Vettel Battles Alonso At Monza | 2011 Italian Grand Prix

Onborad with Sebastian Vettel as he takes to the grass in a battle with Fernando Alonso at Monza in 2011... For more F1® videos, visit /> Like F1® on Facebook: /> Follow F1® on Twitter: /> Follow F1® on Instagram:

Oww man that blown diffuser sound is just... mesmerizing. dammit i missed that sound.
Alpár Bán
"All the time you have to leave a space !" 😂
That blown diffuser sound is so sick
Firstname Lastname
Funny thing is that Vettel was so booed in Monza and after a couple of years just by the change of a uniform he was cheered all the way
This is where Alonso should be fighting again
I was at the first chicane, we all felt Alonso opened the gas a bit too early and had a tiny bit of oversteer. The pressure from Seb was amazing.
lenn B
You have to leave the space, ALL THE TIME YOU HAVE TO LEAVE A SPACE!
very danger
the sound of the blown diffuser 🤤
Ender Gamer
And some haters still say Vettel can't do wheel-to-wheel overtakes
Fernando Alonso
When I could battle for a good position!!!
BlakeB YT
F1 2019: 👿 F1 2011: 🤤 F1 2004: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Vettel's grass using overtake is can be seen in 2017 Spanish GP too. Simply Amazing.
Omg that was risky! So much skill needed to do that.
Damilola Adeniji
Give Alonso a better seat
Tahlyn Chetty
Miss the noise
Vibhav Mohan
1:41 That move in the 2017 game and you'd be in the barrier before you know it.
Lukas Katter
Vettel is the grass-overtaker. Alonso Monza 2011, Bottas Barcelona 2017, Hamilton Austria 2018.
Victor C88
"Onborad with Sebastian Vettel..."
I don't know about you but even seeing Alonso P1 in 2011 shows how much he outperforms his cars...that 2011 Ferrari was not good.
They should also upload Hamilton vs Schumacher from that same Grand Prix...but the video would probably be too long because Hamilton couldn't get past him before he pitted lol
Master of Everything
1:41 Honestly!!! He's pushing me off the track, what is this?
Vettel overtake AWESOME! <3 Go 5SEB!!
Fabio Pereira
That's a clean overtake.
Mateo lewa
the good old days with v8 engines
Fabian Leiva
Sadly we won't see VET v ALO over the weekend. Will we even see ALO on track?
Master Vettel <3
Imagine these cars with this year's tires
Marco Giorgini
What a sound!!!!!!!
That again against Hamilton this weekend.
Nico Rosberg Fan 6
What a great fight and overtake
Antonio Padrón
Please: Alonso vs Vettel vs Hamilton in 2018
xLeThal -SmokE
Believe it or not: 2016 Italian GP Alonso had the fastest lap!!! xD
Vinay Kathiresan
Seb with Horner vs Seb with Arrivebene is all I can think
This battle we are not going to see this year, or who knows, maybe Honda can fix their shit up ? =D
Ardian sati
The only way hamilton would won is if he starts on pole. That mofo cant overtake for his life.
Ok, now post the 2012 version when Vettel pushed Alonso wide
That blown diffuser sounds awesome! I'll never forget the sound of it when I attended the 2011 Canadian GP. I hope it comes back
T krishna prasad
Vettel over take hero
When you realise that he was just a champion because of that car and not his own skills, then Ricciardo comes and smokes him. And when he moves to another team, he starts well but then chokes when he has to prove his worth 😂 #paperchampion
I miss when f1 was like this. I consider this more real f1 than what we have today. I miss the sound, the sound was really what made f1 amazing.
Scooden Froodie
Back then when Alonso wasn't just a legend
Nice footage!!
When Vettel was not afraid to overtake
Tapan Panduranga
I know many hate the v6, and don't kill me, but the blown diffuser sounds horrendous and kills the sound of the v8 engine.
Henry V
The two best drivers going head-to-head.😍
Sexy helmet OP CAR
Carpe diem
Red Bull gives you wings over grass.
siga raga
Blown diffuser 👌👌👌
Robert Kubica
Boring! Please, upload the 2006 Italian GP!
javier garrido
This RedBull had a top speed similar to a GP2 in Monza (327-330kmh)
David May
Engine feels good, much slower than before. AMAZING
The difference between the cars was huge. Alonso is THE MAN
"Engine Problem! Engine Problem!" "No mate that is the blown diffusor"
"onborad" lmao
Johan Burger
Fearless vettel. Love it
That spelling of "onboard" is still better than Alonso's season.
