Joe Bonamassa, The River/ Burning Hell from The Borderline, London

A very rare performance of slide work by Joe Bonamassa. Anton Fig on drums, Michael Rhodes Bass. For a free download from Joe Bonamassa's brilliant acoustic session at the Vienna Opera House, go to

i sense some derek trucks in there!!! jajaja
Bring dat Gregorio down to the Oakland, Paramount this Coming Dec, Joe...We LIKE it up in da woody-hood - Oak town, baby!
Laurie MtnGalPal
I want to see him do Burnin Hell in Denver so F'in' bad!!! You have no idea.
Laurie MtnGalPal
Please do this in Denver Joe!!!!! I am OK with the heart attack it will give me!!!
not half bad
Burning Hell just rocked! Damn that was good!
reo l
Looooove it!