The Big Bang Theory - Jim Parsons and Mayim Bialik on Amy and Sheldon

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Executive producers Bill Prady, Chuck Lorre, and Steven Molaro talk about the nature of Amy and Sheldon's relationship. ABOUT THE PALEY CENTER: In an era of rapid change in media and technology, the not-for-profit Paley Center for Media explores the evolving ways in which we create, consume, and connect through media. With locations in New York and Los Angeles, and the foremost public archive of television and radio programming, the Paley Center produces and curates programs, forums, and educational activities that engage the general public, industry professionals, and the creative community in an ongoing conversation about the impact of media on our lives. The Paley Center for Media is a hub of innovation and connection for entrepreneurs, investors, and consumers with its finger on the pulse of the next big thing in media. Go to to learn more.

I love how they lean toward each other. It looks so sweet even though I know Jim Parsons is gay.
I love it how Jim Parsons and Mayim Bialik obviously have no problem being physically close to each other without any romantic or sexual tension there. I know he is gay, but I think it would more likely be like they'd physically stay away from each other. We need more of this kind of physical touching, that has nothing to do with romance nor sex. <3
capt picard
I hope when Big bang does eventually end its run, Chuck Lorre does a spin-off show about Sheldon and Amy called "The Coopers"
Mayim is beautiful.
Omg, I fell in love with Jim Parsons
1:11 Jim Parsons: "We can't wait to rehearse" I know what that sounds like! Hubba hubba lol   
Why so serious?
that girl who ask if amy is kinda gay to penny is cute af
Hrishikesh Sonar
Yasmine PrettyBird
Damn, Raj sure is handsome.
Akho Rhakho
"we can't wait to rehearse" burst out laughing lol
Red c
awww mayim and jim are so adorbs! if i didn't know jim is gay i'd think they have a thing going on lol
Selena Cordelia Scott-Fan
Jim Parsons is so cute 😍
Snake being
Shamy is one of the best tv couples on tv. A unique and peculiar one indeed.
Betty White needs to do a cameo playing Sheldon's Mee-Maw
Rhyperior Ranger
"We can't wait to rehearse" 😂😂😂😂😂😂 bruh
Nader Eltaief
Mayim looks pretty in real life!
Crisp Eaterson
I have a very serious crush on Mayim Bialik.
M000 Mbk U
who isn't gay for penny
Nerdy Snailie
Jim really love Mayim as his body language is really intimate and close to her . He touch her and comfort her and has I not known he is gay or taken, I would think something else but I also understand where he is coming from ... sometimes you meet people that you connect to on deeper level - soul level . And those soul mates are hard to not love. I think Mayim and Jim are like that and to see two people genuinely love and care for each other is so beautiful. Anyone who had a friend like that understand because it's one of the most beautiful things in the world ..
Scarlet Witch
I absolutelly love Sheldon and Amy!
THE ANSWER TO THAT FIRST QUESTION IS YEEEESSSSSSSSSS hahahaha finally!dece,ber 17 cannot arrive fast enough jesus christ
Oh. That first question hurts after the season eight finale.
Sarah Lewis
I absolutely lovee Jim and Mayim's chemistry together. its pretty magical ❤
Janice Murphy
If Sheldon in real life wasn't gay should really be the perfect girl for him
Jim Parsons "we can't wait to rehearse" LMAO
Shan t
01:19 am I thee only one who thought she was gonna kiss him?! And what could she have whispered to her? I can't figure out what Jim said back
Courtney Spencer
Is it just me or does there seem to be some negative energy between Kaley and the rest of the panel? I'm not sure that's the right way to describe it, but, in every panel discussion I've seen, Kaley is so isolated or disconnected from the rest. Look at Mayim and Jim: very close, leaning toward each other. Kaley, ram-rod straight and not in any way physically inclined toward anyone else. She has similar body language in another panel and never quite seems to be really enjoying herself. There's always as much distance as possible from her and the person she's next to. I don't know if that's just me reading into little things but it's kind of sad! I've heard she's a really nice person so I'd be surprised if there were tensions actually there. I don't dig much into the dynamics of actors on a particular show but I just can't help but be curious about this. Does anyone else see it?
Jaydn Von Rhoman
I love you Mayim!! Huge fan!
Lacious Cayne
Damn the girl with the Bazinga shirt is cute. <3
Grace Kelley-Ann Larsen
Mayim is so adorable~!
Mayim looks great :)
Jessica Bryant
I thought his Mee-Maw was dead.
