#16 Soccer & Sightseeing - Tokio Hotel TV 2017 Official

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"Sorry it's the wrong room" - story of my life!
Marlene Rudkowski
0:40 gosh his hair 😍😍
Brenda Flores
Keep whoever the camera guy is
Georg Listing | 30 | hat ein Alkoholproblem 😂😂
I love Wednesdays because I can sit down and relax for 10 minutes without thinking about nothing but just having fun watching Tokio Hotel TV. Definitely the highlights of this episode are: - Tom's dog looking at food. It made my day ahahaha he's freaking adorable! - Dominik knocking on the wrong door. I was like: WTF? Who's that? - Bill eating the muffin and then going crazy. "What was there in that muffin?" ahahaha Thank you so much for another cool episode. Have fun tonight at THE STORE. Love you so much Always yours Irene xx
Eileen Deisemann
Dominik 😂 Klopfst du erstmal an die falsche Tür 😂👌 Und ich liebe deine Lache 😂😂😂 "12 Jahre Ehe & dann bestrafst du mich so!" 😂 Gustav 😂👏 Jungs? Ich liebe euch 😂😂😂❤
Хайли Л.
subtitles pleeeeeeeeeees
The Little Alien
Really love the fact that new videos are like 10-11 mins. Love it so much!! 💕💕💕
Mili H
No subtitles ??? :(
How to party without getting hung over: don’t drink alcohol. Just load up on Mountain Dew.
Where's the translation my dudes?
Food lover 94
Haters, Georg still looks good. 😍 hot as always.
Aycan Diamond
Love yall. Thanks for this episode 🖤
It's me or I see Georg puts his fries in his icecream ? Definitely I'm not the only one with strange culinary tastes
powerrangerpower aktiviert :D
Aww Bill 😂❤❤❤
That camera man. I like that man. Keep them drunk will ya? <3
Jade Laughlin
Bill is always eating 😂😂😂
Bill never fails to make you happy hahah. Love it ! ❤❤
Aly Kaulitz
Te amo mi bill gracias por ese besito tan rico, espero ver otro episodio más cuando dan su último show en berlin wow Me gustas mucho mucho billy te amo nene ❤❤❤💟💟💟💗💗💗
Love that guy behind the camera! ❤ How he knocked on a wrong door. 😅 Bill's laughter is the most beautiful sound ever ❤
Jasmin H.
Ich liebe es, wenn Bill so aufgedreht ist 😂😍
Lady I.H.V.E. Byron (LaPortaDellaLuce)
Oh, I was expecting to see them into the snow of Bologna... but this episode was funny, wasn't it? And I thought they went to the Mole Antonelliana, when they were in Torino, and even visited the museum of Cinema; it's wonderful (when I go to Torino I always have to visit it). I hope they will return to Italy for the next tour (when, I don't know, but I'LL WAIT!) and play in Firenze...
If you are ever in my town we should hang out. Lol (like that'll ever happen or you'll see this. )
Arianna Conte
italy <3
ja nette
Richtig cooles Video und der Kameramann ist ja mega😂
Naxy Cruz
In love with you 4 since 2008 💓💓💓💓 PS I feel old too
Virginie Kinney
Seriously put the 15th episode back on. Some are such pruds.
Allain Mae
I can't stop laughing with them! Haha. Bill's energy is WOW!!
Thauany de Souza
Where are the subtitles for the german parts? there are only automatic ones and they don't translate anything
Aritania Alien
Like the episode so much ❤️👽 So positive and funny 😍😍😍 Thank you 😘
Margarita Hermosa Cruz
Los adoro 😂 son un amor.
Alessia Contrò
I just opened my eyes because I was sleeping,I was tired,I was in bad mood.. but this made my day 😍😍😍😍 it's useless say that they are the best. 😍😍😍✨💝💝💝💎
pat h
:'c amo la hermandad de Tom y Bill
Charlotte Neumann
I'm one of those people who literally never get a hangover and you want to know why? Because I remember to drink water in between drinks and have something to eat. If you do that, you'll be fine 👌
Jasmin Laufeyson
da glaub ich doch direkt, dass tom und georg ne schöne zeit in der gay bar hatten!
Jamii Tenzoe
Pro drinking tip from a Dane; if you have a bad hangover drink a beer and then make sure to keep your salt/sugar level balanced ☺️
7:55 dem Gruppenzwang verfallen HAHA :'D
Alisha S.
