The Rolling Stones - She's A Rainbow (Official Lyric Video)

“She’s A Rainbow” by The Rolling Stones Composers: Mick Jagger, Keith Richards Lyrics: She comes in colours ev’ry where She combs her hair. She’s like a rainbow, coming, colours in the air. Oh ev’ry where, she comes in colours. Wanh, wanh, la la la. She comes in colors ev’ry where She combs her hair. She’s like a rainbow, coming, colors in the air. Oh ev’ry where, she comes in colors. Wanh, wanh, la la la. Have you seen her dressed in blue? See the sky in front of you; and her face is like a sail, speck of white so fair and pale. Have you seen the lady fairer? She comes in colors ev’ry where; she combs her hair. She’s like a rainbow, coming, colors in the air. Oh, ev’ry where she comes in colors. Ooh, wah wah la la la. Have you seen her all in gold like a queen in days of old? She shoots colors all around like a sunset going down. Have you seen the lady fairer? She comes in colors ev’ry where; she combs her hair. She’s like a rainbow, coming, colors in the air. Oh, ev’ry where she comes in colors. Ooh, wah wah la la la. Ooh, wah wah la la la. She’s like a rainbow, coming, colors in the air. Oh, ev’ry where she comes in colors. Order the 50th anniversary edition of “Their Satanic Majesties Request" here: She's A Rainbow (Official Lyric Video) Directed by: Lucy Dawkins and Tom Readdy at Yes Please Productions Producers: Julian Klein, Robin Klein, Sara Dempsey, Mick Gochanour (C) 2017 ABKCO Music & Records, Inc.

Mikee Martin
Thanks to AHS Apocalypse, The Witches Are Back Again
Vincenzio Lucia
I loved how they used this song for the Witches returning in AHS APOCALYPSE . And it fit in perfectly IN AHS APOCALYPSE.
M R Ruiz
am i the only one who's here because that perfume ad with jennifer lawrence?
Strawberry Fields Forever
Who came here because you love and knew the song?
Who came here because of the car advertisement
nahian hasan
The Rolling Stones brought me here. Nothing else.
Jeremiah Blum
Really don't care why you all came, this is one of the prettiest psychedelic songs I've ever heard
95% of these comments: AHS 3% car commercial 2% Rolling Stones fan
What is all this chat about American Horror Story? Did anybody come here just because of the good music?
Hannah Samantha
Anyone just come here cus the stones are great
Matthew Myers
Or come here because the Stones ROCK
Bryan Keven
Madison rainha que será resgatada do inferno ❤️
Anyone come here just because they love The Rolling Stones?
miguel basco
I'm sick of people commenting "OMG AMERICAN HORROR STORY" This song is amazing by itself give the rolling Stones some attention
Renatenha A
This music makes me feels better it's like it has healing powers.
peyton grace baker
Who’s here cuz they actually listen to The Rolling Stones and didnt just get it fro some Netflix show!! 🙋🏻‍♀️
Franco Cena
vladimir fernandez
American horror story apocalypse bring me here!
Garage rock guy
The internet is highly educated. The comment section is literally plagued with references to a car ad and some crap show, instead of talking about the value of the song itself. This society is great.
thewholive 76
My youth, growing up in 70s brought me Here..
m e l a n i
Who came here because the rolling stones?
American Horror Story bring me here !
AbEl Melme Stilinski
AHS Fandom will never forget this song, witches are back!
Nicola Machin
Ffs... No one cares that you came from American horror story.
Laura H
is anyone here for Rolling Stones and awesome song or just bunch of ahs fans?
Pohji Liop
Please stop commenting about AHS , this song is one of the most beautiful songs of the rolling stones , it's not the song of a serie
Jean-Luc Chapelon
Beautiful ! the piano is played by the great Nicky Hopkins The strings arranged by John Paul Jones bass player/keyboardist of Led Zeppelin !!👍👏
🌌Diário de Dan🌌
Anita Daddy
Anyone notice that in covens opening, Sarah Paulsons name is above the word santisima muerte, which is the lady of death and of 7 colors? hinting she was the supreme before she even was, and that this song ironically plays when she and the other witches come? :)
Edgar Estrella
American Horror Story Apocalypse 😍😍
Ohh Noo
I came here becouse my mom played this vinyl when i was growing up😂😂 not no damn perfume or car add lmfao
Jesús Rueda
Can we appreciate Charlie watts drumming in this song!!!
Antwan Adams
American Horror Story !! The witches are back
Gonza Gentil
La cancion perfecta para la llegada de las brujas, me emocione.
Xoxo supreme Xoxo
Like if you’re here from ahs
VCA 01
Alguien aquí por AHS?. 😁🌻💮😍😍
Jonathan Portillo
Jennifer Lawrence (Joy by Dior) :)
Christian Bur
Regardless of why you came here, I hope every body enjoys the song, and delves into the Stones as deep as they can!
Moo goes the cow.
I’m so confused why is everyone here from America Horror Story I’m just here for the music.
sam z
This song will play when Lana Del Rey, the Supreme of our time, sets off to fight Azealia Banks
i cant ever not listen to this song without picturing the witches everyone say thank you ahs
Stelios Deko
Geez people.. Who cares where people listened this song from.. It's still a Rolling Stones song no matter what.
