Versace | Spring Summer 2018 Full Fashion Show | Exclusive

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Versace | Spring Summer 2018 by Donatella Versace | Full Fashion Show in High Definition. (Widescreen - Exclusive Video - MFW/Milan Fashion Week) #Versacetribute #Cindycrawford #Carlabruni #Claudiaschiffer #Naomicampbell #Helenachristensen

Gigi's last walk was the best in her career so far
Alley Kingsley
Whoever edited this video needs to be smacked, because the constant changing camera angles, the jumping focus on dress to dress to an entirely different group of dresses and then back? I felt like I was watching a bad Bjork video.
Taylor swift is A man Xx
I watch this religiously everyday before I go to bed
Alexis Guerriot
13:29 " Claudia, give me your fcking hand "
preeti h
Coming her after watching that creepy Gucci show This is so refreshing
Natalie Cheung
a tribute to gianna's wonderful time in the 90s. people are talking about super and non super models, but just look at the designs, recreating those fierce versace gold and black tones man!!! def one of the best shows this year in mfw!!!
Robyn Rianne
Versace >Gucci
Leyla Abayhan
How gorgeous , the Original Models Still are 👏👏👏BRAVOOOOO
mohau masha
10:17- I live for this moment I must have watched a thousand times. Those girls are the definition of modern living breathing art- not one beat missed, synchronised to the smallest walking inch, step!
Tatiana Ragland
Every piece was beauiful and sexy! If I was rich I would have TONS of Versace.
Casi un Angel
Italian fashion > everyone else
3:16 when you need to pee so badly
Priyasha Apte
what is that walk????????? 3:03
-Daniel Lopez-
Thank god for Candice and all of the old models. These young girls can't walk... and they are tooo skiny
Sylla Atlas
Damn Gigi and Binx were simply fierce. I'm crying. One of the best closings ever
Its disrespectful to Gianni Versace's genius, his incredible creativity and rare talent that people on here talk only about models. Models and walking nicely are not more important than creativity, talent and the artistry of fashion designers. Its not about models. Its about fashion. Its about art. And Gianni is one of the, if not THE GREATEST FASHION DESIGNER who combined gracefully like no one before or after him beauty, class, elegance with glamour, sexuality, "decadence", mithology, roman-greek style, modernism, art, fierceness. He was the master of prints, colors, leather. He was revolutionary, daring, sexy, bold. He ruled the industry being the first, the one, the only and last Emperor of Fashion, a global mogul. Raw talent. He didnt even go to a school for designers. His talent was in his blood. Rest in Peace Gianni Versace. Your talent and legacy live on!
It's nice to see Doutzen again now that she left Victoria's Secret. I don't blame her though, for leaving, VS is terrible now.
diane Akoussou
Some model walk was so weird. But was a great show. Amazing!
Leyla Abayhan
I still can't believe that His gone 😢 Watching this show it made my hairs standup back of my head 😢 Also when I saw the original models together with Danna Tella Wowww no words😢
Ebony White
That was wonderful
the music is soooooo beautiful
Dione Arlon
Yasmin Wijnalddum, Teddy Quinlivan e kaia Gerber seram as próximas supermodelos dessa nova geração. Elas me lembram supermodelos como Caroline Trentini, Vlada Roslyakova, Natasha Poly, Raquel Zimmermann e Mariacarla Boscono.
Tamara Gajic
Thumbnail 2:47 Gigi 10:15 Bella 11:02 Not saying they were THE best, just informing
Dale Givens
O these clothes are riiiicchhh honey.... I want them all .
Pablo Agüero
I will need a full day to recover from this. Donatella gave my gay ass everything that I love from fashion, the show was straight fire!
Tiffanny Jones
Reminds of that song “Jonny La gente está muy loca” lol
Paoline Dan
Тhe music, please?🙈🍀
I love Kendall
arnold Morales
Farreta 2:02 on fire
Kaia is on fire! 💎 Kaia caused the death of Instamodels. Look where Kendall stands "Trio" oi?
Rogger Amd
O aconteceu com o som original ? Pq mudaram o vídeo?
Diese Leonie
why did the music change, noooooooooooo
Satan’s Wife
Excellent. Who else watch this so religiously?
They've changed the audio on this video, the original was so much more amazing combined with the show...
Miguel López
The finale was iconic. The real supermodels, George Michael playing in the background, they are so iconic, so fierce. Gianni would be honoured her sister is still rockin Versace
Rain Merca
3:15 werk it gurl! yaaasssss own that runway 💃🏽💃🏽💃🏽
joshua martinez
11:06 Bella’s walk needs work.. she walks like a girl shopping in the mall. She looks the least model like too
Lucas Cuenca
3:15 look and learn ... the best walking of the show.
Grace Sangi
David Arriaga
The words spoken in the song at the show are kinda heartbreaking. It's literally a sister with a hole in her heart. She lost her brother.
