Motörhead - You Better Run

Motörhead - You Better Run from March Ör Die (1992) Lyrics I got no reason, to lie to you What's in the cards, that's what I do I was born a-running & laughing out loud With my feet on the ground & my head in the clouds You better run, oh baby you better run I got a blade like lightning, silver bullets in my gun I'm short & I'm tall, I'm black & I'm white Sometimes I be wrong, sometimes I be right I'm iron & steel, I'm bad to the bone You come looking for trouble, honey don't you come alone I seen 'em come, & I seen 'em go, I seen things & been people, that nobody knows I'm talking in pictures and I'm painting them black, I seen Satan coming honey in a big black Cadillac

All bubble blowing babies will be beaten senseless by every able-bodied patron in the
Moonlit Fox
Who came here because they have a good taste in music and not because of a movie?
Bruno Travassos
RIP to an icon of rock. Lemmy will be missed.
Michael Risi
"I have to go to the bathroom"
juan rivera
70% = peopple who remember drake & josh 20% = peopple who watch this beacuse they liked the calabera 10% = peopple who love this song
Mr. Van Der Linde
Am i the only one who's here for MOTORHEAD and not for a stupid cartoon?
Edgar Banuelos
Blues Metal. Why isn't it a thing?
What're you looking at?! *Starts beating other guy*
Mike Qwerty
This sounds like Bad to the bo.... ...Oh wait he does say bad to the bone. XD
Ben Bruns
I got no reason to be paranoid What's on the hook that's what I avoid I was born underwater without a sound With my friends in the drink and the sea all around You better swim Baby, you better swim You better swim like a tiger shark Or I'm gonna do you in I'm sorry when I'm told that I'm black and I'm white Sometimes I'll be wrong, sometimes I'll be right I'm higher than a seal, and I'm bad to the bone You go looking for trouble, but you come alone You better swim Baby, you better swim You better swim like a tiger shark Or I'm gonna do you in I see them come, and I see them go I see big things and big people that nobody knows I'm talking at pictures and I'm paintin' 'em black I'm telling you, fish-face, you ain't never coming back You better swim Baby, you better swim You better swim like a tiger shark Or I'm gonna do you in Yeah!
doesn't this guitar tune sounds familiar to bad to the bone ?
Spirit of Vengeance
RIP Lemmy, this is my most favorite song from your band <3 :'(
Pixar Kid Productions
Be honest. 99% of us are here bacause The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie
ok, who's here from Spongebob?
Dalton Pinell
4 bubble blowing babies were beaten senseless by every ill mannered patron in the bar
Jackie Nihil
What's up with Spongebob? Am I the only fan of the band who came here from being that?
Alex Jaeger
Who blew this bubble?
Really made me think
This track is so underrated.
Nate D
If I remember correctly, this song was spoofed/redone by Motorhead in the Spongebob Squarepants movie for the biker bar scene, which is just bizarre, but also kind of awesome.
Brent Bowman
Funniest thing is the bass and guitar tones in the spongebob version sounded much heavier
Stephen M. Reynolds, Jr.
Is anybody else immediately pumped up whenever they hear this song? I just wanna grab a bottle of Jack, a pack of cigarettes, and break shit when I hear this.
That riff reminds me of Roadhouse Blues by The Doors.
winston smith
I don't know what movie you're all talking about but what's wrong with finding out about stuff through movies? I learned about Guns 'n' Roses when Terminator 2 came out in 1991... so what? Kids do the same nowadays.
Alex Brenkwitz
I came here because of motorhead :P
Paulina Agüero
Increíble combinación del blues con mucho heavy metal... Solo Lemmy
Celeste Priest
NO such thing as a bad Motorhead song,NO such thing as a bad Motorhead Album or Bad live performance...The man and the band are TOTAL LEGENDS...And in my view LEMMY is the biggest lose to Rock'n'Roll since ELVIS...But MOTORHEAD'S music will out last us all....RIP WURZEL,PHIL"PHILTY ANIMAL"TAYLOR...AND LEMMY,A LEGEND WHO IS NOW WITH ALL THOSE OTHER LEGENDS...RIP AND GOOD LUCK...
Space Goth
18 losers better run
jader perez
Bad to the bones :)
Marcus Petrushko
A bubble blowing double baby doesn't belong out here, in mans country! -Patrick star.
You know Motörhead are an awesome band when they agree to redo this song for the Spongebob movie! God bless Motörhead and Lemmy Kilmister ❤
RIP Lemmy :'( You're one of my heroes in the music world <3
Campbell Kane
Kinda here because of spongebob...
Iván Buccafusca
Cabeza de motoooooorr 🇦🇷 🤘
Carlos Uribe
"Todos los bebes que soplen burbujas serán golpeados por todos lo clientes del bar" :vv
Dale Maher Woodlock
I'll create a distraction and you get the key.
HEY who blew this bubble ?
