Stretches for Back Pain Relief, How to Stretch Routine, Beginners Home Yoga

Incredibly relaxing and stress melting, this yoga for flexibility will be your favorite video yet ♥ Our FREE Yoga App for Apple: />♥ Our FREE Yoga App for Android: /> ♥ Start Your Two Week Free Trail />♥ Help Support This Channel />♥ Subscribe To Our Podcast /> #WellnessPlus #YogaWithJen #YogaForBackPain -------------------------------------------- #Stretches for #BackPainRelief , How to Stretch Routine, #Beginners Home #Yoga In this at home workout, Jen Hilman show you stretches for back pain. Incredibly relaxing and stress melting, this yoga for flexibility will be your favorite video yet. Feel some back pain relief after following along to this stretch routine. ♥ Follow our Social Media /> /> /> Visit Jen's website at />In this video, Jen shares the basic stretches to relieve tight, tense shoulders due to bad posture, slouching or sitting for long periods of time. Jen teaches classes in Austin, Texas at Black Swan Yoga. How To Yoga Stretches for Low Back Pain & Sciatica Relief by Jen Hilman /> 10 Minute Yoga Balances for Beginners, Home Workout Exercise Fitness Training Routine, Jen Hilman /> Yoga Stretches For Back Pain, How To Routine | Austin Yoga Teacher Jen Hilman /> 10 Minute Yoga Hip Stretch Workout: How To Stretches for Hip, Butt & Leg Pain, Jen Hilman Austin /> Deep Tissue Massage vs. Swedish Massage Therapy Techniques , Jen Hilman Austin Back Rub /> Yoga for Beginners | Weight Loss Yoga Workout, Full Body for Complete Beginners, 8 Minute Free Class /> Thai Asian Body Massage Therapy How to, Low Back Pain Techniques Sciatica by Jen Hilman /> Neck Stretch Exercises For Pain, Tension & Stress Relief, Jen Hilman /> Music by iChill Music Factory © Copyright 2013 Target Public Media, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

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My favourite workout routine at 15:30
Mohammed Meghani
I am 63 year old male from Texas living in Kuwait. I have been experiencing lower back pain for a long time and had recently started look for Chiropractors here without luck. I stumbled on to this video of yours and thought to give it a try until I found a Chiropractor. I felt relief the first time I tried it. Today is the fifth day and I have done these stretches about 7 times in the last 5 days. The relief in the lower back pain is amazing. I would say it is reduced by 75% and totally believe it will go away completely. As I practice each day, I am finding more flexibility in my body and less stressful
Brock Tomholt
I had ruptured lumbar discs causing sharp upper and lower back pain several times per day for over 2 years...I was hopeless. Doctor suggested discography, incredibly painful invasive 'needle method' to identify discs cause pain to plan replacement.When I started this 7 Day System, I felt immediate relief as the pressure quickly evaporated out of my spine and back. Intensity of my pain reduced each day and at the end of the week my pain was completely gone. click here for more information:
Andrea Guici
I had been experiencing lower back pain whilst attempting to sleep at nighttime. I feel that my hips will get out of position when I sleep on my side. I never experienced this sort of scenario again when I discovered about this back discomfort guide . Will not waking up many times during the night time with back pain...
branden garcia
im 16 and i have lots of back pain, my elderly years are going to be actual living hell:')
Marie Proust
It works so well omg! I just had a lazy weekend where I stayed on my bed and sat weirdly and my back was in pain and uncomfortable. I just did the exercise and I feel so much better, thank you from France
Abhimaan Mohit
Hey Jen, I really felt the need in my mid back before and while doing this stretch, really felt better after the first time! Thank You ❤️
Mari Anna
I've had problems with anxiety and stress related chest and back stiffness. I've been to the doctor ans to physiotherapy but yoga is what has really helped me. This sequence is especially on my favourites. I can feel the stiffness releasing and I can breath deep again.
Muzz N
My partner has been doing yoga for the last couple years, Im a stay at home dad yoga been growing on me this is the first routine Ive done on my own for my back, I waited till partner was gone with baby lol cause Im still a bit shy and its good to do whilst I have some free time so thanks that was cool.
After having half a year of continuing back pain, I sceptically decided to google some help and found this video. I have been doing these stretches for a few weeks once or twice a day and the results have been... wow. Now I can go to sleep and get out of bed easily in the morning without having to swear loudly. 
Seemal Ijaz
I love this video. It deserves so many more likes. Thank you for uploading it.
John Monter
Thanks for the stretches, beautifully done.;)
sb ycats
This felt really good on my back, thank you
Just want to thank you, my spine- and neckpain are gone!
Avangeline Collett
Coming here after the exam season. Two months of crouching while reading books left me in extreme back pains :( I'm only 17 and I feel 70...
Brionna Watkins
I just did this for the first time today and my back feels amazing! Thank you so much!
Mp 5
Thank you! Its been so long since i have felt relief in my back. Its my 3rd day and i feel alot better
mario T.
