Brian Justin Crum "CIRCLES"

Spotify: />Apple Music: /> From Brian- "Circles" was born after a tumultuous relationship came to an end. I realized that we had been stuck in the same patterns and were never able to truly forgive each other and move forward. Our relationship became a cycle of toxicity and hurt, it was almost an addiction. I learned so much from that Circle and I'm better because of it." Starring Brian Justin Crum and Vincent Michael Director: Riley Robbins Choreographer: Cris Cangero Producer: Justin J. Garza Steadicam: Greg Arch 1st AC: Paul Wiedt Camera Assistant: Mark Johnson Edited: Riley Robbins Color: Saul Oros "CIRCLES" Written by Cameron Neilson and Kepler Produced by Shayon Daniels Mixed and Mastered by Jim Funicelli Vocal Production by Nicci Funicelli Follow along!! /> /> />Spotify Brian Justin Crum LYRICS Maybe I should just keep running I think I got a chance if I can get away Yea, we have a monsoon coming babe, too close too close to me Don’t tell me that its nothing, nothing with your girl in your ear all the time Talking about something something, are you sure that its her on the line Some of the things that are keeping me up late at night Something about its not right, no We go over and over again till we don’t want to try I thought this time would be different though We go over and over again we just can’t get it right One more time till we let this go, CIRCLES Round and round and round we go, Running in Circles Round and round and round we go, Running in Circles We always have a new one coming I know were going to drown cuz all the rumors say, that we were never made for loving You were my hide away Don’t tell me that its nothing, nothing with your girl in your ear all the time Talking about something something, are you sure that its her on the line Some of the things that are keeping me up late at night Something about its not right, no We go over and over again till we don’t want to try I thought this time would be different though We go over and over again we just can’t get it right One more time till we let this go, CIRCLES Round and round and round we go, Running in Circles Round and round and round we go, Running in Circles We go over and over again we just can’t get it right One more time till we let this go, CIRCLES Round and round and round we go, Running in Circles Round and round and round we go, Running in Circles

Finally! Gay man with gay relationship in his video! Great video and song...ofcourse :)
William Goboff
Love you Brian just get rid of the rat tail bro.
Dick Williams
Wonderful to finally see adult men portrayed like real life. Thank you.
RyzuLucario 577
I can’t stop watching this...the camerawork, the cinematography, the power of your relationship with your’s just so amazing...and your voice is the icing on the cake. Keep up the good work! You’ve made my whole morning. The first thing I clicked on to watch.
Sean Masami Shimamoto
Mr. Brian Justin Crum...I’ve been captivated since I first found Somebody To Love. You’ve made me so proud to be a Creep!!! Don’t EVER let anyone tell you that you’re Never Enough...’cause you’re MORE than enough, as a singer AND as a person!!! Thank you for an amazing videos that shows our relationships in a real light/lens...we’re no different from heterosexual relationships, we have the same highs, as well as the same strife. PS - those are my 3 favourite AGT performances...can you find the song titles in my comment? 😜
carl Rodmart
Nice video 👍🏻 but what is that behind your neck I thought it was a spider 🕷 lol 😂
Craig Caster
And he can dance, too! Oh, Brian! Nice job!
