Joe Bonamassa - "Midnight Blues" - Beacon Theatre - Live From New York

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Adrien Savart
In tribute to Gary Moore, a big one. RIP.
James Sparks
I have decided that this will be my entire neighborhood’s favorite song today whether they like it or not! Ha Ha!
MM Dow
It's Friday night, turn up the dark for the earth. Home with my dog, a fire going on the couch in complete darkness listening to your music. I have been struggling to find the words to describe this performance.....amazingly enough there aren't any to do it justice. However I can say that I had a strong emotional and physical response, Thank you for sharing your gift with the world you have no idea the healing power of music. Safe travels Mr. Bonamossa.
I saw Joe live a week ago in the Royal Albert Hall and I can tell you, after a life of visiting the greats of the earth in live concerts, this man is the greatest among greats. The soul, the building of a song, the flawless play, backed by the greatest artists in their respected fields. I'm a believer in the guitargod Joe Bonamassa.
Rick Moro
Be thankfull for how young this great wonder is for the road is not as well paved as it was in years past! Joe will carry the torch of blues power for all! As we can rest with in our selves as we fall into ourselves......
valerie karenn
Hello I am 75yrs young . Joe must be the best guitar player alive today. It's as though his music really tells a story. I listen every day. Thank you creator for giving us this fabulous musician.
Billy Blues
This man is awesome and I love the Blues! Him and Stevie Ray Vaughan!
Richard Hebb
Thee best to come along in years Thank you Mr. Bonamassa!
Neville Darman8n
Truly amazing love the sound
Emma-Lynn Wilkinson
This is so surreal. On repeat. Thanks to channels like JoeBonamassaTV, Espresso Vibes and Koala. Quality before quantity =)
gary looks from down there,,,,,,and he saw his brother in guitar^^
Lorgren Benirus
I wish I could "Like" this performance more then once.. Amazing.
Gary will be very proud of it. Joe really nailed it. I love Joe version of Midnight Blue. It's very beautiful. Well done.
Antonia Arcega
So brilliant and great blues singer its a goosebump!Atm im listening to his music
sally ly
🌜it's After Midnight🌛 💓🎸💓Joe's guitare💓🎸💓 is crying 💔💕💔 And I'm crying 💔💕💔 Après Minuit La guitare de Joe pleure💕💔💕 Et Je pleure 💕💔💕
laurenldc chase
Flat out Best ...........from a fellow upstate New Yorker . You can just feel decades of Blues and Rock . I listen to some of my old favorites ( I am 65 ) and have to just stay that anything JB covers should have a new name It is a pleasure ! Thanks
Alan Yurychuk
This man gets into your blood.
lorna young
Makes that guitar sing!
Ville Topi
can't wait to see him this september... got the ticket for my 40th bday-present :D
Such control and feeling!! My heart is breaking but filled with those oh so delicious guitar wails and velvet voice
He is magic, the music is very sexy! He is a very confident musician that enjoys what he dose.....keep on keeping on Joe😍
Sebastian Dracu
As a young player I learned one thing: take some time, sit your ass down and start to follow some of Joes Licks ! So much to learn from that dude!
Louise Attzs
Love how tasteful his faster runs are. Never get that 'here we go again' feeling
just found Joe ... it's 2018 and something still blows my hair back!!!
No Man's Son
I could just imagine falling asleep drunk to this in a room full of candles... the wind blowing in through the curtains..
kristi glinkaj
4-13-2019 best riff ever, well one of them. Top 3 and I'm half century old n heard a lot. Just sayn. Lol. #RipOn
Hector Garcia
Joe plays good, Gary wsnt from here, he is the best of best (r.i.p)
IMO probably Joes's best performance of Midnight Blues. He absolutely harnesses the essence of this hauntingly beautiful song. It enters the realm of the supernatural through the phenomenal tone he's getting from his guitar and rig.
William Baker
Here i m again can,not stop listening to Jay b what a band
Gagik Kamalyan
Thank you maestro. In difficult moments, your creativity gives me strength. Doing better is always better. There is no limit to perfection. And most importantly, you love your listeners, thank you.
beach bum
It's the darkest hour of the darkest night It's a million miles from the morning light Can't get no sleep, don't know what to do I've got those midnight blues When the shadows fall, I feel the night closing in There must be some reason for this mood I'm getting in Can't get no sleep, don't know what to do I've got those midnight blues Every evening after sundown As the light begins to fade I feel so low, but I just don't know Why these blues won't go away Every evening after sundown As the light begins to fade I feel so low, but I just don't know Why these blues won't go away It's the darkest hour of the darkest night It's a million miles to the morning light Can't get no sleep, don't know what to do I've got those midnight blues I've got those midnight blues I've got those midnight blues I've got those midnight blues
kot game android
this is the best of your best blues, Joe, beautiful composition, and guitar, calms and carries away in flight, into the starry sky....
Alina S
Awesome Joe!!! GREAT MASTER!!!
Ricardo Vinicio
Meu Deus Joe kkkkkk seja um pouco humilde kkkkkk toca de mais......"cê loko"; Great version congratulation, from Brazil we love you !!
some musicians just touch your soul :)
michael koller
i just want to meet one of the people who disliked this...just to see if they are human beings
Stephen Budge
This is how the blues really feel. Sad and Dark.
Jeff VanArsdell
Oinks is the morning time to come home. Pura mentira Oinks is NOT the morning way! Pura mentira.
Saw Joe at Red Rocks and at Shea’s in Buffalo. This guy is only 40 years old but has more blues power than guys who have been playing for 50 years.
