Lazy - Jimmy Barnes & Joe Bonamassa

Subscribe to the official Deep Purple channel here! /> Check out 'The Ritchie Blackmore Story' official trailer here: /> Jimmy Barnes & Joe Bonamassa - Lazy Taken from the October 2012 release of 'Remachined - A tribute to Deep Purple's Machine Head', this track features Australian rock superstar Jimmy Barnes & guitar virtuoso Joe Bonamassa.

You can't beat the sound of an overdriven Hammond.
Rick B
Listened to this many times over and it never gets old. I’m 74 and this sure gets the heart going for me. Well done gentlemen.👍👍
mauri man
That !! Ladies n' Gentleman what's called an ... *INTRO*
Fantastic performance. Shame the camera didn't show the other guitarist playing the Gibson semi-acoustic, who had superb lead breaks when Joe took over rhythm
Millennials this is music, these are musicians, thats singing and this is why we all love natural talent. SUPERB!
That singer can scream just like Ian Gillian!! And the rest of the band cooks. This is excellent cover of Deep Purple.
Larry M
Greatest version of this song I've ever heard. I'm 65, I think I need my heart checked out after this. This is was KILLER!!!!
Don Pasqudo
.... this rusty sawmill drives goose bumps over my reptiloid skin just as it did 50 years ago in VoA and BBC radio programs through a blizzard on a snowy and frozen Russian steppe ...
mike mcdaniel
Jon Lord often imitated never duplicated RIP
Rob Walton
Wow, what a room full of talent......and much to my surprise the Legend Brad Whitford.......well played indeed gentlemen.....YEEEESSSSSSSS!!!
More bands and artists these days should allow their keyboard players to go nuts more often. This guy is FIRE. Hell, what even happened to all the keyboard players these days? There's reason why most modern rock music sound so flat, generic, and dry - lack of keyboards. Look at the greatest - Pink Floyd, Deep Purple etc. There's always that one guy hiding behind three layers of keys, creating full dimensional landscape that allows music to breathe.
Purple Sabbath and Zepplin. The Holy Trinity.
Elena Elena
Люди дарят кайф и сами кайфуют!!! Изумительно!!!
Frank Espinoza
Now, boys & girls, this is what's called real music!
Mike F
Saw Joe B when he was 13 yrs old playing in a bar in Buffalo NY...
Final Frontier
As a Deep Purple fan I have to say this is absolutely bloody brilliant.
Ron Gade
This is one of my favorite songs from the 70s but this is the best version ever excellent word boys
Marko Polo
Awesome, the organist is better than the one with deep purple now.
Jean Ferret
I hope my neighbours enjoyed this.
David Flynn
This just spontaneously happened when someone locked these guys in a studio with the instruments and equipment.
Last Exit in Sweden
Bonamassa plays like hell...he imitates Blackmore and himself in one song, that's unbelievable. The keyboarder is also fantastic
Пётр Безруков
Красивая и сложная композиция.Классное исполнение!!! Как всегда на высоте!!!
mike wright
5.6 million views....I think about 400.000 are mine... ;) Damn I love this.
Steve Bennett Band
That's the Joe I remember!!!! rip it up
Eric Stevens
I may have had the volume turned up a wee bit, none of my neighbors can find any of their pets...
Ern Burn
I love all your comments but don't forget this one hell of a song. Fell in love a long time ago....way to go fellas!
Steven G
All I can say is Holly Crap that sure is good! Wow!
Albert Demers
ladies& dudes, 72 and still rockin till dawn, Put that on your quad uhit, jus gettin ready to go to work yeah.
Mixed and engineered by Kevin Shirley aka The Caveman
Donnie Castleman
MIchael Rhodes on bass one of my favorites!
BRILLIANt cover. This version R O C K S.
Bill Frater
No so many keyboard players in bands these days, they all just want paying, don't seem bothered about being part of a band.
Derek Dust
Best version of Lazy since.....Lazy.
Afternoon trial of seniors resistance band. A geriatric nurse and the caretaker also play along. brilliant! :)
around 2.50 the guitar and vid. font look same .somethings off
Joseph Agnello
Jaspert Koster
Shame of the clip with guitar close-ups playing a complete other riff. Jimmy's briljant though.
