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Double D
This is what the music industry has come to. fake beautiful people lip syncing. no actual talent. they look great in a photograph sure. I would challenge anyone of the top artist today to get up in front of a crowd with an actual mic turned on with no music and just sing something. you would be surprised how many wouldn't do it. that being said there are some talent out there. not all of them are fake. but yes most are. its only entertainment for kids that don't know any better. real musicians do not listen to these artist because they know better. people think they are really hearing these peoples real voice on an album but you couldn't be more wrong. A good song is a good song no doubt. but its all faked. pathetic truly.
Donna Cartwight
these people don't deserve the money they make. it's fraud!
Savag_eBOy_TayE ReTR0
Roses are red, Violets are blue, I just got clickbated, And so did you.
Christopher Palmer
fans should get there money back when artists mime
Shilonious Monk
These are transsexuals. No question.
Carl Gibbons
If Mariah has to lip sync these days, I don't trust hardly anybody live. The state of the music industry these days is just downright sad. Only when the audience realizes they are getting ripped off and demands a return to real musicians and real singers will we get real talent again.
Kay Robbie
That was just a sloppy performance by Mariah.
luis salaberts
this is why I miss 2pac, Easy E, bone  thugs, n others rip to hip hop and real music... todays music rip dead for life..
mr zed
Mariah is such a douche
Ed Mee
Perfect example.... Susan Boyle.   Amazing talent, tremendous voice(better than Adele IMO) but have you ever heard of her again?  Because she's fat, unattractive and her name...Boyle.  It just didn't make it in the main stream and she failed, even though she has the voice to wipe most tight assed singers crossed the floor.
Wow pop singers don't actually sing at concerts who knew
Kirra Moore
what's embarrassing is that these so called "artists" even have fans. they don't play instruments and don't sing either. they have no talent. waste of my time to watch this rubbish
Gnarly Blue
...Roses are red, Violets on the grass, you clicked on this video, cause you wanted some ass. :P
Oh mariah, mariah lol, just retire please.
Melissa Soo Yun
not everyone is perfect u know...even us make a lot of mistake,so did they..
Sad when you can't even lip synch your own songs.
talksoup soup
that poor girl tried to stand up after he almost broke her neck and then just hit the floor and everyone around her started to help her but changed their mind because the situation allowed them to be part of the performance. that is so sad
Kri MD
Mariah fd that up so bad. I'm so disappointed n her. Anyway ... Haha bout gaga. Fing nasty .. Just wondering .. Where r u from ? Parts of vid. I have trouble understanding a few things u were saying , but u have a very nice accent. 💕.. Couldn't tell .. Im with a man who's middle eastern and I fing luv the way he talks to me lol. U almost have some similar elements n ur voice. Cldnt tell where ur from tho lol.
king mir
Sully Nuts
Ade Stickbaby
Apparently Justin actually drank a big glass of bull semen before ralphing on stage.
Erica PlayMiNot Milian
Mariah forgot the words to her own song. Matter of fact one of her best songs 🤦🏽‍♀️ & Miguel darn near broke that woman's neck.
Àdam Elias
Well, i saw a video, where Sir Steve Ray Vaughn was playing a solo for a live tv concert, a man aproached him and he stoped the solo for 1 . 5 second just to shake his hand like a real gentleman!! R.I.P SRV 😢😢
ashley smith
I am not sure what is worse, the fact that every pop artist / vocalist lip-syncs, or that everyone knows it and still pays to go see these lip-sync concerts. Do you blame the artist or the people who still pay to see these celebrities to lip sync their own music
Gudlaugur K. Jonsson
me like :)
R.O.S. Official
3:25 that's a legit WWE leg drop :D :D :D
jesse burkhart
you don't and won't ever see AC/DC lip syncing. Boom!!!
qųҽҽŋ kҽʑʑʏ
mariahhh nah girll
*What in the hell is this guy saying?..sehas De maraya querey guas sinjin on tap AF di jastine Viber barf?! What?
Ron Sinclair
Mariah Carey is a no talant fake
LMAO that dive is like the booker t finisher move... lol... that lady must be dead
Flint the cat
Where's that thumbnail?
Boneslider Boneslider2
every thing here is cool
Kerece Edwards
that was such a epic fail for Justin
David Sullivan
Click bait
The 492
this is why we listen to punk
Carmen Nieves
OMG Mariah what a faker. Unbelievable
Glenn Quagmire
Where is the ass that you showed in the thumbnail????? Not in this video!
Bad Alibi
Mariah Carey is just fat and lazy
mag ingat sa mandurukot
so ashley simpson have a chance now...
Richard Darlington
The most epic on-stage fails ever was when these people got up on stage in the first place!
Sam T.
Mariah was clearly playing around with her tract on stage at this point. Some folks are so dumb.
Ted Theodore Logan
It's too bad Lady Gaga didn't hit her head on the piano and suffer a severe concussion that left her unable to vocalize ever again :(
richard balderas
why the click bait man?
