WAFFLE HOT DOG Recipe - Weenies

Here's how to take breakfast to the next level (on a stick, no less): The Waffle Dog. I'll show you two ways to prepare the Frankenstein of breakfast and ballpark in this episode of Weenies. New videos every Monday, Thursday, and Saturday! Join the Emmy League of Adventuresome Eaters & find me here: Subscribe: />Twitter: />Instagram: />Snapchat: @emmymade Facebook: />My other channel: emmymade /> Overnight Yeasted Waffles Recipe (adapted from thekitchn) 1 T. dry active yeast 1 C. warm water 1 C (2 sticks) melted butter 4 C. whole milk 2 t. salt 1/4 C sugar (optional) 6 C all-purpose flour 4 eggs 1 t baking powder DIY Unicorn Frappuccino: />Bee Vlog #1: /> If you’d like to help by contributing closed captions, or subtitles in another language, please follow this link: /> This video is NOT sponsored. Just waffle + hot dog+ stick. Roly Poly Tuba, Easy Bossa, Pizza Boy music courtesy of audionetwork.com and royalty-free Sprightly from iMovie. Secret, secret. Comment "We represent!" below. :)

katie castle
what about replacing the hotdogs with chicken tenders?? chicken and waffles on a stick! yesssss. 🤤
Anaya Young
I know those would taste great with breakfast sausages
Emmy - you mentioned this recipe lacking any "corny" taste - you should try these again but with cornmeal waffle batter! It's one of my favourite recipes.
Gica Lagdameo
Emmy: "So, i'll put a little maple syrup..." *puts a lot* Me: ... The best 😂😂
Nic Anastasi
"Yeasty and meaty" omfg XD But I know you didn't mean it like that lol
Terri Myrick
can we have the waffle batter recipe measurements please
I'd really like if the iconic "fruity fruits" song could be remade into "weenie weens" for this series.
My Mom used to cut hot dogs into coins and put them into pancakes. We called them poke-a-dot pancakes. So good give it a try.
Bana Bat
I honestly want an emmymade day where I test out all these recipes!
What if you dipped the dog in th batter and then cooked?
Put raw bacon strips across the batter and cook until the bacon is done (Grandma's recipie).
ok this is incredible
AerBrained Designs
Should have used a breakfast sausage!!
You could easily do that with sausage and use syrup as a dip or make it an on-the-go breakfast!
Phil Lambzel
4:18 anyone else thought she teleported for a second??
Lindsay Daly
Ahaha I'm so sorry Emmy it looked massively frustrating but I just had to laugh when you were handling the hot waffles and then the tongs fell on the floor - only because it reminded me of how I look exactly when I make a cooking video 😂, Definitely not quite a feat as this, but I made waffles on a stick (waffsicles!) on my channel recently and it pretty much went like that behind-the-scenes lol.
Wynn Zetterberg
What if you dipped the dog in the batter then waffle it? Or maybe better, dip it after spiralizing the dog.
Kira Yoder
Fried chicken instead of hot dogs though 😍
I loved the sexy music when adding the syrup.
How dare you dislike this waffle/hot dog video! 😝😝😝
Aidan Cunningham
yeasty and meaty
Jessie PND
looks so good 😊..I can imagine what other stuff that can be added..Yums..lol
Kayla Lynch
I would have used sausage links instead of hot dogs I may give this a go for breakfast one day
Elias Villa
This would be great with breakfast sausage, i love breakfast corndogs
I absolutely love you! Omg I'm so freaking glad I found your YouTube channel
Hey emmy y not make bacon waffles!! Bacon inside a waffle!!!
Omg these!! But made with a flat round breakfast sausage, then dipped in syrup! Totally making them for my kid this weekend.
Angel Albano
That sexy music that you played with pouring the syrup and when you shake and jiggle your jello is hysterical. I always get a kick out of it when you do that. I would definitely love to try this recipe so thank you for it.
Kakashi Hatake
Ahh you're super adorable! Also from Portland Oregon eyy! 🙃🤗
Caren Ramos
Thank you for ur recipes!! I love you Emmy ❤️
emmt when will you upload your next beevlog?can't wait!!!
Sierra Almaguer
"I wish I had smellevision for you," so thoughtful. Love it! 😌💕
Martina Kaye
When you called that waffled weenie roll "iconic"---let's just say I've reached my peak for content creation for the day.
Under The Umbrella
Emmy!!! You should totally do a series about waffle maker recipes! I think you can make a lot of different things in them, it'd be a fun series 😊 love your videos!!!❤️
New Sub.... Love your videos. Seen them before. Love your ideas! Rock On! 😝
Ashton H
Thanks for the waffle recipe!! Definitely gonna try it!
notification squad where u at?!?!?!😂😂😂
Vigesimo quinto
-wena -deme un yogui -gracias xoro.
Matthew Sanoy
There was a snack chain in Philippines called Waffletime,inside of the waffles were different things. Hope you see this.:) liv for your vids
Mae M
🏵 Try mustard on these ! 🏵👍👍🏵
Róbbi Skæra
"Gonna give 'em a squinch..." ... Excellent. I love your videos!
Rya Dieter
I love your videos! The endings where you're being goofy are my favorite!
