Winner's Jam Boogie-Woogie

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World cup boogie-woogie in Moscow 15.10.2011

The second tune is ''Rock Rockola''...Merrill Moore, 1955..USA. America has lost much of the talent that made this music in the 1950s. First number is: Johnny Angel – ''Baby Its Love''
Me encantaria aprender a bailar esa musica pero aqui en mexico no la usan lastima
John Davidson
Forget X factor crap! This was the way to dance in my day! Never quite this good.
This looks so like so much fun!
mr. warmth
this is what they did before drugs and games
Barbara Kuznik
Super taniec
Pamelina says
It's not the dance, it's how you look dancing
Enrique dominguez Iglesias
los salvaje del Universo de por vida bendiciones para ellos,12;28PM,7/8/2018,Raleigh,NC.
Leah Jordana
Didn't need to go to exercise when I was young. We danced like this and oh boy did it keep you in shape! You had to be loose but controlled for the boogie woogie and have a change of clothes for after! LOL
Richard Gagliardi
How wonderful to see sheer talent at its best
Tim Warner
Brilliant! It's got everything for a life statement: skills, exuberance, invention, energy. Most of all, it doesn't take itself seriously. So many other dance/music genres are vomitously self-regarding. Woe betide humanity if the sentiments expressed in these dancers should die out.
Isabella Bornberg
that guy in red was wonderful
Adolfo Casanova Lopez
Me quedo con el de la camisa roja. Es muy bueno. le sigo en todos los concursos? y es indiscutible. From Madrid. España. Red y Nova.
Jelena Kvashchuk
the girl in a red top is the best :)
Wow, that's just so freakin' awesome. Looks like so much fun I wish I could join them...then everybody would go away.
Jacqueline Martínez
me gustaría bailar como ellos
Старый Славянин
да просто класс
Gugo Oberschtein
How lovely! BRAVO YOUTH!
To Ho
Does someone know the name of the song number 1 and 2 ? Thx !!
Sevda Ali
Прекрасно, какие все. молодцы !
Why is that one girl wearing pajamas? But she danced great.
Александр Смилко
Их нравы.
My wife just informed me that there were guys dancing too. Huh? Really?
Jimmy Walker
Can this be the Jitter Bug
Eduard Oganov
Fabulous energy !!
Bill Wren
that's some sweet ass dancing right there.
Christian Kayenbergh
j'adore sa me rappel ma jeunesse
karen marie
Sheer Amazing. I just love this!!!!!
du haut de game  j'adore
0:45 Almost kicks that guy in the face
prabin League
Wow amazing dance...
John Davidson
Not again  love it! We used to do it like this, anybody up for it?
Debra Scott
Really enjoy watching this.  So much energy.
douglas holt
Jimmy Walker
Number 7
Silas Clifton Gatewood JR
Jules Quertinmont
Which is the first song??? please.....
Lajos Korán
Eszméletlen jóóóóóó
Minor Sandor
Great!Beautiful,throw up and giving mood!!
john sturdy
should be shown in all mosks, they would realise
Маша Светикова
Девки правда старые, но огонь ещё не погас.
je kiff se genre de ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,danse le bou,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
zarrouk frederic
très belle prestation j'ai beaucoup aimé thank you
Владимир Баландин
It's not Boogie-Woogie. It's world competition of sport rock-n-roll dance in Russia.
I simply can't stop smiling when looking at this! First I thought lindy hop looked awesome, but there is so much else to explore! :D
Danuta Domańska
Splendid dance
What are these music? :3
Gilbert Carrizales
So correct me if I'm misinformed, is this The Jive? Or Rockin Rollin? I am told that this dance has different names and I'm trying to find a place to learn it. I do Lindy Hop and been doing it since 2011 and I know there is a slight difference to this dance compared to Lindy Hop but I absolutely love Rockabilly and I dress Rockabilly and when I found that there is a whole style of swing dedicated to it I wanted to learn it. Can anyone pitch in their 2 cents?
This can only be danced by a long legged person.
