Joe Bonamassa - Happier Times - Tour de Force Live in London

Joe Bonamassa performs "Happier Times" live at the Royal Albert Hall in London. This amazing performance was recorded and released on Joe's Tour de Force Royal Albert Hall DVD. ► FREE ALBUM DOWNLOAD - /> ● Official Tickets ● /> ● Official Social Links ● /> /> /> /> ● Official Merchandise ●

Tim Ballard
Often the other band members are over looked but Joe's musicians are always top rate, Arlan, Anton and Michael here are superb as are Carmine, Derek and Tal...One of the best live bands you'll ever see
Every now and again someone special comes along,that someone is joe bonamassa ,absolute genius on the guitar,great song even greater playing,never tire of seeing him play.
Michael Randolf
03:23 & 05:21 That riff is what separates armatures from masters. That riff is why I play guitar.
Love Tibet K6L6B
Put watching Mr Bonamassa live on your bucket list - this blues man "paints music" with a guitar, I know, I've experienced it live 🎶 🎨 🎤..indescribable..🎸 Thx Joe xxx..always 🎶😎...KLB
Roland Maerke Leuenberger
Excellent !!!
paul brackenridge
I was there that night! A special night!
M. Rose Gastou
J'aime beaucoup cet artiste j'adore!!!!
Thanks for uploading. This is my absolute favourite of Joe Bonamassa.
Dominique Ch
Excellent guitariste, belle voix et comme toujours une ambiance de concert exceptionnelle. Moi aussi j'adore !
Frank Lewis Jr
The Best ever! Few of his talant on this planet! See him live, none better!!
Hal Dilworth
incredible! so glad we had the opportunity to see JB live in Clwtr, FL last year!!
George Cockcroft
Love this song and your singing of it! Fabulous. When I have the blahs {not often} I turn on some Joe and relax!
Layna Chase
Getting ready for my fourth front row show. I seriously love this man / guitar god.
Дмитрий Шамов
Это просто БОМБА , супер композиция Джо красавчик , да все музыканты супер
Stephen Bamford
Joe and the guys are true masters!  Rule on guys!
Sylvain Alain
It's the real Gary Moore Peter Green Les Paul. I saw it the little book that comes with the fan pack.
Susan Bailey
If folks would take a listen to this when the day is just not going well, by the end of this video, we would be smiling....move over Prozack Bonamassa is taking over! LUV IT
Jackie Stephen-Rogers
Michael Rhodes, outstanding rhythm section for Smokin' Joe!
Joe is so good at singing now
Steven Mott
Thank you JB
That bassist is the best I've ever seen or heard he is just fucking great
Glenn Baren
Cool tune,shades of Peter Gabriel. Great singing and ,of course,great playing Joe.
Antonio Betancourt
Un gran regalo.....
Carolyn DeFiore
Seeing him for our 10th time next month. He never disappoints!
Valentena Upton
Safe travels on your 2018 European Tour. Holland first stop. ♡♡♡
MG Official
Matrix dude playing the guitar :O
Sandra Levy
Thanks for the wonderful music!
Daniel Teutsch
A guitar cover of the awesome masterpiece "Driving Towards The Daylight". Just some soloing of mine. Joe Bonamassa - Driving Towards The Daylight - Soloing
danielle anderson
i was fortunate to see joe play at red rocks in colorado in august he  and his band were absolutely amazing ...something i will cherish forever!!! such an extremely gifted musician ! xoxoxoxo
jean-pierre Finet
Très, très beau rêve merveilleux de rêve sonore .. !!
danielle anderson
**<3 i absolutely cannot get enough of this song!!! <3
Henryka Towpik
Piękna gra, piękny śpiew - całość brzmi wspaniale, doskonała współpraca instrumentalna! Pozdrawiam  :)
the ultimate guitar sound. just perfect.
Emile A
j'ai eu la chance de le voir en concert au Grand Rex à Paris cet hiver,il est vraiment un extraordinaire guitariste.Le meilleur sans doute actuellement
Игорь Силла
Wonderful! Like a fairy tale!!
