Bikini Fitness Seminar V Edycja

BIKINI FITNESS SEMINAR V edycja Swarzędź 06.02.2016 Prowadzący: Agnieszka Świtalska-Nawrocka, Norbert Tymczak

Sylwester Szymczuk
Red short with glasses... OMG!
They're all winners to me
I have a few questions: Where can I buy tickets to this? Are those 2 way mirrors? And will alcohol be available to purchase or do I have to bring my own?
Corgi Kun
1:30 the guy with a cap covering his crotch
John Milner
I love all fit women. They all look fabulous.
The Hun
Short hair milf is di best
Richard B
is this how they they train for walking into western Europe streets
Ed Mon
if just the camera man stop jerking the camera.......................
BBM 2776
they should all go and make me a sandwich
Dustin Pelletier
Is this Heaven?
Evening Buzz
The young ladies are top notch. Too bad the camera person sucked at their job.
Louis Ralph Polanco
Life is Good, two 15 minutes a day, every week treadmill or station bike. Get Inner Pilot Spiritual inspires.
god,, I feel like I'm shopping for an ass at the store!!! Hummmm which one should I take!?!?
50 pesos
The man ruins the video
Excellent video! I liked it very much!
Mark P
Asti See
nice Girls but shit music !!!
Best sport ever...wait here, gonna go get a paper towel brb.
scott b
Hot Damn, more like a boner seminar! Holy smokes.
toned but not too big like it :) looking good girls :)
Jadson Rodolfo
entendi o significado de tanto faz
Emmanuel Montperous
My god what Country is this?....Im gonna go find my wife
That guy is one lucky bastard :P
this needs to be done in a male max prison.
short haired blonde girl is amazing
Gnarly Blue
...just got ta' love those bikini poses and movements.
when i clicked this i didnt realised i was going to get men in bikinis
Seizure inducing music, but nice porn!
Pro Tip! Watch In HD! :D
Gokkle of Geer
They all walk like they have still got some of last nights gentlemans juice lodged up their ring-piece ! ... :)
Pretty sure I would of came in my pants standing there.
if only I could line them all up and poke em each a few times to find out which one feels best..........👈😈
Daniel T
25filles en talons hauts défilent devant un miroir heureuse d'être dans leur corps je ne connaissait pas cela je suis comme le miroir j'apprends a voir. mai 2017
C1. A1
Wyjątkowo słabe nagranie jak na takiego profesjonalistę, serio.
This is how you ladies earn respect... not
Bonsai Bean
Notice where the dude at 1:30 was holding his hat? I'd have something to cover too!
Felipe Diener Riveros
Death by Snu Snu <3
marvin bruggeman
thx for all the hard work  nice to watch
Whoa! My eyes just went all googly!
Robert Phillips
I wonder what it smells like in that room
Jonathan Rossignol
I'd like a ticket to that bun show.
1 lone dude standing in corner with his hat covering his erection
SonoUno ScemoQualsiasi
The blonde with the glasses is the most beautiful
Fabi B
I dont know how i got here but im happy to be here
Ian Woollard
So many beautiful girls in one room. Fantastic
Guns4Home Defense
Russia & China will soon invade US Canada European. Prepare your best AR rifle to fight or regret forever. PS- There will be power outage.
Pedo phile Muhammad
They don't allow guys in this seminar. hmm
Bailey Doug
bunch of silicon valleys LOL
Srchangwaytogo C.
WTF the set of legs in that room is insanity
Faark I gota get laid!😞
que ricas
Ewelina Szala
The best bikini fitness seminar in Poland ! A lot of knowledge, hot girls , and the best photographer !
1:30 dude leaning against the wall with hat over his junk. probably covering his boner. That's what I'd be doing
They all lift weights to achieve certain beauty standards, yet most of them ruin their body by plastic surgery. Paradox >.<
Ban Hammer
Ah, the ladies of the night.
What's with all the arm flailing?
goat 68
i jerked watching this!
Hoko Le
all im doing is thinking about my tan skin but then again it depends on the light
The girl with the tattoo legs is awesome. omg
Christoph Wenzel
are men allowed in this seminar?
Mark Upton
90 percent fail and go on to do porn..... Thank god for that
These women are training for just two things: 1. Porn 2. Mail order bride for rich Americans.
Ernie Poulin
Wow there are some incredibly beautiful and sexy women in that video! What an interesting and feminine way of flexing! And so fluid! Very nice.
Fetch Quest
Something tells me these are moms
Alright!, the sausage is ready! ....... here we go again.
Wisdom King
Not many watched for fitness . Well maybe for one arm .
A lot of pornstar material the girl with tattoed legs
ka wai ng
i just want doggy style
David Park
i wanna this song whats is that song??
Someone be a hero and post her ig`s plz
Only The Best
Polki jak zawsze piekne :)
Belis Breckenridge
amazing tuck jobs
Wow. I'm just coming across this super educational video now?
mb s
Who made this track ?....
Andrew Labat
Awww... tone and fit and all without looking like men.. So hot..
viva vargas
bunch of tooth picks, where's the lighter g
The girl in super hot bikini...number one rated...absolutely stunning xxxxx
to fast the camara :(
Blonde with short hair ...Jesus!
Jan Stenman
There is nothing more beautiful than a woman's body
a bym je wszystkie szarpał jak Reksio szyneczkę XD
not sure how I ended up here or even what they are doing but I am sure glad I did , going for a lie down now ....
Jesus Meza
asta aca, me da olor, a panocha.. 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
Where is this place? I see a woman like that around here maybe once every two years, and by the time I pick my jaw off the ground she's gone.
My proudest FAP
captain caveman
teleban propaganda this is where go after your vest goes off
Flyleaf Plot
Is this the Noassatall competition?
I came here to look at the seminar!
Flip Flop
:44 pink and grey all day
can make amazing porn with them...
baza ok. Jak zaczną ćwiczyć i przejdą na dietę to co poniektóre chyba będą ok?
i think we need more of these schools, these girls look smart, and hot!
Maui Calderón
Renowned Liberal Chomo Joe hide your daughter Biden
@ 03:24 Wishing that water bottle was my erection
at 1:51 that chick needs bigger shoes ROFL!!!!
Kevin Dearman
wonder if any of them fart while doing this
Looks like there on Steroids
paul rubbens
1.44 who is she? damm