H2O - just add water S1 E1 - Metamorphosis (full episode)

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Watch the first episode of H2O - just add water. :) Three fifteen year old girls Emma Gilbert, Rikki Chadwick, and Cleo Sertori find themselves stranded out at sea in a dinghy, and drift onto the beaches of Mako Island. Once there, they discover a hidden, underground cavern, and inside it, a deep pool of water, sitting within the cone of a volcano. Realising that the pool, which has an underwater tunnel connected to the ocean, is their only way out, the girls step into the water and find themselves bathed in the light of the full moon as it passes over the top of the volcano. Little do they know, as they swim out of the tunnel and are rescued by the water police, that they have undergone a magical transformation, and their lives will never be the same again. ----- This is the official fan channel of the TV-series "H2O-just add water". Enjoy exclusive videos and information about your favorite series and be part of the H2O-community:) ----- Subscribe now: H2O on Facebook: /> H2O on Instagram

Master EagleLady
2018 anyone 😂 yep still watching (wow shanks for le likes mermaid people :3)
Just Jamie
My childhood, right here
Priscilla O
This show was a masterpiece
Danna aliyah
anyone 2018???
The LipstickLlamas
Emma: were in this together Me:UNTIL YOU LEAVE IN S3
I feel like i will never stop watching this...it brings me such a nostalgic and free feeling, reminds me of when i was a kid and i was ready to do anything to be a mermaid lol. This show is a masterpiece srsly
Lolli Polli01
So, Rebekah and Haley were mermaids huh? Wow.... wait till Klaus and Elijah and the rest of the family hear about this!
Ms Sk8erGurl
I have a question.... Who here is American, but loves watching this show?
H2O - just add water
Would you be excited to watch some episodes of "Alien Surfgirls" on this channel :-)?
Chani'a Smith
This show was the only reason why i wanted to be a mermaid 😩💯💙
Molly Brown
I love how Rikki hates Zane now, but they end up dating later
Jo Do
I find it funny how they just gloss over the fact that they just have to 'wait until they've dried' after leaving water. So they're cool with just chilling with their big ass tails out in the open for 30 minutes where people can see them.
Zesty and Messy
So wait. They used paddles to row the boat to the island, but Cleo couldn’t row herself back to shore. Logic.
Kaylee Jenkins
H2O is way better than Mako Mermaids
Lorena Francesca
Hello, my childhood. We meet again
Magical Maggie
my childhood and my favourite show.... STILL😂😍😍😍😍
Albert Einstein
I was watching The Originals on Netflix 30 min ago and I just wanted to see how Claire and Phoebe looked and acted in H20 since I have never seen the show, and I ended up watching the whole episode haha.
this was the shit growing up!!
Lily Pagaduan
Who else watches The Originals here? 😂😂😂
Pixie Kroll
I’m in 2018
anonymous potato
It brings back so many memories. Its my favorite childhood serie, and i come back to it at least 4 times a year:) and im 16years old..
Fajer Stars
2018 💗🤤all time I wach same video cool 😎
Cleo: Hey Emma, Want a Ride? Emma: Are You Licensed? Rikki: Are You my Motha? Lol Only Rikki😂♥️
Desteny Puente
at the biggining Cleo says that she can't swim but when the police arrived she swims by herself
Chloe Maxine
Anyone in 2018 ?
Rae Bevacqua
Bro I remember waking up every day when I was younger and eating my Cheerios while watching this on Netflix. This was the shit man. I remember that I cried for a solid 6 weeks when this ended
Alexandra Krause
I think Zane is very rude to trick Cleo like that
Gabbi Jackson
aw claire is so pretty, especially at 0:35
I'm gonna start crying, my childhood was so memorable thanks to this❤️❤️
I'm so gay for rikki wow
My SlimeGym
I love you guys so much. If I went to mako island on a full moon and I jumped in the pool could I turn into a mermaid.
H2O - just add water
Gute Nachrichten, es gibt jetzt auch deutsche Untertitel zu den einzelnen H2O Folgen! :)
lily flower
It was funny when Rikki jumped on the boat.😂😅
Betül Polatoğlu
Clarie Holt and Phoebe Tonkin 💝 The Originals 😭
Sarah Skelton
5th time to binge watch every season
Laurel/ Tabby
That moment when you find a show and get mad at yourself for not watching it earlier
the gatcha verse hybrid
H2O is the best because I like mermaids
katejensen music
rikki bestttt😗😗😗😗😗😗😗😗 love her so much. best person in ever . beauty and cute ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
Serenity Scratch
The powers were more impressive when I was 8, as a graphics major, I can do them in minutes now...
megan B
Who else watches the originals here and the vampire diaries here? 😁😊
14:55 It’s pretty lucky that nobody saw Rikki
angle vlogs
Who is in love with mermaids and wishes they could be one
How wants to be a mermiad
Janiah T
This is literally THE BEST SHOW IN THE UNIVERSE, It just runs so smoothly from season to season it's amazing. They should do a sequel where Cleo, Ricky, Emma, and Bella have daughters that turn into mermaids as well!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!--------------------------2018 who else???
