Tokio Hotel TV 2014 [EP 03] 'Tom, Do Your f*'n Job - You're My Assistant‘

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Gabrielle Leah
Bill- "This is my beauty side" Tom- "Yeah, mine to" WELL DUH, YOU'RE TWINS!!!
danii rowland
My idols since I was 13, now im 20 years old, I'll forever love them
Yüki Stern
♥ Gustav fooling around ♥ Georg and his natural beauty ♥ Tom and his stupid sense of humor :'D ♥ Bill being... Bill xD ♥ Pumbi ♥ ... And the new song teaser... MY. GOD. I. AM. SO. DONE.
03:30 Bill is cuteeee....i don't really care what they say...he is still the same and i love him.I  LOVE TOKIO HOTEL!
george ist soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo sexy
Néo John
5'12 : HEART ATTACK *_______________*. I WANT THE NEXT EPISOOOODE :) !
Анора Муминова
У Билла парик! А я поверила в таблетки :D
Brenda K
Changing to name Tokio Hotel??? No way!! ALL my passwords have TH or Tokio Hotel in their combinaison! OMG, what about the Aliens who tattooed themselves?! /(*_*)\
Oh nooo!! Don't change the name Tokio Hotel Rangers!! It's perfect. Was perfect in the past and still perfect in the present!!
Alienof Suburbia
I was not ready to hear that new extract okay, omg I am so excited to hear your ENTIRE songs ! @Tokio Hotel 
Cris C
OMG OMG OMG!!! MISSING IN ACTION are back??????????? FINALLYYYY (I hope, but also not... XXDDDDDDDDD)
Litzy Flores
Ahhhh perfectos *-* me fascinan jksjksjakshs :3
uni b
Those 6:40 felt like 10 seconds. It's amazing how time flies when I see you guys again!
it's ya girl
Main role: Pumba  Hahahaah love you guys x3 Can't wait for the album :) 
Sirley Bejarano
0 "unlikes"... ¡eso es genial! ♥
videofan77 -Louise
I'm fangirling over Pumba more than Tom! is that even possible!?! ;P <3
oh good… we've managed to go 7 hours without a "bill should come out" comment. let's keep that up. 
Great episode! :D Tom you look like Jezus :D Can't wait for these photos and next episode <3 P.S. Pumba is so sweet :) Kisses from Poland :*
Leviathan 777
Don't you even dare to change band name! :(
Sirley Bejarano
"...somewhere in town, we don't know where we are..." OMTH! Loooooooooooooooooove it!!! ♥
Maia Bonello
wooow i can't wait to hear this album !!! it just sounds GREAT :D ... now wait for next wed, :) xxx
Oh God, I can't wait to see all results. Love from Poland!
videofan77 -Louise
There should be a whole episode on Pumba, seriously, he's so squishing cute ^.^ ❤️
-Gustav, come down -Yes mommy XD
SUN light
When you watch old THTV for some good feelings and nostalgia, but then you hear: Pumba And 😭😭😭😭
julie kaulitz
OMG !!!! that they are beautiful! each day I love you more! I look forward to the next episode! Ich liebe dich! Alien Fur Immer!
Duda Guerini
Raping the replay button!
Diana Castellanos
I just love the old and the new #Tokio_Hotel I believe that you guys just change your looks not the amazing funny persons that you're as an 👽 I appreciate that for all of you 😘😊❤️
Tursoun Boltayeva
Rain is a good sign, guys! I heard a snatch of new music?!?! A breath of fresh air! Can't wait to hear the whole album! Good luck, guys! We need you!
Andreea Kaulitz
I think this will be the most gorgeous photoshoot.I want alllllll the photos.I can't wait to see them. ♥
Cassie L.
That was crazy, I couldn't stop laughing xDDDDDDD
July Godoy
OMG *--* voy a desmayarme en cualquier momento...! no puedo esperar mas!!! como los amoo chicosss!!! <3
Angie Kay
Long live Tomglish!! And my god that teaser of music was fantastic !!!!!!
Anna Friman
DONT YA DAARE CHANGE THE NAME lol jk omg these episodes make me smile so much and ily so muuch like words cant even describe the feeling💕💕
Marié Kaulitz
I cant wait untill next wednesday ! And I cant wait to hear the new songs. I love these guys sooo much, Ive been her fan for so long and Im super happy that they are finally back<3
Mayara Bandeira
5:12 aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh <3 song perfect <3
Stacey Listing
My idols *_* I can't wait the next episode!!
OMG. I'm cry. 
Vitiliginous Minagga
Use viagra again, then. 😂 Just kidding, I love you soooo much. ❤️❤️❤️
Poland loves you!!!<3
Roxy Hurricane
pascaline gravina
Ô My god so beautiful <3 <3. Amazing <3
pascaline gravina
Ô My god so beautiful <3 <3. Amazing <3
Roxy Hurricane
5:12-5:30  MUSIC IT'S AMAZING <3
beard + knot = *yes* p.s. may I steal Pumba please :0 what kind of breed is it ?
