Beyonce At Last HD Video Live 'For Barack Michelle Obama)

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Barack Obama dançando com Michele ao som de Beyonce.. Esta podendoo née..

Azul Caldhera
black excellence all around
Elvire B
Damn we didn't even realized how good we had it back then....feels like a lifetime ago, another world even.
Oh my god you can see the joy on Beyoncé's face
Alex Hernandezalex
The most successful black woman on the planet singing "At Last" to the first black president of the United States. Only joy fills my soul when I watch this again.
themezzy mahon
Brings me to tears everytime. First black president of the United States. Wow.
Royal Naqvi
And y'all decided an orange was better
I hadn't realized before that Beyoncé was on the verge of tears
I had to come back after watching that pitiful Trump dance. I also came back to see a joyous celebration with a wonderful couple, who love each other. Always my President and First Lady
Kerra Johnson
*I love the double meaning behind this song choice.*
Joya Johnson
When Beyoncé said that last "at last" and pointed to him, as if to say, "at last you've finally done it." I lost it.
this was so classy and well done. the venue and lighting was done perfectly. Beyoncé sang Etta James song with passion and looked beautiful doing so. and then you could just tell how much Barack and Michelle love each other the way they'd smile as they danced on the stage. I will truly miss the obamas and always will. after watching the presidential inauguration of 2017 I just had to revisit this song to clear my mind because I'm still accepting that Trump is now our president and honestly his dance with Melania just paled in comparison to the Obamas. (no pun intended haha)
What a perfect song for their dance! I love Beyoncé and the Obamas.
Olivia Scull
I remember watching this when I was 9 years old. This moment was full of such love and hope. A beautiful moment in history.
Nel Hdz
Those Beyonce's "At Last!" sounds like a "finally, the U.S. President is an African American"... Michelle and Barack are, undoubtedly a class act. God bless them.
Cordney Harris
This was a beautiful moment.
M Hicks
This is the best performance in the history of presidency. Perfect example of what love is. Nothing but elegance and grace. I miss them already. 😢 💖 Beyonce sang this like her life depended on it. Perfection!
Ricardo Ferrari
I wonder how America switched from the Obama's to that hateful stupid Trump... what a such decadency the country gave to itself and to the world... miss 2008 so much
Michelle and Barack are just really best friends.. I can't wait until I find my soulmate... They were so inspirational...
Anton Chamberlin
Thank you Obama for Everything
Jasmine Munoz
I felt her emotion , she sang this so amazing ❤️️❤️️ gave me chills
Michael Kelly
Beyonce felt this. We all did. A Black President has to be Jesus to even be accepted as competent
Vivien Reinhart
i'm just crying my eyes out. This was so lovely
Lois Biener
At last! Indeed it felt that way. We'll soon understand just how much grace and dignity we have lost from the White House.
Beyoncé and Obama got so much hatred by Etta James, cause she said literally that she was the one who should be performed in that moment and not Beyoncé... Etta James it's a great singer but that comment coming from her was so inmature and so unprofessional. Hope She's resting in peace.
Proud Nigga
I am literally crying.Beyonce singing and Obamas dancing.OMG
Lois Brynes
Eight more years!
I get so emotional watching this 😔
Stephanie Persin
I'm 53 and this is the best President in my lifetime.
I'm from Germany and cry when i watch this Video BEST PRESIDENT EVER and First Lady
I'm crying real tears watching this. Such a beautiful and magical time this was.
Male Isac
When i look back to this video....only tears out of my eyes.
What a difference it will be this year. Here you feel unity, love, and peace. Let's see what Trump's inauguration brings....
that was a day to remember. USA really came together. Although Obama had to dig the country out of a hole when he started I believed he did good in the long run. And now Trump will set us back decades with his bullshit dividing the country smh how tf did it come to this that joke of a candidate actually won smdh
Lirst Fast
Etta James was pissed. No joke.
Owen Benedict Pangan
Dear Mr. Obama you are soooo damn classy.
Crystal C
I remember watching this live, nothing but tears of joy ❤
Isabella Atkinson
Such a beautiful moment, brings tears to my eyes when I think about the dumpster fire that Trump's inauguration will be compared to this.
Mc Duru
Hopefully they didnt ask Fergie to sing that night...
Paula SP
Who's watching this is 2018 and missing Obama and Michelle in the White House? I am really emotional and sad right now
dragon slayer
So much to look up to in this video and an inspiration to all the young children of color my son said mommy that could be me it felt good to say yes baby you are the same color and you can be president one day
Tabitha Ragin
Every time I watch this I can't help but marvel over the gracefulness, the poise, the stature of My President and My First Lady ALWAYS! We had such a gift, receiving greatness in which he led with. Strength..intelligence can't even describe this man & woman!! I truly believe that the ones who did not want him into office in the beginning is now regretting the harsh antics and mockery of this great man & family. Oh how I miss them!!!! I tear up with happiness and sadness at the same time, every time I view this...God Bless The Obama Family and Thank God for gracing our presence, it was truly an honor.
Paula SP
Please Bey, stop recording things like Lemonade and give us a good album with your beautiful voice.
William Stockdale
True love....I miss them so much already!
