Deep Purple April P2 German TV 1970 Very Rare Footage!

Some information about the background from Nigel Young on It is the bizarre, avant garde and arty film, P2, by Werner Schretzmeier and Juergen Schmidt-Oehm, which also includes Steppenwolf and Savage Rose and was filmed near to Stuttgart in early October ’69. It runs for 47 minutes and opens with And The Address with the band out in the countryside on a motor bed (!), so the studio footage of them miming the track is minimal. They’re almost acting (Gillan: “Where’s my breakfast?” Jon: “Who turned the light on?” – these phrases are later spoken by schoolchildren in class). John Coletta also appears during this part, in a night shirt! April, also mimed, is the full song but from one static camera. Two guys in hard hats set up the seats and music stands for the orchestra whilst Purple do the first part. The band are facing out onto a quarry, Ritchie is virtually unseen and Gillan can only be seen when he’s having a smoke. There are hundreds of men in swimming trunks (also in the opening number). Hey Joe (mimed) was filmed at night and the (pre-The Stig) mystery biker (also seen in the opening track) delivers soap for the workers. It was shown on TV in March 1970, mid-afternoon.

Have always loved this song; had no idea there was a video for it. Thank you for sharing; very underrated era of the band.
sam biani
This is probebly where Pink Floyed Echoes director had his inspiration from
Sven Brendel
for me , the best MK1 Song
Jorge Roman Garcia
George Geros
in memory ...R.I.P JOHN LORD we miss you
The Best of the Best
Ricky Huang
Anyone here 2k18?
Wolf Lugoffman
It starts off like a Monty Python skit.
I love this masterpiece so much!
Николай Дмитриевич Гусев
Большое Вам Спасибо
Catalina Arias Carvajal
Ron D
It looks like Glover and Gillan are in this clip, not Simper and Evans.
skinnyfingers wilson
notice how they don't show close ups of the band. if this is from 1970 Evens and simper were already out and gillin and glover were in
Marcos Martinez
This video could have been filmed between October and December 1969 after DP with RFO at Royal Albert Hall. Gillan and Glover appear in this video.
Rempel Svetlana
1969 год - это непостижимо. Уже 2019 и еще ничего подобного нет. Грустно и увы.
Germain Retamal
con Rod Evans y Nick Samper
Thank you a million times over! I haven't heard this since the early 1980's. I remembered the tune but could never remember who played it. I finally forgot all about it. Thank you again.
Chava Morales
Grandiosa!!! La rola la conozco desde los años 70's, pero no tenía idea de la existencia de este vídeo. gracias por subirlo.
Sergey Sokolov
ну очень круто!!!!!!
Hessam Ramezani
This video is amazing. Thanks for sharing. However, Evans was on lead vocals at the time, not Gillan
Mauro Sádico
Quem diria que isso tinha vídeo. Forma, conteúdo e emoção. Deep é foda!
Андрей Хорошавин
Замечательная вещь!!!!
Wolfgang Albrecht
Amazing and real GREAT!
Es muß nicht immer `Smoke on the water` sein..... DAS IST ECHTE MUSIK - i like it
Sergey Sokolov
неужели это произведение Ричи блекмора тогда это фантастика
Thank you for sharing this! This is awesome!
Reniar Sdreeg
Ist eines meiner Lieblings-Songs von DP. Danke!
Sergey Sokolov
не думал что что такую композицию создал Ричи блекмор это произведение считаю чуть не самой лучшей большое спасибо.
Анастасио Самоса
Это классика!
Viktor lee
딥 퍼플의 역작..
johnnybegood 3
Thank You Great Video !!!
Mango Vinay
Chorus part might have inspired Iron Maiden's Flight of Icarus chorus - Fly on your way.. like an eagle....
This is really interesting.
ken Chamberlain
10:33 ?
Brujo Pirulo Quehasidoeso
Beautiful !!
Deep Purple with Gillan and Glover.
Thorsten Kleyboldt
My step brother loved the song and we played it on his funeral in about 1994 - thank you DP
dankeeeeee fürs upload MASTERPICE R.I.P SIR Jon Lord
John Smith
I love this band and this song, but man, this film is WEIRD...
Germain Retamal
Antes de Glover y Guillan
Germain Retamal
Reiner Rose
🤘🎸🤘the Best Song APRIL
Denis Villeneuve
Truly a great song but this video is a true mystery..
