Halsey - Without Me (Live From The Victoria’s Secret 2018 Fashion Show)

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The Vibe Guide
Her voice is to-die-for.
Bella is not a real model. I hate the industry for giving her and Kendell clout because of their rich families.
Halsey doesn’t need wings on her back cuz she already has them on her eyebrows.
Rosie Lyrics
*_When the singer is prettier than the models_*
S3T PinkPong
Halsey's body is better than the models..
Bloom's Gameplay's
*Literally all of the models look like Loren Gray wtf OOF??*
Aurora Gemini
*Autotune has left the chat* *Talent has joined the chat*
Kitty 2405
I love this move 0:32 😂😂😂😂❤️💋
the gacha haura gaming
I like 1.12 she so pretty
Am I the only one who thinks that Halsey is 1000x more sexy than any and all of the VS models in this show? Just me?
waleed ali
Think the models not eat anything just drink juice 😂😂
Hunger games capital who?
Marvin Alina
We all know the winner is 0:10
Saket Game
Halsey fans like here 👇😊😊. Love halsey
Zariah Robinson
I like how she didn't interrupt or intrude on the models walking and stood to the side, giving them their space.
Kendall The Wølf
Halsey is prettier than the models
Renn Jabr
Is no one gonna talk about the weeknd at 2:20
Nina Semone
Halsey Love Your Music This Song Right Here Makes Me Think About Everybody And The Loss.
Rizki Darmawan
3:20 who is she ?
Shikha Agrawal
No one might be looking at the models , all eyes on Halsey
Moza Alkuwari
Best victoria’s secret runaway so far
Who else has this song stuck in there head??
wolfy_playz_ 101_gatcha
Someone please enable auto-tune Jk i think she is awesome! 💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞 👇 (did u know it turns blue?)
Halseys legs are better than the models. She’s gorgeous
Mike Shalman
how to get the audience to pay no attention to the models: hire Halsey to perform
Madison Peters
2:55 who is she damn I wish I looked like that
Models look so perfect that look like caricatures of women. I mean, seriously. They look like aliens. Pretty aliens but aliens nonetheless.
bts stan
The energy in her voice😍...i can tell that she is still hurt😟😢
Lilo the Queen
1:01 is that Sophie monk?
Halsey is glowing!
Ariana grandé
3:06 the last model is HALSEY 😍
Vicstone GR1
Halsey sounds better singing here then the studio version!
Savannah Peterson
2019? 2020? 2021? 2022? Any year? Put the year you saw this in the comments 😊
Ema Hrubovská
Halsey: Ohh can I get wings too? Producers: okay.... 😂😂💘
Alera John
Love how she worked the stage & still managed to promote the show. Awesome to see the models sing backstage & enjoy themselves on the runway
i need weed
February 14th anyone??
Sarah Bahgat
2:02 just wow that girl is a Masterpiece. 😍❤
Aleeza Raza
Her performances live never fail to shock me
Lizzie Berry
I only came here for Halsey :3
I didn’t see who walked that run way neither what they were wearing, cause I just couldn’t take my eyes off Halsey 🔥🔥🔥 girl you are fireeeeee ❤️
Dima b
#Halsey Stole the show hands down! Shes so unconventional Luv it! Halseys Style is the Future and the Victoria secret models in this show are the Past! Luv her short hair and Style Amazing Song Woww!
I like this moment 1:35
Primesh Mohanty
Halsey really owned the show.
Lorraine Rachel
The girl with the skin condition idk her name but I don’t respect her...I thought it was awesome how she was getting recognition but after her interview talking down on ANTM I can’t with her...she seems ungrateful...and Tyra banks gave her a chance...smh people need to remember where they came from and how they started...she could have been an ass hole to her and say she didn’t want her because of how she was different and not a typical model image..but she didn’t cause she saw beauty in her...ungrateful
palenggZ by Zulita Family
Like if halsey doesn't have a bra
Addi Meows
Bashayer F
3:20 ❤️
Daniel Reyes
halsey is much more beautiful then all of them put toghter!
zeinawali shaheera
Ohmygod Halsey is so cute in this.
Kim_ Jae Rin
Halsey looks like one of the models
Puking Nilalangaw
3:19 this is the actual fave.
Naty Ltaif
2:23 the way she looks at Bella
Georgie Leigh
3:24 can tell she’s lip syncing 😂😂
Soraia Ferreira
I loved it. You killed it Halsey 😍😍❤
@0:48 am I seriously the only one that hears the pitch correction and filters in her voice? I mean girl can put on a good show and clearly has a good voice but dang everyone's stanning "Omg she doesnt even need autotune" and im like "but...she...is using...basically the same thing."
