American Aston Martin? '66 Malibu: /BIG MUSCLE

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Owner: • ENZO MORALES A long wheelbase, v8 or v12 power, front engine/rear drive configuration, and a sport-tuned suspension with four comfy seats inside. That ladies and gentlemen is the recipe for any good grand touring car. Modern automobiles like the Mercedes-Benz CL63, BMW M6 and the Bentley Continental GT are perfect examples of this. How about a 1966 Chevrolet Chevelle Malibu though - what about that? When released in 1966, this 2nd generation Chevelle was nothing more than a mid-priced, nicely appointed people mover with some decent styling. However now, some 47 years later, owner Enzo Morales has transformed this particular car into a jaw-dropping, hardcore styled road burner that is just as happy running the super-slab at triple digits as it is carving up your favorite back road.

rob baxter
Always gotta do a burnout for a kid when asked.
justin lenart
the car scene literally keeps me out of trouble, i was always i trouble, last summer when i was 15 i bought a foxbody, now in this time i am 16 and since almost a year ago now it has a 351 from a bronco that is mildly built making 417/500 on the bottle and i literally put all my money into the car to keep me from other things
Xavier Capela
For da kids, mike, do it for da kids.
Diego Tobalina
I own a '81 Celica with an RB20DET engine, big brake kit upgrade, suspension and other stuff... AND NOW I WANT A MUSCLE CAR BECAUSE OF THIS! Sir, you are doing your job EXCELENT!
Spuds McHaggis
One mean looking '66. Love it!
pooft Lee
That paint is FLAT. Goddamn. Never see black cars that look this good
Da vid
Don´t call this "cool". This car has style and class. It´s not showing off flashy paint, stupidly loud exhaust or anything else. It´s not the kind of car you´ll turn around for but you´ll keep it in your eye for a long time when you recognize it.
It makes me mad when people put those huge, flashy rims on these old muscles. Frankly, it ruins the image for me. I cannot stand them. I'd much rather leave the original--or some old-school rims--on these beauties.
Lmao "For the kids mike!!"
I'm a Ford only guy but this car just looks right.....
Jerry Reding
One of my top 5 favorite muscle car models (although I prefer the '67 more: I like the taillights better). Beautifully done. I love the blend of modern power with stock looks. I'm not personally a fan of the "lowered" look, and I still like the look of classic Cragars, but well done indeed. Maybe someday, if I save my pennies...
[i] ven
11 second cars to deliver pizzas is not economically sound. But I bet they got there on time.
William Dalian
I would rather have an america muscle car over an Aston Martin anyway, call me weird if you want
Juan Fuentes
man that's an awesome car sounds runs real good he did an awesome job
Viktor Kamenov
I really love the show and I wish I could come to the US and see one of the cars you feature. Writing all the way from Bulgaria :)
Luiz Chevelle
Enzo Morales is so tall that the Chevelle looks as low as the Cadzilla. Great looking and performing car!
Simeon Petkov
Spike Lowry
boss's daughter comes to mind
Toller Wagen ! Best Regards from Germany
Theres a 66 chevelle 4 blocks from were i live. I would buy it and build it but im a 17 year old:/ its been there since i was 7 !!!
Redline Gauge Works did the gauges in that wicked ride!
John Murdoch
An Aston Martin is a luxury tourer with adequate power for long distance highway driving. This is neither. Nice Muscle Car though.
Casey Gates
dude thats awesome. I got a 1965 buick skylark
Forget power brakes... sounds like it needs a power clutch more.
joco lope
That's a car, like the Russian Air Force watch makers hehehee!
Thee Adjudicator
This...the american equivalent to say... a DB6? BWAAhasaahahahaaahaaa!!
why is this guy always blabbing about someone elses car? why dont they put the owner in the seat more.
Jesse Sammons
Probably way too late for you to see this but it looks like you filmed around my home! Is this Warner Springs and Palomar Mntn?
