Lennox Lewis Says He'd Break Down Tyson Fury, But Man, It'd Be Tough | TMZ Sports

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Eddie Eagle
Lennox Would be a good ventriloquist said all tha while smiling
Vision Tube
here come the ''PRIME'' comments.
Tyson Fury would outbox him.
Marshal Luiz
Knowing it’s Lennox he actually would dominate him in his prime
Ben Wish
lennox wouldnt have been quick enough to catch tyson fury when its all said and done tyson will be far more respected than this man .
cool cool
A prime Lenox would beat tyson fury even tho it be a hard fight for Lenox
Nazair King
Lennox would be goating Tyson to fight his fight. He’d grab Tyson by the love handles an finish him with an upper cut
Lennox couldnt beat vitali. Tyson danced around and played with vladimir
Belloo In Tears
Lennox would be way too slow for Fury, his legs would be gone by round 10.
Stealth Pool
Well his PRIME is over with sooooo lol irrelevant
darren smith
Neither are British Canadian and irish
Julian Cardenas
When he said best hands, its sounds like best hiddens. I dont like his accentml.
Owen racing
That s compliment too tyson Fury :)
Ben Wish
Anyway Lenox is irrelevant it ain't going to happen it can't happen so don't really matter
Matthew Gallagher
Why are people still talking about McGregor in relation to boxing? Any top 200 welterweight would humiliate him.
Trent Cleghorn
I saw USS A former cruiser weight Champ dropped Fury his size is not enough to have beaten the greats
Michael Wight
Lenox Lewis = Sodium chloride he don't like people doing better than he did.
Dave Clark
Look at Lewis’ record. He can talk the way he does .. a prime Lewis probably would KO AJ, Wilder and Fury
Ben Wish
lewis was to slow with hes feet wouldnt have got close
Brad Stream
Lennox Lewis is an old man now
Antares Bottia
I'm a huge Lewis fan but he wouldn't get near Fury. Way too slow. The guys he fought liked to stand and trade like he did. Fury's movement and skillset would be too much. Of course he would have a punchers chance, and he owned a decent jab himself but it was cumbersome in comparison to the speed Fury operates at. Joshua gives a hell of a fight too, and I'd say Joshua's feet would keep him out of trouble but Lewis could entice him to trade which would benefit Lewis. Wilders style would be perfect for him -slugfest. Properly the more entertaining fight.
Kevin James
Oh w
Not a chance Tyson would school you 😎👊🏻
Josef Darwich
Tyson Fury is the best fighter ever after Ali and Tyson
Rick rick
He’d never beat Big Baby Miller
Aj beats fury and wilder
Abdus Samad
Lenox was better than Tyson. And I'm not talking about Tyson Fury. Don't reply.
Jay Jay
He cudnt fight when he was agenst Mike Tyson so what makes him think me cud fight fury🤣
Mathew Youngblood
A prime Lennox would destroy Tyson Fury
Chester Sykes
I doubt Lennox would beat Fury, AJ, or Wilder... even in his prime. Lennox barely beat Bruno and was floored by relative unknowns McCall and Rahman.
Alex Farrar
Fury’s the fastest Heavyweight since Ali!!!! Lewis would be punching air
Aman chauhan
Tired of I would stuff.... Still, Mike tyson of prime anyday over anyone!
Rene Salcido
Lewis would flatten fury just like deontay did.
Troy Anderson
Fury jab would keep Lennox away..
Neo 1
I like Fury and rate him but prime Lewis would've destroyed him. This era of heavyweight boxing is weak compared to the older era's
I'm a Fury fan, but how can people possibly take what Lennox said as an insult towards Fury?? He's saying Fury is the toughest opponent out of current heavyweights, and admits he'd give him trouble. That is a big compliment coming from possibly the best past heavyweight of all time.
2 Cents
Lennox is a clinch fighter. Grabbing another mans arms nearly an entire match is so boring to watch. As far as him being greatest of all time no just stop 🖐🏼
Prince Allah
Lewis would ko fury by round 7