Daffy Duck Dick Tracy

My favorite part of the classic episode titled "The Great Piggy Bank Robbery". Looney Tunes. Daffy Duck encounters countless enemies in this clip.

dodo mcpoopoohead
That shit was hilarious. I wish cartoons had this type of humor again.
I'm gonna rrbrbrbbrbrbrbrbrbrbrRUB you out SEE? *RRBRBRBRBRBRBBRBRBRBRBRBRBRBR* RUB ya'out!
DixieLand Visual Creations
I'm gonna rrrrrrrrrub ya out. Lol.
A pumpkin pie worth 35¢ each? That's unbelieva- (opens door) -ble. Update (7/1/2019) - Over 500+ Likes?! That's unbelieva- (opens door) -ble.
wow cartoons back there commited mass murder and none complained. good ol' times.
Samuel Franklin
1:31; Neon Noodle?......*NEON NOODLE*???!!!
Amanda Bernhardt
I was 8 years old when the Dick Tracy movie came out...I was very disappointed there was no Neon Noodle
Daffy is a brutal killing machine.
0:13 I am Vengence. I am the Night. I AM BATMAN
Now I want to eat at Joe's with Batman
Gabriela Giavino
Believe it or not, this was the first cartoon to ever air on CN.
Man,. did they run out of stand names...
O-Dog Kubrick
1:13 Daffy and his tommy gun!!
B-money Cisco
Your all under arrest ROAR!!!! Lmao that part was soooo funny.
"Bat-man!" LMAO What a world of difference a hyphen makes.
Matthew Clark
One of the greatest moments in cartoon history
Stunned as always at the incredible Mel Blanc. Could anyone shriek "NEON NOODLE?!" like that? I'd like to hear it.
Brian O'Connell
Eraserhead, 40 years before Lynch.
He just defeated like 20+ Villians by shooting them all with a gun, if that isn't what cartoons stand for then I don't know what does, now a days you can't even say "frick" without getting censored.
Halford Cincuentaysiete
this rogue gallery is almost as bizarre as that of JoJo's :p
"Better call Duck Tracy. Wait a minute. I'M Duck Tracy!"
Daffy's Bizarre Adventure
Rising Of the Thorn
Daffy Duck: BAT-MAN!!! Batman: I'm Batman. Daffy Duck: NOT YOU WISEGUY!!! Ramses : Awww come on.
John Tumahab
Daffy Duck just blew away several dozen people with a Thompson machine gun. ...Man, I miss the old Looney Tunes.
1:11 mass murder in catoons hell yeah. nowa a days that would have got this one banned. we live in the days of the sissies.
michael castro
you are all under arrest!!!
Jacob G
0:36 Oh no not FlatTop
ZZ Silv
Yoshidaffy Kira runs into the gang of the New Passioné and nearly gets killed by Rubberhead, the gang's new leader. Unable to use his Stando, Literally Me, Yoshidaffy must survive using his wits to get to One More Time.
35 cents is a damn good price for a whole pie.
this is the best episode of looney toons ever!
bob friedman
Rubber Head and Neon Noodle always creaped me out as a kid! one of the wildest episodes! 
Okay, seriously, WHO was Joe? They promoted his restaurant every chance they got.
EMC Video Productions
Snakes Eyes, 88 Teeth, Hammer Head, Pussy Cat, Batman, Double Header, Pickle Puss, Pumpkin Head, Neon Noodle, Jukebox Jaw, Wolfman, and Rubber Head. All memorized.
1:13-1:16 Duck Twacy: Say hello to my little friend
Mark Schildberg
The staggering, head-incinerating brilliance of Bob Clampett.
Noctem Zer0
Cody D. Buni
lol Neon Noodle is my favorite.
David Serrano
1:30 Daffy has a moment of self-doubt to whether or not it was Neon Noodle.
....and furthermore its unbelivea.............
O-Dog Kubrick
1:19 I suppose that tin man is Iron Man. Get it? Iron Man. LMAO!!!
What villain is seen at 1:20. A knight in armor holding a candy cane? Sir Peppermint? Sir Licksalot?
Pumpkin Head was a total badass! A Tommy Gun in each hand.
Flattop looks bored with the whole thing. 
Kaiser Sauerkraut
Bat-Man!!!!!! XD
Jon Piper
1:10 This morph Clampett animated Still amazes me. Not many people even in today's standards can pull of such an amazing and creative trick.
daffy duck sprayed them mfs wit dat tommy gun!!!! priceless!! snake eyes,88 teeth,double header & jukebox jaw best characters
Sofia Belts
P p p pumpkin head
Martyn McMurray
Daffy: You're _all_ under arrest! Rogues Gallery: *ROOOAAAR!!!*
Star Lux
~10 PM~ Me: I'll go to bed at a reasonable time! ~3 AM~ Me: 0:45
So are we going to ignore the fact that Daffy just murdered a whole bunch of people and turned one man into an "Eat at Joe's" sign?