HarleyAngelgrl Rachal
OMG... I've waited for this. You shall soon have the world cheering at your feet sweet one. I'm so excited for your mom! As a mother myself, watching over my babies. Wanting their ever happiness, being oh so content, and have the courage to pursue their dreams "free from anyone, anything that attempts to block their future. All such acts shall be prevented. For God has a beautiful path ahead for you. Already ordained for your delivery of such blessing in music upon all who will receive, and for some, an understaning listening to beyond the heavens vocals of "promise." A promise of hope. That will reach deep within their own questioning souls, thinking as you once did... "Am I good enough? Am I worthy of this venture? They listen to your story, and then you tenderly, through your vocals pull them into a world wind of all that is unimagineable, is indeed manageable, just stand strong, never quit, forget the nay sayers, listen to your inner voice. With faith, hard work, belief in yourself, and a beautiful support team. Anyone can catch their dreams. Then, as your now doing, share it with the world. Brian, I guarantee you've already inpacked. Very humble, but scared young 16 yr old, gay nephew. Thank dear Lord, he confined in me. And he wasn't doing well. I shared with him your story. I explained to him, what you went through. Mostly, he's not alone. Others have not been so kind. He's not allowed to dress how he wants, bring his friends home. He's been abandon by his father, his mother adores him, but the neighborhood is a danger for him. He's frightened. I spoke with his grandmother, my mother, who has since taken custody. He now lives with her. When he heard your cover of "Creep"...saw your conviction when singing each word, your facial expressions, your truly engulfed with the words, meaning, intensity, your vocal range of crying out "he runs"...then... "I don't belong here!"... A few very delicate tears streaming down your face. You were not just performing, you were telling of your journey, through music! As I look at him, Knowing I couldn't help it, I also had tears, as did he. Then he silently whisper to himself... "I don't belong here either!". As we spoke he put it all together. It became more clear to him. You once were how he is, but you found your "Voice" Then I introduced him to your Rise. I can only imagine the pure miracle that seem to start to melt his fear, and start to tossed it out. An angelic voice, with such lyrical words of wisdom & strength, that will eventually completely engulf his heart, your DREAM Brian, had now entered his own dream of acceptance, as your audience roared for you in admiration of your strength, and ability to face all you fear from all those years in front of millions. And you did it. Proof, you saved not just yourself.... I believed you at that moment saved him. Imagine, a mother, witnesses these little miracles of her son's doing. And, as she has the most blessed vision of view watching her creation, her love of life, her son, she prayed so many nights for, and always believed in... Finally experience the loving joy of giving that hope to all his new fans reaching thevworld's, and those who've watched in awe the wave of success he is destined to achieve. And all mother's, who have their own dreams, prayers, hope for their own babies can witness, both mother's, and sons can reach the dream. Hard work, support of loved ones, a true belief in oneself, and the rare prodigy of a voice which could only be created for the one choosen, by God, to bring voices to those who need it. God knows, we all need a messenger of uncondition love, through the universal language of music... The purity that only few can bestow Brian. And you blessed one, are of the children choosen. God's Blessing to both you, and your mom. She blessed her with creating her savant as her son, God knew way ahead of time, you would need her, and as a mother, God knew she had that perfect motherly love for you to help completed it. I can't believe you're simply going to continue to master your gifted vocals, becoming among the most revered prodigy in your musical org of our time. As our "Freddy Mercury was/still is! Your music will be timeless as well. How fortunate are we to be living to witness this generations chosen few! God Bless. My name is Sandie. In case you get another message in response of your latest releases. Yes, I'm old lol. Yet still this momma of 40+ yr old ladies is a dedicated fan, who's believe in you from the first lyric I witnessed from your loyal heart. A heart that sings strength, truth, acceptance, love, humanity. The kind that will touch. & help all of mankind. May the Angels always be with you, and your lovely mom.. Angels be with you always, God is. All will be. God knows you sing as one 😇💞 🙏 🎼💖😇
Alex Smith
an inspiration to all us gays out there 👏🏻. i’m a girl and i’m inspired by all music written by queer artists because in the music industry queer artists make those who are alone feel a little less alone. great song man 👍🏻👍🏻
Bob Chomos
Did the barber miss a spot in the back, or are you starting a new trend?
Brad Newberry
Excellent job love the video,Brain glad to see your making new videos, can’t wait to see more, God bless you keep doing your best, 👌
Liam Huỳnh
It's so sad to see so many great voices dont go viral, he's amazing
Rizaldi Rachman
the song is amazing as always, It's a JAM!! but sorry Brian, what's up with the hair? am i will be the only one who ask this?
Víctor Manuel
That haircut is disturbing 🤦🏻‍♂️
Emmanuel Santiago
Love how real it is! So proud of you!
Yassir Llorente
Great video🤩Love You & Vincent dancing👌🏽
Jodi Hepler
You have such an amazing voice. Love it!
