Première Oorlogswinter / Winter in Wartime

Film1 was at the red carpet event in Amsterdam to interview the stars and director of Oorlogswinter (Winter in Wartime).

Alexandra Swanson
When you can't speak Dutch.
Glenn Leslie
these films foreign are just better than hollywood by a mile they just have much more to say glenn leslie......
The people of Scotland send their love to the people of Holland ....
Sofie R
I LOVEEE JAMIEEE<3 And im dutch so im super happy hes in this yaaaay <3
Dit film was echt super!! Ontroerend en grappige stukjes zaten er ook in. Dat maakt de film juist super! xD
ik heb de film net gekeken! echt heeel mooi gemaakt!
Nina W
Woehoe! Eindelijk...!