A time when the cars were light and you could hear the engines instead of the commentary
LDX Tourne Tourne rond
V8 + 2 top drivers = super race !! 👍🏻 I wait 2019 to see if the show will be yet... but without Alonso 😢
Lule Shehaj
Miss that sound of V8.F1 lost sth with V6. Great overtake by #Seb5. Wanna see him win in Monza this weekend.
Flap Jack
"Onborad" love the videos though, keep them coming
Shatil Afindi
Alonso couldn't do shit to stop Vettel in that car, the RB car was so much superior!
If Hamilton was in Alonso's situation, he would cry like a baby because it would be to dangerous and he is worried about the kids that watch the race on TV...MAN THATS RACING!
'Onborad' with Sebastian Vettel Pretty sure thats not how it's spelt.
Marcell Gutai
Would be great if there is a video of Schumacher and Hamilton duel being uploaded, it was the teacher giving the student a lesson on dogfighting skills in F1.
If that was Sergio Perez defending, he would have just veered into your line and crashed into you. He's the worst driver in F1.
Tom Gardner
"Old V8 days were better" comments in 3, 2, 1
Lenhador Sem Pudor
Back when F1 cars still can fart.
Nilay Kumar
Alonso desperately trying to break the slipstream
mark mark
This is sick 1:41
F1 pls upload onboard blown diffuser footage from the Lotus Renault cars.
Imagine a Championship fight between Hamilton Vettel and Alonso.. How sick would that be in These monsters of Cars
A boring year and a boring GP and I was tired by the superiority of the Red Bull and seeing Fernando not being able to compete with. I switched to the 2011 6 Hours of Silverstone straight after the finish.
Oskar Radecki-Mikina
You should've posted how Michael humiliated Hamilton during that race!
That sound!! eargasmic😍
Jack Xxx
“Qui è tutto kers,tutto POWER”
Rubén Cereijo Mujico
Can you upload Alonso's start in that race, one of the best starts of his career
Sanul Wedaratne
Lewis Hamilton vs Alonso vs sebastian vettel , will be the best 3 way battle ever 😬😬😬😬😬 . Just imagine Mercedes Benz vs Ferrari vs McLaren Honda
This season is reminding me of 2000. In 2000 the McLaren was the fastest car (often in qualifying) at so many venues with two title protagonists (Hakkinen and Coulthard) but in the end it was the lone Ferrari that prevailed to end two years of McLaren dominance despite having a power/qualifying deficit because they maximised their points at all grand prix and they had more reliability than that year's McLaren. I think this season could be the same - Vettel will win the title despite pressure from two Mercedes' and that may in turn kickstart a few seasons' worth of Ferrari dominance.
xLeThal -SmokE
Ferrari got a new Diffusor for this weekend, which they tested in Hungary. And they got a new Engine.
Fredrik Chang
It's always hard to overtake Fernando Alonso, even this season when he drives the GP3 McLaren.
Hernán Navarrete
Beautiful sound, great years. Regards.
Chris G
This track will suite McLaren perfectly in 2017.
this sounds ok, a v10 sounds much better/amazing... and the hybrids... well, like an expensive vacuum cleaner
javier garrido
GP2 top speed in that years
Floppy Bird
crmoliveira oliveira
RED BULL F1 diffuser sound D+
pas wie
Amazing 😍 The sound, the track, the move 💪
Adam Ake
See, battles can be clean! So stop saying that Kevin- and Max- like behaviour is what F1 lacks so much P.S. To those who say those dirty moves they do are needed
Love those flexy front wings.
Carlos De las Heras
Ese red bull. era imbatible Alonso poco podía hacer contra ese coche
Gustavo Cesar
outstanding soundtrack
Mohit Dodhia
Came here straight after Bahrain 2019. This man has lost his wheel-to-wheel skill smh.
Palmer would be sayin: "Alonso pushed me off the track" and cry a little.
Rominou17 SL
The vibration sound when he shifts up from 5th to 6th, amazing !
You always have to leave the space!
Oh, that beautiful, tremendous sound! 😍😍😍How I'd give anything to hear that sound return! I even give both of my eardrums just to have it back! Those were the days! 😍😍😍