HarleyAngelgrl Rachal
Dear Lord. YOU'RE A TRIPAL THREAT! Of course you have major good looks& out of this world PIPES, but you can also ACT & DANCE TOO! Great song, amazing ground breaking video! to say the least... A STAR IS BORN!!!!! Congrats Justin. 👏👏👏🙏 💕
Henrica de Hue
Love your performing !!! however Creep & Some one to love are still my favourites -- Those songs speak to me (with both of those ) I could feel the music & meaning - & imaging you as a teenager - Your intensity - making your songs alive-- it reminds me of Leonard Cohen -- his last one being hallilujah
Wow! You know how to sing, you know how to dance, you know how to play... What else!!? I'm speechless. I love it!!
Pepe Olvera
I'm so f**king jealous, I wanna kiss him, too. Seriously, his voice is so powerfull, it makes me listen the song over and over again. Thank you from México.
Moira Walsh
That voiceeeeeeee,, so angelic ❤️❤️
Marcella Amanda
I always love your voice so so much brian! this is so good, the song, the mv and everything is perfect! i can't wait for more amazing songs from you💞
Bethany Meyer
Amazing!! Absolutely loved it, Brian! And so happy I got to watch the premier! 🖤🖤🖤
finally a great gay musical video with two men kisses
Kyle Burns
Brian you are gorgeous! I would deff love to cuddle with you <3 I told my bf if i only had the chance! Lol.. Keep up with the music i love hearing your amazing singing
Famous CHIIK!!!! #HaveFun°
Love you love your voice!!! Amazing song¡!!!😘😘😘😘
Aaron Logan
OMG, It's just so amazing. i love it, your voice so beautiful!!!
He's voice during the chorus cleared my acne, cured my depression, watered my plants... Also, I have a major crush on the dancer🙈😂
Molly Rose Magic
I'm obsessed! This will be on repeat! I'm so incredibly proud of you and what you've achieved since AGT. I'm a Brit, so unfortunately I couldn't to my knowledge vote for you but I couldn't shut up about how astounding your voice is. I'm happy you now have a platform to showcase your talent to the world, nobody deserves it more than you. You work so hard. 💖💖
tex everett
Just heard you for the first time tonight on AGT champions and just HAD to find you on here. Simply amazing voice and brilliant performance. You, Sir, have another devoted fan of your talent.
Mr. Right Guy
I just love it. More videos please, Brian. God bless on your career..
Frank Rütershoff
My question this "just" acting - or real relation? :-) Love your voice, love how you perform and I deeply love your voice.....GREAT Job!
Wow! Brian you got me already, a few years ago saw you and your voice still have me in a trance. I'm gay too, you're so handsome and talented, please keep doing music, you can be a huge star if you propose it. Greetings from Mexico.
Cory Graham
I said this once before and will say it again. You move me. Your story, your voice, but most importantly why you sing. You are such a beautiful soul with a beautiful voice. I can relate to your description though after being in a relationship for close to 8 years that sounds similar to that. Thank you for sharing your life, stories, and voice with the world. Take care friend.
Celeste Ross
Un Genio, Muchos Éxitos, Te Amamos Saludos Desde Argentina❤🇦🇷
Pietro scorpions
The dancer man represents his boyfriend!
Ula Galkyte
Such an amazing video and song love it so much 💖 💖 💖 very emotional ♥️♥️♥️
Jiovanna Alvarez Alvarez
wooooowww!! Love it Brian... love the video and the lyrics. I put it already in my playlist. Can't wait to see more from u!!
Fabio Peixoto
♥Brian eu amo suas músicas. Abraços 🤗
Cristy Ramirez
Wow! You completely amaze me! I love this song. The video is great. 2 hot guys, beautiful house, dance choreography is good and the message is something I really can relate to Only thing I disliked was that patch of hair near your neck. Lol Otherwise flipping perfect song for my situation.
scott FOSS
amazing voice for sure.
Cee_Jay Live
I'm here for this 💖
The Gentleman Cave
Beautiful.. ♥️From Indonesia
You are amazing and so is your music! <3
Matt Tunkin
Love the new song, love the dancing... Good job Brian. Keep the tunes coming.... Where is the album???. I need it in my life x
Chantha Sok
I love and respect, you are so amazing.
