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Welcome back to another episode of Hard Time where I explore food and recipes from times of hardship. Today, I'm making a recipe, from the days of Japanese internment that uses army provisions to make a dish called Weenies Royale. Big thanks to TJ for suggesting this recipe. :) New videos every Monday, Thursday, and Saturday 8 pm EST. Join the Emmy League of Adventuresome Eaters & find me here: SUBSCRIBE: /> TWITTER: />INSTAGRAM: />SNAPCHAT: @emmymade FACEBOOK: /> OTHER CHANNEL: emmymade /> HARD TIMES playlist: />Clara's Poor Man's Meal: />Garbage Plate: /> My recipe was adapted from this one: /> This video is NOT sponsored. I just wanted to taste Weenies Royale. "Coffee and Unicorns" courtesy of www.epidemicsound.com. Royalty-free Sprightly and from iMovie. If you're reading this, you know what's what. Comment: "Weenies forever."

I'm so glad you talk about the history behind all these dishes with grace.
Bailey Sako
Hi Emmy this video was really touching to me. My grandparents whom were Japanese immigrants were held in an interment camp. When I was young my grandmother used to make a very similar dish, and it always confused me as to why she was using hot dogs. She would typically cook very traditional Japanese foods, so for her to use hotdogs was always strange to me. After seeing this video I went and asked her about it. She did indeed get her recipe from the segregation. Thank you for helping spark an interest in my grandmothers past.
It saddens me how this dark period of American History is not known about by so many Americans.
sphinx onyx
Thank you for highlighting how we need to remember our history coz many have forgotten and that's why history is repeating itself. #KeepFamiliesTogether
Leigh Barry
Please do a recipe from American German internment camps! Many people don't even realize Germans were interned as well and my grandfather told me about a dish made from flour lard and broth. I can't remember anything about the dish other than it was some type of noodle soup. I wish I could ask family but no one knows his family and he's deceased! Thank you for doing this series💜
Amanda Flores
I really enjoy your hard times series. I am Hispanic by heritage and generally was brought up not having a lot of money. Some of the things my family did to get by was fideo loco, which was vermicelli cooked in a tomato based sauce and depending if you could afford protein sliced hot dogs or pinto beans in the mix. It's a very cheap recipe since one box values at 50 cents and can feed like 3-4 people depending on how much they eat.
Crae Kings
Oh wow I didnt know this was a hard times food! My family and I are hispanic and my mom would always make weenies, egg and onion in the morning, afternoon or for dinner just as a easy normal dish to eat. Didn't add the sauces though lol.
Audit R Servants
Mary Alex
Honestly I watch this series because I’m struggling financially and I’m trying to get a bunch of recipes in my head that I can make when times get hard. Plus the history is very interesting!
Bryan Echeverria
who else eats this for breakfast?? Like if you do
pamela patterson
I agree. THESE stories need to be told, we need to remember what happened.
So weird that though this dish was a staple during the hard times in army provisions, this type of dish is like quintessential childhood meal for me when I use to live in PH! (I still make it from time to time when there’s nothing else to eat — truly living up to the hardship status I suppose!) The only thing missing is some banana ketchup and it’s perfect!
I feel like many cultures have some variation of fried weenies and onions ☺😋
Walk_Wit _Wolves
She’s so soft spoken it ease my soul
Amanda Mahoney
Thanks Emmy. You said something that I believe. We need to learn our history and remember it. Not only the good, but also the bad. Here in Arkansas, we have a memorial statue for the Japanese internment camp that was here. It is a sad time in our history, but, if we remember the bad things that happened, it will not happen again.
Kim Kaye
I’m not sure if this was a thing, or just something my grandpa made up, but have you heard of rivelettes? He was an adult during the Great Depression, and rivelettes was a way of extending food. It made a serving of 4 a serving of 8. It’s a noodle, kind of. I’ve had it in tomato soup, and also chicken stock with cream of chicken. But it can be used in other ways, like potato dishes and casseroles. Have whatever you’re putting this in hot and ready to go. The recipe is 1 cup flour (this can be more or less, depending how much you want to make 3-4 tablespoons of water A pinch or 2 of salt. Slowly add the water to the salt and flour til a crumbly dough is formed. Now, that dough that’s stuck to your hands....rub your hands together over whatever your putting them in. The noodle balls that fall off, those are rivelettes. Just keep loading your hands, and rubbing the rivelettes into the pot! My favorite way to eat them is the chicken stock and cream of chicken soup.