Thank you, I do feel better!👌😊
Jason Webber
I will have to add this to my morning routine. Definitely could feel the tension being relieved in my upper back. Thank you
Lovisa Morgan
OMG! I have gotten out of bed EVERY morning for the past 5 yrs with pain in my lower back so bad that I walked like I was 80. Today I woke up and decided I had to do something. I looked on Youtube using the simple "stretches for people with back injuries" the 1st video was yours. I figured why not.... It'll either help or I'll hurt more after. I worked through the video and got off the floor and was in tears NOT because I hurt but because I DID NOT hurt for the 1st time in 5 yrs!!!! Thank you Jen!!!!!!
Nice video, but how is this going to help me when I can't even turn, bend over or sit down without feeling like I'm getting stabbed with a giant hunting knife every single time?
Irma Levenson
This is a great workout. Thank you!
Zac Federico
Very helpful, thanks so much! :)
Everardo Cancino
this was perfect! am a big guy, i started sweating but my muscles got sooo relaxed! thank you!
Beautiful Dreamer
I just used this video to help relieve back pain, I cant believe it works so well and so fast. Thanks for sharing, its definitely a fave. ;-)
Pallavi Bhatt
Such helpful videos for my back pain relief Thank you for sharing your knowledge of yoga with us Namste 🙏❤️
Anita Gurung
This yoga practice is really fruitful and beneficial Thank you so much for this video God bless you☘️
Thanks so much Jen! Since doing these exercises every night before bed I've been getting better sleep thanks again!!
jefte rodriguez
buginner here. love this vid thank u
Paul D Green
Not sure why people have any thumbs down for this video. It was great! I almost passed out three times yesterday due to back stiffness and pinched nerves. I was in the er for 6 hours and they gave me a clean bill of health. The only thing I could think of was my sore back and this has helped nicely. I plan on doing this many more times. Thanks!
Such a calming voice as a cry trying to sit crossed legged
I feel awesome after doing this . Very helpfull !!!
Linda Noyola
I'm so glad I found this video , I love it 💚 It did work for me ! I am very satisfied . Thank you ! Blessings
iil4 raii
Ahhh u save me from ewtung medicine 🖤🖤loVe u Ummmwahhh😙
Libelles Craftales
Every time I watch this video I don't want it to end! It's so relaxing! And does help a lot with my back ache, excellent choice of music too 🍃😌🍃
Srinivas Rao
Great exercise I really loved it. In the first day only I got much relief from back. Thank you for uploading this video
Thank you very much for doing this video!!! Bless you for the goodness you put into this world
Alice Hollamby
This has helped some pain go away.. thank you. I defiantly feel its working in my muscles xxx
Agnita Lawrence
Amazing. I am a 54 year woman with the early onset of Osteoporosis, I just happened upon this video by chance and I kind you not I feel like I just had a full body massage. I cant get over how relaxed and less stiff I feel. THANK YOU so much. I am sharing and will be doing this every morning as this is when I feel most stiff and in pain. Have a blessed day Agnita
Hallie Devlin
Hi, I'm 20 years old and recently went to the chiropractor for the first time. They told me I had some major issues with my spine - things I am way too young to be suffering from. I've had these back and neck pains ever since I could remember, and honestly thought that this is just normal for my body..until I watched your video. I have NEVER found a sequence of stretches that has made me feel this great so instantly. I feel so much lighter, free, and more flexible - all after following your video ONCE. I don't usually comment on videos, but I truly want you to know that you have sincerely changed things for me. You are wonderful at what you do. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart : )
Melissa Osuna
I absolutely love this video! It has helped me so much! Is now part of my morning routine! ❤️
Thank you! So much for this video I am a total beginner so this slow mindful movements REALLY helped👍❤👍 Thx
Ashwin Chakravarthy
My back has never felt better. So soothing. Thanks alot. I would like to know more stretches for my lower back.
Daniel Engberg
This has really helpt my back, al lot. Thank you Jen! Namaste :)
William McCauley
I came here for back pain ended up with wrist pain
This has been amazing for the stress I hold in my shoulders. Thank you!!!
R Hopzing
Feldenchis helps with all you show on this video. It's more comprehensive.
Gesh Cortez
wonderful routine...i have a chronic lower back pain as part of PMS, I love this routine just finish & makes me feel light & alleviated with the pain. Thank you so much.
Thanks, you just saved me from a nascent lumbago! Great video.
Lacy Potter
Love you Jen Hilman! Your energy is very calming. I feel relaxed and centered. Thank you!!!
Dandre Gray
ngl steph (thats the name i gave you) it didn't really do much for me <3
Jill you are AWESOME!! I absolutely love all your videos and find them very helpful especially if I practice routinely. Thank YOU!!!
Ashleynicole Talana
I'm experiencing backache since last week till now So might I try this one
Milica Denic
Amazing. My back pain has gone after just one workout. Well done!
