Singers most EMBARRASSING On Stage Moments (2018)

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Brooke Shillings
That wasnt even a flute that was a recorder
Kiki Connor
Beyoncé even though the wig got caught she kept going
Dolphin_lover Heasley
Beyoncé's hair stuck in a fan What about turning it off 🤔
Beyonce never stops singing. Even when her weave gets stuck in a fan. (That was a joke)
Lizzie The Fox
It’s not a flute, it’s a recorder. 😂
Hahaha! They all got what they deserved! Illuminati sum
fatcatswitwolves 22
Lol love this
The Boss
"You'll be the prince, I'll be the queen" - Taylor Swift LOL
This music the end
Magesh Panchanathan
HELL Katy got embarrassed real bad Who's mommys girl now BAMMM
Shannon Fanth
Beyoncé is so brave
that isn't a flute, that's a recorder covered in glitter.
Kukukittygirl 566
Only 20 comments!?
the savenge girl
Copy cat the video
The Boss
Katy's fans are such sheep. Listen to their reaction. "Ahhhh, you're cheating us out of a show, whooooo!"
Veronica Beth
At least they all kept going except for Katy and sorta sia
Ava Howley
Wà çà bùìĺ ďßģnhh
amber odonnell
Halo is one of my favorite songs
amber odonnell
Nesse Siller
Katy Perry - please never ever do big pimpin again. Beyonce - take the wig off. What ever her name is with the two tone wig and big bow - next time lip sing if sick. Someone help Ms Swift out.
Dean Jones
Lol dumbfuks