Allen Elman
Joe Bonamassa is NOW The KING!! I know BB would agree! AND Joe IS, well to say versatile, is a colossal understatement!!!
Lena Earring
This man is beyond genius. Could listen to him all day...if fact I have today.
James In Colorado
Sooo smooth .......sooo perfect.....and from the soul.
Bruno Erikles Malheiro
Babando com esse timbre da guitarra!
Only very view guitarists can hold and even increase the amount of tension over this long period. Most players shot their wad within the first 30 seconds and start getting boring from that point. Joe starts very calm and waits with his first real fast run until 5:18!
Nick Lopez
He totally nailed this.
harry kiat
Great n Legends of Guitarists,,,Frank Zappa,Peter Green,Jimmy Hendrix, Joe Bonamassa,n Gary Moore.
intellectual woman
Elena Marin
AMAZING😇❤ God bless you Joe 🙏💕
Excellent job. No one is ever gonna be Gary Moore but this shit works.
Wish I could say how much this performance means to me. Wondrous!
EagleWind Rider
Hey Joe 😎 Your voice singing is just as great as your Prowess on guitar You da Man Amigo👍🔥🎸🦅
Wally A
Beautiful song...many of us can relate to the lyrics...nice job Joe. Keep it coming!
Dennis volk
Such soul he can make a guitar come alive
SKY Kaly
Midnight Blues. yep I needed to hear that. It is now 1:24 am , thanks Joe
leion aliy
JOE.....A GREAR GREAT MUSICIANS.. and unbelievable performance ..
Luc Biétry
Demain au Zénith de Caen !!!
Julie Hopson
Words don’t covey.... deep to the core emotion, the magic of his playing guitar combined with that voice....making music love....OH! marveling at this natural high, touches the soul~~~~
Hans Nordström
Here is another human Berling,WHO own the world. So beautiful. He and Stewe Ray Vaughn ,can not ask for more
Ynot Aericko
Best tunes for Cruzing COLORADO MOUNTAIN ROADS!!!
Tim Sweeney
If anyone ever asks me who my favourite guitarist of all time is, ill show them this
Lynda Loranger
un moment sublime , musique et voix, sensuel, bravo
Howard Goff
Fantastic! I know the great B. B. King is Proud of you! I love it.
brett brinkman
MR. BONAMASSA, Would you please come to Okc., Oklahoma???
Terry Hogan
Have mercy......I have tickets to see Mr. Bonamassa in May, here in Texas. It cannot get here fast enough!
Daryl C Mills
Was a bit like the sound man kept pissing with the levels. Good though.
Born in Texas
Thanks Joe! This is the greatest eveeer! Keep it up! I also love u and Beth H. Keep on doing concerts! We love you guys!
Andrey K.
Gonna hear it live tomorrow I can’t wait for this, Joe you are awesome! ❤️
I was able to witness you live last night Mr. Bonamassa....what a thrill! Thank you for all that you sacrifice to touch our souls.
sixtyton angel
Makes me sick to watch this and know I own a couple of really nice guitars.
Absolutely amazing.
Michelle Hertzberg
Damn that man is FINE...and plays so well makes me cry.
Never been a fan, but this was SUPERB!
gary pfeiferling
Love this and i think the folks across the street do also ,maybe i mite turn it down some.
What's best ? The singing or the guitar playing ? None of them : JUST THE SOUL. Thank you Joe, I'll see you in Paris next year, my ticket is in the safe...
Brett DeLong
I will choose feeling and passion over shredding any day. I can appreciate technical ability but it's all about touching your soul.
MsDungeness River
This is just beautiful - another new favorite.
Alan Yurychuk
Wow! This is great.
Eberhard Herold
Excellent blues! Magnificent! :))))
Ali Adil
Mr. Joe you made me tear, as great as Gary Moore, Thanks man for all the great music and amazing performance always. i was dying to attend your concert in Austin last may but unfortunately couldn't, hopefully another time, We Love You Man.
Keith Russell
Oh, Sweet Midnight Blues?! We don't want them to go away do we, Joe?!
Joe=technical genius Gary=stylistic/creative genius
Sam Velasquez
i do not hear joe bonamassa everyday, but when i hear, my neighbours do it too...
Now this is some ax work. Blues on my new favorite. When your in my neck of the woods I'll be there.......
Jim Hughes
Dang Joe! I'm like cry baby!
Jack Rodi
My late evening pleasure, wonderful!
Good stuff buddy.... thanks for the free album too! Come to Vancouver.
Ken Mckechnie
Been listening to Joe now and again for the last 2 years but finally he has caught my eartention !
David Lawson
Awesome just fucking AWESOME I glad I found you.
Robert Clayton Jr.
Awesome! I'm in Guitar heaven!
Anna Willems
biological half superior dark jump quote starter environment south big.
Victor Hyde
Shit, i genuinely got goose bumps :D
Only wish I knew of you sooner...Now I'm cramming my history lesson! Great work as always!
Richard Smith
Great stuff. As of April 28, there are 591 clueless folks.
Julian 3
this man so totally rocks!!!!
Stephen Tudor
This is a great tribute to Gary Moore . He nails it and it shows great respect to the man and the song
Sharon Schmidt
Every time I find a favorite video, I find another one. Awesome!!
Дмитрий Иванов
Лучший! Браво маэстро!
He is prodigal. What more can you say. B. Wright 1060
Joel Glaze
I got to meet him a few years ago at the Mochican Blues festival outside Columbus, Ohio great weekend