Pigs Are Awesome: Compilation

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This week we pay tribute to pigs of all kinds: cute pigs, fat bigs, lazy pigs, silly pigs! Which pig is your favorite?! SUBSCRIBE TO AFV ANIMALS!: /> Watch More Animal Videos at: /> Like us on FACEBOOK: /> Follow Petsami on TWITTER: /> AFV Animals delivers your daily fix of LOL pet clips and premium original shows for animal lovers of all ages. Come visit us to see all of your favorite animal moments from America’s Funniest Home Videos both old and new! For all licensing inquiries please contact: info(at)homevideolicensing(dot)com.

Pigs are BY FAR smarter than cats and dogs, not my opinion by the way, it's a scientific fact.
United Emu
I'm NEVER eating bacon ever again not even kidding
3:26 did they seriously have a kangaroo as a pet or is that a sanctuary? They're brave.
Jen Smet
Off course they are awsome, so stop eating them. I know I haven't for many years..... Piggs are known to be smart.
I'm a vegan now, but even before that, I didn't eat pork. Pigs are so cute ♡
NycNightfall the Vampire Wulf
cruelty is when an animal is whipped or when people decided to slam pigs to the ground or even wrestle them. some of these videos aren't so cute.
Colonel Angus
Okay. This was cute and all but 3:03 .....I mean wtf
1:49 is the most beautiful creature that has ever walked the face of the earth.
Diego V
i will really stop eating pig related foods
Cheryl Reitz
the one coming out of the water with the sunglasses on ....hell I lost it laughing so hard!
I feel bad for eating pork now.
Cheryl Gibson
Wow, the pig going on the toilet. Why would anyone want to eat such an intelligent animal, let alone any animal!! It is time for change. We are not designed to eat animals!
Grace Cunningham
When will our world have to stop relying on these poor, beautiful creatures as our food? It breaks my heart every time I see a sweet video like this and know the suffering and torture that they are forced to endure because society has chosen them as our meat.
3:00 is disturbing...
The pig-nipple costume was just way weird.
Im never eating bacon ever again
Faint of Hearts
3:03 what the shit
Am I the only one who wants them as a pet
Yo I want a Pig now.
Paul H
After watching this, you would hate to see how they are treated in factory farms
That little guy was giving that Dalmatian the business!
I mean, I stopped eating meat because of the treatment of animals, not because they're cute. (but they are cute)
I love the animals just chill with different species. Meanwhile, humans can just barely coexist with different variations of their own species.
Zoran Cosic
Those pigs are smarter than any republicon out there!
I don't even want to ask what's going on at 3:04...
1:49 that black guy is so relaxed. good weed
Dylan Robson
3:16 a pig and a kangaroo in the house!!!! best pets ever lol xD
Tee H
Can't stop watching that pig rolling into the river.
I feel a bit better since I quit meat.
For all of you who are saying go vegan, don't force it on other people ;)
Makes me sad I eat bacon 😔😔
Have to stop eating bacon, damn it!
Bob Dole
1:29, did that pig just bite that kids junk?
Paola Garcia
Who would have a kangaroo in a house
2:51 -one smart pig
Indy The Great
1:28 If that pig had tusks, you would have had to kiss that little boy's groin goodbye.
You know you're boss when you have a cangaroo and a pig at home :D
Angela Rosato
The pig and the dalmation dog, priceless.
Crystal Davey
the most amazing and smartest creature in the world. I love pigs.
Centrist Shenanigans
somewhere in china, people are making similar videos for cats and dogs.
Aaron Rainge
the pig with sunglasses just reminded me of Bebop.
Ronnell Black
Pigs are pets not food!
I find it funny how many people may comment about still wanting to eat bacon but if you were to comment about eating dogs or cats on dog and cat videos, then people would call you a monster. Love that hypocrisy. :D (PS- I am fine with meat eaters but if you are okay with eating some animals then what makes those certain few like dogs and cats special to not eat?)
Gediminas Jesinas
So intelligent and have close DNA to human. Why they are so massively abused??
pig are so cute that it i no longer eat them ever again please!! God give me the Courage to never feed on pig again ever
imtheking yeh
Yeah pigs are cute. Don't eat them :D
The Reasonable Extremist
1:44 But does he/she successfully use the toilet without making a mess?
Millie's Corner
That pig that pulled the girls pants down 😂😂😂😂
Erica Johnston
I'm SO glad I don't really eat pork anymore.
Pig videos made me stop eating pork altogether.
Logan Bush
Nothing speaks to my soul quite as deeply as a pig eating spaghetti.
