30 Gay Celebrity Couples in Hollywood ★ 2019

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Snezana Bjelan
The music in the back is funny😂😂😂😂😂😂
That's why am still single bcos we're both searching men😂
bill davis
I don't know who most of these men are
Rosenrot Kruspe
I just remembered when Neil Harris played in the smurfs movie and kissed the actress then wiped his mouth, I was laughing so hard
Tyonna Highsmith
bruh i cant believe that some of the cutest guys r gay.
Amoya Wright
Am I the only one shocked by some of these celebrities?
What ???? Luke Evans ???? I didnt know 😮
Mikey _94
Louis Tomlinson and Harry Sty-...Ok,ok.I'll stop.
Luke Evans.....who would know .....right? Damn
Allie MacDonell-whiddon
Is anyone ever seeing how distant the older guys are from their partners while the younger guys are holding hands and kissing? It's very upsetting they had to endure such bigotry.
Fernandita Joan Luiz
Is it just me, or do some of them actually look similar?
Linda Lulu
Everyone has great shoes! I will admit that men's shoes are so much more comfortable than womens.
Swedish_ fish
predrag brankovic
Seek people, hormons problem or something like that.
chemical panic!
7:32 ok if Ryan Spahn would take Micheal Urie's last name he would be called Ryan Urie, are you actually kidding me? And 2008? wow
Kathy Reinhofer
Mixing up TR Knight and Nate Burkus oooo not good Gym4u
Donna Peebles
Luke Evans lm shock damn Luke played in the movie Dracula
I need a handsome boyfriend 😍
d r
I remember when the word " gay" meant happy. Well these guys look pretty happy to me. All the best to them .
Buffy Twiggs
Names are a bit off along with the pics. How can you not know Nate Burkess?
luis Romero
WTF!!! Magneto from X-MEN is gay??? Well, whatever he might have said “if you can’t destroyed them, then join them”!!!
Bhanupratap P
choose love
Luke Evans😍
Damn, I'm not current on celebrities at all. I haven't heard of most of these guys.
Allan Forget
Why should we care ???
lidia bartkowiak
Ok but where is Louis Tomlinson and Harry Styles?😂
Hatice A
Beğendiğim ve sevdiğim bütün oyuncuların gay çıkması :( Why?
A Pen
and that left us with ugly straight guys
Ok im clueless to who 90% of them are lol. Well Congrats anyway
dede kaka
teu aneh njing,da teu ge garableg imn🤦‍♂️
No,Luke Ewans , my heart is broken :-(.
Theresa Liah
😭😭 so many hot guys😍😍😭 They all look so cute with their partners❤
mizzy Loren
5:25 ouch!! 💔💔
hicham mofid
Je suis passif voilà mon fb " hicham mofyd"
Pisciana Studies
Sheldon, I knew he would be on the video xD
Buzz Barnes
I've been watching Matt and Blue for a long time on their channel...I had no idea they were stars in Hollywood !!!!!!
ricky ricky
moe moe moe
OMG I didn't know wow lol that is their lives 😏
Bo J
Why does the video start with Cristiano Ronaldo and Johnny Depp and so on 😂
Daddy Zuzu
So I been watching all this people on movies and shows and I just NOW find out they’re gay 😂😂😂
Southern Coconut
The zooming up and down past their crotches was maybe not the best idea. :D
Emily Wilson
Wow had no idea... Good for them... Honestly looking at some of the dates on how long they've been together it's longer than many opposite sex couples... They see m happy...
Simplement Moi
Malcolm merlyn 😮😂 (arrow)
Claudine Lee
T.R Knight is not Nate Berkus. You messed that up.
Stephen Fry and Elliot Spencer Lord....
ms_ blumharlene
I'm surprised with Luke Evans. He's my crush since dracula days.
