Looney Tunes Turner 1995 prints comparisions #5 - "Daffy Duck and Egghead", 1938

So in this episode you are watching the comparision between the US and EU print of one of two Daffy Duck colored MM cartoons directed by Fred Avery. Sourced: Boomerang USA (Toonheads episode), Boomerang Central and Eastern Europe All rights reserved to Warner Bros.

Człowiek Pixel
You should change the subtitles that you add in this series of your videos. I can't read most of your text, I think you should use white letters with black outlines for better readability.
I've never seen the edited version before and I live in the US.
Filipe Cerqueira
At the end of this Daffy Duck and Egghead Blue Ribboned cartoon version there was also a title card of Merrie Melodies THE END taken from the United Artists prints of Merrie Melodie cartoons as an attempt to remove any reference to Warner Bros.
But the US print only cuts the shooting out cause its airing on Boomerang, I think in the master dubbed version it's uncut.
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