Lazy - Jimmy Barnes & Joe Bonamassa

Subscribe to the official Deep Purple channel here! /> Check out 'The Ritchie Blackmore Story' official trailer here: /> Jimmy Barnes & Joe Bonamassa - Lazy Taken from the October 2012 release of 'Remachined - A tribute to Deep Purple's Machine Head', this track features Australian rock superstar Jimmy Barnes & guitar virtuoso Joe Bonamassa.

Glenn Evans
Awesome....that Hammond John lord sound and Joe maple neck strat...doin Blackmore....
Millennials this is music, these are musicians, thats singing and this is why we all love natural talent. SUPERB!
paul signac
My neigbour's favorite
György Wágner B.
My soul is recharged again. GIANT THANK!
More bands and artists these days should allow their keyboard players to go nuts more often. This guy is FIRE. Hell, what even happened to all the keyboard players these days? There's reason why most modern rock music sound so flat, generic, and dry - lack of keyboards. Look at the greatest - Pink Floyd, Deep Purple etc. There's always that one guy hiding behind three layers of keys, creating full dimensional landscape that allows music to breathe.
mauri man
That !! Ladies n' Gentleman what's called an ... *INTRO*
Anders Backlund
Wait!!! Is that the man who screams in the mountains!? I love this so much! Jon Lord was a hero. Remember him!
Пётр Безруков
Красивая и сложная композиция.Классное исполнение!!! Как всегда на высоте!!!
mike wright
5.6 million views....I think about 400.000 are mine... ;) Damn I love this.
Mark G
As a Deep Purple fan I have to say this is absolutely bloody brilliant.
Aschhar Singh Gill
They are making love to the beautiful sounds ................ !
Eric Stevens
I may have had the volume turned up a wee bit, none of my neighbors can find any of their pets...
watermelon in easter hay
Man I would like to go back in time when I first heard this song. Remarkable tune, sounds great with these great musicians. I'm a big Joe Bonamassa fan that's what brought me to this video right now. I love Deep Purple, I think i was around 7 when I first heard this album with my older brother and cousin back in the mid 70's. There's no comparison between the Rock of the 70's and today. There are some great bands around now like Joe Bonamassa but they are few and far between. Look at how many bands/singers were inspired by Ian Gillian/Deep Purple. Kids...if you wanna listen to great music, step back in time. Child in time :)
Dan Staley
I've been a Deep Purple fan since the early 1970s and this does early Purple justice. THAT was some good sh++!
Nuno Armando
The baddest ass thing ever. Joe and Jimmy mate... What a happy moment I had!!!
Dan Sebastian
Oh I dream of Joe and Larkin Poe on same stage
who has a part ofJoe Bonamassa`s guitar sheet? i really want it!!!
Leo Bull
You can't beat the sound of an overdriven Hammond.
Ken Hillman
great stuff ...WOW!....what we got now, puff daddy crappola
Flavio R
That keyboard... Sweet Lord!
Дмитрий Рубцов
Ленивый... Это некий Олимп, к которому стремятся многие, и, даже, доползают...Но, флаг на вершине развернул лишь один...
Это нечто !!!!!!! Спасибо вам за аранжировку !!!
That singer can scream just like Ian Gillian!! And the rest of the band cooks. This is excellent cover of Deep Purple.
Sarah Denning
Arlan Schierbaum is killin' it - Jon Lord can be proud in heaven.
Юрий Кацай
просто обалдеть.Такой музыке больше не быть.Очень жаль.
Павел Абент
улёт полный, это просто пиздец, это невероятно!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Juan Carlos Mescalero
Over 6 million people saw this before me. I have followed Joe for years and I still find gems like this. Damn.
bill murdock
When Joe bonamassa plays you always find yourself wishing he never stops..
Jon Rothenbusch
Even Ian would be jealous of Jimmy's performance on this track, he can out scream the best of them
Виконання просто БОМБА!! Але ж найшлося 564 дебіла (перепрошую), яким це не сподобалося..
Eric De Tender
One of the best covers made  of Lazy. A lot of artist should see more video's of Jon Lord. Was one of the best keyboard players ever.
Lead Guitar: Joe Bonamassa Lead Vocals: Jimmy Barnes Keyboards: Arlan Schierbaum Rhythm Guitar: Brad Whitford Bass Guitar: Michael Rhodes Drums: Anton Fig
Skip Pettit
As a Deep Purple fan, I agree--Brilliant.!!!
Martin Wilders
Excellent musicians, nowadays most pretend while no soul.
Escape the Matrix
Tim Buktu
JoeB, no matter what he plays, it rocks
Derek Dust
Best version of Lazy since.....Lazy.
Gio Mar
Grandiosiiii. Ma Chi cazzo mette il pollice giù culo pero
Peter Cook
Who couldnt like this :-) class
Bulat Akhmadullin
Вот это музыканты!
Виталий Яковлев
Дьмитр Hodko
Amazing!!!! Great job guys!!
Johnne L
Arlan Schierbaum on the keyboards ladies and gentlemen.
This is how you cover Deep Purple!!
Gerry Loughran
Sweet ..beautiful ...could be magical on Les Paul !