Lindsay Wilson
Anike Geisendorf
the relationship of amy and sheldon reminds me of a cute teenie couple that are afraid to do something together like kissing and so one :) sooo cutteeeee *-* xD
Arrow Lover
Hahaha! Great question if Amy was always kind of gay for Penny!! :')
Sure Loves Pocket Polly
OMG Amy is so gorgeous in real life!!!!
At 1:25...... Sheldon wearing a rubber suit... I could see him doing that
Shai Eijansantos
Oh my God. Is it crazy that I want them to be together so bad?
why doesn't penny have a last name?
Gilda Lira
eu queria muuuuito essa entrevista dublada ou com legenda em PT-BR!! :(
Chris Glow
And Abby from NCIS😍
Why is the chick from NCIS hosting this?
Alexandr Chernoff
Parson - I am actor? no, you are Sheldon
Dr. Zippy Mcscoots
I'm a physicist. I want to bang Mayim Bialik. Is that wrong?
Subbie Jon
and Pauley Perrette is looking hot!
La primera pregunta ahora ya tiene respuesta :D #09x11
Justin official
Carla Urbatsch
I was laughing so hard at "We can't wait to rehearse" XDDD
Kathy Bates for MeeMaw! I'm sure there are others who would be great, but she came to mind right away. :-)
Pat McTallica
Without her and Melissa, the quotes were down. Incredible that THEY earn NOT even 10% what the four "stars" earn. They have at least the same screenplay time as the rest. That`s fair showbusiness!!!!! I do hope Mayim, after BBTh you stay in business and you`ll have a smart career.
The new episode on the "Meemaw Materialisation" is based on that lady's question on whether Sheldon's grandma will show and like Amy.
Poor Rajesh :D
It's Abby from NCIS!
funny how all of this happens in the current season (season 9)
"We can't wait to rehearse" Mayim is so attractive, she turns a gay man straight.
Stu Bur
It is embarrassing for a media focused organization to fail so hard with video quality.
Eric Hirsch
Pauley and Mayim are very attractive They have smiles that light up a roomAnd make you feel good all over.❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Mary 40
I frickin love this show!!!! It will be more than 10 seasons yay
i would love Patty Duke to pay MeeMaw
2017 squad
Bridget Yost
Wait- is Raj married???? Was that a wedding ring I saw?
Könnte mir das mal jmd. auf Deutsch übersetzen? :I
NN peace
mayim n jim is the sweetest
Josefine Johansson
can they adopt me?
Monika Sabljic
are we going to see howard's mom
Buffy Summers
I love Jim Parsons so much lmaoo
Blobby Blob
This show is now boring
chicas unicornios #meja#perejil
Megusta la seri de big bang theory
Brain Salad Surgery
Season 10, the beginning of the end, sad but real.
Juliana Ribeiro
What Jim said at 1:11?
Sunny D.
Things being talked about here are absolutely coming true.
Jackie Cee
Pauley! Love her!
Haley Blazek
Amo essa serie !!! Eles são fantásticos !!!!
John Smith
WTF? Who records interlaced video in this day and age??
Akho Rhakho
where can I get the full video?
Mariel Perdiguero
again kaley cuting Jim and Mayim... 
Melissa Colin Balderas
Subtitulos en español !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Keisha Sen
It's so strange to see Amy in clothing that nots vintage
"we can't WAIT to rehearse!" xD
Midori Tea
That was awesome we can't wait to rehearse
And three years later... SHELDON AND AMY ALREADY DID IT!! HAHA (Once a year though lol) #SpoilerNotSpoiler
reb Dagama
We can't wait to rehearse
Why is Abby questioning Sheldon hahahh
Except Rajesh and Penny everyone is Jewish
Ya Boi Jakub Bala
galecki be like plz notice me
blanca mendoza
the kiss because you ask if they know that jim is gay
Jim's laugh 😍
jim parsons is so sweet. i kind of have a crush on him. 
is there a full video of this?
Her last name could be Zenvy. Penny Zenvy.
Who's the host? she's hawt :P
isnt sheldon's 'meemaw' dead???
omg to favorite actors abby from ncis and amy and sheldon
Gary Plastek
Is the moderator Paulie Purrette from NCIS, sure looks like her if it's not.
mewmaw = rosanne barr.
Lorena Juan
How cuuute are all of them!
Susan Hubert
What's not to like?..
Edward Mynning
Betty White for Meemah!
Gitte and Graham
lol that's it? more please