Tawnya Luke
When you're poor and on food stamps you feed your children what is cheapest. This dinner right here was served in my house often. Sometimes hotdogs were substituted with hamburger or chorizo. Crispy dogs were served often. That is a hot dog and a half piece of cheese wrapped in a corn tortilla, secured with a toothpick and fried until crispy. Another quick easy food was a flour tortilla smeared with peanut butter with a piece of cheese on top of the peanut butter and ketchup on top of the cheese, wrapped around a hotdog and microwaved for a minute. We ate a lot of cheap ramen. Sometimes dry with the seasoning sprinkled on. My dad made us a dish called "shit on a shingle" when we were kids. I carried it down to my kids. Gravy and hamburger on toast. It was hot and filling. He made Johnny Marzetti. I don't know where it came from. It was basically pasta, tomato sauce, hamburger and spices. My dad was born in '46 to parents who were dirt poor with 5 mouths to feed. He was raised around the Columbus, Ohio area close to Darby Creek. Maybe someone else knows the origin?
del padilla
As growing up in a Mexican household, this was a very common dish just without the rice, instead we had beans.. I think that's kind of cool 🤷🏽‍♀️
It's good to talk about the truth about the stupid things we did so we never do them again. Well done thank you:)
Yo that knife is SHARP
Mallory Garcia
Aww my grandma used to make this a lot when i was little for breakfast ❤️
It’s so sad that these camps existed. In hard times in Sweden, people would make bread with flour that was mixed with ground-up tree bark. It was barely edible but it was something to chew and it filled your belly. In a famine in Northern Sweden, things got so bad that people had to eat moss and they’d boil their leather belts and slice it up thinly and fry it so it vaguely resembled meat. They’d also eat rawhide. The moss and lichen was dangerous because it wasn’t very filling and if you ate too much you could become sick.
What a sad part of American history. Japanese American soldiers fought hard in the European theatre with great honor and distinction. They were true American hero's. Rest in peace greatest generation.
Olive O'Sudden
Canada also interned Japanese Canadians and Japanese nationals during the war. An absolutely shameful part our history. I recommend Joy Kogawa's novel 'Obasan' -- it's a classic and a very good read.
Eugene Cooper Jr
Enjoyed the history lesson, thanks. 7:17 👀✌
Rocky Raab
Eat a dock en masse! Utah had several of those camps, as well as Italian and German POW camps. It's an acknowledged and accepted part of our state's history, part of the good and the bad.
Dan Hayami
My parents were in the Heart Mountain, and Amache camps. They made fried rice like that, just mix the rice in while cooking.
Samuel Fogelgren
Emmy you seem like such a kind and sweet woman and you cook great food as well haha <3
janae tooley
You don’t have to explain your self Emmy! The video was very informative and well put together. ❣️ Can you please make video discussing foods during the slave era - and maybe talk about some food today that is currently well known in the black communities. 😊
Cliff Hartle
That looks like it be wonderful with SPAM.
Thank you for talking about the Japanese American Internment Camps. If anyone is into musicals and wants to learn more about what happened, I recommend looking up Allegiance the musical.
Angela Calhoun
How about food from Louisiana? We have wonderful food that you could learn to cook. ☺️
Paul Eats -ASMR
I fell sorry for you Emmy you have to clean that cast iron pan
D Johnson
Oh my god i've never been this early for an Emmy video. I love you Emmy! Can't wait to see the recipe
History.... the good and the bad need to be remembered. Looks like this one really got to you Emmy :)
TJ Kizuka
Omg! Emmy thank you so much! You will love Farewell to Manzanar
Marteen DeSantiago
I legit just ate this. Growing up poor and Mexican my mom made this really often. instead of rice we use tortillas for the carb
Just made this for breakfast this morning. The little bites of caramelized onions are heaven! Definitely a dish I’ll be making again and again 👍🏼
Delivering history and food with elegance. Thanks for shedding light on some U.S history that's typically swept under the rug and thanks for making me hungry!
Erika Mononoke
This can be in the weenies series as well.
Chocolate Brownie
This has such a sad story but June's Cafe reminded me of Persona... Anybody else?
Please make creamed chipped beef!!
Alex Nguyen
Weenies forever! ;)
If we forget the past is like we choose to ignore a big part of us. Good or not past make what we are now.
Weenies forever 🌭
Michael Burdett
Well said, Emmy. "It is important to remember our history in these times". It may not be our proudest or most honorable moments, but acting like they never happened just dooms us to repeat them. Thank you so much for your hard work and dedication to this channel. I truly enjoy it. P.S. Good job on the Garbage Plate, you nailed it!
Joe Ees
One of the camps was a horse racetrack south of San Francsico called Tanforan. Now its a shopping mall. Another important date for the topic was 10 August 1988 when Reagan offered a government apology and reparations.
xp Pl
It's always one group of people that gets alienized. Japanese jews Muslims it seems like history repeats its self on an endless cycle. The fact that we still go to war in other countries is so sad to me. Feel like later generations are gonna be shocked when they read about the war on oil and all the shady things we did for it 😧😳
Noemi Rios
Weenies forever
Peg 1122
I don't do much cooking anymore, but I find it very relaxing to watch someone else cook. And you always give us a history lesson when there's one to tell. Thank you!
I think that this part of history like many other has been over looked in the history books. I know for a fact that many fail to teach the fact that many of these Japanese Americans were indeed CITIZENS of this land. FDR and the rest of Congress violated the rights of the people they should have been protecting. This took place during the part of history where oppression was the norm for many minority groups hence why it was successful. Thank you Emmy for this video!
