Tokio Hotel TV [Episode 3]

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corner cryptid
omg i wish i was there
Always Carla
2019 and I'm still here
DC 19
Bill: O momento para nos levar até aqui e fazer um show foi iniciado inteiramente por nossos fãs. Eles não queriam nada além de virmos para Israel, eles puxaram todas as cordas e fizeram acontecer! Por causa de todos os esforços que nossos fãs fizeram (por exemplo, petição), a embaixada de Israel nos convidou para fazer um show. Este convite foi totalmente "fora do azul"! Ficamos chocados quando soubemos que temos muitos fãs aqui. Cara foi muuuuito selvagem! Imediatamente dissemos: Vamos para Israel ... e olhemos onde estamos agora. ... Bill: Tivemos uma recepção louca e surpreendente dos fãs - no aeroporto, no hotel ... em todos os lugares que fomos. Os fãs ainda cantaram nossas músicas a noite toda fora de nosso hotel, o que foi uma experiência e tanto! O que mais me impressionou: eles cantaram várias músicas em alemão ... soou incrível. ... Georg: O tempo estava brilhante, conhecemos toneladas de fãs fantásticos e estamos muito felizes por termos feito essa viagem! Bill: A jornada para Israel será inesquecível. Um show como esse foi realmente especial para nós e também vir a Israel significou muito também. Antes de chegarmos aqui, só sabíamos sobre Israel da tv e agora reunimos tantas impressões diferentes! Tom: A jornada aqui será uma lembrança que guardarei para o resto da minha vida! ... e certamente não será a última vez que viemos aqui. Bill: Sim, definitivamente queremos voltar. ... Tom: Meu destaque pessoal foi "monte de azeitonas". De lá nós tivemos uma perspectiva surpreendente por toda parte em Jerusalém - bem impressionante! ... Tom: Qual é o próximo? A passagem de som? Georg: Sim ...
Triz W
HE'S CRYING?!?!?!?!!?!?!?!
Alyssa Lynne
Bill is hot.....just saying
oh thanks :) no... why was he crying? <:) don't cry, tommy! lol
Lia Foutsitzi
i wish they would come to New Zealand but hardly anyone comes to this tiny country lol...
where's tom crying?! lol
Nahla Fathy
There is nothing called Israel, it's Palestine
Lavender Town Doll
please come to Ohio! please! I love you guys!
Israel♥ OMFG! :o
how have they not melted into puddles of hotness?!?!?!?! Israel is boiling!!!!! like 40 degrees in the morning boiling!!!! and thier wearing jackets and pants!!!!!!! if you don't like thier music or the way they look, you at least have to admire them for that!!!!
Enigma Popstar
why was tom crying? :O
Petrumila Zhendova
At moments like this I'm glad I know German... =P
Sol Ivan
Wish they'd be back here in Tel Aviv, it's been so long I'm not so sure it was real anymore...
i want them to come to Australia!! haha
Wait when did tom cry?
Kacie M
Oh my god it made me tear up seeing bills kinda smile go into a sad face and tom crying
more like 3:16 or 3:17
awww 3:18 made me cry poor tom i just wanna give him a hug!!!
Where is he crying? I don't see it
Sam Morgan
rofl are you all blind? he doesn't cry, gurls :D
I'm pretty sure he's crying because of the Wailing Wall
I really dont think they'd put a part where he is crying so i guess it only looks like this.
Rebecca Blankenship
Maybe he is crying because of the Wailing Wall?? :\
Rebecca Blankenship
@76lyndon wtf so ur saying Bill is hotter than most girls you know? O_O
Rebecca Blankenship
aww why was he crying?? D: his crying made me cry!! D: (and is this an acual TV show?? i want to watch it on tv!! :O)
why did tom cry? o,o
Why is Tom crying?
@TheOnlyGhostGirl 3:15 ;)
Shahar Kindler
Tokio Hotel Come Back To Israel ! We LOVE YOU and Miss ♥
kadie keller
haha i love it when Bill says "the fans even sang our songs outside the whole night outside of our hotel wich was quite an experiance." i would have said and it drove me insane!
I <3 Monsoon's acoustic riff. Thank you Tom K. :D
Luisa Garcis
@lrna28mlb thanks (:
Lorena Galindo
@lglilchick forgotten childrens ;)
Luisa Garcis
What's the name of the song in 2:44 - 3:25 ?
aihat '
aihat '
Valia Aguilar Wong
Tom's not crying, is just his face because of the sun XDDDDDD
Re L. Gomez
@199kaulitz cont.. the diferences between watching them in the Computer or hearing them playing live? =)
Re L. Gomez
@199kaulitz That is because you haven't been, like you mentioned, in a concert or in a signing. I can tell you from my experience (I went to the concert here in mexico 2.12.2010) that the sensation of being in the same place as them can give you so much emotions. For example I cryed in "In Your Shadow I can Shine" because I love the Lyrics, because of the feelings, not for being sad. I can tell that that was the best day of my life. So why not, when you go to a concert, you tell me ...
