otome wa boku ni koishiteru

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SPOILERS Anime: otome wa boku ni koishiteru Song: Shake - Jesse McCartney

Kasa Fhae
it's yuri or nothing/straight couples have yet to consent to being perfected/in most cases/it doesn't work & it's for a reason/society is based on limited perspectives. *SyBlur~
@lili0986 As well as I don't find myself stricting my limits to just yuri, but anything really.. so yeah, I know it doesn't make sense because of my username lol sorry about that misunderstanding =)
@yurilimit2 I like it too
@lili0986 I know, I just like this anime :3
@haelin00 thank you!
Qute, but, telling the truth this anime is not yuri anime, and the main heroigne is a boy, dressed into a girl