Marks & Sparks
Uh, some of these hard times recipes are incredibly tragic and traumatizing. My God.
andrew ramirez
Thank you so much for teaching the history of the food you prepare and taste!!! As a Chef I definitely think it's important not only to learn the history of the people but the difference in the times of hardship! 谢谢
Juliana Pimentel
I've been learning so much with your channel, I'm so happy that I found your videos 💖
Leandro Escobar
The Puyallup fair grounds was a Japanese holding camp. That's dark.
Rose Morrison
I've been having that for lunches for years 55 years or more.
John Waters, Jr.
You are best! Thanks for this episode. ♥️
Becca Riley
Thank you for your comments about how poignant it is to keep these tragic times of history in memory.
jason ramirez
u have the cutest nose emmy!
H Dubby
I'm American and I feel guilty to say that I never knew about this..my heart is broken for those who had to endure it😢 I just can't even imagine what they must have went through. Thank you for talking about it Emmy.
Queen of Hearts Land of Joy
Weenies forever such a difficult time. My uncle Elliot was in an internment camps. Not a nice place.
Joshua Mercado
Looks so good, wish we could turn back time to the good old days 🎵
Deb G
Weenies forever!
Howard Johnson
I'm eating my peanutbutter onion sammich and will now start on my mayonnaise peanutbutter sammich. Thank you
Aranza Díaz G
This is basically the Japanese version of our Mexican weenie con huevo for breakfast, so interesting 😯🙌🏻
Weenies forever!
There were internment camps in Canada as well. Thanks for sharing the recipe!
I've been living paycheck to paycheck and I've done something super similar to this
I love your informative and entertaining Vlogs. Thank you. 1️⃣💜👸🏻
Itadakemas! Happy hot dog day, Emmy!
My deepest sympathies to your ancestors and good for you for making this vid!
Marco Polo
This is a dish in Turkey, just with another sausage, a turkish spicy sausage called Sucuk/Sujuk - They serve it pan fried with eggs for breakfast..
Harry Kuheim
We should Intern all Traitor Democrats today...much more dangerous than hard-working Japanese were.
Been eating hot dogs and eggs my whole life. Never knew it had a name lol
It's Just Milk I Swear
i like weeners
Ms. Pamala
People been eating this for years and still do not just during that time. Old country folks which I'm one.
that girl in okc
That looked good and easy to make. I agree adding the rice made it more of a meal instead of a scramble. History is important and your hard times series helps make it more real and less of a story. Thank you Ma'am!👍😄❤
Daring døg
I'd definitely eat it it has all the stuff i like
Thank you so much for the history of these dishes I learned so much by watching your videos. Also can you please make a southern tomato pie? 😀
The C.T.K. 1000
Yes important to remember because as George Carlin pointed out, it proved we don't have rights but priviledges.
I have watched 💯 's of your videos and now I know what itadokimas(spelling?) means. Yeah!!!!
I've got to thank you, Emmy. I'm currently living in Sacramento while attending college and am always looking for new places to eat. I'll have to hit up June's Cafe and give this a try.
Dwight E Howell
There are several recipes that I remember from my youth that used hot dogs as meat rather than more costly forms of meat. If putting food on the table has ever been an issue for you there is no need to explain the use of hot dogs in dishes.
Brynn Hill
First like. Love you Emmy!
Galactia Synergy
I always cook this minus the soy sauce. My mom made it growing up, it's good!
Wayne Essar
Please make sauerkraut. I never have luck making my own. Good with hot dogs.
Ashlie Pilcher
We appreciate you, so much Emmy. I believe your intro is so important, and I’m glad you’re using this as an informative playlist.
Jeff Ward
Nathan's dogs?
Roger Holt
What an awesome video, great job Emmy!!
Thomas Griffey
Not the first but I’m pretty early😂🤷‍♂️
Sandra Mort
h I'm curious about the term "internee". Generally residents of German concentration camps were called prisoners or survivors. Internees sounds almost complicit. Is that the generally accepted term?
George Takei Royale.
Kitty Kha Lynx
This is late but I really think you and your channel are wonderful. c:
Haylee Rodriguez
Oooh this recipe reminds me of what my grandma makes— it’s weenies with tomatoes onions and jalapeños sautéed together until the tomatoes are all soft and saucy. We eat it on the weekends with beans and tortillas it’s very good
Andrew Christopher
I've been to one of the Japanese camps in Utah it's a farm now
Aye Itshanah
You should start a new series where you try the viewers recipes! 💕
Renee France
You're inspiring mama 💞thank you for teaching us and sharing with us, I appreciate you 🙂
Pandora Fox
Emmy, George Takei is a survivor of one of these camps and has written and spoken extensively on the subject. Just an FYI. Thanks for the great video and your work!
Ronda nanny
Made the grapefruit meal sooooooo good
Youtube Gaming
Amazing video! Keep it up