Stella Ercolani
Incredible find...thanks for posting!
V.F.D. [Vicariously Feeling Demographics]
4:05 God, Damn it Conductor! Why have you Done this...? Still best Song I've heard in my Life though!
Kali Kolibri
Goodness!!! is this the best jam ever?! :)))))
Thorsten Stettin
Serkan Ş.
Best Classic Rock Composition ever !
First heard this in 6th grade 2005, never disappoints.
kh k
4월이면 왠지 들어봐야 될 것 같은 노래.기타 드럼연주가 넘 멋지네요!
Moneybags Hastings
It runs 47 minutes, and this is 11 of it? Hell yeah.
hiroshi domoto
I can only tell you that I saw amazing things
Araceli Becerril
un rolonon exelente el gran deep purple
stephane sonneville
Great... So now each time I'll listen to this song germans in speedo will pop up in my mind.
bit of feedback at 4:08 haha
Biddy Dib Dab
After the apocalypse great rock rocks on.
cie kay
Site not found! Thanks for uploading!
Purple goes Spaghetti
Shmuel Auslander
Once again - great music never dies, it keeps inspiring the next generations.
Ashnoy Atrushanyan
Beyond April nothing lays, April is the triumph of human genius!!!!!!!!!
또 다시평행선
불멸의./ 후반부 기타의 출현은, 먹구름 속 섬광 같은 느낌. 드럼은 천둥이구요.
Manuela Gil
Lord ❤ Blackmore ❤ April 🎵🎶🎵🎹🎶🎵🎸🎶🎵
Very Nice,..
Светлая сторона твоей реальности
Моя любимая композиция Апрель
Massimo Giammaria
mark one great line up e great tunes 😘😘😘😘😘😘
Илья Селиванов
нереально мощная вещь
Where's everything plugged in? Excellent song!
Huiskis Heija
Ritchie with italo western style sound but still his style of playing
stefan cerin
Klasse - noch nie zuvor gesehen irgendwo, danke, aber warum P2?
Malvecino Oficial
que bueno!
Decebal Bugeac
ascultând această piesă imi aduc aminte de Phoenix cu a lor Pseudomorgana!
Felipe Miranda
Antes muy buena musica de calidad, muy diferente ah la musica de hoy que solo es violencia.
Stella Ercolani
Rock gods Period!!
Nick Spinner
AWESOME! Breathtaking!
adil amin sjafri
nice.....tq bro
Is this Mark I or Mark II? Thanks! I thought Ritchie joined on Mark 2.
savvas markos
This song is so perfect After all those years still i go on a trip everytime i listen to it
Sam Da'Rimini
Puedo decir con certeza que para mi es la mejor canción de mi amada banda Deep Purple
cleiton coelho rodrigues
Better than Beethoven
George Brocklehurst
Odd setting and all but you can count on DP Mark 2 making gorgeous music together. I'll never get over how well John Lord wrote for an orchestra.
John Eshuis
for me from the best DP album
amazing.. watched this 1 or 2 years ago with my dad
Volker Arndt
„...without end...“ even though that song is 50 years old, it has still a horny modern sound with the voice of Purples first singer Rod Evans at the end (but Ian Gillan is visible); it was composed by Lord & Blackmore (great guitar-work!). But what's the movie about? Could be an innuendo of holocaust or of mass animal husbandry, who knows?
The Truth Hurts
The video was recorded in mark 2 period but the song is mark 1. Must be the reason why the singer and bass player are not shown.
Th. Zepf
Baders Schdoibruch! & Deep Purple
Francisco Javier Moreno
Gran voz de Rod Evans...
Su Sa
!!! <3 !!!
It's not Rod Evans in the film? What a shame... (he's the original singer for the few lunatics who don't know)
Marlon Pacheco Calsino
Omg¡ this song is fucking amazing¡!¡!
Nargaroth Picazo
Wow such a beautiful melody.indeed.
Enzo Claps
Roberto Burcky
Genial - Deep Purple in Concert with Orchestra. Und der April, macht was er will ...
I love this song sooooooo much!!!
Блекмор как раз терпеть не мог все эти эксперименты с оркестрами.Оркестровки в основном писал Джон Лорд
won lo
i am cry
Kirill Klimov
Цудоўная! Прыгожая мелодыя!!! Маё юнацтва 😊