Erin Risinger
just finished watching the last episode. now i'm back here and the theme song is in a different key and cleo looks waaayy younger. weird.
Manal Abada
I love this show and it is my second time watching it.
mungai anne
I love how Ricky's wear's
Caitlin Edwards
2018 I watched all this episodes every month. They need to make another season I love this show so much that i know all the words from every episode from every season 😂💙👍
b my
9:40 you can see there hands in the water
liyah magnolia
Who here in 2018
I used to love this show at 13. I feel so nostalgic right now.
David Latham
Hahaha when Cleo saw her legs to a tail she was like WTF HAPPEN TO ME MOMMY COME IN HERE
Chrystyna Mohr
Srirung Somnuek
DANKEEEEE das es einen deutschen Untertitel gibt. Muss nämlich unbedingt Englische ausprache lernen😡😁😂Und die Qualität TOP. Ich hoffe so sehr das es deutsche Zuschauer gibt fühlen mich dann irgendwie verückt und einsam. Und ja.😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 LG.💙 #I LIKE,LOVE,LIFE H2O
Sienna The lil’ idiot
This us supposed to be Australian, yet the rest of these episodes are blocked in Australia
About 10 years ago I saw this show on TV for the first time when I was at my grandma's place. Watched some bits of it then, but I couldn't even understand half of it. Then, for some reason, they stopped it and now, 10 years later, I have completely forgotten about it. Isn't it amazing how something you loved so much can literally disappear from your mind? I'm so glad a friend of mine brought up the discussion a few weeks ago so I could remember there was indeed a show called H2O that I used to love when I was a kid. All the memories...
Sweetness 101
The cast and crew of this show is really talented....this is my childhood❤❤❤❤
Ambee Koumori
Oh shet I remember this show
Frances Dianne
Anyone in 2018? 💖
lyric bug
if you think about it, zane is the whole reason why they became mermaids
Tangjee Bhutia
Woooooooooooo so good
Frantiska Vanova
Anyone watching in 2018 I'm still watching
Vickky Pacheco
Ran Says Can't Hear You, Too Busy Listening to BTS
I remember when I wish I could be a mermaid as a kid because of this show xD
Jasmin joshi
This was my whole childhood
Vanessa-Lotta Mäsak
Anyone 2018 summer (almost summer)
KingKevin 47
I love H2o it always cheers me up in the darkest times
mais nashat
The black hair girl and the blonde ponytail girl are in a very famous amazing show called the vampire diaries on netflix and the originals ( hayley and rebekkah mikealson , a thousand year old original vampires
Bbb Sss
I wish that I was a mermaid
Karin G
Person of The world
Anyone just coming back becuase they missed it 😂😂😂
Kitty Gamer
I've Watched This Years Ago...... And Now 2018 Still Watching It All Over Again!
Amina Top
16:41 Rikki looks like she is pulling a wig back it was hilarious
Eve Nichole
And I was like: I have seen season 1, 2 and 3 but I wanted to see the first episode to see how much things have changed...
lucy ob
Aly Mendoza
I will forever love this show its seriously changed my life 💓💞💕💘
Juan Marquez
Me and my friend play H2O she’s Cleo I’m Emma
Emmanuella M
My childhood!!!
min bella
I loved this so much when I was 7 or 8, five years later I'm rewatching
Isabel Hunter
Who seen this on Netflix and watching it again here
Derpy Art
I’m a teenager and watching this. But idc because it’s a masterpiece
Honesty Saraphanh
2018 anyone...???
#azzylandfan awesome
Cleo : Emma is always really prepared Rikki : oh I'm so happy for her Cleo : *I like this girl *
Vampire Diva
Just finished season 3 and started again. 1:They all look sooooo young. 2:I MISS EMMA!!!!
Janet xx
I knew Hailey and Rebecca seemed familiar
Rinika Smith
Go to 4:00 then pause
Gamer Girl
This show right here, my WHOLE childhood.
Ccp Kween
Anyone watching this in 2018?😂😂 I'm so sad this ended but at least I can rewatch it all!!!!
Davie Jensen
when my teacher asked how u know what H20 was at 8 years old 'the show,duh'
Watermelon Girl
My first episode ever watching! I love how gracefully they swim underwater with the tails. Plus, the tails have realistic designs. Maybe a few years back I got a FinFun mermaid tail but this year I'm getting silicone :D Off to episode two!
Tamaya Mobley
Who still here,in 2018
little angel
Tinker Bell
anyone dec 2018? im 16 years old btw
Thediyhappy hour
Memories lol
Bahar Sadat
بازیگرای اورجینال بازی میکنن. هیلی. ربکا
Charmaine Dewa
A couple years later and I'm still watching the same show😂😂😂😂
Naufal Ziqri
"Are you licensed" "Are you ma motha" *bruh*
Johanna Mogaard
So how do they drink water
jana. slatkiš