The Smashing Pumpkins - Ava Adore (Live At Barclays Center/ December 10th 2012)

Music video by Smashing Pumpkins performing Ava Adore. (C) 2013 Rock Fuel L.L.C., Under exclusive licence to Universal International Music B.V.

Confused by reviews. This is a fab version. I like when artists take liberties with live versions of their songs and don't try and replicate the studio version note for note. Good shit right here imo
Billy it's not 1998. The shirt no longer fits.
J.B. Burke
OH MY GOD. HIS VOCALS AFTER 3:05 OR WHATEVER. IT WAS THE CLASSIC BILLY GRITTY VOCALS <33 even if it was just a little bit, still i LOVE when he sings like that. bdvhslfbvabv
Billy's face at 3:03 was priceless. Smiling like "yeah I wrote that shit"
i miss jimmy james and even d'arcy :_(
Jay Sharp
Gotta say I miss the dresses and the capes. 1/2 the band looks like a GAP billboard
Ismael Rocha
the girl is cool
Leo Pulvirenti
Love the original - but this is pure rock'n'roll showmanship 🎸
Gayla Brooks
This audience SUCKS
FishOil Jacuzzi
Jeff's solo was amazing. Drummer was absolutely awesome too. Would have loved Chamberlin on this too & more screaming from Will.
3333333 7777777
I saw Billy's but crack. Honestly I gasped
Mutilated Mudkip
Am I the only one who thinks the live version kind of sucks?
hate to say it but this is a horrible version of a great song.... cmon billy you can do so much better! keep up
billy has sadly not aged gracefully
Jesus...,what the hell happened?
Fusic Pool
the vevo has got to post some more live stuff I love all of these Live At Barclays Center videos
Кирилл Гриднев
Something is wrong..
Billy Corgan doing his Bob Dylan impression
Just died at @ 3:00
That some rock-n-roll @ 3:42 through to the end
¡Oh Billy! Pancita, ¿no? Como han pasado los años...
Jaclyn Shaw
So inspired by them  <3 
Jon Yoffa
I love it and love the bassist
yay. let's play some pentatonic leads that is totally revolutionary. The new guitarist is killin the vibe.
Double D
Please checkout the Eva Adore version at Mexico City (mtv world stage) epic last minute!!!
Nando Vasques
Better than ever!!!
David K. Bruner
Love this one live version as much as the studio.
Joe O'Leary
Doug Benson on guitar :D
Shiloh Branch
Sorry, but definitely NOT the same vibe without James, Jimmy, & D'arcy...
Patrick McNelis
Solidly in the "not liking this version" camp.  Lead is too bluesy and the drums too filly for my taste.  It's their song and they can certainly experiment with it, but I don't have to like it.
Dudes, this was the most badass version of the song I've heard. I don't understand the hate. Mike and Jeff were on fire. Wish Billy and crew would showcase their talent like this more often.
Claudio Ahumada Navarrete
por que sieeeempre que este pelao qliao toca ava adore en vivo, lo hace en una version tan mala
Jared Miller
James, D'arcy, Jimmy and of course Billy. Love ya guys💖🔨🍊💖
D. Moonspell Rites Productions.
Damn what do I miss D'arcy. She mostdefinitely worked on the band's earlier image.
Pamela Araiza Maldonado
othman jelani
Jeff is quite good on guitar but for me james iha is the right person for Sp.james such a perfect silent killer sound..
Guitarists Suck
4:04 "God knows I'm helpless" riff followed by some Pastichio Medley snippet?
Solid Snake
Perfect musicians.. All of them.. Including Corgan.. This live version is a true masterpiece!
Paulo Lucas
top songwriter bills mate u the alive legend
This is a great version of one of my favourites! Love it!
Oscar Perez Medina
Dan W
Goosebumps on that solo
This time tomorrow .
Paulo Lucas
superb who áu
Nicolás Alfaro
layne staley in The drum??
Ethan Lorden
People need to understand that over 20 years of singing you're voice is going to wear. I appreciate that the band took a time to work with that type of challenge.
Leonard Cayago
I dnt know why they were doing diffrent arrangement of this song live..the appeal is completely lost
Steve steve
is the drummer here the 19 year old he recruited a few years back?
nihl hinz
Give it up for Jeff! Guitar Hero! Duel solo! Love this version!
Damn Jeff and Billy shredding in this song is so intense. A good heavy version of the song.
Joseph Lturbo
Such a savage! This hit me with a ton of maturity and security. From the knowledge that seems to perform the song has always been a hit!
Ozgur Calli
I didn't know that Billy played in Game of Thornes!!!
Paul Chamberlin
kid on drums ruined this recording with his playing.
jshawn knn
I don't like this version of the ava adore but, but it has damn nice solo
Ricardo Saenz
wOW tHE soLO waS amazING =O
02:57 love it
hey kiddies!... it's Billy!!!! 👍
The end has the riff from god!!!
Alexandre Righi
ahwww! so good!
I'm Nietzsche, Bietzsche!
WTH Billy 0:39
Danielrock bass
Faltou a loira
Vanesa Berrios
Kurt Cobain Aberdeen
2:57 OMG :D
Hells Bells
They should record tis song again it sounds way better like this
:-) !!!!
Bit of Cherub Rock at the end...?
some inspired shit!
liam hicks
fucking orange amps the best
Jeff Schroeder, making that guitar sweat.
Arik Haydn
this is such a badass sleazy version holy shit
Harry Psihoyios
We love Smashing Pumpkins
Drev Pile
Mike sounds like dick as per usual
Vladislav Yemelin
Really perfect!
Billy Corgan
We must never be apart!
Billy Corgan
Ryan Smith
Love this filthy little track.
Alan Passman
@3:00 = OMFG
jesus that shirt
and no one likes you douchebag...
Eddie Hippisley-Cox
I like turtles.
Bartface Bottlemessi
Billy Corgan looks like a fat, drunk baby.
Poois Parrot
This is hard to watch, Billy looks so worse for wear... and that guitarist does way too much guitar wanking, he needs to let the music breathe fuck...