Gemma Louise
Really needed this, was in so much discomfort will be making this part of my daily routine. Thank you
Sirena Brava
Thank you for teaching us. God bless you 💖🌹💖🌹💖
Shubham Jayant
You are amazing instant result ... Thanks a lot for saving my life !!!
Michael Reyes - Best treatment for back pain
Mark EM
I have a yoga-crush on this woman. I could listen to her speak all day, all dreamy n stuff.
Gabor Hardy
My joints feel great right away. Low back pain... there are no short cuts. I think you have the cure. Rock on
you have helped me SO MUCH. i’ve been doing it every night, and can’t thank you enough for making this video.
Nelson Gonzalez
I loved it really work 😍
Lamyka L.
I donʻt know what I would do without Jenʻs videos, theyʻre the only ones that are completely practical and easy to apply in daily life.
Diana Pino
THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!! I feel 100% better & I'm gonna start doing the stretches twice a day
Simran Pannu
Great video. I had cold shoulder and back pain, after practicing several times, felt so relief !
Lydia Martin
Thank you so much. I have scolliosis and these exercise really helped to release the tension in my backs.
Meara Chodnicki
I get tension headaches due to my back pain and this helped instantly. Thank you!
Laura Pichardo
if you're just comming back to do it again 1:05  :)
Lisa Jade
This was amazing! My back feels great thank you 💓
Lisa McCloughry
MMMMMMMM AAAAAAAA RRRRRRRR velous Thank you! Just what I needed. 🧘‍♀️
Lashona Byrd
Thanks for the sequence I feel relaxed. It was a pleasure to do these great yoga movements. I owe it all to you. Thanks again.
Jason Ramcharitar
Oh my god I can't believe this work 😍 honest answers thank you so much. New subscribers
Gabrielle Kyle
This completely relieved my pain. Seriously. I wasnt expecting that lol I was feeling a little sore and achy under my left shoulder blade and this took away all the tention. I feel like I can move now.
Thanks for the video, I haven't noticed results right away but will continue the practice.
Rajni Jadhav-Mehra
Loved it... So relaxing... My pain reduces every time I do this.. Need to do more regularly...
Laura Danir
It's 2018 and I still use this video because it always works wonders in my back! Thank you Jen Hilman!!!
Wow, this was truly very helpful!! THANK YOU!!
The Intellectual Novice
I was about to go to a chiroprator for my back pain. But I did these techiques and my back feeling a little better. Thank you
Rochelle villegas-tripolca
I will surely try this yoga workout. 😍
vvs dm
thank you so much! i love you! for real tho, so much relief:))
A Solmunde
I love this video! It is very informative. I love that you share the the pressure goes. Very helpful to me. Great job and thank you 😃🙏🏻 namaste 🙏🏻
Indian Soul
Today had a very bad lower back cramps while tieing shoe laces bending forward, sitting on sofa. Now I have completed this workout, albeit amid pain. Can I repeat it today evening again, for quick relief? We have a match tomorrow! Great workout, any way
Brookie Smallz
Today was the first day trying the stretches and holy hell, does my back feel alot better lol. I need to repeat the process though or otherwise the stretching will just go to waste! THANKS!
tom h.
It’s a miracle haha she’s amazing & I do this now every day ..... kind of changed my life so thank you ❤️🙏
Sarah Mai
You are absolutely brilliant. Thank you so much for your videos
Marisol Anastacio
Thank you!!! This helped me a lot!! 💯👌🏽
Hamed Mohammad
it felt quite relaxing
Natalia Kucherenko
This video did help me a lot. I sit a lot while studying, and my back hurt all the time. I do these exercises every day, and now feel a huge relief in my back. Stopped taking painkillers. Would definitely recommend the video. Thank you, Jen!
Allma Pašić
you're amazing. I've been having back pains for weeks now, and this video really helped. Thank you!
Jeremiah Spradling
This was great my back hasn't felt this well since I was a child. Thank you so much for sharing.
alex s
Thank you so much. I always feel better after one of these fabulous routines with you. Thank you for your light and grace.
margarita angel
Fabulous routine, thank you so much for sharing!
Hisham Karkuly
I feel good every time, thank you.
Alexandria Fuller
Thanks . I feel amazing and your voice is soothing!
Such a needed workout! Stress has really gotten to me, my body is really feeling it and I haven't slept well for months. My doctor didn't let me go to work today because my back, side and chest were so stuck and cramping. I've fallen off the yoga train a while back because of all that's been going on and this gentle workout really got my body feeling SO MUCH BETTER! (there's no way that could be said without caps :D) Going to get back into yoga and I'm sure your videos will help me do that.
Heshw Mhamad
Thank you so muchh for this video You explain the moves in details I felt so relaxlef
Bunny Report
Thank you for this.. I lost count of how many bones cracked whilst doing it :)
Alex Gagen
This helped my lower back pain so much. It was so soothing. Thanku so much much appreciated
thanks jen!! i program all day at work and my back is a mess! this video really helped! thank you so much :)