Alex B
Is this really live singing? I'm like c'mon!!!! Why is it so damn good!!!
Jesica Zavala
la mejor elección para este evento!
I love how all the models were really excited and gave Halsey a high five or something!
Guess I’ll Die
ive watched this video for ten times now
Ella Elandag
Halsey is so hotttt 😍😍😍
arafa umama
How are they so damn *skinny* ?
Giselle Lopez
Who else was singing along When this song came out I showed it to my 2 year old cousin and she all of a sudden loved it xD
she sings better live
Yuh Yuh
1:25 the most beautiful model out of all of them ❤️
Prashansha Dube
*She is drop-dead gorgeous, man....* 😺
thawany Rayssa
Uauuu ❤
eesha shahid
They all look like dolls
Bhargaw Gowdru
Halsey's voice is So Beautiful 😍❤️♥️ Who gonna Love her voice?
Milly Ballard
Still waiting to see plus size Victoria's Secret models
Béa6 Msp
Halsey is so sweet she lives space for the models unlike Ariana Grande
Anneesa_TwiceIzoneBP BTS.W1
Halsey look so so so so skinny!
son todas tan hermosas q me quiero rajar un tiro
Mar Bclrs
Holy fff! This is the first time I heard halsey live. Amazing lol I forgot about the models
Scary Haboob
is it just me or does Halsey remind me of Paris Jackson?? (Michael Jackson's daughter if you didn't know) i know its just me
Kim_ Jae Rin
Her voice is Angelic
Andrea Robles
Have y’all seen miss universe 😍 , Victoria secret is trash compared
Luz câmera ação
chps thy
*march 2019* *I know we are not i march*
Jianna Olguin
She don't need auto tune her voice is perfect
AS Cute
1:38 is so stunning! Toni garrn!!!❤
l e i l a
I live for Halsey's outfit❄
lone wolf
Her eyebrows resemble that of Heihachi Mishima of Tekken game series 😂😂😂😂
jhon Del Carpio Risopatron
1:55 🌚❤️❤️❤️
rcea shop
Eyebrows on FlEEk
Bidyunmala Mukherjee
1:03 Amanda Holden 1:15 Dua Lipa 1:27 Brandy Norwood 2:18 Katy Perry
Imjustheretowatch 123
Ppl r like, how kind of her to stand to the side giving models their space! Ppl its common sense . Stop idolizing celebs for common decency. Edit: PPL R COMPLAINING ABOUT OBE TITCHY COMMENT. I ALSO THINK IT WAS NICE BUT PPL R EXAGGERATING AND GOING OH SHES SUCH AN ANGEL ETC. I love Halsey so let me just say this point without being bambushed geez
Halsey is just so.... cool.
Puravida Shister
Guess it’s time to not eat again and exercise. These girls bodies are perfect 👌
• smeermr •
But it feels so empty without me
Hafiz Fitri
When she say "high" <3
Michael Matthew
February 2019? 🖤❤🖤❤🖤
Bob Brown
Heard your songs on the radio for past couple 2+3 years, never putting a face to the voice, just happened to see you on last weeks SNL and my wife and I not only found you beautiful sexy with a sense of humor, (SNL has been struggling when not going after trump) but seeing you for the very first time you knocked it out of the park girl, WTF we have to get out more...every skit you were in you acted like a well seasoned alumni of SNL not a novice, usually when the featured music act comes on it’s a hit or mis 50 % of the time, we are both three times your age but good music lasts forever regardless of ones age and for us it’s hard to follow all the new artists on SNL but Halsey you rocked it huge, best SNL show in a long time, and it was 90% of you that made it so entertaining, you sing, dance act, draw paint ....woman it’s like in that one little body of yours is a whole host of talented people rolled into one amazing woman and I, we are glad we were able to catch you on SNL today we watched your vids on YouTube and bought some of your songs on prime, sorry to read about your on the go child hood, when two young people have their first child there is no instruction manual and it can become an experiment to try to get it right, all I can say you turned out incredible, you would be my granddaughters age and I for one would be crazy proud of you today, We both think you have just scratched the surface, We see you going on to much bigger challenges and killing them just like you did on SNL, hope to see much more of you on the screen Halsey, an amazing actress your a breath of crisp fresh air....honestly it’s what we need more of today, hang tough kid, your a amazing and a big inspiration to millions, most of all your a Winner !
Jhonnattan Eilish
Brasil Alguém 🙀???🇧🇷🌹🤭🌼
No me canso de ver este video... Simplemente espectacular. Que bueeena interpretación
Lan Phương Nguyễn
Martha could open the show instead of Taylor=))
Nur Fajar
*Halsey never disappoints*
Jelle Schuwer
This actually sounds better than the original clip