the best love stories ever told.
rlyn blyn
beautiful song for the most beautiful movie ever...
Jordan France
I don't understand, seems like a normal fishing trip to me.
Il film piu bello mai visto. Emozione, lacrime, batticuore...Attori grandissimi che malgrado la loro giovane eta all epoca del film sono riusciti a trasmetterci con un solo sguardo o un solo bacio la tenerezza l emozione l amore e la passione fusionale tra due esseri. Impossibile non rimanere colpiti da Ennis e Jack. Bravi bravi bravi! Storia immortale.
One of the few movies which always makes me cry... First time I saw it, I was under the impression for days.. really broke my heart... Excellent movie, really R.I.P. Heath Ledger
pille juks
love is not only  sex, love is deep feeling, even two men or women
Joen Rose
Beautiful video based on the most beautiful movie I've ever seen... R.I.P Heath Ledger
What an extraordinary story. I used to watch this video and cry because the cinematography and the song fit so beautifully together. Now these tears carry weight, and each tear is heavy with the beautiful sadness of this marvelous tale.
Tanguy Sims
I cried so much with this movie
Mutter Theresa
for me too a ,one of my favourite movies! i need to cry every time i saw it! its heartbreaking..... love is universal and it is not depending from gender!
Luis Gomez
Solo el que ha pasado por algo como esto puede comprender realmente el dolor que se siente.
Anne Dworak
This is a beautiful movie in so many ways. Nature, the wilderness, fresh air, joy as opposed to the limitedness of the things people usually consider of importance: stuffed turkeys, counting banknotes, competing. Images, main title music, characters. Perfect.
Alex Carlsen
Amazing video, amazing song, amazing story, movie, actors! Your video fits so perfectly! Thank you!
Bagheera 1
This brings me back to my youth, to the first kiss I shared with a sexy cowboy next to my pickup truck while married with kids in a redneck town.
Cubbie M.
Jake Gyllenhaal is the most beautiful in this than he was in everything else!
Virginia Long
I think the characters Ennis and Jack need to be viewed simply as two very lonesome souls who happened to fall in love with one another. If the love scene at very beginning ,were skipped, it would not hurt the movie. It even help some to really understand what this movie is all about.. One Of The Saddest Love Story Written. I love it. I am also a woman. Maybe women tenses to have a soft heart anyway. I prefer love over hate.
Emanuele Gabriele Riccio
L'amore, quello vero e condiviso, è semplicemente indescrivibile!
Rene Boy Anotado
Magnificent classic movie.
Etoile Dange
Merci Ivan pour cette vidéo. J'ai la même vision de cet Amour entre Jack et Ennis: un Amour parfait, pur; je regrette qu'Ennis n'ai pas tout quitté pour Jack et monté un ranch ensemble mais c'est vrai qu'en 1963 il y avait des risques. Très beau film, si réaliste.
This film is bound to be a classic.
randy santos
love this song im crying ryt nw
feride özyürek
This movie is amazing for me
Ivan lopez perez
the last part of the movie alone dserves the Oscar.
Mike Ayres
Beautiful music to a great film. Thanks so much.
ambroise malinconi
un de mes films préféré! Les cowboys sont vraiment trop sexy <3
vũ nghĩa
Along time ago...8 year! :( Heath Ledger pray for you :(
Vida Glori Anne
Beautiful great story great song
Zachariah S
never watched this before but i really want to looks sad
lino stve
Tres beau film,plein de pudeur et d'émotions; L'amour est une grâce divine,on ne devrait jamais y renoncer ni le juger ;
littlething every
oh jack marry me.....
Beatiful.... I love the Movie sooo much i have seen this movie 5 times <3
Roberta Vivaldi
quanto è romantico questo film? bello bello bello
Latika Dummbrok
Why is a Memoriam tribute said to be published 2 years before his death ?