Oh my gosh can't wait for it to premiere. Love your voice ♥️
Jennifer Sackley
It would nice to see him on dancing with the stars
gagag hgagaaga
Simplesmente maravilhoso... Amei..😍😍😍😍
Madison Robinson
Amazing Brian love the song your voice and the video and the dance was amazing
Sam 73
I’m not going to lye. I remembered your face and totally forgot that you were the runner up with Grace! You both were very amazing and your cover of Creep was just in awwww!!!! I’m glad to see you out there now!!!!!!!!!!! I will check out your album though.
HarleyAngelgrl Rachal
Just spoke to a friend in industry. I ask him a question about you possibly being a true trend setter. This video. Helping introduce to all that your love is NO different than anyone's. Long story short. I thought a bio would sell out, if you decided to do one. Of course not a lifetime bio, but sort of a 1st chap. format... Believing to reach for the star, even when you were 4...& all you went through trying to reach... So all those as you at young age to today's time... telling of what it's like to live reaching for this path, let them feel your heart racing as your about to step on stage to sing for all your fans, family, loved ones as you 1st take that mic in your own very concert. He said the one thing he wished he had done in the beginning of his career. He wished he had journaled everything he could/did. It would of been priceless for him. And had taken videos of everything, his meeting. Times with friends freaking out about how he just performed with a legend. Good and hard Moments with industry, mean negative people, how you & family pushed through. Meeting first loves during ride to success. Take Polaroids. Get it all. Then, when & if your ready. Make an amazing documentary, or write a book...this guy used a ghost writer. He was so nervous. Anyway, I'm apologize for this left field post. But please, think about it. You can have some buried treasures to use if & when the time would come when it would be time for doing a book, or bio pic. You'd be set... For you'd have actual accurate memories on paper, film, polaroids. Just a thought. And make sure you get your mom in as much as you can. Just a thought. Either way. The world will embrace such an amazing look into what is the formulae in the creation of an amazing humble world star... 👏👏👏💿📀💽 🙏🙏🙏🎼🎙️🎤 🎥🎬 📽️🎞️📸🌠 Think about it Brian Justin Crum.... Major stars who did just that... The Beatles Queen Beach Boys Madonna Skid Row Heck even Barbara Striestand Elvis So so many who though of keeping journals, documentation, Video diaries, simply in any way. Then years later, some of the most spectacular books, theater, even movies were made. And made in their own words... Wouldn't it be so cool... Lol as if you don't have enough to think about... 🤔
Kaleb Faught
I love this. I came across your videos a few months ago and immediately fell in love. You are an amazingly talented singer. Definitely on my top 5 LGBTQ singers. Can't wait for another song.
Carrie B
This is absolutely incredible!
Leah Brushett
Love the rat tail don’t get rid of it!!! You’re such a beautiful couple holy Christ
Bryan Cortez Lopez
Amazing Song. 💙 I missed your voice!
Jamie Boucher
Sooooo this is just going to stay on repeat forever. I love this guys voice so much 💙💚
Henriett Acsai
Wow. Amazing song and powerful and wonderful clip. Congratulations. I love it. <3
Patty Stephens
Gorgeous, movement with purpose and precision—absolutely mesmerizing! And that Voice! I adore this man!
Keshav Raj Sings
Ur voice is incredibly amazing.. u sound like an angel...luv u bro..keep it up and ur music inspires me every time i listen to it..
Andre Rodriguez
love you,love all songs You sing and loved this video😘😍😍😍 big hug for you from Tijuana Mex
Wendy Eggen
Such an emotional, powerful song and video! Thank you for sharing your talent. Love this and you!💕
craig mahoney
You never fail to impress me Brian, ever since I was stunned by you on AGT. Beautiful and talented and now political too. I can't wait to see your boundary breaking video in the charts! You should be very proud of yourself. And as for the shallow pratts who sweep aside all you've achieved with this amazing video and go on about your hair? Pfffft.... whatever lol... There's not a thing I'd change about you! Sending hugs&luvs from London, UK 💋
Michael lee Robertson
I love it😍😍
Slávek Semotam
Hi from Prague, top wow. Brian is big artist!!! 👍👍👍
Dominique Johnston
Great song great clip! You do what George Michael should have done from the yourself! Life is like dancing in the rain 💛 Love from the Netherlands
neanimorphic me
Ahh you make such a cute couple! Wonderful video, the colours the movement the intensity and awesome song. ❤️🌹
Diobel Corrales
Great video, and also dancing, great job Brian, I wish you the best, keep up the good work, you are so talented. Saludos desde Louisville, Ky.