Hunter Mirr
1:22 GOOD GOD, THAT PIG IS PROJECTING FROM IT'S- oh nvm, bad angle
0:08 - "Scram, girls! Jeffrey's thirsty!"
Kyle SoSik
1:49 how on earth did you find the video of my ex wife when we were on our honeymoon?
Justyn Dugan
0:24 A pig eating spaghetti :3 I can die happy now
Kanim 548
Vegans, vegans everywhere
Kedda kedda
I don't think I can eat pork for a while :( oh well I'll just eat chicken :) ........ oh wait :&
Reid Butler
I hope that pig at 0:25 isn't eating bacon... :(
So much love given to the pigs in the comments.. yet most of the people making them support killing them.... think before you comment lol, you can't care that much
Getsuga Tenshō
3:03 WHAT THA F*%#!!!
Irritated Librarian
1:49 "I'm sexy and I know!"
0:27 better manners than my sister
solomon faber
Pigs learn fast! I take a little longer. Still haven't learned to take out the garbage on time. Still haven't learned a lot of things that pigs probably learn quickly!!! Hopeless!
Soma Cruz
Did you know pigs can learn how to play video games? 😊
Vegan Animall
I love pigs! They are amazing
Carl Makes It Easy
0:20 Ok Mr. Pig why don't you have a seat over here...
Derek Von Hohenheim
This is why I hate bacon
A good friend of mine lives out, way out, away from us civilized folk. He has all sorts of wacky animals. The funniest are a pig and an emu. Wherever see one, there's the other. It seems as though they believe they're related, or at least in love with each other. They never separate. Tall skinny bird and fat pig, together forever. They even sleep in a pile of dogs. It's like real life Sesame Street.
I'm a meat eater and it's a damn good thing I don't really like pork. Honestly; chickens, cattle, etc are too smart to be farmed in cruel conditions but pigs are on a whole other level.
Tim Allen
Even though they are super cute, I still find myself hungry for bacon after watching this video.
Vegans, for each animal you don't eat I will eat 3.
"Rrrrrrrroll, rrrrroll, rrroll in the hay!"
3:02 WTF????.....
Blog Shag
How many of you realize meat would taste like the blandest thing ever without it being smoked, aged, salted, brined, cured, seasoned, especially meats like uh ummm--> bacon
Who has a pig and a kangaroo as pets? :D
Pople BackyardFarm
I liked the guitar playing piggy
Kloklo Kay
The 2nd smartest animal on the chart is a pig and before anyone starts freaking out saying that Chimp is 1st and gorilla is second but I'm counting all of the monkeys as all 1st
Alex K.
Pig Thug Life 1:50
And that's why Hog Riders are awesome too!
Yisus Hijo de Dios
Great, now I'm hungry
Kenguru and pig????
I wish we can save them
I'm sorry but 1:28 😂😂😂
I want a pig now!
And even if they are grotesque they're still cute, for some reason one should cancel the other but it doesn't. I watch the happy pigs living a happy life (not the ones in dirty farms obviously those are f/ucked). Go scratch a pigs back gently and it'll like it, it will lie down smiling for you to gently scratch it's belly. A happy pig makes me happy. And that my friends is happiness and the Essence of Life ...
Aaron O'Sullivan
0:23 well thats me on a watchlist thanks m8
Nathaniel Jernigan
Pretty smart animals. Taste great too, so what's not to love?
Chris Ferguson
lol the one that rolled down the hill into the lake!! lol
1:40 no...... freaking.......... way.
Pig at the beach just strutting his stuff. Hahaha. He's walking with his shades as if he's the most badass pig around. And he probably is. Lol. I love pigs. #VeggiesForLife.
Alex Griffith
we need to stop using "pig" as an insult
Lisa Baltzer
Seeing that little porker play with the Dalmatian made my night. I love it. My husband wants one of them and since we are in the process of buying a dog kennel, he will probably get one soon.
omg pigs are so cute!!! i have chickens and they are so mean!!! they keep beating each other and biting me. i give them everything!!!
Kate Bletcher
this is why i'm a pescaterian. piggies are soooo cute <3
Here's a joke. Why do vegans exist? To complain on YouTube animals videos.
They are delicious!
Based 98
Ham doge.
Big Hat Gibbins
0:25 i think that pig wants to do stuff to her O.o either that or he just like'd pants :D
Kennedy Williams
I wonder how many people out the million views said "Aww!" Then sat down at the table and ate bacon, ham, or pork. People disappoint me. :( I'm sometimes ashamed of being the same species because we treat animals so terribly then eat them. If the world was vegan this would be a better planet to live on. Pigs are Friends Not Food!
Donald Trump
3:11 What is weirder: A giant hog sleeping on your couch or having a pet kangaroo.