David Huffman
People are giving these wheels crap- IMO, they look okay.. but the biggest thing staring at me is the chrome trim missing. You can't take off the chrome trim but leave chrome on the bumpers, handle and wing window. It needs a lot of chrome (stock), or no chrome
dizzy rider
Fabulous. I only wish I lived in the States. Cheap petrol, long straight roads and muscle cars. Heaven. ( Though I do love driving my Miata round my local beautiful Lake District (UK) roads on a sunny day like today.)
Glenn Walker
Warner Springs great drive!
Brian Ross
nice car....lose the rims though....they look out of place and like shit.
Foxtrot Oscar
Very few GT cars have had V8s and succeeded. Aston Martin can't even do it all the time. This, no. Especially not with an LS3. Or 600hp. Too much. Speaking of Aston, the 1970s AMV8V... _that_ is a muscle car.
Bud Nunyerbusiness
Beautiful car. Straighten out that temperature slid 4:50. It bothers me.
Roger Baker
Aston Martins are hand-built...not mass-produced like Chevy. Not in the same league.
Full Tilt Drift
Now that is one clean Chevelle. Mike points out that it is definitely not a small car, but that black and those lines make it look just right.
Patrick McLeod
**Fulfilling burn out requests from kids, is your duty as a muscle car owner** I didn't actually see the kids ask for a burnout, but the way we used to do it required no words. You simply point each of your index fingers inward, and twirled them in a circle, with each finger being 180° apart in the circle. That was internationally recognized as the "light 'em up" symbol. We would have been GREATLY disappointed if the person driving the muscle car didn't perform the requested burn out. We weren't exactly spoiled as kids, so an occasional burn out request granted, helped to compensate.
Thunder Racing
Do u get paid for that like a carrier?
What gears are in it?
1966 and 1970 chevelles are most sought after
Jarron Ellis
old school is always cool
Syed Basharat Ali Shah
wow Nice Nice Nice
I've driven a 2011 Camaro SS and I can't stand it. Lovely car, but it doesn't seat 6 feet and 5 inches of man, and I can't rest my arm on the window frame. I have to lean sideways and then it feels funny to shift in that position, just not enough interior room. Anyway, I like the Chevelle. The coke bottle style years are always classically muscular, but my favorite years are '66 and '67 for the Chevelle and GTO.
Dutch Van Helsing
If I drove a Rolls I would trade it in for this wee car.....I have no problem in bending over if it meant i WOULD GET THIS CAR...IT IS A WHORE ON 4 WHEELS...I love it !!!
If the clutch is heavy, I assume it's a single disc clutch desiged for the 600hp. What about the corvette style duo disc clutch, aren't there after market versions that can handle +600hp? I hear those are smooth since the double friction surface doesn't require as much spring pressure.
Speed Racer
The car is just amazeing! Sweet 66!
OMG Tom Nelson's friend's car!!! But is not turbo charged.
Jacque Noir
All the parts work perfectly together, except it has a extremely heavy clutch !!!
Paul Copeland
Could somebody please tell me how to get a job like this?
Love this car. Love the show. "how do we get out" golden. Keep it up. Don't worry you're convincing me "that cars like that ARE cool."
Christian Benn
Crazy chevelle it,s really loaded with awesome power.
Amazing car. Perfection with A/c
Enzo well done it’s beautiful the Ring brothers build the quintessential Chevelle all others pale in comparison
His family smuggled cocaine into the country
The Knee-knocker-tach seems to have been knocked by the knee a few times =)
Tyler J Wallace
Anyone know how to contact them to get a car on the show?
Nazar Prosto
6:15 - 6:40 - like funny parts like this from mike musto
Lucky Duck
"STUNNING" 1966 Chevelle personal all time favorite muscle car .......
