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Perhaps the most serious young man to walk through my office and thats perfectly ok :)
Nikki Bella Fan
U are such a good doctor!!, Edit:OMG thank u for the likes
Jelsa 101
How did he even get staples in his head anyway.
War Mafia
That boy is a devil. Doesn't care about anything. Clearly visible.
Katz YouTube
I’ve seen you and you also relocated my elbow when I was four. Just a girl hugging a teddy!
FaderZ Infinity - Nightcore videos
*_MuFfIn MaN_*
Aliyah Chambers
I got staples removed from head cuz I got hit by the ceiling fan LOL
Joanna Sanchez
Who cares that he spelled Removing wrong he is human .. Give him a break. Dang!
Amy Beth
Had 5 staples in my head and a bad concussion. Not an issue removing them. Felt good to finally wash my hair! Lol
Gracie Mccall
That was tense😓
Josie Rey Gill
I love your videos they really inspire me thank u❤️☀️
Wtf ... why dod he staple his hair???
Watermelon Kitty
All your videos make me go like ouch because they all look so painful .-.
there's one clue to find to leave YOUr world BEHIND
I like the way you spell “remving” really you should know how to spell your a doctor
Why would u even staple ur head anyway🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️
saikat chatterjee
we love u doctor
Kenna Spilker
That kid legit feels no pain I would of been screaming like ouch
Katz YouTube
Josie Rey Gill
John Cornan
Love ur work dr.
Josie Rey Gill
Plz respond
Fus Ro Dah
Jason 005
Random Name
What does remving mean (in title)
Patrick Magnani
Removing not remving
Nicholas Osburg
Narwhal Warrior
Narwhal Warrior
Remving doctr
Macauley Ashmore
Paul Gutierrez
Its says “remving” in the title.its supposed to be “removing”
Xavier Fredette
Fix the title
Ibrahim Dunga
1st !!!!!Nice video the best DR ever
Guacamole and Foliage
I had 27 stables in my head...when I called my doctors to book the appointment the nurses asked how many I had and was like “uuuuh....what...?” 😂 Watching this made me a little queasy remembering having them taken out, but he’s right it didn’t really hurt!
My everything hurts after watching this... *AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHH!!!!*
Well I hit my head on the corner of a coffee table and they stapled my head, but my dad actually pulled it out with pliers and it didn't even hurt. Then they gave me this awesome popsicle with ice cream in the middle!
I have just started watching the videos here so forgive me if this has been mentioned a million times. I noticed there is a typo on the screen with your book info. It shows "discription", instead of "description". I love your videos and I think you're a fabulous physician!
Math & Science Study Channel
I also had 4 staples put in my head because I slingshots off of a railing, but I just removed them at home. Super easy and no pain at all, no numbing cream! You can easily get surgical staple removers at a cvs or something, this family could have saved a lot of money this way.
That girl at the start is hot! =) Glad they don't hurt as much as it looks like they do. What is the advantage of using staples over sutures? Also, was that his hair healed into the scar or just a trick of the camera?
damn doctors put staples in your head? i used to put staples in my forehead at school when i was in like 5th grade lmao
The girl with blue shirt is very, very cute! :D
Nick Green
All these people not watching the video and just commenting "hOw dID hE gEt sTApLeS iN hIs hEAd????"
choicee val
Removing staple without gloves common dr.
Roleplay Masters
꧁Cookie Wozzie꧂
I had a dream that it was Christmas and I was on the stairs and my cousin pushed me and I fell on the floor... that was the ed of my dream xdddddd (I was like a baby in that dream)
The original Sariah
My friend in 2nd grade got her finger stapled by a stapler by someone so stupid enough to NOT REALIZE HE STAPLED SOMEONES HAND ATTACHMENT
D4 n
I use to have head staples when I was 3 and I didn't cry or say ow
Christie Sipes
It only “hurts” having 50 surgical stables removed, where the hip bends, after hip replacement(s).
Biggamehunter 123
Gotting staples removed isnt fun. It like torcher
When I got staples in my head when I was little I got to keep them. Still got them in a tiny glass bottle lol XD
John Baugh
BYOSR? Bring your own staple remover? Lol
Look Mom! Im On YouTube!
I've had staples removed and they don't hurt. It feels weird. But mine was a c section.
Faye Ann
Having staples removed from your leg hurts like hell. I know been there done that a few times after knee surgery!
Ohoho Hoamw
Bradley Hh
Why aren't you wearing gloves?
Nikki Danehy
Muffin man lol
Jay Gaming
I love when Dr Paul removes head staples its so satisfying
Ernesto Alfonso
“Oww” “Oww” “Oww” Advice: doesn’t hurt so don’t freak out.
lailuma ali
I got 6 staples removed when I was younger because I slipped down wooden stairs and cracked my head!! I can still feel the little scars today!
Muffin man
its satisfying
Ewan Guan
That was satisfying
Gary Smith
He looks like the boys from stranger things in the thumbnail
Jordynn Pierce
Is this the second time this got uploaded or am I crazy
I thought that the best advice whould be HMmMMMm MABYE U SHOULNDNT FALL DOWN THE STAIRS EHH?
sheogorath the daedric prince of gaming
Happy Horse
I love your videos, but it gets intense 😂😂
i love how dr pauls description says pediatrician/author/ muffin man lmaoooo
Gabby Zambuto
Aweee poor kid😪
Early vid
mayra Garcia
This boy look like the boy from coco
Faith Koch
*muffin man* haha!
Lydia Whetstone
He reminds me of my son. His calmness.
Michael Salas Diaz
I got 11 staples on my knee, wasn't allowed to walk for a week
amy lee
I ❤ your vids I don't live there sadly I would love to live there💖💖💖
TSM _ Legend
First comment
Gloves!!! Haha!
get this kid some shampoo and a haircut
Awesome Stuff Reviewer
i had staples removed before and it hurts a lot, this little boy is not making a sound, so tough
zaya sky
Like why staples
This kid is brave
Csenge Szalontai
Isnt this the same kid from 2017 s july ? Or they just look similar.
Omg 12th like
Zibran Karar
Did his mom take him to the ER or to an Office Depot?
geomatry_dash_ pro
Yup dos not hert
vinne th
I had 8 stapels
Jennifer Ballard
Balu Singh
Dr my problem is that my old wound in head that is give me very pain. What should I do? ?
Gizmo The Green Wolf
Wow that kid is so brave
Doctor, where are your gloves?
Poor kid God bless him
Shravya B L
U r one of the best doctor
Benny Lape
I had a lot of staples in my head and wow it feels great to get them out
Feel bad for the hair trapped under the staples
Gary Burgess
How did I find this channel
Zara Guilherme
First x ✨✨✨✨💖💖💖💗💗💗💞💞💞💞
Colton Spencer
I just noticed one of your things is muffin man
Looks like the cut didn’t close yet.
Kittens life
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Kenny William