ADAM and EVE the gay version Centraal Beheer

/>i i I I I I I II I I I II I I IA music video created by yours truly..From the gay boy's perspective! :] Listen for the change in lyrics, it's totally the best part! 'I kissed a boy and I liked it.. I hope my girlfriend don't mind it!'

Robson Borba
Now i figured out why Eve ate the damn apple!! hahaha
TheMostWanted P
Eve is so pretty. What is her name ?
Deek-Sak Nepal Too Ist
Then the ad would be boring. It would be Adam acting like a normal guy.
Deek-Sak Nepal Too Ist
You could say the same about Adam. Poor guy.
Anthony CO
Any mature person will see how much this ad damages the GLBTQ community on so many levels. The anti-gay community will love this ad.
jay sharma
they don't satisfy women but they can if they wanted to ! They are not impotent or eunuchs
jay sharma
Most gay guys don't even act like the guy in this video . Atleast they should made it authentic :P
jay sharma
Or use adam's sperm and spawn babies ! -__-
jay sharma
How old are you kid ? 5 ? Go out and meet REAL gay people , not the ones you see on TV and movies ... Yes , limp wristed ones exist but lets respect them for who they are , and most gays are not like that in my opinion They can satisfy women too , get erections and have a fully functioning penis and are fertile , They just aren't attracted to women god , that must be hard for u to comprehend !
What? They're not? All of the one I've known have been. Either way, they don't, uh, "satisfy" women -- that's the definition of a "gay" man.
lol! love this
Brianna Christman
Leaperdspots rock
What the hect ????
K p
Omg lol
jay sharma
LOL YEAH ! :D Those homophobic dumbasses didn't think enough ! And plus , this ad just perpetuates the stereotype that gay men are all limp-wristed and flowery ! -_-
I wonder why Eve is actually acting surprised. Was she expecting Adam to be manlier than that? Because at first it seems like she has never seen him before. How does she know he's actually gay if she never had experience with a straight guy? :p
Brian Hamilton
This ad hilariously shows us that sometimes life brings unexpected results. It's clever, wicked funny, and memorable. Most gay people (like me) have a great sense of humor and think this is da bomb!
Brooke Whitt
I don't care who the fuck you are, this is hilarious.
Ramon Zarat
What lord? Where? Ask him to get here so we can have a coffee and chat. What's that? You don't have a single fucking proof of its existence? I mean hard, undeniable, empirical proof? That have been peer reviewed? Yeah, I thought so... Prove it of STFU. Without proof, it's only conjectures, speculations and opinions. No proof, no credibility, no discussion, period. And for the record, that add is hilarious. I don't mind Adam's gayness at all! It leaves the hot Eve all for me! PS: Fuck god.
hahahaha Maybe she could grow a moustash and preten she's a man ? LOL
David Gonzalez
piss of take a joke
Attention to Details in Nature
jesus and judas
This video is a disrespect to the lord. He gave you a paradise and make fun of it. This is worst than the prophet muhammad parody.
Jacob Austin
I'm gay nd I was lmfaoing! !!!! XD
Adam and steve
11 gays didn t appreciated this
Sam Lee
The insurance company in Appledoorn, obviously!
Dustin can you say that in english
Hot Piece Of Kek
why did they ban this? i like funny commercials it makes the waiting worth the time
But here is another issue to consider. If one accepts the evolutionary hypothesis as to the origin of the human race, has that really relieved the issue of incest? Not unless you also propound the idea of the evolution of many pairs of beings, pre-human or whatever, at the same time. No matter what theory of the origin of the human race one may take, are we not driven to the conclusion that in the early history of the race, there was the need for intermarriage of the children of the same pair?
Val de Mar
wait a second... who the hell will this gay Adam hook up with???? he's the only male...
Val de Mar
stereotypical but funny... they should have got Adam Lambert; he'd sure fit the bill - not least because his first name's Adam.
Bank Hank
check out The Inner Workings of God The Fall of ManThe Redemption of Man Decoded i foud it at new revelation books com. I read it and found out how god is working. and what really happen in the garden with adam and eve and the devil
Colin paterson
How the f?ck does this sell insurance
Chris Autopsy
So the first man in the world was a horse :O
All I wanna know is the name of the actor playing as adam.
Benjamin Able
This commercial is about Insurance - always plan on the unexpected. Always have a 2nd hot boy waiting-in-the-wings. Otherwise you may end up settling for a banana to keep you happy in your hour of need. I don’t know why Eve seems so disappointed, because Adam would have had NO role-model, and he wouldn’t have known what society’s idea of manliness was, Eve neither. I’ll take Adam just the way he is. His open and honest boyish personality is appealing. Adam in hot, so is Eve.
Alex Pennfield
I love Adam - You go young man - Screw the haters. Both Adam and Eve are very cute. I love this video. It makes me laugh.
Darth Robbo
what the hell does this have to do with insurance???
Trevor Adams
@pennfield89 I agree with you. Please don’t be fooled by the men and women who make a living in the Religion Business. The business of “Religion and Faith” does not require anyone to practice honesty. Sad, but true.
Trevor Adams
I notice that some people are talking about this Creation Story as if Adam and Eve are real people. That, in and of itself is funny too. Keep in mind that the OT & NT were written by about 50 men who recorded many earlier myths and legends to help explain their existence. Most serious Bible Scholars agree, the Bible reflects certain historical place names, but is largely Folklore and Fiction. Peace and Love.
Alex Pennfield
Adam and Eve are not real. They are just characters made up by Hebrew Priests and scribes. Hebrew Priests were the very first Con-Men to scam their fellow tribes-people out of their livestock. The Priests were lazy, and conned the weak-minded people out of their sheep, cattle, etc, so that they could chow-down on ribs, steaks, and other tasty foods. Helpless animals became sacrificial food offerings that were killed by these Con-Men to BBQ on their altars in the name of a pretend god.
damn, she's sexy!
Kayla Fitzgerald
The actor who played Eve is hawtt
She Wolf
lmao i knew it!
Ronny van Doorn
Joe C.
Naked and afraid anyone?? LOL
Jacob/Becca Gizmo the Squirrel
Fools. Blasphemy is for fools! You change the creation of God and make a mock? Yeah he will show you!
mango kitty
Dat gegiegel op het eind, dat maakt het echt af!!!
so why do gays wat this up, instead protesting how sexist it is?
John Goldstein
Sex and hand maid
weel nahs
that's not comedy that's a crime who ever did this for any reason you did it you just insult the real story of our father and prophet