Jennifer Lopez & Ja Rule Perform 'Love Don't Cost A Thing' & 'I'm Real' at the 2001 VMAs | MTV

Jennifer Lopez and Ja Rule perform ‘Love Don't Cost A Thing’ and ‘I'm Real’ at the 2001 Video Music Awards. #VMAs #JenniferLopez #JaRule #MTV Subscribe to MTV: /> More from MTV: Official MTV Website: />Like MTV: />Follow MTV: />MTV Google+: />MTV on Tumblr: />MTV Instagram: />MTV on Pinterest: /> #MTV is your destination for the hit series #WNO , #VMA , #JerseyShore , #TheChallenge , #MTVFloribamaShore , #TeenMom and much more!

Anitta Jlover
17 years ago and still waiting for her performance today ! Such an Icon !
G Quinn
Took 17 Years to find out Jlo says R.U.L.E and not Are You Ready.
bad gal ci ci
I thought this was a reunion 🤦🏽‍♀️
Boody ElFendor
J Lo is hot but omg those flat notes are hurting my soul...
Liz Zamora
2018 VMA performance brought me here... who else?
Thug Yared
The original 2001 Love don't cost a thing 👌🏼 rules
Yessss, finally see this performance in high quality. Her dancebreak is always amazing even in Hip Hop era, she still finds her part that she can dance and shows her latin moves. And that’s perfect #QueenofDancebreak.
Rita Cane
Love the beautiful JLo but geesh JaRule saved that performance (vocally)
Ja Rule's (a rapper) pitch was better and he was actually on key.
Militant Twinky X
50 Cent is about to get _really_ shady... 😂😂😂
Jen Spisak
When i used to think she was asking "are you ellie"?
Judith Rhice
Ja Rule, that voice, 🔥. Jennifer was horrible.
NYC PradaG
Ja Rule just came back with her and relieved this again tonight at the VMA's I love it 🔥😍
The dancing in the BEGINNING is nice ...🐸☕️
H3DR0 D4
I love JLo, but let's be honest....She can't sing a word!
Murder inc really was vital for jlo...great dancer,limited vocal range but great chemistry with Rule
Unreleased/Underrated R&B Grooves
I actually remember this performance right when it aired. So many memories, and god what a year 2001 was. This & Missy Elliott's "One Minute Man/Tribute to Aaliyah" performance were my favorites from the VMA's that year.
Maira Nass
I could have sang that better than JLo 🤔
Ntombi Ngcobo
omg this song 😭 & ja rule I was in love with him in 2003
Xavier Carvajal
High definition !! Yasss! 🔥 Can't wait for tonight to see how she kick some bad asses.
grace moukala
Ja rule was following her like a puppy.. She is out of breath lol
Scenia S
Damn ja rule still look the same!!!!
DJ Truth
Ja Rule actually tour the stage down that night with his awesome performance! He was the only thing that save that show! 50 Cent stole his style years ago and then had him sent to prison by the FBI when they shut down murder ink. But, you cannot keep a real man down and especially not a popping artist like Ja Rule! I wish him all the best and a strong comeback
She looks amzing, but the voice😔
gahhh I love her outfit and dancing!! she's still got it, def deserved the vanguard 🎶😊
Waimond Echoes
Gives me childhood memories! I'm 34 now
She hasnt changed! She is seriously goals!!!!
terrance moffitt
Everybody turned on Ja Rule for 50 cent, I tell you fans aint loyal for nothing.
Lydia Williams
Ashanti sounds so much better than whats her name..Ja did his part Sexy chocolate ass😘 #originalissawin
Diamond Baby
Boricua Queen👑🇵🇷🇵🇷🇵🇷❤️😘👌
Linda Cantu
I love watching this cuz of Ja Rule.♥️
I'm Beautiful
They look good, but sound bad! 😳
Crystal Peters
Love ja rule
One thing about the VMA's 2001: Everybody remember only about BritneyXSnake performance.
Tia Joy
Ja Rule 🔥 yesssssssssss ... I'm here for this
pedro gates
Good times man good times in music sports movies tv shows awards shows everything !
susie s
I had that dam skirt I love this is one of her best tv performances I thought seems like yesterday dam I'm 51 and old! Miss those days!