Jones Smith
look at lady gaga Fallin thts a man
Time to update this with Mariah's 2017 New Year's Eve "performance"
Makaiyah Stokes
I wouldn't dance on a stage with high-heels
Dakota Vallieres
lord i miss whitney
Karl August
Richtige Stars können sich auch mal einen Fehltritt erlauben. Das nimmt man nicht so genau, und das ist auch gut. Für Drogenbesitzt und Nuttenmord können doch auch Arme in den Knast.
Anthony Masucci
you shouldn't be commentating on your videos, your accent is much too thick, I can't really understand you.
Wow...Mariah's lip syncing was TERRIBLE!!!!
Victor Yanez
frauds all of them1
Nea F.
I know Miguel was sore after that incredible leg drop 😂😂 my gosh
Gigi King
So sad 😢😮😮😮😮😮😮😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Carla Hallstead
I liked that video
Liana Anderson
I love your accent...
thandiwe myaka
..lady gaga is macho-ish, like a drag
vida doria
most if the artist lop syncing even michael jackson
Joanna Flores
ow 🤕
Jay Nukem
Man, what an epic fail for Mariah. I don't understand why music artists would even do that lip synching shit at concerts. To me, that's just lazy. I would feel ripped off if I paid for a ticket to that concert.
Dorothy Bullock
yes this is most disgusting
wisdom seeker
When singers like Mariah just give up, it really makes them look bad. New Years Eve was terrible. It shows a weakness in character.
John Smith
pop music scene .....sad no talent whores and pimps in vegas type shows.....but the sad part?...the fans...
Roses are red Violets are blue I clicked because of the thumbnail And so did you
Retro Lovers
the thumbnail brought me here
Jessie Gbrown
yo no vi que le regresen al vídeo 😀😁😂pero puras mujeres a esos saquenlos nadie quiere mirar cabrones solo a mujeres😀😁😂
Satanic cults have made all these boys into "girls"
Mike Hawk
Some people will "subscribe" to anything.
Amateur production. I can't even understand what you're saying!
just an 1d10t goes to see that 1d107 of jostine beer..!! =P
I don't know which is more funnier? The video clip or the guy commentating
Stardust Dream Factory
The narration is quite poor and barely understandable.
Fat Man With Face Tits
*Y O U H A V E B E E N C L I C K B A I T E D !*
D Dub2017
More douches!
Beau Browning
aaron stein
So you choose certain performers because you don't like their music? I guess country music, classical music, opera music performers never make mistakes?! :-(
Jenny Jensen
Anthony Ragoo
I love your videos
Shyron Shay
this English tho😏🙄
sofia love
Azazura Azura
MC................... -_- wow she just gave up. not shocking she always was full of herself
Mike Margraff
That's sad like pro's getting hot on their audience and then like some individual thinks they're like a chosen one for celebrity misguided sexuality.#Yeah, so...Frappers Freeps.
Sebastian Jamett
why does this video have soo many dislikes????
I havent paid for music since the 90's seriously who the hell actually BUYS music these days? idiots on iphones? ahahaha
Mariah is just the worst female entertainer in the business now... she's horrible!
Lord Warhol
Mariah Carey was easily the worst... How embarrassing.
that thumbnail tho 😂😂😂
Hasan Patel
that is why i go to rock concerts and metal gigs because those dude respect the music and do the stuff life and you know is real, Metal musician mistake - failed to switch a distorsion, wrong notes, guitar problems, other mainstream music fail - forgetting your songs and let the whole world know you lip sync.
☸Thank you very much dear Friend, *for the nice video_music - Have a lovely Time. *Friendly Greetings:)) ~Sara~
Oliver Loy
people who are so dumb and stay at any concert until the end where the singer lip syncs should be charged an extra 1000 dollars to get OUT of the concert hall. It´s just unbelievable that people don´t care if the artist is singing live or just lip syncs.
Karine Do Carmo
caramba .... o artista vai fazer realmente tudo pra manter sua fama
Tyrone Smith
All I can say is I saw amber Riley ( black girl from glee) in the theatre at the west end and trusts me when I say she has some powerful vocals, she was just simply amazing but due to her appearance she would never be in the limelight like these lip sync clowns because her looks don't match the industries narrative of how a star should look
jim nohj
when you think black people can't get anymore embarrassing, then you realize that a lot of people are embarrassing in the celebrity world these days I blame hip hop. I think it made the boy bands and Britney spears they where the beginning of this. Remember when people where jealous of black people with their beautiful voices now they are just goofy.
Azen Kwed
Thumb Down because of the fake thumbnail.
Karine Do Carmo
I'm crying Hahahahahahh the bieber's fan take the microphone hahahahahhahaha
Justina Daniels
Daimler Blanco
If you got money you can record a song in a studio where they use technology in order to make your voice almost perfect and then when the real shows comes the crowd got mad coz they can't barely hear the singer hahaha you are right double d
Ruby Welch
I'm surprised at Mariah Carey lip sync. cause she has the voice. she's allowed to slip up. cause she can sing & writes all her own songs. still would pay to see her live