Silver Blood c:
AWWWWW!!!!!!!! Tom, you don't need to cry... Everything's all right.. Its okay, Tom..
Blanca Sanchez
How ironic, Mount of Olives..& i live in Mount Olive, NJ :P TH I LOVE YOU <3
Oh My at Tom's voice!!!
i thought Israelis only love to kill Palestinian children and women...they love Tokio Hotel as well
Haley Lappin
are fans really crazy enough to cry over them ? i mean im an hardcore fan. but never been to a signing or concert.. and i havent cried over it.. and i can tell you i love bill...
Dani Mendoza
LOL Bill @ 3:44!!!
@theghostofyouGee LOL do like me watch it twice
alexis kaulitz
1:51 a fan was trying to grab bill back! :O
aw so nice "the fans sang our songs outside our room all night, which was.... quite an experience :P
was tom crying??????????????nooo!!!!!!!!!!
Owww! In the end, Bill sticks his tongue out! So cute! ^^
Chris Mendiola
@seraichigo thats probably because guys have some self respect, unlike the stupid fans chasing them.
Iara Torres
Pleasecome to guadalajara you already comes one for the Mtvs!!!
Camille Welden
come to america!!!! my mom and friends make fun of me for listening to them and im like, "its not like metal and stuff! its rock and soft rock! u listen to that stuff to!" its cux of their look
Verinia Khoo
Sarah Nicole
they are so honest and aren't afraid to be themselves-fun! i love them! i cant stop watching them!
Nora Mermaid
omg, a lot of kippahs and hebrew, a lot of jewish fans!! now i need to go to Israel if TH made it out there ok. i can't believe they went to the mount of olives and wailing wall, one of the most famous sites in Judaism!!
I wonder how much secerety they had at 2:25 -2:33 that we didn't see....
gosh. I've been at the exact same places as they did.
@missemo007 im from malta too xDD i wan them to come too!!
Squeak Harlequin
@teakwondogirlz123 the wailing wall in jerusalem is a religious site of the remains of a temple, its a very emotional experience to visit there
In 3:18 why was Tom Crying?? pls.. answer!!...
Cailin Proctor
@archiefan511 i think it's because of what you said, about him leaving israel, but what BLUEBERRYkisses2679 said about him visiting the wailing wall is true. He visited the mount olives, then the wailing wall, and when he is crying is when he is going back after seeing the wailing wall, all Christian sites..but he cant be crying about visiting those places, cos he isnt religous, so.. it must be what you said
Felicia Storm
I honestly dont know, they were in isreal and visited it, thats all I know?
Casey Lane
@BLUEBERRYkisses2679 oh.... is that like something he's always wanted to do?
Felicia Storm
No he is crying because they went to visit the wailing wall.
Casey Lane
Are you talking about Tom crying at 3:18? I think they were leaving isreal and Tom felt so much emotion toward leaving all the great fans and stuff. But it makes me wanna cry too even tho he's soooooooooo cute when he cries lol xD
Felicia Storm
I hate it when they cry ;(
AlbaDoggy that would explain a lot! lol wow, you barely detect a accent in their music! is all their music in English cuz that's all I've ever heard. thanks a lot! by the way ^_^
what are they? like were are they from?
chelsea mavin
Aw, Tom looks like he's crying. That's so cute ;D
Buse Bulut
omg tom looks so sexy when he crys
Natalie Hamilton
ok i just found out about them... i would do the singer...ho ye... my god he his sooo....
Marialejandra Dominguez
No...esa cancion la agarran porque fue con la que se lanzaron a la fama...ahora la cambiaron por una del nuevo CD Humanoid
THEY NEED TO COME TO CALIFORNIA!!!!! AGIAN cause I like just found out bout them and Now I want to go to a concert!!!
Agreed, Johannesburg is waiting for them!
Jennifer Turkson
TH seriously need 2 cum 2 South Africa preferably Johannesburg
And Tom at 3:18. No doubt visiting the Wailing Wall would be a very intense experience for pretty much anyone...
Iliana Jimenez
german the only know english and german and bill knows french
What language are they speaking??
I miss them :(
Ines Valdovinos
i think he is crying! i see water on his eyes maybe he didnt wanted to leave Israel poor tom :/
Does Tom cut holes in da back of all his hats???? 0_o yes im a fan just not a screaming one who stalks and junk like dat -rolls eyes- god people can be rude with all their stalking and junk like dat
Felix Anne
imagine bill trying to wear one of those little hair pieces(idk what they're called)
Michaela Shrader
German o.O
some of the episodes are from the zimmer 483 dvd
thats sooooooo cute!!!!!
He's so cute :"D
Kelly Sherbo
3:46 WTF BILL???
I wonder if Bill was allowed to enter the "men" side o f the wall xD jiji
We can't tell how much the fame can affect us... everybody has lose his pacience with some circunstances O.o i dont support violence, but also dont judge
Hilary Gonzalez
he wuz crying he looks so cute though!!!