Carin' Poff Bocskay
YOU are amazing! I love your courage to be truly vulnerable! I have worked with folks and their co-addicted relationships: the love addict - fearing abandonment and the avoidance addict - fearing intimacy will be consuming, for most of my career. Both are simply desiring the human experience of true intimacy, but have learned behavioral strategies that no longer serve. After 35 years, I have come to understand that all relationships have these elements, whether to a small or large degree. It's not 'like' an addiction, it is an addiction. Causing the brain to combine and secrete neurotransmitters/chemicals that cause levels and degrees of literally getting loaded. There is actual withdrawal when stopping the involvement with the other person. Bravo to you! Your musical talent is even more blessed with your self awareness and insight! And also, the gift of awareness you are offering up by so openly sharing!
Jim Long
Loved you on American Idol and now listen to everything you have on line. Thank you for being who you are for the rest of us who stand with you. Love this video. Been with same partner for 18 + years. It's still an up and down battle every day. But it's worth every minute!
Elisabeth Hawkins
Love everything about this, fantastic as always Brian ❤
Michael lee Robertson
I can't get it out of my head
Richard He
Great Vid Justin. I loved the song, and the content of the vid (except for your hair style. Whats up with the tuft on the pack of your neck. LOL)
I love this song! I'm from Spain btw :)
Gary Holt
Your talent is astounding, I wanted you to win, CHAMPION ON AGT.
Señor Carapan
Come on, Vincent Michael! He's so gorgeous ❤
Daniel and Brodie Pride. Canada
OMG,, totally crushing on BJC. ❤️
mary furnier
amazing man can listen to him all day
Ramiro Ram-Ram Ancona
THIS IS AMAZING! Finally you're getting your big break, well deserved because your voice if flawless! and so happy to see you out and proud and celebrating the reality of a gay relationship! amazing song, flawless vocals! i just adore you!! hope we get sooo much more from you SOON! <3
Katie Brungard
I love the song and the dancing was so amazingly choreographed! Love you and all that you do, and I can't wait for more!!!
I LOVE this!!! I've LIVED this! Great song BJC. Fantastic video!
Arbab Hussain
Amazing mate ❤ can't wait for your success ❤
Come through choreo! Great song, Brian, always a pleasure to hear you sing!
Peter Snijders
Love the song even more with this amazing video. Thnx for sharing your talent!!!
Me encanta, el vídeo es precioso y me gusta mucho cómo baila e interpreta la canción, y de su voz, aihss qué decir de su voz, simplemente maravillosa, deseo que siga pudiendo hacer trabajos tan buenos cómo este. Felicidades. Un beso enorme y un abrazo.
Sorin Daniel
Just amazing! Voice,dance,eyes.. Thank you for what you make me feel.. Great work!
Malissa Alexander
So good. Love it!!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️💋
Cyndy Groves
OMG!!! This video is amazing! Your voice is incredible! Your dancing is sooo sexy! The dance scene in the water! Had me like... 🔥👀👩🏻‍🚒 ...lights & sirens! More BJC! ❤❤❤
Loly Hom
I love you Brian u made my day with your angelic voice, love from syria 😘😘❤❤❤
Fantastic Song, great lyrics, and the video was so powerful, love you Brian,
Matt Rudd
This is everything!
Kadian Tracey
Love this. But ..what's up with his hair?
I did not Know he is gay. Good work Brian ! Liberty and beauty. I luv
Yaaaayyy another song with your beautiful voice ❤❤❤❤
so proud of you 🥺🖤
Tracy Johnson
Oh I love it such an amazing voice. You could sing the phone book. Love the sass you give.