Anthony Bailey
Am i tripping balls why did i eat mushrooms
Molly Nap Queen
I came her for my appreciation for The Rolling Stones.
The Joker
This songs use in AHS just produced one of the greatest moments of the whole franchise. Perfect choice for Cordelia and the witches, that scene made me smile so much 👍
Astral Cosmos Celestial the Third
I will forever associate this song with the joy and excitement I felt when the witches showed up those last few minutes!!
AHS? my first thought was.. Brian Jones on the Mellotron.. damn millinials... lol
Ty Chotam
god this video is so hypnotic. and the song is amazing!
Gaston Cruz
Quien lo escucho por AHS ? Jajaja
Miftah Ashari
Who came here because American Horror Story: Apocalyse?
Jezzer Waltz
Saw advert then googled than saw a class legends
Edgar Tarly
Except it was John Paul Jones that wrote this song for his friend...
Meluu Pobletee:D
A R T E🌸
You guys are all repeating what the previous person said, lmfao. Forget that stupid show. Stones rock, THAT is why you should be here!
Logan Nicholas Hayes
Queen UndergroundComedyEmpire
Colours on point. Vibrant i must say.
Lionell Dumas
Jacques Hughes
Love this song; great vid. I'm gonna drop some acid and watch it again.....oops, can't do that; just remembered that I'm now old and boring. Still, great song and vid.
Cilvio Martinez
American horror story
*Coven walks in*
Gigi Bassi
Pao Mex
Jajaja todos aqui por el super regreso de la brujas coven en AHS, tambien por el nuevo comercial del perfume "Joy the Dior"
Alan Donnett
Forget American Horror Story....I'm here because of Acura!
Brendan Emerald
Now every time I hear this song, I see Cordelia, Madison, and Myrtle walking in the radiation fog like a couple of bad witches with no fucks given.
Angela Edwards
The coven is back
OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Brilliant !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Michael Fritzer
Uuuuralt!!! Aber Saugut! Meine Zeit!!!👍👍👍👍😍😍😍😍😍
Johnny Hernandez
This is for mom, she passed away. She's a rainbow.
Andres Gomez
Uno mas de los que vinieron por AHS ❤❤✌✌✌ es genial esta cancion, me siento mal por no haberla conocido antes.
troy henderson
This song is beautiful and the visuals here make it explode its amazing!
Cindy Martha
Great video! Like a psychedelic Peter Blake collage mixed with Terry Gilliam’s Monty Python animations.
Jeremy Rubio
This would have been great for we happy few
omg lala
Yo vine por Jenifer Lawrence v:
Mark Astoforoff
Trippy video, makes me wish I still did acid.
Carlos Roig Alperte
Ahora todos somos fans de esta canción gracias a American Horror Story. ❤️
Servidor Tecnico Venezuela
Iconicas las brujas! ahs 08x03 : D
Anthony Kiedis
I came here cause is a great song
Cameron Thompkins
I'm so glad I'm the only one who came all because I'm a huge Rolling Stones fan and not because of some car advertisement or tv show.
John Montgomery
Absolutely love this song brings back great memories first time trip lmao 😂
Ewerton Santos
O momento mais épico a chegada das bruxinhas de AHS 😍😍😍
Jim Davidson
What’s the story with this, is this a re release or is this an original from back in the day
Who made the video? It says its the official lyric video, so who takes credit for it? It is absolutely stunning! Oh! There it is, hidden under Show More: Directed by: Lucy Dawkins and Tom Readdy at Yes Please Productions Producers: Julian Klein, Robin Klein, Sara Dempsey, Mick Gochanour Give these people a huge round of applause! This video wrocks this song!
Elver Gudo PH.D
Id like to know who came here because of the skate video Reason To Believe
Well the radio brought me here
Luis Tschurtschenthaler
i think this clip will be more intense in AMSTERDAM 😉 🇳🇱🇳🇱🇳🇱
cringe boi
Vuk Savanovic
Coming here after AHS Apocalypse ep3 Witches' entrance! Slayed it, like they own the place!!!!
Estee Lauder
Here because of ahs but also that car commercial just came on and reminded me about this 😂 it’s genuinely a good song though too 🙌🏼 like if u think Mallory is the next supreme 👀
When I accepted my attraction for women, I listened to this song on a loop. This song is the feeling that I get whenever I develop a crush.
daenerys targaryen
american horror story?
Allen Mathias
Here because the car ad gave me nostalgia about this song.
Noah Stein
I only came cause of Cordelia Good, Madison Montgomery and Mertyl Snow.
Kathryn DeSinaasappelen
The Witches! Which I bet will seem like such an odd comment in a few years, who watch the show.
Angelique Hogan
Madison Montgomery, Cordelia Good (Foxx), & Myrtle Snow 💯💕
Steve Gilette
To all the old crusty bastards that are pissed off about AHS, how bout just be glad that something brought our music to a younger generation to enjoy. (Btw, if you're yelling at kids to get off your lawn then it may already be too late for you).
Am I the only one here because my dog sang this
Jay Matthews
oh my stars this music video is gorgeous
One of the greatest songs of all time, by anyone