Dedy Daniel Delfin
Peler ketemu burit ,burit los kalau beol😂
James Johnson
I only know like maybe 5 guys out of this list. I know they individually but not as a couple. That’s probably sad to most, but I can’t draw who 80 percent of these guys are. 🤔 💭
Mikhail Loveless
I’m so alone in life 🙄
thoose guys they're making a relationship years! Wow
So I will say now "Gaydalf" and no more "Gandalf"....
Sasuke E Os Lek De Konoha
4:17 Sheldon, i loved u. I am kidding i still love u. Brasillll
Dickens Cider
"Dad, can I join the army?" "Don't ask me, ask your dad."
Ronald Lopez
I’m so happy for them, and For their Childres I hope they will have a good childhood😊💞 even thought I’m so shuck when I watching Hahaha
Shaka Demus
Las alitas de pollo ya lo habían pronosticado.
Raksmey Chan
So many broken arrow 😳
Dhan Perez
in the Gay the two parts in two person they both gay versatile or Bisexualgay couple
Jott Ess
where is Ben Afflek & Ryan Reynolds?
francez louise
1:20 is that doktor wu from jurassic world he is a gay😱
Angelika Okotokro
Miles and Zachary are no together anymore 😢
Fluffkins Hale
Taylor Johnson
A lot of actors from arrow are on this list that I would of never guessed tbh
xXNafeZZEeGamerXx TheFortniteProOnMobileXD
Know what I think my brother might be gay coz he's in love with boys legit
Ramon Sarino
I want to have someone i call mine :)
Carry Potter
WTF i didnt know Gandalf is a gay... 🤯🤯🤯
Robson Araújo
É a nossa realidade de hoje 👍eu sou o comentário brasileiro que você procura 👍 abraço Araçatuba SP
Novascotia Skater
Ok some of these couples are seriously beautiful
Inas Kad
The guy from Titanic ,that japanese funny guy ,Floop , Gandalf.....holy crap
Lisa Marie Mulso
Luke Evans. YIKES. But this is 2019. Anything can happen. I do notice the younger men in public are different in public ,than the younger men. They dont touch each other or hold hands. I remember looking at photos from the 50s of a the Actors that were also gay.
Fire Fred
Poofs... oh well, just means all the more rampant hot chicks for us real men!
Most of them are so hot :) There is a great show with Gandalf where he plays gay. it's call Vicious. Very funny.
Ward Puckett
Believe me you are looking for it, Aleshea
Jehad Matalam
Never knew about Gandalf's 🌈
lejindary BTS
Woah Hollywood gay couples actually last WAY longer than straight ones. I see how it is.
Julz XD
I didn't know about Victor garber...
Miss Scopion
Nilda Dos santos
Eu Amooo Jason momoa, sou apaixonada por esse homem ❤🥰
Xtina Vasquez
Luke Evans=Dracula???
Joseph Krejci
I have no clue on who most of these "celebrities" are!!
April Porter
Why do so many of these photos immediately scan down to their feet? No one cares about their shoes. Show their dang faces!!!
Fiorella Denari
i was expecting larry lol
Rhose Stephenz
ALL these cute guys and am still single. (sad)
Dave Santorini Rey
AHS’ cast.
WOW....and the Women wondered " Where are all the men these days?"...(answer)their with each other😎
Salaado Mohamed
Dracula 😭😭😭😭
Albert Manlapitao
I don't know that Gandalf or Ian Mckellen have past relationship with man (1978-1988)
Paul Kolotov
You don't know who they are because they been hiding in the closet :)
Andre Pierce
that's why this world is crazy all your meds are possessed by demons
Era Lee
Best wishes😱😱
Joydeep Bagchi
Beautiful God bless you all
Aloha Md
8:29 broke my heart...tell me it ain’t so. 💔
sicelo zulu
This people call as a DOG
Munah Clark
I am just here to view comments
Habert Muwulya
People some times get mad
Miss Hawaii
Melva Campos
Live the love while it lasts
Asfira Saraswati
Zachary Quinto??? O my Godd!!! Imma crying!
Crevin Nicholas
This video is so cute!
Mr. Black
I had no idea BD Wong and Luke Evans were gay