*RIP Lemmy*
Iena Reevs
John Stark
This is, by far, one of the most badass song I've ever heard!
spongebob brought me here
Soggy Harmonica
You Better Run > Bad to the Bone
Franck Garcia Dumas
Motor...los mejores sin duda alguna.....Lemmy el padrino del rock
Webert Macedo
Isso sim heavy metal and blues Rock
El Señor Jordán
Who else thinks this is the most badass song ever made?
Midnight Jaguar
Al A.H
Master of kings with the voice from hell. Rest in peace Lemmy.
Dead Head 102
Why can't I be here for both?
Darren Calvin
Utter class thank you
cOxagace Hacê
Muito fodaaaaaa! BR na pista do rock pow!
Erwin Esteves ruelas
Ahora sabemos de donde saco Drake la cancion......."El gruñón de Josh Tara rara hace su tarea Tara rara es la Tarea Tara rara que se hace en casa Tara rara" por eso es la tarea que se hace en Casa XDDDDDD Lemmy R.I.P 🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘
Julieta de Haro
208 people forgot to run
Sabbatical Magic
AC DC The Jack
see satan and his big white caddy all over. I'm runnin you better too
Виктор Викторов
Подвал - это наша свобода Подвал - это наш второй дом! RiP for LK & ХОЙ
nolo king
One of my favorite Motorhead songs of all time Damn, this album tops Orgasmatron for me because it's hit after hit, lawls!
Maniam Raja
This for Mr President Donald Trump ...2020 re-elected campaign song.
Shawn Gorsuch
If you don't Like motorhead "You better run"
Samuel Truncale
Justin Bieber blew the bubble.
Djox Jovich
Shane's Trains57
I expected to see spongebob movie comments, but not this many lol.
Who the hell cares where you came from? Either way you must think it's a good song, otherwise you wouldn't be here. Unless you just came here to make a reference to where you came from, in which case shame on you.
You come looking for trouble honey, don't you come alone.....
Jack Nogueira
Can I have your attention I have to go to the bathroom
Leslie Wood
This song is AWESOME☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺
Gold Wolf
I almost Imagine Black Beard from Assassin's Creed 4 Black Flag singing this in some random Pirate Tavern! Everybody's reaction to his performance would totes be worth it!
vegano é babaca
Surely inspired by ZZ TOP - Bad to the bone / the band Lemmy said he would have loved to been in
Jason Krantz
Alex Woolridge
Shareef Haddad
"Omae! Ore no na wo ittemmero!"
Cesar Ramirez
you better swim was better
Who's here because this is a good song?
Borrance Tecker
Rest in peace Lemmy.
Final oral exams tomorrow. Gonna play this when they call me into the room. 😈🍀
Sloth Bear
blues rock made badass
this song's guitar riff is like muddy waters' mannish boy, huh? and the chorus is like muddy waters' (I'm your) hoochie koochie man. Am I mistaken?
lemmy immortal
Daniel Guerrero
Pure blues and rock n roll, without any of the 50's rock n roll musicians, there wouldn't be a Motörhead
Red Floyd
Nice reference to "bad to the bone" of George Thorogood there. It's definitely the same kind of style. Bar fight music.
Abjetivo Calificativo
Aqui un gringo que vino porque no soy un chico soy un hombre... bob esponja :v
Kevin McCall
Awesome song. I will enjoy it forever
song has a similar pace to mannish boy by Muddy Waters
Felix Gamon
just started listening to motorhead , they are amazing
old school thrash metal
I'm a metalhead and also love spongsbob
Sam Sam
LYRICS: I got no reason to lie to you What's in the cards, that's what I do I was born running and laughing out loud With my feet on the ground And my head in the clouds You better run Baby, you better run I got a blade like lightning Silver bullets in my gun I'm short and I'm tall I'm black and I'm white Sometimes I'd be wrong Sometimes I'd be right I'm iron and steel and I'm bad to the bone You come looking for trouble, honey Don't you come alone You better run Baby, you better run I got a blade like lightning Silver bullets in my gun I've seen them come And I've seen them go I've seen things and been people That nobody knows I'm taking in pictures And I'm painting them black I've seen Satan coming, honey In a big black Cadillac You better run Baby, you better run I got a blade like lightning Silver bullets in my gun
Flavio podestadiense
♫Siempre es lo mismo nena♪ (Pappo's Blues Volumen 3)
outta here
the comments below are priceless,people comin to listen because of spongebob,thats ace,get into some motorhead,you wont regret it
I'm here because of the square pants
Shir'o Khorshid
Rest in Power Lemmy.
Andrew Schade
Qué buen tema la recalcada concha de la lora!
Nick Moser
Good song to play when kicking the shit out of Syrian "refugees"
Johan Porovsky
2019 año nuevo y todavía suena ATR. Like si estás de acuerdo con esta bendisiome (tengo más)
Jose Ureña
iron prefect
Akár egy Hobo szám is lehetne
lml como olvidar..., :')