Lead Guitar: Joe Bonamassa Lead Vocals: Jimmy Barnes Keyboards: Arlan Schierbaum Rhythm Guitar: Brad Whitford Bass Guitar: Michael Rhodes Drums: Anton Fig
Пламен Иванов
Пичове, тва не съм го чувал никога, а ми излиза слушано... Съобразявайте се малко... 😆
who has a part ofJoe Bonamassa`s guitar sheet? i really want it!!!
Craig Furlong
2 guitarists do well but you only need one Ritchie Blackmore for the truth!!!
Adam Łukomski
Great tribute to one of the best bands ever existed so authentic, so true left me speachless. It has been done like oryginał fantastic what an effort. Respect
Ken Lelon
If that don't get your fire burning, your wood is WET!
Bob C
That’s Brad Whitford (Aerosmith) rockin the other guitar
Paul Ryan
Brilliant. Great musicians. (But some of the video editing is a bit lazy (!), players not doing what the sound is doing ...)
steve burchfield
when joes bass player mike rhodes said DEVIL MUSIC is his most revealing album i said damn straight! DEVIL BOY!!
Сергей Волков
Is this new Deep Purple? I'm like.
lerik sysoev
Deep Purple-моя любимая группа и я очень люблю оригинал Lazy, но нужно отдать должное Джо и остальным музыкантам-исполнено великолепно!!!
Seppo O. Saarela
Hi guys, keyboard sounds like Hammond, but it is not. So, which KB is the man playing?
emerson fernandes
Amazing, congratulations, this Song is not easy tô play, note for note perfect......
Gordon Oehlmann
WOW ! Only Deep Purple did it better !
Mark Anthony
Joe with the boys, looks like 59 strat, good job.
This is how you cover Deep Purple!!
Jon Rothenbusch
Even Ian would be jealous of Jimmy's performance on this track, he can out scream the best of them
Herman Lipshitz
Monster jam right here, these guys rock! Organ man is a badass too. I love Bonamassa on a Strat more than other guitar I've seen him play. He knows how to make a Fender sing.
Hans Zorba
This is from the time they make real music i love it.
Nikolas Marinos
perfect!! do we have a new purple band in our hands?? loved it !!
jimicrack29 thibodeaux
the 1.3k just well keep up effort to be thumbs down no care
Erik Wolter
This is unbelivable brilliant!! The best keyboard-sound ever!!
Nigel Naughton
That opening reminds me of Boston's Foreplay/Long Time. Tom Scholz !
Johnathan Raye
Fantastic version. I had never heard of Joe until he started spamming me a couple of years ago, I was a little sceptical. Dude can play !
Alex Woolridge
Totally blows Deep Purple out of the water back when I seen them back in 2017. If ya catch my drift
White Zombie
Can't beat Deep Purple, but that was a great cover!
Ken Deater
Looks like the Rogaine is working out for Joe. First time I’ve seen him without a ball cap on in a looooong time...was beginning to think he & Rick Neilson were the same person...
60's tune meets early 70's rock-I'm loving it!
I just realized how much The squishy high end rasp of Richies original sound means in terms of articulating and directing the forward push of the whole arangement ...
Steve Kutz
😂 All I can do is laugh.. in amazement.. if I don’t laugh, I’ll cry 😭 and never pick my guitar 🎸 up again! Genius 💯☮️👊🏻🤘🏼👑🎬
Should have got THE EDGE in to play the solos lol.(Sarcasm )
Mai Dayjeen
Shit man, this is unbelievable good!!!
Meacenas Tiberius
DANG, I have not seen some real rock n roll done up this fine in a while! I think my hair fell out !
Пётр Эшед
Thanks for the classics from the legendary DP from the fans! It's just awesome to hear the masterpiece today again!
Rene' delaVarre
Brilliant jam with real musicians! Love it. Love Blackmore! Love Deep Purple and Rainbow. Really miss Jon Lord
Kenny Grimes
Damn if this won't get your Heart rate up........Machine HEAD!