Hahahaha ich feier gerade so die Szene wo Bill in den Raum kommt und sich über Tom und Georg lustig macht, weil die noch so fertig sind.. ich wär glaub genauso haha 😂😂👌 Das ist die schönste Schadenfreude 🤣🙈 Grüße aus Stuttgart an euch Jungs ❤️😋💋 Ich lade euch gern auf ein Bier ein hahaha 😅
M o o n c h i l d
I need it in spanish JAJAJAJ
it's Yuki
Love you guys
skyline bright
Welcome back dark hair 😊
Tom is so precious
Berg Екатерина
tom dog is always hungry😂😂 it was fun, thanks
Love this episode too!! cameraman do an answome work ! I was at the show in Turin and Nancy and YES Turin was so fucking Amazing !!!! So Georg was REALLY drunk😂! Love you guys ❤
I don't know what i like more. Getting drunk, or making fun of hungover people while not being hungover :D At the very least i can relate to Bill :D
Cacilia Why
Das Spiel habe ich in Berlin geguckt. lol
Rebecka Braun
Great episode but please subtitles!!! <3
Charlie Angels
Bill is hitting on us, I knew it xD Also... What up with the ASMR at the end of the episode Billy? 😂
I love your camera guy!!
Laura A
honestly best camera man ever! :-)
where’s the subtitles?
"Salut salopes" I'M SO DONE LMAO BYE LIFE loved the episode as always
Charline Trubert
Hope i will see you once in my life... i live in France 🇫🇷 love u guys
Marcus Meira
"Oh, I love when you guys are hangover. I'm gonna make so much fun about you guys on stage!" Best line ever!
Allemangne/France mdrrrrr mais
Brenda Flores
Beray Karahan
@Tokio Hotel ich liebe euch über alles seid besten für mich 💗💗😘😘👑👑
Oh määään!!! hahaha :D
Julia/ Jeff the killer
Waw Bill you is beautiful I love you you is my life...Bill Tom Georg Gustav=my life ♥♥♥♥
Subtitles, please!
Song playing: as young as we are; Cant take hangover anymore because they are old xD I feel you guys.
Monika Bezděková
TO BE HONEST - it´s best episode :) TOP is 5:38. Bill probably drank juice from Gummi bears :D :)..Best band, best music, great artists..Your work makes me happy, when I am sad. Thank you 🖤
Karla Jorquera
You inspire me, I love you! <3
estelle Le roux
Thank you very much guys for Marseille , beautiful dream ! <3 <3 <3 <3
Another great episode! Y’all have to keep this guy forever 🔥
Alessia Contrò
Bill from 5:41 to 6:20 <3 <3 <3 super sweeeet <3.<3
#Dominik again good job 💖💖💖.....love you guys 😘😘😘
SUN light
LIKR praying to britney spears 😂😂😂😂 me before a concert: *praying to Tokio Hotel* 😂😂😂
Natasha Gorey
haha loved the episode! I just wish there were English subs.
Bat Chan
Bill is me when im around my friends who are hungover xD
SUN light
We lost cuz we didn't watch together After 12 years of marriage this is how u punish me.. Lol love u guys.
Say Cleri
Thanks for this episode!!
looks so pretty, what is this city? I want to visit it.
This episode was so hilarious 😂👌. I really loved it! 😁
salut salope a 9:58
Manda Panda1989
Omg I love Bill he's so funny 😂 💜
Mathie B
bill is 100% me with the soccer tbh
Poullard Ursule
hey guys, i've enjoyed to see you in marseille!!!!! Bill i love you, and you miss me. Big kisses!!!!
Os AMO. 😘
aylin çiçek
Tokio Hotel 🇩🇪❤
Sandra Beltran
Los amoooooo 💛❤❤❤❤
L. G.
No English subs? NOT cool bro! 😤
丰 L'Alscienne fan deTokio Hotel 丰
Love you guys <3
Sara Bergonzi
Love you <3
Dammit! I love this guys 💜 We are waiting the LATAM DATES CHE. 😭
I love the camera guy! 👏🏼❤️
Laura Ospina
sorry it's not the room it's not my class it's not my love My Life lol .. *I love this guys* XD
linda lilo
where the subtitles Dom?
Red Prince
how george does not want to drink beer until tom turns off his bottle and then georg drinks from it (Best TORG moment ever!!!)
muriel hoffmann
And Gustav with his little familie <3, we don't see him often.
1:11 i see double! two Pumbas!
My favorite member now is the camera guy
Sally Adilene
Küsse 😘 😘 😘 😘 😘 😘 😘
Mia Giovanna D,A,P,
Ich liebe dich fur immer tokio hotel yeahhhhhhh
Виктория Калининская
Bill you are so sweet every time. You are my own idol in the world, so pretty, clever, funny and just strong person. I saw you on the concert in Saint Petersburg and I was amazed! I didn’t believe that you was so near me. Actually in my childhood I thought that B just someone from my mind. But I was wrong. I wish you were the happiest boy in the world!!! Love you 🖤💕
Chiara M
Love it but put english subtitles please ♥