Valeri Matetov
great tandem! a couple of days ago I attended a concert in Westbury theater of wonderful stars .Joe Satriani, Johnny Lang ,Zappa and another,, almost all the audience over the age of 45 years old. Long Live Rock 'n' Roll!!!!!
Elena Elena
Люди дарят кайф и сами кайфуют!!! Изумительно!!!
Luka Levente
HUUUUAAAAAA. Absolutely amazing! I think the Deep Purple members likes too .... Gorgeous!
Ken Lelon
If that don't get your fire burning, your wood is WET!
Meacenas Tiberius
DANG, I have not seen some real rock n roll done up this fine in a while! I think my hair fell out !
is that Brad Whitford from Aerosmith on second guitar ?
artur kuznecov
КРУТейшее исполнение !!!
john dicapua
lerik sysoev
Deep Purple-моя любимая группа и я очень люблю оригинал Lazy, но нужно отдать должное Джо и остальным музыкантам-исполнено великолепно!!!
Talon David
Joe mimicking Ritchie =0)
John McCracken
Ritchie was the guy!
Steve Kutz
This is my vision of utopia
Stephen Griffin
Hammond organ, say no more. This guy is killin' it.
Jon Rothenbusch
Nothing more need be said!
Erik Wolter
This is unbelivable brilliant!! The best keyboard-sound ever!!
poppy amato
You made a real masterpiece, honestly I didn't miss Ritchie Blackmore-
Darrenn Walters
best lazy cover I've ever heard
Сергей Волков
Is this new Deep Purple? I'm like.
Kenny Grimes
Damn if this won't get your Heart rate up........Machine HEAD!
Евгений Шаповалов
Гиллан перепел сам себя,и остальные гениальны.Лорд бы порадовался...
Arlan Schierbaum, Hammond Jimmy Barnes, vocal Joe Bonamassa, guitar Brad Whitford, guitar Michael Rhodes, bass Anton Fig, drums
Arlan Schierbaum, Hammond Jimmy Barnes, vocal Joe Bonamassa, guitar Brad Whitford, guitar Michael Rhodes, bass Anton Fig, drums
Отвал башки!
Enrique Mendoza
Close. Very close but not BLACKMORE. That said, this is still freaking amazing! !!!!!!!!!
The arrangement was part of the brilliance of the original. Every instrument had it's place in the mix. Maybe that's part of why this doesn't work for me- the drums aren't in the right sonic space, and the bass is barely there. (would've been great to have Rickenbacker bass). Deep Purple's recording on Machine Head was so original and ground breaking, the bar is set very high for anyone attempting to cover it. JB is an awesome guitarist and one of my faves, but he just doesn't have the same sense of composition that Ritchie Blackmore brought to his solos.
Сергей Габышев
Это кто ? Брат Гиллана ?
Mai Dayjeen
Shit man, this is unbelievable good!!!
Heff The Elder
Jimmy Barnes. The ONE AND ONLY rock singer who can do this number justice, aside from Ian Gillan, of course! The rest of the band are no slouches, and obviously love the tune. Gives me goose pimples, every time I hear it.
Пётр Эшед
Thanks for the classics from the legendary DP from the fans! It's just awesome to hear the masterpiece today again!
And still people are saying Joe Bonamassa is a soulless player... He absolutely detroyed this!
Isto é o que chamo de introdução... e não como é feito hoje... as musicas já começam com o refrão
Nothing better than watching great musicians enjoy what they do.. 10/10
I can not understand how anyone can put a negative to music, any music played by anyone. There is not a single justified negative.
Andrew Calldridge
It's a diamond.... Purple diamond !! Absolutly amazing.... Thanks
Hahahaha Joe can cover but he will never this great riffs and solos RITCHIE ONE AND ONLY
Splaticus Blah
The guy over does it on the keyboard intro, he should have stuck with the original on that.
Oemer Deviren
near by the orignial
Виталий Ларюшин
Amazing keyboards- amazing Jam! I love joe ! The happiness of a little kid but the awesomeness of a guitar god! But no attitude or pretension
Pedro Martins
Sincerely, the best cover I've ever seen to this day.
Seriously, 90 thumbs down? Well, that says alot about their taste in music! IT SUXS!!
Daniel Guimond
One of the best intros's ever, and the band is so amazing!
60's tune meets early 70's rock-I'm loving it!
george hirsch
really top music from real pros-better is not-just fantastic
Denis Janin
They are all so good ! I really love Lazy by dp, i also love this version
Luka Aksentijevic
Jimmy Barnes looks like mixture of Ian Gillan and Jeremy Clarkson hahah
M Ritland
This is just so off the hook, so F-in' Great. What an amazing superstar lineup! Kind of introduced me to the great Jimmy Barnes.
Александр Торкунов
love you ... you made this cover great ... thank you... (I'm from Russia ... I'm using Google translator)
I wore my copy of Machine Head OUT!
Dana Everhart
As Dee Schnyder said "who ever said there was keyboard in rock and roll anyway".
merv 1960 cargnali
Jimmy Barnes,one of the worlds most underrated singers.Consistently at the top of his craft in Australia for close to 40 years and still ripping it out.
Илья Григорьев
Сильно )