Papakura Aotearoa
Un génie  de guitariste ,j'adore ! ! !
Carolyn Williams
This is such a sad song for me.
Alison Sumner
More off a man for any magazines for any country.. Strength man. He is mine.
Dylan M.
naiiiiiiiiiiiiiii api8anh ekteleshhhhhhh megale joe.
Fred Stuckmann
Great update. Thank you. 
Peter Schopf
His voice is an instrument suited to his playing.
Best bass player I've ever seen in my life
RPG 808
had the pleasure to see bonamassa in vegas a couple of years ago. do not miss him if he comes to your city. one of the best concerts you will ever see. as a bass player i was mesmerized by carmines badass funky riffs. his style is so cool. all of j.b.'s bands gel perfectly. its like your on a trip. keep shredding joe!
Glenn Baren
and Anton Fig is RULING :)
Flavio Alvarenga
When will you come to Brazil ??!! We are look forward. Tks for the new video.
J'étais au concert à Toulouse en juin 2014 et cela fait 2 fois que je vais le voir en concert. Depuis j'ai cette chanson dans la tête. C'est un grand très très grand guitariste, il est un génie de la guitare comme l'était Gary Moore. On se laisse emporter par sa musique.
Andrzej Michel
Jak zwykle mistrzowskie wykonanie
Adrianna B.
Coś pięknego!
Greg Kelley
Good work here!!!
Alison Sumner
His name has been put forward not once but twice by me ;)
that's the guitar
Craig McLanachan
Valeriy Kolyada
it hurts my heart
Jeffery Boney
I like this sound Period.
Michelle Bannasch
Remember happier times..... :(
Sergey Sheglov
Бля.... , как же ты крут Бонамасса!
Jean-Pierre Laplante
quel beau talent musical .et les musiciens qui l'accompagne sont extraordinaires Merci Joe
peter weldon
The playing and singing is simply sublime, no other words for it.
Debbie Hallums
Joe you are the best! Come back to Nashville soon!
Robin Sartain
He is my new FAVORITE Music performer.  
Floyd fan
so beautufuuuuul!!! awesome song...
Carolyn DeFiore
Valentena Upton
Mercy!!!!! Michael Rhoades, bass, Anton Fig drums, best in the business
This is the best song I've heard all year! It's gonna be a timeless favorite... <3 
B Stone
I took a nap (have the flu) and I dreamt I was at a restaurant and this song was playing... man my brain knows me so well! I wish I didn't wake up so quick (and before we got our food), I'm sure the Great Flood would have been next. :)
love it!
Cónal Murphy
This greeny moore balls. Its an old bitta wood and magnets with a snapped neck and wear. THE talent is in bonamassas fingers and brain. He could easily have played this on a epiphone les paul chinese made model. Forget the guitar joes got heaps. Its the man that matters the guys a genius. As much as he loves old guitars and their history he forgets he is the fucking genius at heart no matter the guitar
Valentena Upton
Mercy!!! One of my favorites!
Stephen Courtney
I WAS THERE..........:))))))))))))))
April Divine
This psalm is nice with your eyes closed. Let the music take you on a sweet adventure into a mystery world yet to be explored.. I say the music in my mind's eye, did you ??
Valentena Upton
The best blues man
Adam Nelson
Is that the PG/GM '59? Or Joe got a replica? I know he had it the night before at hammersmith but didn't think he had it at RAH as well?
Alison Sumner
Alison Sumner
Ian Steele
Anton Fig = Brilliant  
Raymonde Sherman
Beautiful,thanks for the upload.
Alison Sumner
Honoured and humbled.  Family of music is an epic concept of something i wholeheartedly approve.
All Of Joe Bonamassa
Are that mini-humbuckers?
Tony Bolger
great sure gary moore had a guitar just like this one joe is playing
Anthony Rogers
Is that the Greeny Moore les paul  ? The neck pick up is the wrong way round
JM Germafred34
Is it just my ears or does Joe use a hint of Delay on a lot of his music?
Chango Chilemba
Guitar playing is incredible, and even though he sings really well his songs are garbage, and his voice is cringeworthy.