richard nilo
no doubt best guitar player of all time
Alan Smith
I would love to hear Blackmores comments, i still love that man
Ian Murnane
Hi Jimmy, I am Ian Murnane, When I wrote those words all those years ago, it was'n't finished when Philip Gunter took my books. (but that's another story and I won't go into it now.) I never bothered to finish it because it was gone. I really like your version. It prompted me to finish it. I wrote 1 song or more a day from 1966 to 1994. Philip took the lot. he's dead now. but here are the rest of the words. You have the first part. You're lazy, you wont have no breath X2 you don't wanna live you'll have eternal rest you're lazy, you'll have the second death X2 you don't wanna live you'll have eternal rest I said you're Lazy you eat my bread you're lazy just take my bread you don't wanna live you'll have eternal rest I don't know if you want to use these words you can if you like I am used to hearing my stuff. that is why I still can't find what I'm looking for. and my little green bag, that brought me sorrow and pain. I did find it. Philip had it and returned it but my books were gone. and my deal with Barry Mitchell to give him the words and the money got to the starving people of the world. well, how many people have died since I made the deal in 1967. God knows who the composer of those words were. I will have my reward for trying to help humanity out. and the levy Michael Gadinski) and the good old boys in my pie song will get their reward too. (when you say levy correctly all the lines in the chorus rhyme. not chevy and levy. chevy is in the middle of the line and does not have to rhyme.) In the Lords prayer is forgive others. I have forgiven Philip and the rest of the people who know where those over 600 of the world top 40 came from. I have lived my life and my three score and ten is nearly up. I save a young lad in Thailand through world vision, and I adopted a single mother in the Philippines and gave her a life. but that was all could do you can check out my You Tube channel if you want. Just put Ian Murnane in the search. I play bass chords and 2 and 3 part melody on one guitar all at once. It is God's gift, for doing what I did for the music of the world. you did not use any of my songs and I respect you for that . you rejected the music headlights on the highway of life and still got your yellow brick road. you are a real talent. thanks Jimmy Enjoy your day. like me they are getting shorter. Ian Murnane
Denis Janin
They are all so good ! I really love Lazy by dp, i also love this version
Darrenn Walters
best lazy cover I've ever heard
crazy funny
'lazy' is my favorite Deep Purple song. And to find Bonamassa playing it is great ! ✌
That keyboard can open the gates of hell. And that guitar those of heaven.
Holy Hell.... That was amazing.
Bulat Akhmadullin
Вот это музыканты!
watermelon in easter hay
Man I would like to go back in time when I first heard this song. Remarkable tune, sounds great with these great musicians. I'm a big Joe Bonamassa fan that's what brought me to this video right now. I love Deep Purple, I think i was around 7 when I first heard this album with my older brother and cousin back in the mid 70's. There's no comparison between the Rock of the 70's and today. There are some great bands around now like Joe Bonamassa but they are few and far between. Look at how many bands/singers were inspired by Ian Gillian/Deep Purple. Kids...if you wanna listen to great music, step back in time. Child in time :)
NIGEL Chouings
Best cover of this marvelous song since the original, Wonderful ! !
Amazing Joe is the boss loved it.
Amazing keyboards- amazing Jam! I love joe ! The happiness of a little kid but the awesomeness of a guitar god! But no attitude or pretension
Jonathan L
These guys should be performing at half-time at the 2019 AFL Grand Final.
Arlan Schierbaum, Hammond Jimmy Barnes, vocal Joe Bonamassa, guitar Brad Whitford, guitar Michael Rhodes, bass Anton Fig, drums
Carl Nys
It took me some time to see and hear Bonamassa perform Purple and Hughes' stuff. But slowly, he's gettin' under my skin. A great gitarist who can stand tall next to Tommy and Ritchie. My opinion: There's more Purple today in these friends of (including) Hughes than in nowadays Deep Purple and Whitesnake combined. They are 'Heavy'.
Bob Saturday
this is about the best thing I've heard this bonamassa guy play
george hirsch
really top music from real pros-better is not-just fantastic
James Mckay
Not bad, not bad… Good to see Brad Whitford and I wasn’t sure if that was Anton Fig rockin the kit?
Flavio R
That keyboard... Sweet Lord!
william cain
I got to see Deep purple at DTE music theatre in Auburn hills michigan years ago. Even though they did not have Richie Blackmore on guitar. They blew the roof off that place! This is a great cover! Nice job all you guys! You make me wanna scream!! [email protected] Yeah!!!
Salette...çà arrache le slip...magnifique !!!
Marcus Pedrosa
Nice song, great guys, making a better world. Thanks for the music.
Amazing. More likes here than on any Deep Purple versions of Lazy. I'm kinda shocked. It is awesome, tho
Nothing better than watching great musicians enjoy what they do.. 10/10
I really like how Joe captures the staccato playing of Ritchie Blackmore, (my great grand uncle, twice removed). Amazing!!
Stiv O
Rick Flair on rhythm guitar.