Halsey - Without Me (Live From The Victoria’s Secret 2018 Fashion Show)

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julienne lampa
I highkey have a crush on halsey in this vid. Like damn😍
Safina Ariska
halsey you're voice killed us.. can't wait billboard purple you halsey
Lizkook Vminkook
Who already watch the boy with luv ft halsey it was so w Awesome and halsey is so nice to them i love halsey so much
moon fairy
as an army, i'm proud to say that she's one of bts' good friends 💜
Aleksand Alexander
To you ladies who feel insecure about these models, let me tell you something. I live in NY and I’ve seen some of these ladies on the street and don’t get me wrong they’re gorgeous but they don’t look like some heavenly extraterrestrial beauty queens. Some of them are pretty average and it’s the aura of the show and online that hyped them up to be extremely beautiful.
Łøüłî Łøłā
Can't wait for her performance at billboard with BTS 😍😍🔥🔥🔥🔥
what's good korea
*After Watching her kindness towards BTS... I start to love Halsey*
Baby Alia
Halsey you’ve got armys by ur side 🥺🥺💕💘💖💗💖💞
Who is here after Boy with love 😍
Dreamy subliminals
why are you guys dragging the models to compliment Halsey ?? Can’t you just say Halsey looks good without putting the other models down . They work so hard and prepare so much for this.
ashkieee ash
1:32 me when I'm the next who will report in class
halsey was popular before even collabing with bts PLS
Jungkook's Noona
Halsey was SO STUNNING in this performance!!
stream dna
ok but the power this stage holds, all these powerful, successful young women together on one stage, i feel moved with the national anthem bein played in the bg
cassie white
how is she soooo good without autotune? some artists get away with it but halsey, wow😍
S ymra
I'm getting more inloved with Halsey💜
Bear J
What if BTS wanted us to be watching this..? (oups my theory soul is here...)
Raquel A.
Que hermosa voz, me siento feliz que ella haya colaborado con BTS
Diva Lifestyle
Army is with you pretty damsel halsey
0:37 Martha got awkward when she was about to point at Halsey and Halsey looked away
All the models walking past and I couldn’t take my eyes off Halsey omfg
Danica Carla Valentin
Halsey's voice is so light! It's beautiful 💕
memo girl
i had i shoke when i saw bella i am big fan 2 heeeer. love yuuuuh #ARAB_ARMY
BTS Army
Her voice is so beautiful I'm proud of u Halsey all love💜💜💜💜
Lorraine Rachel
The girl with the skin condition idk her name but I don’t respect her...I thought it was awesome how she was getting recognition but after her interview talking down on ANTM I can’t with her...she seems ungrateful...and Tyra banks gave her a chance...smh people need to remember where they came from and how they started...she could have been an ass hole to her and say she didn’t want her because of how she was different and not a typical model image..but she didn’t cause she saw beauty in her...ungrateful
RMin aRMy
Halsey is so cool😍😘Thank u being a true friend of BTS💜
Kiri Ra
WoW 😮Great job!!! Go girl!💃🏻 You have this energy🥳 You are a real ANGELLLLL 😇
FanBoy Tv
As a Army I'm So Happy😊Halsey is so Good And Kind😊Always Be Humble💜
bxby Naomii
She have such an incredible vocal it blow my mind everytime I watch her live performances 😍😍😍😍
9x9 Jaymes ship UwU
Damnnnn her VOICE🔥😩❤️‼️
touati sarah
Halsey is looking gorgeous, she looks like the queen of the show💜
this girl purple you
Halsey is such a great woman!
Ti ti
Bighit picked the perfect one to collaborate with❤️
Angela Prieto
Am I the only one who thinks that Halsey was the REAL STAR of this segment. The collection was so so. But Halsey brought it to life.
Irtiqa Subzar
El Jhay
Halsey: "Oh my, my, my.. Oh, my, my, my".. 😂😂
Abdulaziz Marz
Seriously don’t give a single F about the models walking back and forward .. Halsey looks amazing 💔🔥💍💍💍
"Look At Me Halsey, Look At Me" - Jimin 2019
Ginaldo Santana
I can not take my eye off Halsey, very beautiful. 😍💖❤
Lenai M
I was loving everything about this (especially the amazing Nyle!!) Then I heard A-T-M-MACHINE. One of my biggest pet peeves! Apparently people do not understand what an acronym is or how it’s used.
Richard Krishendath
0:32 I like how she said that
Von Sakamoto
People : Halsey where's your wings Halsey:Here its in my eyebrows
Laila fie
Got to know her because of BTS and omg she is so beautiful 💖💖
Anamika Rai
Halsey is not a model but still she is looking so beautiful. And her dress too. 💖💖
Changbam Is beautiful 7v7
I thought I would have his solo in the song of BTS :))) :) #MAPOFTHESEOUL #HALSEY
ferdunno !