Jose Cortes
Back in the mid-1960's I was just a little kid watching all sorts of wacko Warner Bros. cartoons on TV when suddenly this head-spinning, violently demented nightmare popped out of nowhere. Afterwards I hungrily expected it to be shown again just to make sure I actually saw what I saw (those machine-gunned corpses tumbling down like pancakes had me hallucinating for weeks), but it vanished from sight for decades until I purchased it as part of one of those Looney Tunes cartoon collections. It's a classic. Just about one of the best animations I've ever seen.
Kent Horton
Fantastic! And further more, it's unbelieva... BLE.
h e r u b b e d m e
If ya ever wondered where Joe's restaurant is, it's located in Kissimmee, Florida :D
karl eichholtz
0:06 This Snake Eyes would find work under Cobra Command.
Louis M.
$0.35 cents for a whole pumpkin pie. Awesome!
Sans Kusanagi
You see shooting down bad guys in a cartoon and killing them just like that would never happen in cartoons now a days. too PC.
0:35 : Flattop Jones, guest villain. "The Great Piggy Bank Robbery" is one of the best Daffy Duck cartoons!
Neon Noodle? NEON NOODLE!?!?
Guess who?
Bernard Cioffoletti, Jr.
My favorite Daffy Duck episode! Daffy: "Rubber Head!!" Rubber Head: "I'm gonna rubba ya out, see, rubrbrbrubbrubabba ya out!" Daffy: "Fantastic! And furthermore, it's unbelieva.............BULL!!!"
Robert Currie
They could all have been boss fights in Cuphead.
Maxus Devasteitor
top 10 best anime battles
J Double C
1:07 dang I wish Pumpkin Pies cost that much nowadays
Nikki Roessler
I remember watching this on a Looney Tunes DVD when I was little, and I still love this now :D
Raymond Frand
0:13 I'M BATMAN!
Nowadays, WB would look at the moment where he shoots them all, and assume that children could not handle the sight of a cartoon duck shooting cartoon bad guys in a dream sequence. You know, because such a realistic violence might harm their fragile little minds. What I'm trying to say is WB is run by idiots.
Beau Fonville
elizabeth kemp
Damn I want a whole pie for 35 cents!!!
Mr Esturk
They cut out the first villain: Mouse Man! COME OUT OF THERE YOU RAT! COME ON OUT! *Giant mouse thug pops out and roars* Go back inside....
Waffle and Truffles
I love this episode! I think this is the best episode ever. But at the scene where the gangsters fall after being shot, have a close look. Pause and play really fast. Hammerhead actually fell twice. Poor guy...
Doncseczakos antal
0:45 I'm gonna ru-ru-ru-ru-ruub you out, see, I'm gonna ru-ru-ru-ru-ruub you out :D :D :D
Wilson Nascimento
Rubberhead essentially performs a Fatality. Wow.
GhostsRogue 25
Back when real guns design were a part of cartoon ah the good old days
Nyn ’Jamaica
Rubberhead, the best cartoon character ever drawn. ✏️
Coral Roper
The good old days when they didn't worry about offending children's delicate sensibilities
1:20 I want to know the story behind the robot licking the candy cane.
Donovan 0206
jukebox jaw, im gonna write something about him. "the adventures of jukebox jaw"
Alec Foisy
I love the Batman one. Wasn't this BEFORE Warner Brothers bought DC?
patrick smith
Rubber Head I'm going to rrrruuuubbb you out seeee rrruuubbbb you out LOL, one of my favorite scenes.
"Batman" Man, they really ran out of Stand ideas, didn't they?
What was the robot with the candy cane? He (or she) got no introduction.
Devin McEachern
You're ALL under arrest!
"Wolfman" Woof HOOOWWLLL Woof LOL!
These were comic cartoon genius ... way ahead of their time!!! You can't beat the classics. Since I was 3 years old I was laughing at these Looney Tunes, and still will till I'm in the grave. LoL
Blue VoltAhoge
Am i the only one that saw the Villain Lady after they all got blasted with the Shotgun(?)? and i like how the Grenade effect is just Smash his head instead of Explosion XD
Taylor Williams
Sakurito Atómico
when i was kid this scene always scared me >w<
Daffy Joestar
Donald Hutton
There actually was a Batman villain that looked exactly like Rubber-Head. He was called "The Eraser" and is on the cover of Batman comicbook "rubbing out" Batman and Robin. The gag with everyone falling out of the closet is a spoof of the classic Hammet detective story "Bodies Piled up" (sometimes reprinted as "House Dick") where that's pretty much what happens.
0:27 that part made me laugh so hard, like seriously that's totally the wrong thing to say in that situation.
Kirby Verano
This episode scared we when Im still a kid
Neku Zabrak
That the weirdest names or obscure toon gangs in whole history especially hilarious same name BATMAN XD not to confuse dc character
ZDeadfallout Xx
0:35 I lost my shit at that part when I saw that when I was young XD Ooh man, wish they make looney toons like this again ;-;
"Eat at Joe's!" Forever a classic.
Stanford Stanley
0:08 and 0:09 88 teeth looks like jacksepticeye