He LOVES that girl!!!!
Bey Iconic
2:44 yaaas ended every instrument
Li Li
Waiting for the first women president and first gay president.
Sanj S
Great song - and hey - they look good dancing to it.
Their love and respect for each other is so beautiful. May God bless them and their family ❤❤❤
Alex R
My god.... Beyoncé is flawless. Wow
AllThingsNew #
wow amazing
This video always cheer me up. I love moments like this. The best President ever👍
Take me back to these days where the First family were a real couple.
Walter White
young obama
Jaylaann Rose
I wish my Daddy could have lived to see this day. ❤
this still makes me cry. but i always get even more choked up when i see kerry washington crying
Tati sem Ana
Beyoncé emocionada
Mademoiselle Minou
When America was happy place in our hearts.
Sophia A
You can feel and see the love.... So different to TRUMPo
Carmen Conde
wow!! such a difference with Trump and Melania's first dance!! B.O. and M.O. really looked in love, I miss them!
Esteve Eric Mendez
This was america's greatest moment....
Iris Ramos
Looking back at this brings me too tears
It is telling that even Queen Bey is not able to take the spotlight away from the Obama's. So much class and joy they show. I feel bad for America that they couldn't continue with Obama.
Shelly williams
George T.
That is class.
Melissa Allen
Really Wish ETTA JAMES, who was the originator of this song, who lived through the Civil Rights Movement, who is BLACK who lived through the time of Martin Luther King Jr., that she had been asked to sing this song that she so Deservedly should have sung as this was a historic moment in time so relavent to the moment, the history, the poignancy and to ETTA JAMES and her beautiful voice.
Wilson Arias
and for trump he had a tv singing contestant runner up, commonly known as 2nd place lol!!
Walter Plinge
Such dignity, such class
Ivan Garcia Nuñez
At last my love has come along My lonely days are over And life is like a song Oh yeah yeah At last The skies above are blue My heart was wrapped up in clover The night I looked at you I found a dream, that I could speak to A dream that I can call my own I found a thrill to press my cheek to A thrill that I have never known Oh yeah yeah You smile, you smile Oh And then the spell was cast And here we are in heaven For you are mine at last.
Helen Eschenbacher
Oh I miss this couple SO much!! I can’t get to sleep at night. Every day is a terror-what next? Tearing babies from their momma’s arms. Trump is the cruelest, meanest heartless SOB on the planet! My husband gave his life for this country in the US Army--for WHAT! I MISS YOU OBAMAs!
Namjoon_took_my_jamz Oof
I came here because I was upset that I saw a video that said “People who can’t stand Beyoncé” like what the heck? Bey is a legend <333 I know people have their opinions.. but it hurtssss
Stacey’s Life
Still watching this November 2018!
Mehdii Laghzaoui
This made me cry more than i'm willing to admit, and i'm not even american so let that speak for itself.
Jodi Skylar
Wow, this seems like *decades* ago now :-( Seems it has been years already, since we had a President and First Lady, that exemplified so much class....Never thought it at the time, but I *really* miss the Obama's now :-(
I miss you
Jay C
After this we got trump. What the hell happened? The white man got Angry that’s what.
Joao Lourenco
Black effect! She's so flawlessly happy! Bring obama back please
Lyn H
Ahhhh ..... those were the days!! When we had hope.
DrumtotheBass Woop
In a parallel Universe Obama got to do all the shit he wanted to do and probably living in a much better world :'/ but alas we must endure a tougher and harsher world of stupidity as well as intellectual prosperity. I embrace trumps presidency on the condition that he follows through on his promises.
Jimmy Budhathoki
I love Beyoncé. Like for queen.❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Etta James was right though.....Beyonce really doesn't have much business being up there....Why didn't Etta sing this?
Yudah El
I cried
Anybody Who disgraces this performance with politics mentioning any present Future Past any of them makes me sick this is a song Etta James never thought about any of that when she sang it shut the front door
miss toleen
im the muslim the saudi arabian had fall my tears...I cried a lot
Nolimitkayla 15k
Pamela Worley
I am in tears hearing this. We were blessed for 8yrs. Thanks for the beautiful memories.
Micah De Asis
those last notes on the end. damn it., so friggin good.
They are one sexy beautiful couple. Pure class and elegance!
Emma Munn
Best moment in blk history 🙌💖🎈
Joyce Believes
Omg his man is almost taller than him.
Julio Almeida
Makes me cry everytime... God bless
so moving
jeason gagnon
I remember I was telling my self the future is here and we're saved. Now we're 1 year past of his presidency and I feel like we fell back 100 years
Celeste Garcia
it should have been Etta James singing
Mike Restani
She's lip syncing
This Tells You All You Need To Know About This Phony Muslim Infiltrator,,, When He Had This Girl Sing This,,,, Instead of Etta James,,,, What a Filthy Phony... "Greates Hoax Ever Pulled on Mankind...
one latina
You can feel the love between them
valentina Guerrero
This is so beautiful 👏
this alien
Im in tears.
Germaine M
Omg! I can't get enough of this video
Memory Malunga
This angered some ppl so much. They were so hate filled and angry, they elected Trump president. Now they are too embarrassed to admit they messed up.