Debora chandoski
Adoro esse filme brokebrak montaim
radhwane dib
brilliant film but freir fall stil better ba faaar
Daniel Montiel
Dave S
Love it this still brings a tear to my eye 😢
coach sly
I love your clip. Thanks
brokew back mountain
Jane Hughes
Love this
James K
I love this movie so much but I think it portrays the wrong idea about homosexuals. In the film they are both straight when they meet and soon fall in love with each other. This would undeniably have many people thinking that being homosexual is a choice. You are either straight, bisexual and don't know it yet or gay. And having them cheat on their wives kinda gives off a bad message about gays as well. Other than that, this movie is fucking perfect and I'm sure it has made many people more accepting. Thank you so much Heath and Jack for a great performance!
Sa Yoe Ma Kyaw
2019. But it's still brilliant film ever.
He'll reference?
James K
There are actually homosexual relationships in animals other than humans so your point is wrong. For example, penguins. And science has not developed enough to be able to come to a conclusion on wether homosexuality is a choice or a trait. I just don't see why bigots like you would be so closed minded and negative on something you do not understand. I mean, if you're a traditionalist that's understandable. If not, then a big fuck you to ya! Either way, homosexuality is slowly but surely going to become the norm in society around the globe. See keep running your mouth because you're just wasting mine and your time. Thank you very much.
A good recovery for the attract female of my man!
Juan Carlos Distefano
Riro Kangro
<3 <3 <3
true love
Alexi Romano Python
watch the movie and you'll see: /watch?v=9KOCQvfwkwU
Beautiful song for a beautiful movie.
Briana angerstein
Why didn't they end up together?
DD Brincadeiras
Disgusting so much
william grt
iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk
Ciinn Natalí
Que hermosaa pelicula!! Un grande Heath Legder! :)
THIS LOVE comes to remind us ...Heart over "mind", Soul over "form", regardless how many lifetimes you RE-member that Special someone.. Loved ones always meet, again And again.
Real love is not always marriage and happy end... its often tears and drama... its not the amount of time you spend together, but the ability to love each other when separated...
i love this movie so much ....but i hate the end of it ;( they deserve an happy ending together !
Now that's kinda kinky !! ;-)
Your English is PERFECT !! :) I think we'd all like to have a love like this - gay or straight. It usually comes at a price though.
Miquéias Alves
I love this movie.. <3
Miquéias Alves
This is love. :')
Still today, this movie makes me cry rivers... masterpiece!
drake lee
I went to check this video because i wanted to see the joker(heath ledger) play a different role but damn. Right no i am imagining the joker making out with jakhahahahaha
Angel S
I LOVE........
Morela Vought
Why can't I find a love deep and meanful like this one, it's so frustrating. Great movie by the way. The Academy Award well deserved. Sorry for my english greetings from Argentina.
Ivan!! Beautiful tribute!! every emtoinal lyric of the song hit all the emotional high points of the movie clip! Bravo! I love it! im in love with this movie! its like i had been there before and i can really relate to the heart break! (like most of you im sure) God it sure feels like my life!
Carlos Eduardo
Amoooooooooo !
claudia andrea garcia rios
Muy malo
Might be.
Well there once were two cowboys all alone out on the trail And they discovered they could sleep with another male Now they're having gaysex Cowboy gaysex Sod-o-my~~ Come on everybody! Sod-o-my~~ Sod-o-my~~ Sodomy Amazing movie :D
Omega Nugent
Jack Nasty loves you for making this video
Hannah Youngxx
Ew. Hate how people are being so homophobic on this video.
mike shinoda
Pedro P
RIP Heath Ledger (1979-2008)
Scary movie 4 !!
Vuelo del Aguila
I love the edition with a combination of great song, amazing!
a kh
I adore this film. RIP Heath, from all your fans xxx
jakboub bavary
Oscar Manuel Torres Guzman
se me hizo un nudo en la garganta con este video...
Diana Todorowa
Such a sad movie!! I loved it.. but i was a little dissapointed at the end... i mean he should have fullfilled Jack's dream...
Freddie Mercury
Heath Ledger !!!!! <3 <3
pradit srikhummool
Vuelo del Aguila
Excelente edición y la canción es bella.
Amelie Poulain
you're on this page too ;)
Another example for this is the guy who shoots Kevin Spacey in "American Beauty"....