kells pereira
Wow i remember this i was 18 😵😍
Zoe Haywood
Ja Rule is sexy
Sunmi Park
Santino Marchan
People can say what they want but what you have to respect is her f***ing confidence. That's what gets people places they may not be the best but confidence and hard works can get you places
Ronald Brown
5:28 minutes of flat notes and cringe
Bad Bitch Mia
Poor ja Rule I'm miss him 😯
Tennille Tomlin
They killed it🔥🔥🔥
Jaaaa rulee
J Lo still got it 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 go Jenny from the block.....heeeeeey 🍾🍾🍾🥃🍷🥃🍷🥃🍷🥃🍷🥂❤❤❤❤❤❤
Boss Queen
#39 thumbs down! I love MTV, and I'm an 80's baby from MA. But I can't. 😩
DJ Truth
I swear Ja Rule is going to make the biggest comeback in the whole entire game!!! He can have as many haters as a person can have... At the end of the day it's about a person getting back on their feet and trying to succeed no matter what! The man is already getting mad love from fans who switched out on him from the beef over 18 years ago when he was shut down by the Federal Bureau of Investigations not Curtis Jackson! Anyway, I feel that he will make a huge comeback
Ase' HueMan
it took JLo to bring back Ja Rule
Brandon Arreaga I love you
Can’t wait for vmas 2018
It's official jLo has the secret potion of staying young forever. Idk his voice just 😍
Robert Garcia
I honestly don’t remember this. The only thing that I remember was Britney’s slave 4 you performance
Anna Banana
This was back 2001 guys ;) love the collab!!!
Jessica A
Jennifer Lopez can’t sing
Luca 98
This song is so Iconic ,still fire 👑🔥👑🔥
504 Nola
So Ashanti wrote and song I'm real and they gave it to jlo with Ashanti voice lol
Megan Casalie
I remember watching this!! Sooo good big JLO fan!!
This performance was the same award show with Britney's iconic performance so I don't blame J-Lo for being lack luster. It was still cute though.
Bebe Bebe
I Wish I can go back to these Days💖
They need to make another song together.
Maurice Harriott
Performance was lack luster they move and sound old !
Sopaul Baola
Just keep dancing jlo. You can't sing for shit and taking credit for everyone singing for your ass.
Keneth Luna Sequeira
Desde ese entonces ella ya era la Reina de Reina JLO la amoo.♥️👑👑👑👑
Diana Best-Hutchison
Jenny is puffed out! Ja Rule still sounds the same. Great performance 😀 my fav song of all time!
Preci P
Wow ja rule... No voice like that..👍
JB de Nazareth
Feels like Hip Hop is back.
TJ Jones
This Is One Of My Favourite Performances Of All Time.... One Of My Favourite Songs Of All Time... This Was Magical
Laura Schell
My JAMMMMM 🎶 Gave me chills! Thank you for that! And Ja STILL FIT AS FK‼
timeless song 😁🎶 and I still remember all the words lmao
Lysia B
Ja Rule is rapping voice and unique
Quisha F
17 years ago damn i felt like i was older , i was 4 going on 5 😭 and why they laughing lol
*Such a fantastic throwback!* ✨ It was so nice when female performers wore such a variety of outfits to perform, rather than just leotards most wear today... P.S. I wish the notes weren't so flat though.
Ja Rule and JLo great duo
solomon boloyoung
This is one the songs that made my early 20s. Thanks JaRule & JLo for this beautiful food for soul
Stace Mo
She still looks good
Kesandra Williamson
Ja rule looks and performance the same. The best of part the performance
kevin davis
I’m here from the 2018 performance
People need to read the title. It's a 2001 performance.
Her complexion, noes and hair sure changed?? Still can't sing!!
Desmond Rogasian
May 2019. 🔥 Tanzania
Where can I watch 2018 VMAs?
Mwinga Oswin Gift
Jaru gat love for you man
Has she aged? honestly
sandra adefila
Back when VMAS used to be sooo lit💥🔥🔥 JLO kilt that shit and in heels 👠 yassss I need her abs yes I know she was pitchy and running out of breath from all that dancing 😜
Yall know I'm real was written and sang by ashanti .. jlo had no parts of it and it's not even her vocals on the song ... smh, which is why she sounds bad singing this song ... it's not her song and she never sang it
Perfect Pens
So basically Diddy is with Cassie is because she looks just like J-lo......creepy
Sandra Hudson
Looks good, brilliant dancer, brilliant performer, but please Jennifer, don’t sing; where’s Ashanti when you need her! Jah Rule sounds and looks good still, time has been very good to him
One of my fave performances ever! Brings back memories!
Ashleigh 20
Anyone else get a 'The way you make me feel' vibe?
I've always loved jlo but it's damn crazy how much she has evolved as a danger/singer/performer. Forever jlo fan ❤️
ahhhh this is taking me BAAAAACKKKKK
Ahri Arcade
thx for sharing so many great vma moments with us 😍🔥👍 edit: *is already dancin cause im real 💃
Yesenia Soria
Idk who told jlo she could sing 🤨😑
Tanya Damyanova
Thank u for the good quality!! ❤ i was 9 years old watching this... amazing feeling..
Lola Amazon
When VMA’s use to be shit ! Nowadays it’s just plain trash. Bring back the early 2000s 🔥
vane gu
Jennifer López x siempre mi cantante favorita. 👏👏👏
كونتك تف
2 0 1 9 💝
Ivory Rayon
This PROVES that it was actually Ashanti on the actual track 😂 JLO just lip synced over it. She’s so flat toned.
Man, JLo is really underrated as a singer... she gets so much criticism, but she has come so far and she works hard at whatever she does!