MY 12 WEEK TRANSFORMATION | Training, diet, supplements + FUTURE PLANS | OLYMPIA PREP EP 15

My 12 week transformation journey to the Olympia Amateurs Asia 2017. I'm sharing my training, diet, supplements and reflections about the process. I also share my future competition plans and goals. Hope you enjoyed the last episode of my Olympia prep series! Please subscribe to start or continue your own fitness journey. SHOW DAY: /> Follow me on: ♡ Instagram />♡ Facebook: For training/collaborations/inquiries, please email: [email protected] ------------------------------------------------------------------- MUSIC DJ Grumble- Check out his soundcloud ( ------------------------------------------------------------------- OTHER VIDEOS: What I Eat in a Day: />Dating on a Diet: />Meal Prep: />5 Minute Abs: />Wonder Woman Body Workout: /> ------------------------------------------------------------------- SUPPLEMENTS MENTIONED : ♡ Amino Energy (Concord Grape, Lemon Lime, Green Apple Flavour) ♡ Protein Shake : Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard 100% Whey Double Rich Chocolate ♡ Pre-AM Cardio: Optimum Nutrition CLA gels and L-Carnitine tabs

Linora Low
I love youuuuuu, and you did so well boo boo Tyen!!! I'm still super proud of you and you can see the changes bit by bit. You're gonna rock the stage hunny bun at the next comp.
LD Drawing
Wow! You are amazing! Love you, I just subscribed!
jenny li
Time to bulk! Enjoy the gain season 💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻
Tweedlets Fitness Foodie
would you do a how to pose video?
Hairul Aidil
So any strength comps in the works? I know Feb 24th there is a Deadlift Comp next year.
Grayce Teong
Well done Tyen!!!
Zying Low
I like your face expression lol hahaha
Brandon Wong
Nice :)
Adam Bennett
Less talky more strippy