Aguirre Cosmico
It's funny cause they're russian
Benone Seducătorul
Absolutely amazing :)
Esto sí que era rock and roll bailado con arte y talento, gracias a Dios no lo dejan morir en el olvido y el recuerdo.
МихаилНиколаич Щербаков
boogie-woogie! Любите ли вы boogie-woogie так, как люблю я, то есть всеми силами души своей, со всем энтузиазмом, со всем исступлением, к которому способна пылкая молодость?! )))))))))
Дмитрий Захаров
Комментарий нет👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏✌✌✌
I love this tradition. Its great to see the dancers just having fun, first with their partner and then with their fellow competitors.
Wigen Yousefian
Top Super Beautiful Song and music.Wonderful Magic dancers.Pretty.Geweldig.Prachtig.Wunderschon.Hermosa.Bonita.Bella.Bravo.
Kiara Colon
That looks fun. Lots of stamina though.
Ya got any Beeman's?
The time and after the US and Russia worked together fighting the Axis of Evil. Good times!
Mikki Yeong
<3 very enjoyable watching people still knowing how to dance properly ^^
Людмила Гутникова
Здорово! В таком темпе! Такая техника!
Oliveira coragem
Puta que pariu. Isso é bom demais. My kigdom for 5 minutes of Boogie-woogie.
Rick Mallow
Que graçinha essa menina olha só que amor ela dançando Rock & Roll e olha os pésinhos dela kkkkk que também já dancei nos salões de festas a dança do pé de meia mas isso foi em 1958....más danço até hoje.....só que mais músicas internacionais
Garri Pan
If I was out there, I would looking for my chiropractor!
The talent is always there! The guidance is what is lacking today.
Mick Thornley
Cartoon dancing 😂 can no one actually dance nowadays?
Jimmy Brice
i liked the first couple, best
Jesse Heard wrestling
I'm 17 and a senior in high school and everytime I show someone this they laugh at me and think it's stupid. The reality is that it was just the product of the time. And I like it.
annie houziaux
je me vois mal entrain de faire la grande roue dans un bal ... ce n'est plus de la danse !! dsl
micheline aubrée
quels danseurs !!!!!!!! admirable quelle souplesse super ,,,,,,,
Rat Pitt
This is the coolest thing I‘ve ever seen
Antonii Fdez.Alvarez
Impresionantes...elegantes..d 10.. boogie...r'n'r...doo woop..siempre..!! abstenerse mods...
Kamen Braykov
Yeahhhh.... so much fun
Wes Mahan
Incredible. Amazing. Stunning. Inspiring.
Sylvia Grant
In my day we did rock an roll great no drugs
Rick Mallow
yeeeaaahhhh! !!!!!!!!!! Adoroo a dança do pé de meia e já dancei na minha época de 1958
Leeanne Johnston
i loved the first couple.
Kat Jasper
Sooooo jealous!!! Brilliant!!
I love, love watching these kids dance. They really know how to Boogie..
Del Harris
0:31 shiny shoes
They are all fab so cool
Coral Bitten
The couple with the girl in red t shirt were fantastic..i feel I'm missing all the fun.
Irene Clarke
Now this is REALLY Dancing !! I wish the clubs today would play thi stuff...
Niklas Gemünd
Whats the name of this songs?
Janina Wysocka
PIEKNIE kocham to !
Z Jacks
does anyone know the name of the song they use in the first half of this video??
It's crazy how fast their feet are
I love this
Dianne Chambers
The best💕
Jorge Luis
okay...The dancer are okay, the music great....but the girls are beautiful !!!...
mega mozg
Жабка давит старую козу за веселую своячницу...и что принц не бввает дома.... Чарли вырос😈😈😈😈😇😇😇😇😲😲😲😲 Гудбай мазерррррр..... Teecher .kaki..... Megan😲😲😲😲😲😂😂😂😂😂
Bent Louis Jensen
Aldis Ernstsons
Kaifs 🇱🇻
Bogdan Ukrainer
9fits me
Людмила Шляховая
Какое замечательное увлечение для молодёжи .Сколько экспрессии и импровизации !