The Evolution of Evanescence (1998 - 2017)

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This video features the musical evolution of Evanescence Esse vídeo mostra a evolução musical da banda Evanescence Se curtiu, deixe seu like no vídeo, para que a gente continue trazendo conteudo desse tipo, tmj! Leave your liked the video, so we can continue to bring content to you ►Page (Nu Metal) /> ►Pagina no facebook: /> © 2011 - 2017. DORÉ VÍDEOS

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Tanya Kaufman
Amy is one of the most beautiful women in the world. Absolutely gorgeous, if you don't think so you just don't have a taste.
Is she a vampire ?
Knight BG
Evanescence are religion!Amy Lee and her voice and human being saved me from killing myself so many times,depression never forgive..She's a cure..lyrics..everything..Always behind this woman and everything she do!!
Stephanie Schuurmans
My Immortal haunted me from the first moment I heard it.. It still haunts me and makes you feel such an indescribable feeling.
Don Fripp
Amy Lee is as attractive now in 2018 as she was in 1999. Stunning woman!
Amanda Dresch
2003 - 2006 melhor época
p B
One of the hottest rock/goth chicks to this day. Lucky hubby. Super hot wife
She is a rock star
Akane Sasu
Única banda que TODA música eh foda. Graças a Deus tenho essa mulher na minha vida🙌🤘
damon gould
The evolution of EVANESCENCE is amazing dont get me wrong ORIGIN is one great album even for a demo. But i do think the band have become better more recently i love SYNTHESIS that is a great album and amazing to hear the old music with a new twist. seen Evanescence live a fair few times and every time Amy puts everything into her performance and she can hold a note thats a rare thing these days.
She only grew more beautiful with age. I Still get good bumps!
Jesus Marin
La mejor voz femenina en el mundo de la música ... Nadie se la puede comparar 😍😍 no importa los años que pasen, seguirá siendo una hermosura de mujer!! 💕💓
PithaLee C.
14 años de mi vida amando este grupo y hasta la fecha ❤
Ashlie Quinney
Call Me When Your Sober
Gil Bring
You forgot "missing" and "even in death"
Adriana Junkes Ψ
2:20 CALL me when you're sober... 😂😂😂
I'm a fan since years and will see them for the first time live in March - it's a dream coming true :D
Valentina Georgieva
I can't believe that they are such a big part of my life. Almost 18 years to me. I love them and everything they do. I absolutely adore Amy's voice.
Nikki Echiv Manh
My FAVORITE band ever 😍😘
Leonardo Moura
a voz feminina internacional mais bonita que tem
sweet silvy
The next video the evolution Please can you uploading artist within templation?
She is so sweet and beautifull
saeed mohammadi
fallen was best part
Crystal Vazquez
There should be more songs, shes made more between 2012 and 2017.
Jay B
should change the name to evolution of Amy
Neon Kurls
Straight up queen, hands down.
Joanes Borboza
♥ amo a Amy Lee ...lenho 12 anos ...a única da sala q conhece
Miguel Diegues
well i prefer the band from 98' and to 2013 ..
Nika Sheverdina
Ты моя красавица! Я тебя люблю....
David Cole
Have to say they have lost some of their Edge. there 1st CD was awesome, but know seems like everything is Ballad.
Jeremy Loisse
yeah, 2003 was a fkin good year ...
Andres SancheZ
God dam vampires
Prince Of Halloween
Their absolute best stuff is their very first EP through Origin.
I absolutely adore her and I can't believe I'm gonna see her live! miss her in the band though! :/
Олег Б.
Эми, красавица, умница...с днём рождения тебя!!! Счастья тебе и любви!! Здоровья тебе и всем близким! Так же счастья твоему прекрасному сыночку!!! Обнимаю и целую!!!
oh my god this takes me back, I remember when they were my favourite band. I really miss Evanescence. They will always have a special place in my heart.
Amoooo essa música *Bring me to life* ❤️🎶 Obrigada Doré pelo vídeo fodaaa! 😘♥️
exequiel manzo manzo
I Miss The old Evanescence!! In its origins, until 2006 they were amazing!!!
Jay Dutta
Amy's music are cure for me.. Whenever I listen her songs, they take me somewhere else in my mind unlike this world. She's truly extraordinary ❤
Neon ッ
My immortas is from 2000 no't 2003
Nasser nasser
My lovely band since i was in 12 years old before more than 14 years, i’m in love with Amy lee her voice lives inside my head and her loveliness is a part of my heart.
Daniella Khalifeh
I love this band😊😍
Eka reni
i love evanescence... from indonesia
Dantha Ariyaratne
Still her voice is awesome......
Felipe Melo
Alem de fazer so musica foda o tempo ajuda pq ela nao fica velha
Heloisa Dejesus
Cara eu esperava demais esse video 💙
deanna williams
I love all her songs and she is so pretty
paulo londra
Lithium 😍
Ilya T
она классная.
Demonio 11
Estoy Enamorado de Amy Lee 😍😍😍
Era bonita nova e continua bonita agora senhora de idade.