F*** YEAAAAH MONSOON FOREVER))) Rain is so suitable for the nature of TH! Pumba-puppy is soooo cute ^^  5:29 Bill is so hot, seems like almost unchanged. Maybe my english very bad, but I hope you understand me))))
Ha ha, guy's you made my day... Poland miss so much. ♡
Gianna Sampaziotis
Thank you thank you thank you thank you!!!! You're my everything guys!!! Everything is wonderful now that you are back!!! Tommy you're soooo sweet with your little nephew!!! Hahahaha! *Just ADORABLE* !! Love you so much! Love and kisses from #Greece ! Take care and enjoy everything you do!!! You're my life #TokioHotel ! Love you sooooo soooooooo freaking much!!! Thanks again..Love you!!! :* :* :* :*
Angelica Pompili
Chloe Bartley
Georg is so ripped haha  They won't change the name don't worry. And also those who are telling bill to stop smoking, he's been smoking for years and years and his voice still sounds fine. The others smoke too so yeah.
Meggie Sakura
I love this episode xD how Gustav is lost in front of the camera but i preferred bill with long hair x(
Roxy Hurricane
ащащаща <3
I can't wait, I just can't, I can't breathe I'm so excited right now, oh my Tokio Hotel
Karina Hay
Just wow. I'm delighted. Bill is a non-standard personality. Respect.
Maria •
I think that every Alien had heart attack at 5:12 ♥😷
That new song tho... <3 <3 <3 <3 <3
Fan since 2007, since the first time I've heard Monsoon in the Italian radio. Present at two concert in 2010 here in Italy, completely crazy for them. Today I'm glad to see them again, but I'm a little perplex... I'm afraid that they've changed too much their style and music... I don't know if I will love it as I did in the past. Otherwise, it seems that they are more mature as person, even if Bill doesn't look as sweet as he was...and I say it with a little sadness...I was crazy for him. Now he seems to be more sophisticated and not in a positive way :-( But we'll see...maybe it's too early to judge...
Chainsaw Monster
Nina Flores
They're amazing and these little piece of a song... oh please i can't wait for the album, they're awesome!
Yuliya Kozlovskaya
just amazing <3
Monsoon City
Runnin through the monsoon, beyond the world :D
Amalie Nielsen
You guys are amazing! Thank you for sharing these vids with us❤
Isabel Legrady
6:06 Georg and Gustav's bromance, tho hahahaha  I'm so excited, oh my. I can't even
Alexis Hernández
This chapter make my day, today is ma birthday so I was so happy to watch the Tokio Hotel TV <3 Kisses <3
Pau Arrieta
Bill smoking... The sexiest thing ever. ❤
Amina Fassil
Gustav looks so much like niall horan from 1D its insane, his eyes his hair, the way he talks wow
i WAS 100% sure he was going to say "Changing the band name Tokio Hotel to just... TOM" lol
Alice Tridello
Ogm! ma cosa vi é successo :(.
Alice Tridello
Ogm! ma cosa vi é successo :(.
Mitzi Hernandez
5:13 hahahahaa awwww'' :') LOS AMO! CHICOS <3
Mitzi Hernandez
5:13 hahahahaa awwww'' :') LOS AMO! CHICOS <3
jungs  ihr  seid  der  hamma  ,bringt  mich  immer  wieder aufs  neue  zum  lachen  =) 
Rachel Torres
excited for the next chapter >.< So amazing
Eubilla Kaulitz
night of the hunter Guys... Some where in town we don't know where we are
Los amo!!! Los amo!! You made my day :'D I'd missed you guys, so much. Alien since 2008 and no matter what, I'm here.
Gustav die geile sau ;D
Bill looks so good now. I can't get enough of the hair, beard, and piercings
Tobias Guhlke
I really like the new Style. It's so amazing to see you Guys! 😀
Asi = A-hole? nieeeeemals!
You guys are everything to me! The best thing that have happened in my life! So I'm very grateful for all you're giving us now ♥ DANKE ALIEN FROM CHILE♥
BlinkyStaKltz :
Happy Birthday My Twins *-* I Love U Guys! <3
Danke, danke, danke. ;) <3
D garciam
Please guys..!! Don't change the name of the band..... PLEASE
Carla Gonçalves
Aw, pumba wants to be in the photoshoot too. I love the rain, honestly, I just think it gives a nice look to the photos. And I couldn't live in a place where it only rains a few times it's so relaxing. This was such a good episode. Time to rape the replay button!
So good! Can't wait for next Wednesday <3333333
Niloofar Maktoum
Bill Kaulitz is sexy..."Beyond the Myth" ❤❤❤
Greta McDonald
I loved this episode it was so good totally one of my favorites so far. I couldn't stop smiling through the whole thing.
Ирина Погиба
It's wonderful!!! Thank you guys :) You're the best! <3
videofan77 -Louise
Can we all agree that Pumba is the cutest thing ever!! Ugh i just want to cuddle him! He's so squishy ❤️
Mari Dott16
To that one person that dislike this video:  What are you even doing here? 
Nastazia Official Channel
<3 <3 You guys are amazing
Mandyy An
Might be third time I'm watching this heh 😅 Bill, I'm falling more and more in love with you HALP
No entendi ni meerga pero con tal de verlos no importa qe me hablen en chino mandarin o el idioma que sea
Sophie Threlfall
So happy they're finally back, been waiting years 😂
Larissa Monique
Quero música novaaaaaaa!!! T_T
Λινα B.
Where is the new Th tv video??:):):)
Sarah Wika
Maria Gizzi
You can't imagine how much I missed you.. Love u
Oh Mein Gott, I forgot how much I loved you guys! And I was listening to The Humanoid album the other day and was like, I wonder how the band is and if they're going to be another album. And LOOK!!! Tom and Bill, still sexy as ever! Well, hell, you two got sexier!!!!