After Hozier halsey has the only stable performance in this show ! I'm waiting for BTS to perform here !
_ Vxnom_
When halsey look more fire than the models😂🔥
alicia Colbert
My mommy loves this song thanks so much for making it
Halsey just keeps on being a queen with that killer voice💝
kris tal
Baby, look at me *in jimins voice 💙💕
Lia • Kookie
90 percent of the comment are armys.
Jeon Jungkook
i love her so muchhh😍
Syafiq Wahab
That wink at 03:31 melt me to the ground.
Amanda P.
kinda stupid putting an artist that's prettier than all the models together, we were suppose to focus on the fantasy bra but all I could pay attention to was Halsey and her performance
Purple Love
"Oh my my my" I love her voice. BTS💜ARMY💜HALSEY
Gracias por apoyar a BTS tu y tu hermosa voz son mi religión 💜💜💜🌹
Nguyet Moon
Omg I'm fall in love with her voice
Lauren_ heart
Halsey's smile is so perfect!❤❤
Karpal Tunal
2:20 he looks like he can't feel his face
"Beauty" in the purest form and I'm not speaking about the models. Damn Halsey (the look, the voice, the song)!
suga kookies and tae
I love this amazing woman 😍😍😍😍
Gustavo Mareto
Caralhoooo melhor desfile que eu já vi na vida kkkkk só as top
The best part about this video is when Halsey was singing.
Lizpeach _
3:31 I'm: dead
Halsey looks gorgeous here, she really suits short hair! And if that is her singing live... then WOW✨
RedLadyBug U
Hasley should have modelled as well she’s beautiful and talented
Ur angelic voice OMG!! Im so inlove with you 😊
I didn‘t know that there were models at Halsey‘s show
blu tee
To everyone who thinks they need to look like these models you are 100% wrong. Some models starve themself because they are pressured to be skinny. You are beautiful just the way you are
choi ds
할시💜 이렇게 멋진 가수였구나💜
Sandra Karimi
I'd love to see more black girl magic on victoria secret's runways 😩😩😩😩❤
Tuan Nguyen
0:32...(pause) nice face Halsey?
Sofia Cruz
BELLA AND HALSEY😍 and the fact that they showed the weeknd and bells mom reaction😍
Nisa BTS
I'm so proud of her*-* Btw, the bodies of the models are INCREDIBLE
gyeje geujje
Can't wait to see BTS X HALSEY Collab !! I'm sure its gonna be THE BEST PERFOEMANCE OF BBMA EVER !!
Jhing jhing
Who’s here after watching Boy with love by BTS?
SemiwA SpacE
Imagines When Blackpink collaberates with Vicotria Secreat and represents this fancy amazing catwalk!
Emerly Chong
1:34 luckily she caught that, If that was me, I would ruin the whole show😅😅
Homme Becks
Halsey turned me gay since 2016 and I still am in 2019 ;’)
Most watched performance from all the musical acts on VSFS 2018?
Abdul Hadi Moosa
Halsey looks great but i prefer her long hair
Those outifts arent revealing at ALL Edit: wait there victorias secret models of course its revealing
Time Lapses
I would be so stressed trying to dodge the models throughout the whole thing.
Giulia Ferronato
U look better than all those models. Love u so much!! <3 (BOYS WITH LOVE IS MY NEW DRUG)
Ellen Dallas
I love Halsey so much omggg 😍🖤 she's so talented omgg
Min Yoongi is my First Love but he’s So Far Away
I love how this is showing up in my recommendations now that Boy With Luv is out ❤️ fans are clearly supporting her!
brisak LOL
I am army and I became a fan from this talented women. halsey I love you 💜
Erik Taylor
It’s always so disappointing when artists fail to perform well live, but then there’s Halsey sounding just as good, if not BETTER, than the studio version! 😍
Squishy Crafty Slime
I Think Halsey Wears A Wig In Boy with Luv Its So Fit With Her...
Lisa -Limso-
No need autotune,Halsey can pull off those notes perfectly like how these models slayed the runway
can't wait to see you perform with the boys halsey :) purple you 💜🥰🌻
BreyGi Jeon
Like si eres Army lqnqkqk😂👍
ya boi
She got them grinch eyebrows
Ismy Leha
halsey.. thankyou for amazing colaboration with BTS. Armys love u..
cinnamon huzu
me being a model : *why is everything so uncomfortable*
Meme Queen
autotune? where wig? gone memes? dank outfit? slated without? me hotel? trivago language? duolingo
As much as i don’t support victoria secret, i loved Halsey’s performance 🤗
Le potato
I'm more focused on Halsey than anybody else lmao
Priestly Koko
Halsey! You just won me to yourself. 👏👏👏👏👏
Asiah Min
I really love Halsey's voice and personality😞😩 I love her🤧