Tool - Parabol & Parabola [Live @ Monster Mash Tempe, AZ 10-31-2015] HQ Matrix

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/>2 camera videos coming this week featuring better audio and video.. check back!

Cee Ess
This is by far your best one yet. Sounds effing great!!. Super clear shots... I can see Danny thinking lol Thanks man!
Kyle K.
Justin looks like Rick from 'The Walking Dead', haha.
Jesus Christ
danny and maynard disguised as bonzo and robert plant, right?
Federico Vázquez
I think I need moar weed
Automatic Reset
i feel like adam is oblivious that hes playing live with an audience
David Wilson
Shawn Vas
On vocals Robert Plant....and John Bonham on drums!! 😂
J Mac
has the drummer got a fake moustache ?
David Amoyal
amazing video, so rare to see Tool videos so close to stage- well done Chris and thanks for sharing
Jaycob TM
Best tool song
Steven A.
I love seeing my favorite band being happy with each others amazing performances.
Emre Köse
dude really so so good a record. ty
Vlad Prisecaru
R.I.P Maynard's voice. ;-;
a chance to be....ALIVE AND BREATING!!
Joe Cicala
Try touring, and see how your voice holds up, its not exactly [email protected] rip maynards voice
Tetsuo Max
ALIIIIIIIIVE !!!!!!! I love you Tool
Chris Jacobs great had the camera on a guy we can barely see and missed a really good part on the drums with Danny all lit up, great work genius
Beestee Alitee
Dude! This is so good. Thanks once again!!!
David Pereira
seriously... it can't get any better than this...
Danny Carey :-O
Drummer looks like Brant Bjork lol
must say this is sounding unreal. Many thanks for recording this.
Zokes The Cat
4:42 Orgi Button
the vocals are amazing live
Morgan McElheney
I didn't know Rob plant and John Bonham played for Tool!!
Captain Dedpul
i moved to tempe two years late god damn it!!
Angela Karni
Very nice live with such a clear picture with close-ups. Thanks!
04:52 goosebumps every fucking time.
John Barrett
to me this song is better than LATERALUS
Wow, Danny Carey, what a powerful drummer.
João Pedro Madeira Batista
Is this Led Zeppelin?
Oxter Fahrenheit
Fkn John bonham on drums
Jegzzy guitarin
Adam were is your silver burrst??????
This song is wonderful.❣️
nick battaglia
i like how he filmed everyone except chancellor like wtf
Concert Matrix Reloaded
How come I'm just now viewing this??? That's some professionalism :-O Props bro \m/
Hairs ALIVE!!!
hog slop
When I’m depressed, I listen to this song. It has got me through some tough times.
Teutonic IA42
eee boludo es impresionante ta looooco que viaaaje
Connorfied WHUT
Steven Hall
the led zep garb is funny.
Валерий Лебедь
Evyatar Hadar
.It sucks Maynard's voice got rusty. Can't blame him though aging sucks
ben winwood
Wish the crowd would stop cheering and just enjoy the experience
Why does every live Tool vid on youtube say "HQ audio" and then sound like it was recorded on a cell phone that was stuck up someone's ass.
Had Enough
That intro is too long..3 minutes of boredom...THEN the song begins..
igor danco
Danny Bonham f..n Carrey 😁
John Smith
Bunch of turds chatting it up in the crowd, stfu.
Mike K
Chris Jacobs knows only one way to rock out with his cock out