Can't me when your sober😂
Diana Knox
Just saw Evanescence and Lindsay Sterling in concert in KC....So phenomenal and what a great concert they both put on for us! I will always be an Amy Lee fan, what a voice! As I am a Christina Aguliera fan, both really talented ladies!
Beatriz Estevez
Amo ❤
alexander quiñones
i love herrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr from veenzuela.
Олег Б.
Все люди стареют...она к сожалению тоже...но она не потеряла голос он остался такой же восхитительный и осталась такой же красивой как и была, а может и лучше ещё...счастья ей, здоровья и любви...
Dani Uchiha
cara, a minha mãe adora eles, mais eu sou mais linkin park <3
Heather Camball
Totally gorgeous amy in every video love every song there's no such thing as a bad evanescence song anyone who hates amy/evanescence needs there head read
Missa Bhj
bring me to life imaginary
oP Huskz
I was born in 2003 man I had the best songs from her in my opinion
João Vitor Rossi
Essa e uma banda quê eu curtia muito, mas que parei de escutar por causa dos fãs, a galera daqui onde eu moro ficava se cortando ouvindo essa "merda" o pessoal mó depressivo sabe.Até hoje acho uma boa banda, mas era muito ruim ver gente conhecida se afundando na depressão e se mutilando ouvindo esse tipo de musica.
Delvin Walton
Andres SancheZ
She don’t age wtf?
Arizona person
O before and after she sold her soul to satan...
hunter x
4ever Amy lee
Vic Fazio
Voice of an angel
Paco Lopez
I will always have a crush on she How Amy's so beautiful?!
Matthew Rinaldi
Amy was BEAUTIFUL THEN and she is JUST AS BEAUTIFUL NOW!!!!!!! Those eyes........ Oh my!!!!
Axel Paff
Amy is so beautiful.
Riki Sukirno
The only change is her tummy...
Martin Nguyen
I am a huge Evanescence fan because they make music for people who are bullied, mistreated, who cannot fit in with anyone, or feel depressed in life.
Depressing to know there will never be a singer/band like this ever again. same with all the bands of their time.
abbas alsaidy
She is have the best voice in the planet
Cine Mega El Lobo
Sigue igual de bella 😍😍😍😍la amoo
Un suscriptor más
A esta bella mujer no le pasan los años, sigue siendo hermosa.
*O que q vc tá achando de ordenhar a vaca ?* _Leite_
Sharin Sesin-Lucca
I fell in love with Fallen when it came out!! I really did. The songs spoke strongly to me at that point in my life...and lithium/Call me when you are sober and The Duet Broken were the only 3 songs worth listening to since that album that have come out worth listening to..It is a shame that her voice just hasn't held out over the years. I think Joan Jett is the only performer I have ever heard that was worse live than Amy is now.. I know this comment is going to get a lot of "hate" but I'm not the only one that got up and left the concert when Lindsey stopped playing and Amy took the stage about a 3d of the entire arena went to find something else to do.... Her attempt to sing both the male and female portions of "Bring me to life" was actually physically painful to the ears. I attended that concert with diehard evanescence fans and even they were horrified. I seriously wanted my money back!!! I felt like id thrown 300$ down the toilet.. though she rallied and did a great job with lithium. It is the ONLY song she managed to stay mostly on key. Some bands are just meant to be studio bands, where they can use the voice filters and tricks to cover the imperfections that can't be hidden in a live show. I'm terminally ill and that concert was my one outing for the year. Thank God for Lindsey Stirling. She was a joy to both watch and listen to, though she would have been better off doing her own singing on shattered.
Mimi مريم
One day I 'm gonna forget your name
Gerson Oliveira
muito talentosa
Ramzi Chawki
My immortal in 2003 are you joking!! 😂😂😂
Sibele Caetano
Evanescence é uma banda singular, não tenho dúvida. Transpassa o tempo que for, mas a Amy Lee continua sendo a melhor. Amo sem limites <3
Fabiano Ribeiro Coutinho
Bom dia a todos!! Amo essa banda maravilhosa!! Sensacional
Bruna Cavalcanti
Minha Banda Favorita! E sempre será! Há 11 anos fã dessa Banda Maravilhosa e da Amy 😍😍❤
Mariza das Graças Ferreira Silva
amei sou muito fan amy lee e banda sao que nem vinho quanto mais velho melhor fica
Gideão Pretto
Mano, Lithium, pra mim, é o HINO do Evanescence. Você vê a banda nesta musica completamente
Moskov Snake eye commander
Is she a vampire?... She looked 65 and still looks
Adair Jose
Me leva há loucura! D+
Joana Sanofi
Antigamente era boa
Brianna Leigh Smith
end of a dream!! is soo goood!!!
la familia 013
Mariza das Graças Ferreira Silva
amy lee cada ano que passa mais linda fica
Leoni Murilo
Dá pra ver a qualidade caindo..
Papel na mão
Ela ficou muito bonita
Basile Joel
23 ans que quand je les connu :P
Anna Mitchell
First song is called call me when you’re sober not can’t
Franco Jesús
Evanescence Don't Stop!!!!!!
Johnny La Leyenda Frayre
Sigue igual
i like ''going under'' over all
Leon LT30
Uma das minhas bandas preferidas