Nelly Operi
One day I will be there♡♡♡♡☆☆
1:05 what's this music pleeease ?
Gianni would be proud. Rest in peace Gianni, you are never forgotten
Leigha marie
Those legs r going to snap lol but nice clothes
Alejandro Cornejo
Did any one noticed that they changed the soundtrack!!! I feel so sad for that
Jvon Gordon :}
Binx and gigi at the end slayed
Alfri Anhar
why is the audio changed?
Hi Bitch, Bye Bitch!
Best fashion show I have seen. And l love the ending.
Katie Blackburn
Cindy Crawford, Naomi Campbell, Claudia Schiffer, Helena Christensen and Carla Bruni!!! Amazing !!!
The walk of those models who open the show gives me life...
Tanya Jain
That was fuckin powerful show with wonderful work and beautiful models. And the background music also making the models look strong and bold. Well done💕
Cesar Omar
Se me hace muy injusto que Donatella se lleve todo el crédito de la marca...cuando quien lo hizo todo fue su hermano Gianni...quien ha quedado prácticamente en el olvido.
Not to toot my own horn but omg lol I would look fabulous in everything
Sebastian orellana
Coco Hh
I know Zara is known for copying everyone but they really copied the SHIT out of Versace recently lol
Can someone tell me the name of the song being played
Katherine Russ Yoga
God bless Gianni. He is a fashion icon I am willing to stand with as a strong intelligent woman, especially since Milo has inspired me also to rock fashion harder and sharpen my looks to match my wit! I TEACH YOGA IN VERSACE NOT LULULEMON!!!!! xoxoxo
Ary Mayn
Met Gala: Next edition's theme will be "Religion". Donatella: Say no more.
Avery Erhard
Kendall and gigi are unbelievably ordinary beside these true unique beauties
Stella Perez
5:24 did anyone else noticed?
Amy Xu
I actually do not know the names of any of these models! Who cares! This collection was absolutely stunning. So beautiful. All the high high boots gave me so much life. I also really loved the skirts. The colours and patterns were sooo pretty. And the intro was squad goals af, or whenever there were multiple models going down the runway. Beautiful. :)
Luis Luna
Now that you have Naomi and Kendall walking the same runway, you have it clear, basic fandom, what a model is, and what's an instagirl.
carlos brusò
Mariacarla boscono! her walk and face...amazing ! so professional and like a real top model 🇮🇹
Ольга Чижонок
Шикарно, дорого, эффектно, очень понравился оттенок желтого. Прекрасная коллекция
Rogger Amd
Mas que desgraça de som é esse ?
2:31 Angel Candices 😍
Jessica Amadeus Jackson
What happened to the audio tribute to Gianni??!
alexandro rios
Deammm gianni versace most be pround of donatella versace amazing fashion show most of my sunglasses are versace and a few t-shirts and shirt 👏🏻🙏#VERSACE-FOREVER
Ok Candice are GODDESS
Stella Perez
This collection is pure fire 🔥🔥
Djeff Rey
This is a celebration of a genius...this is a celebration of an icon...❤️
Natalia Paterson
I watch this religiously! is it just me or have they replaced the music?
Michael Rojas
Amo jenny versace!!!! I love
Sally Ruizesparza
lo más hermoso
Джонни, заебал
This show is BOMB. Versace is back on top. And Claudia Schiffer OMG...
Michael Rojas
Algún día iré a Italia a conocer la tierra donde nació mi ídolo jenny versace I love de un venezolano.
Alexa Nicole
What happened to the audiooooo what the heckkk nooooo ;((
This collection is GORGEOUS. That blue was really flawless
lisa starves
I v watch fashion ever.. so long ago.. i was 12 years old i love fashion.. tv
nobody even cares about kendall
Averie Miller
The clothes were on point awesome, the content totally amaze and the models are so gorgeous
Park Yoona
Versace is really my vibe!!!! I love how gold black and white put together 💕💕💕
Rest in peace Gianni Versace, the greatest designer ever!
disrespectful girl
versace never dissapoints
Madison Rochefort
I even don't believe in my eyes .... THE LEGENDS ARE BACK !
carlos brusò
Best walks? Teddy quinlivan , Natasha poly , Mariacarla boscono , Binx Walton!
Carlo Falconette
look at the clothes, not at the models...
Matilda Martin
Daniel Garff
Ripetizione gli 90
Aavale' Storm
Black and yellow!
thomas thomas
why it's a different song ?
Imagine wearing one of these outfits everyday VIBEZZZZZZ
cat rg
came here after the fashion show for 2019 to get my hopes back cause..
leonardo goez ramirez
09:02 Yasmin, Kaia and Vittoria together? This is my lucky day
Romero Constantini
0:46 Is that duck face necessary?
Esg sg
what is this scary illuminate music tho
Cartier c
This looks like Aquaria’s winner look should be here
Keryann Cargik
Felt like I was taken back to the 90's. Fantastico