OK, the music when she was pouring the maple syrup: genius. Had me lol-ing
Jacka MaDaniels
what kind of camera do you use Emmy? I love your videos btw especially your recipe videos! also you should try Filipino brand hotdogs--magnolia or purefoods. i love them they arent too salty. i think i will try it with this recipe 😊😊😊
Alexxis Daniel
The homemade waffle recipe sounds awesome. They look really fluffy and crispy on the outside 🤤 looks awesome!
Delana phelps
I'm going to try turkey sausage links😎 great recipe Emmy!
Michael Sierra
First time watching your channel and I Love It!👍🏽
Really Emmy Porn music ... That waffle recipe looks amazing
iheart puffins
oh that sexy waffle music Also I'd do it with sausage instead. Only because it's match made in heaven
Kristine Rodriguez
Emmy, the ones with "structural" issues are perfect for adding your condiments.
Jaimee T
lol I always wait for the ending. Emmy always does something crazy 😂
Jay Alan Ungart
Alex the French cooking guy would build a cylindrical waffle iron
Robin C.
Now you're making me want to go to the bins XD You should come back!
I love when you use terms like "structural integrity."
Cannot comment, must eat!. We tried the recipe last night 10/10 would reccomend. Thank you emmy!
That looks delicious. Your always making me hungry Emmy.
Billy Ray
I demand a fruity fruit recipe so I can hear its intro! hahaha
Amanda Crawford
Probably an obvious suggestion..but you should do a Chicago dog, Emmy! :)
Mr. ShinyHunter
" SUPER WEENIE HUT JR!!! " - Spongebob
Erin Uber
Fascinating! What a clever idea! This is tangential, but have you ever tried making moffles (mochi waffles)? I always thought that would be so much fun to try if I had a waffle maker. Thank you so much for your videos. I enjoy them so much!
Lucca Q
Nay kaung la Emmy? Sa kaung lite da!
Lauren Parker
Portland thrift stores are awesome, really I love thrift shopping in my home city
Joshua De Los Santos
I don't know how I got here but I like your video and your personality is awesome. I'll definitely be watching more of your videos. Thank you!
ChaseliketheBank 420
oil-free corn dogs?! yes please!! it's practically a health food
Portland Oregon! I've often said to myself that you belong here. hehe
I'm loving the v neck and shirt 👍
Tiffany Holyk
I caught myself nodding and agreeing with her throughout the whole video. Thank you for the batter recipe! :D Much love to you and yours Emmy!
Light _
Omg ur so cute (>^ω^<) !!!
Jessica Jones
Emmy is the best!! Love your videos and can't wait to see the next bee vlog!
I grew up eating waffle dogs back in the Philippines. 🤣 I even bought a waffle dog maker with me when I migrated to the US. You should definitely try that kind instead of using an ordinary waffle maker and you don't need to turn it into a cylinder 😄😄
Raji Penn
The weird porno music during the syrup pour made me giggle 😂 I love this channel so much
Elegance on a budget
Oh my, that looks so good... I will be trying that... Thanks for sharing :-)
Lisa Rogers
Yeasty waffles? That is something I definitely have to try!
sophia green
this looks so good. It's like a breakfast corndog. yum!
Cinnnamon Toast Crunch
you should make dippable waffle sticks with bacon in the middle 😱😱😱😱
LOL I don't know what you are thinking when you make your outros but I love them :)
Claudia Vélez
yeeesssss!!! I've been waiting for this since you posted the photo... now,, gotta get myself a waffle maker
Cap'n Crimson
The place I usually go to get boba tea has waffle dogs. I've been strangely intrigued every time, but never had one.
ike ikerson
yup I dropped what I was doing to watch this
Molly Fanton
"Where are my tongs.....these are too big." I don't know why, but that made me chuckle.
Daniele Main
My mother used to do a similar thing w/ maple sausages cooked in waffles.
ember ARMY (kpop)
Do hot dogs taste good with syrup?
Jake Roberts
your waffle batter seems similar to a recipe for english muffins
Alexandra Lucz
5:27 maple poooorn. :D
Still waiting for you to make a coxinha video, hope is the last to die, right? amazing video, emmy
June Brown
Fantastic video. Thanks for sharing the recipe for Waffles as I did not know before this how they were made.
Jeff Ward
last 2 seconds of EVERY YOUTUBE VIDEO should be required to meet Emmy specifications.
Isabella Langhus
omg emmy you went to the bins in portland you know whats uppp
you should try British toad in the hole! sausages in Yorkshire pudding batter - its scrumptious!!
isabella 3303
can you do more MRE
Enraged Fireplug
I'd love a seperate show called "The Emmy Theory".
Anna H
does the waffle recipe work for Belgium waffle makers, like the thick ones (does it puff up
Tonya Pedraza
Dang, I gave my waffle iron to my stepdaughter 😐
I always end up binge watching you until midnight 👌😂
Natasha Ross
"We represent "
Emmy I want/need (😝) that waffle recipe! 🤤.... do you have it posted anywhere? I saw Winston when you went for tongs☺️
Terrelli 9
Love the hot dog series, but will there be a new installment of the breakfast series soon?
Nikki K
Note: if you halve this recipe, halve all ingredients EXCEPT the yeast. The half recipe should also have 1 tablespoon active-dry yeast.
OMG i miss you Emmy ... i couldn't watch your videos for a month😭❤❤