Eric Jenkins
Hey you got another 66 Malibu around.Yo
This video is what makes (made?) this channel so good.. Keep up the work.. Do it for us
Noam Pitlik
Great car and video. Thanks. But, you were not doing 60mph when you downshifted and hammered it. That is a different thing.
nice neo-retro Muscle ...very well-balanced  and .. handsome  car .. cool ..
Joe Hurtado
Great video.....Awesome Chevelle!
William Jackson
I like your show real well the one of the things that up set me is you all have money and I do not. I came from a poor poor family I suffer from depression and it makes it so hard to watch your show. I own a 1984 Camaro Z28 in which I have owned for around 18 years I have done some work on it. It needs a little body work and paint it has no rust but a few dents. I do not have the kind of money it would take to have that done. I am 58 years old I no longer able to work because of health issues.I know no one cares but I just thought I would put that out there. I live on disablement And I am having a hard time just keeping my house.
I'm gonna Find one of these now Buy it & customize it. Thanks Guys Lols!
We know that its cool, thats why we are watching your show.. I also have a '66 and 70 chevelle. (and a '71 el camino)
Andy Marin
Mike has the coolest job, ever!
Joel Ryan Music
Absolutely beautiful man!
Danny Giroux
4 seconds into seeing this thing, its stance, its wheels, LIKE!
f*ck google
+William Dalian it is american! its chevy!
eric heine
I had a 66 Chevelle. First with an LT1 and then a pumped-up 396, always with the four Speed and sway bars back and front. I preferred it to a 427 65 Cobra. Because of drivability, engine management, and weight transfer. There's more room in the Chevelle. The amount of time you can spend crossed up, how far you can cross it up, and the ability to uncross it. Engine management, just another day at the office. Iron American Dream on YouTube Share it. Take a ride across the promised land. Burn Rubber.
Damn that thing is nice 👍
Danny Canter
Had tw0 want 5 more174ⁿ 480 4253 DAÑ
leonardo arrais
quando vc é pobre e n tem nem a minima esperança de ter uma maquina assim
achim becker
those seats look so unsupportive
Bif Pow
" BEAUTIFUL" car........ 66 Chevelle Malibu was my very first car wish i still had it
AWSOME I love this program !!!!
jesus munoz
Roman Schmitz
06:16 Best Big Muscle moment ever xD LMAO
Fundamentalist American.
12:25. Grape smugglers....
Andrew Samy
Black, two doors, big, old. My kinda car
christian kelley
This thing seems kinda sluggish for 600hp Ik it's heavy but still
Alec D.
If you're gonna be daily driving these things, where the milage is something you consider, go for the LS lineup. But otherwise, big blocks are the only way to go. It just works and just fits the car's character, in my opinion. 
christian kelley
This thing seems kinda sluggish for 600hp Ik it's heavy but still
Luke Sprenkel
I would love to hear the stories about him running from the cops. Especially if it were in a car chase in something sweet like this or in that 57 chevy
SK Mein Herz Brennt
Loving it
Rush Love
Stock seats aren't comfortable at all... especially if you're over 6ft--Beatiful beast though
haha ,foxcock the american hater is still at.Its so funny to see this douche on american car videos spewing the same BS.Just goes to show his jealousy and hate towards anything American
Paul Kitchen
what wheels are on this? What make? Size?
Eric Sageser
OMG what awesome bodywork/ paint too
custom chicano
my 99 Malibu Ls a classic to me, 18 years and many more to come
Mark W
No. Not an Aston Martin. Not at all. A personal express, to get there snap quick, yes!
Noel Arnold
Great car!
Black Waterdogs
Wow....having Tom Nelson as a friend....that`s like hanging out with Eddie Van Halen !  :-)
Keith T
Tom Nelson never beat me in a drag race!!!!
Aldo Overcomer
Shouldn't use God's name in vain. Nice car.
Peter Gaile
who did the paint !!!!
John Laird
My dad has one of those chevelles, the only problem is it needs a complete restoration.